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iJorfh-Carolinafibfintck ; or, jP
S, of Vou-IIO
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yettevilk Gazette,
N D A Y, A" 0 r 3 i? E R i, ;i79- LAoUi c-J
i ' - TiBiBi'm i iiiiiMM i mi i ii mi win iii'UMi" ' "in' Mi I n iij-i-H x. L ':
j Mn HI
in thcii ope-a:in agamlt the
r-it kind's eni-s engaged in
b-ih ; the 'errer hey carry with them
td i ianuar wants word to exprefs.
Voa maj remembr the other day wken
v -ere icair.p;. at Wadawpawme-,d.:-r,
the bUck clouds the wind, the
-the ftupendons noife, the hernble
c-v: -a, and the trembling of the. earth,
r..:r;h then alarmed yru, and gave y u
reafnn to think yr-ur -ods vje angry
vrh ; not unlike -Ivfc ore -he vrar-lik-
iinphTRcnts of he Eg'ilh "hen they
are- fighting th haulcs oi tluir great
i ivT
' Several of the chiefs cf yur bands
hav often told we, in times pad when
I -elt T.'i'h vnuinvow: trnu, that they
rfi!iwiitobe counted ar.-g the
cril rcn a ' allies f "he grea- kitg rry.
r.i 'er. Vi:i may remember how o'ten
vru h ire defire J e, "hen I re' urn again
r . my own country, to acquaint the
c,r. -t cf rv.r v'ood !iipofnY.n to--
w !s I im an.l hi fub;.-ls, and that you
v. ' I for ade:s frcm the Engliik to -co'ti?
am yon. B:ing noy about to ;
'?r.v have cf yon, and l return to
r.iv own country, a lonj way towards
tr'r riitr.g 'ur I .i i a alii yo to te l me
r.'jr'i'rTY'.i ccr.tiiiuc ia the ame mind
:r I T h to you in council lad
v.:.1c.. . .n.j t1-r"c are nw fcveral of
T.-vjr chiefs h-ie, r. hr cr?re froni thegrcat
plains tov;;rds the fitting of the fun,,
I rVv.r fpoL-a v.'i.h in council be- -I
, I afkcoi ro htine kMr- if you ?.re .
r ;r;n2 to xekao- Veer ypujfeWes
t - c.lrn rt rrry great n-.aSrr the king
i tc Ecliih a"d cl.r r-'-'-s as I
f:U take the f:rJl opp: '.uni-r t,- acquaint
rf your dcf:rcs a- ! irood rcBirns.
l ;-ta:r- you n to pir- he-dto hid re
r , for t!ier in wicte.l uirJs nymg
1 m
A-ur anir -he nctiaour.n'r . na'ioas,
X ...
t r"3r -ji-ht'"n?r "vtl tlun-js ; rovrrars
s'lbitth hn!'- centra 77 to what I
herr?,Nfof 1 hav e ic!i you iix; tr.?j..
" And as to the chiefs wio are about
to go to MichiMmackinac, I ihall take
care t make for thexi and their fuite, a
ftraight-road, fmcoth water?, and a clear .
fky,that they may go there, aad fmoke
the pipe of pcacej and reft fecure on a
beirer blanker, tinder tWe (hide of the :.
great tree f. peace. Farewell."
To tkisfpeech t received the following
anfwer, from the fnouih of the priuciyal
chief : j . ' r
Good brother ! Im naw aVout :
to fpeak to you with the mouths fihcfe
my brothers, chiefs of the eight-bands of
the powerful r.atidn of .the Naudo'wcflies.
Wc beliere and ?r weH'fkusfied in the
truth of everything: you have told us
about your fpeat nationy and Ehs great
kirg o'trr greaiel fa her, for Vwhom we
I pi ead tlits bear a :fclaket, that his tathe 1- i
ly protediom may ever rell eafy and iafe
anorg us.his chiljjlrea :..yomr colouis and
yc.Kr ams agree "frith the accounts you ,
hae j;iven us abv-jut your great nation.
We c'e-ire that wljen you rerurn, yeu will
acquaint the great king how much the
Naudovtefllo- willi to be counted among
his gcd chiU'renj. You may hlieve us 1
whiii we tell yon,jthat we will not eptn '
ovr ears to any ..ho may dare to fpeak
evil ct ur great father the king tf the
Englifh and oiheij nations--
We thank you f r hatyouh ivdo?e
for us in making; ea-e between the Nau
dowsffiesand the j Chipeways, and hope
when yu retn'n:to us again, that you
will complete :hisj good work, and quire
difprllins theclmids tharintervene, open
the b'ur iky of j peace, . and cai le the
bloody hatchet to be deep l uried uncr
the roors of thegreat nee cf p--ce.
' We wiih yon to remember to repre
fent toonrgrest fa. her, how much we
defire thU" Traders may be feat to abide
among .s, wi .h fuch as we r.e-d,
that the hearts of our yourg mer, our
triTc?, anl childrmmay be made glad.
And mar peace fubfift between us fo long
as the fur, themcon, the earth, and the
waterfall enduic. . Farewell."
I. thought it necefiary t caution the
Indians agairift giving heed to any ba 1
reports thnt Kiayj reach them trcm the
neiehbourinT nations to the 'ifiraxtage
of th Unglifii als l had heard, at differ
ent placcslhrough which I paffed, thxt
emiflaties were 1111 employed -br ' th
French to detapK thofe who Were friend-:
ly to the Engliik from their intereft ; and
I faw, byfelf, feveral belts cf wot puna;
ihathad been delirered for this - purpsfe
to fome of the ri!es I ws ameng. On
th4 delivery eath cf thrfe, ajtalk was
held, whereia tha Incians were tcU5, thatj
the Engtilh, who weic but a petty people,
had ftolen thai country from their grenti
""father the king f France wliilfl he was
aihep, but that he would foon Rwake,
and take them! again unrier his prote4i
on. Tliele I ound were ient frcm Ca-na-i
by perfons who appeared well
aiTc51ed towards '-'the government under
which th,ey livird. !
Whil.'t 1 tariijd r.t the -mouth .of th.
liver St. Pierre whin, thele friendly I tdi-;
ans, I endcavdured . to gain intelligence
whether any gcqdhad Ween feni towards
the; Falls of ir. Anthony fa my ufej
agreeable 10 the; pre mile 1 had reccircd
from the gorernor when I -left Michillf
xtackinac ; 1 ut fiRcicg frcm fosse Ir.-ii?
ans, who pafTcd by in their return from
thofe -patis, ihat this agreement had noi
been fulfilled, ;I was oblige J to give urj
all 'bxughts of proceeding fart-her to
north weft fey this route, according ro
"mv original plan. I therefore returned
to La Praii ie lc Chien, where I procurj;4
as many goods from the traders I left
there the grccediag ear as they could
pare. ' -; - r i
As thefe however werenot fufricient
to enable me tb reaew my firft defTgri, I
dederminro' to endeavour to make my
waV acrofs the country of the Chipeways
to Lake Supepor, in hopes of meeting
a' the Grand Portage cn the north fid5
of i th traders that annually go frorri
Michiliimackinac t the north-weft, o
whom I d -uWfed not but that I fJiould be
able t procurb goods enough to anfwr
my purpble, ahd alfb to peaetrate thro'
th'-ifc rror- northern parts of the freights
of An'r ran. j
And I 'hr wore readily retnrneJ to La
Pra:ri le Ch'sb, as I could by tbar nteans
the better fu'ai the ensrao;ement I had to
the 'par v. of Naudowefiies mentioned at
thf' crr cluficn of fpeech. During
jritlabode with this people, "'i(ning to fe
cure them entirely in the intefeft of the
Engiift; I 'had advife'd $iie ofl the chiefs
i ;

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