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Hav Imported the late arrived vef-
k t& V v -
Vm T.nunnv and NeW-iORK, a
rj-at and genera afibrtmcnt of lJKl
GOODSi fuitable to the approaching
feaicn jfmong which are
SUPERFINE and fccIld cloths
coatings, flannels, baizes, and up
wards of four hundred pieces of Negro
cloths, &c. different colours-Compre-hendine
a variety of Manchefter, linen
and woolca drapery, ad filk mercery
Jamaica Spirits.
Weft -India aid New -York Rum by
Ihe hogfhead.
B-andy aid MolaflTes by ditto.
: Madeira, Sherry, Lifbpn, Tenenffe
and Malaga Wines.
Loaf and Mufcovado Sugars. .
: H fon, Souchong, Congo, aad Bohea
8 by 10 Window Glafs
G-rman Steel.
Refined Iron, and nails of dittereat
z:s Set .
C3- The major part of thefe goods be-i-Uid
in low for cafh, (and of fupenor
frefli qualities) thofe difpofed to purchafe
vrhole'fale or retail, by applying to the
above firm will undoubtedly had it to
their advaatage.
Cafh and country produce takea ia
'mimington Sept. 27, 179- 5 6J
IF Fr AncisTruan, anative ofF ranee,
wko came to America, and ferved in
tfee army commanded by tbe count d'Ef
tain in Georgia, or feme of the Somth
ern" States, will apply to Monficur
d'Gamble, at New-Orleans, he will
be ieformedofa confidence fumof mo
ney which he may command for his fer-t-cesinthc
army, for his penfion, and
trave.y in the fervice of his moft chrif
V.y. majefty. The lall accounts I bad
cf hin was, that he lived in Richmond,
Virginia, aad carried on bufmefs as a
xnc; chant.
Gvrpia, Jutic , 1790.
The printers of the United States
will We paid by Francis BoIoiQun, ior
interim- the above advenifement, by
fcnfcip- heir accounts to htm, Charlef
ton, Nf 19, Qneefi-Rreet, near th old
battery ,!next door to the governor's.
To be fold by tke printer of this paper :
Price's Britim carpentry, containing
the rules of that art, with fixty-two cop
perplates. 60I
Langley's builder's jewel, with two
hundred examplts, engraved on copper
plates. Robertfon's hiftory of Scotland, a
elegant edition, two vols. Svo. 60C
New precedents in conveyancing, con
taining draughts on mod common and
fpeciarbce afions, drawn by eminent coun
sel, and publiihed from manuicripts of
Piggotr, Northes, Webb, &c. in two
vol1. 8vo. 6of.
Elements of general hiftory, both an
cient and modern, tranflated from the
French of the celebrated Abbe Millot,
in five vols. 8vo. 150I ;
Letters of Pliny the younger, traflated
by lord Orrery ,jwith an eflay on Pliny's
rife", in two vols. 8vo. 60
Gentlemen raftrudred in the conduct
of a virtuous and happy life, to which
is added a word to the ladies, 8yo. 36
The hiftory of the famous preacher,
friar Geramd, tranflated from the Spa
nifti, in two volumes, 8vo. 60.
The hiftory of the United Provinces
' of the Netherlands, from Philip II. to
to the truce with Albert1 and Ifabella,
by W:lliam Lothian, D. D. one of the
miniftersof Edinburgh, 8to. 30
Plutarch's lives, in fix volumes, 8vo.
with explanatory and critical notes
from Dacier and others, to wkich is
prefixed the life of Plutarch; by Dry
den. 180 .
Dalrymplers memoirs of Great Bri
tain and IreUndfrom the diflblution of
the laft parliament of Charles II. till the
fea battle of la Hague, two volumes,
8vo. 6c f : . .
The minute philcfopher, containing
an apology for the chriftian religion
arainft free thinkers, 8v. 30
Pennent's tour in Scotland and voy
age to the Hebrides; in two volumes,
S vo. so c
Confiderations on the prefect itate ot
popery i Britain and Ireland, 8vo. iof
Will's treatife on breeding, rearing
and fitting for'ufe, horfes, horned cattle,
flreep,fwine and other animals,-with di
reftioas for curing their fevcral difor-
ders, 8vo. 30 . ,
The memoirs of agriculture and
other cecoaomical arts, by Doiue,
Svo. 30 . , . - r
Euclid's klc'ments, with theoreams of
Archimeies, and WhiftonVearrollenes,
with an appendix of practical geopic
try, 8to. 130:
f Noble's ' elements of linear peripeA-l
ve, ovo. 30 1 - i
Montefquieu's fpirit of laws in twa
volumes. . 30. i
I Elements of criticilrn, by lord Kaims
two vols. 30. m
Tarnell's poems, unhtund. tif.
Sherfe's ! declaration of the people?
right. 15 '
j Comparative view of the ftate; aad fa
culties of jqen with thofe of the animal
woiU, by Dr. Gregory. i$f.
; RoufleaU's trcatife on the ibcial corrt
paft, or tho ; principles cf politic
law. 15 j, j
Roufleatts letter to the archbiflio of
Paris ; with proceedings : cf parliameritT
againft hisjwritiags. 15 i
The akfarvations of the Dublin foci-
ety fr the jadvancemeat of agriculture I
aad manufaures. 1 5. i j
Coxheads camp, a noel. j ifyl r
j Patriot lting difplayed. Jsf I
Life of. Alexander . Pope,! efquiri,
with a critical eflay on his ' writings
and; genius, by Ruffliead, in two vo
lumes. 3C7 j
The words reafosi, fubflance, perfon,
" orthodoxy, catholic churchK&c. explain
ed, with reflexion's and observations on
thefe fubjes. 15
. Johfori's Journey to the weReirn ift
anrfs of Scotlamd, unbound. f, I
Poems of fir Samuel Garth. icT !
- Art of Contentmehtby t;he author of
the whole duty of man. i2f
' The adventures of Telemachus, trie
fon of UlyiTes. '15. . ' .
Hiftory of Alicia . Montague, a novel,
V w. v V " " 9
The compleat fasiily cook, or houlc-
keeper's companion. 12.
Mearsf s' geography, or a brief furvey
of the terraqueous globe. $f
Pra5ica3, nueafuring made eafy by
Hoppus, with a new let of tables. ' 15.
Homer's Iliad twelve! firft books in
Greek. 15 H
! Corderius. 1 qT
Horatius. ., 12i : :
! Garreteon's Englifh exercifes, for
frl-nlhovs to tranfcate into Latin. " IOT
Hermes' Roman, .or a collection jofl
Latin words, for .tranilatiHg Garreteon t
exercifes. icf
Are latoiyl imported, in general or go.u
print, andjwell bound, amd the paper mo
rv wrccd anaexed to them lower than:
v,hat is ufually demanded in adTance for
received at he ccicmon diicount. f
$$ptemltt 1
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