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North-Carolina Chronicle ; or,
No9,cf Vol. II.
MONDAY, N 0 V E M B E R 8, 1790.
TotaM Nb- 61.
Fayettevilk Gazette
t Continued.)
S the intermediate parts of this ri-
r verare verv much frequented by
the Chipewaysj rath whom the Naudow
cllies are continually at war, they thought
it more prudent, being but a imall par
ty, to take the'advantage of the night,
than to travel with me by day ; accord
ingly no focner was the grand council
btok-up, than I took a friendly leave of
thele people, frpm vrhrm 1 had received
ian amcrable civilities, and purfued once
jnoie my voyage.
I reached the eaftern fide of Lake Pe
pin ihc fame night, where I went afhore
ar.d encamped a vfual. The next mora
1113, vhtn 1 had proceeded fome mules
farther, Ipcitcivcd at a ciuancc oelorc
mc ih.oke, which denoted that fome
Ir-ians were ricar ; aad in a ihort time
discovered tenp- twelve tents not far
from the hank; of the river. As I was
arrrehenfhe that this was a party of the
roe:s I had before met vri;h, 1 knew not
whit cou:fc to. purluc. My attendants
jv.rfnadcd me o endeavour to pafs by
thtrn on the oppofite fide of the river ;
hut ::s 1 had hSthcito found that the bed
way to erdure a friendly reception trom
the Indians is to meet them boldly, and
withcut Ihewing any tokens cf lear, I
would bv no means confent to their pro
per!. Infteadof thi I crofTerf direAly
over, and landed jn the midtt of them,
for by this rim thegreatell part cf th em
were ftaudir. bn the fhrc.
The firft I 4cco(led were Chipeways
Inhabiting neaf the Ottowaw lake ; who
received me with gn at cordialitv, and"
fr.cok me y the hand in token f friend
ship. At forjie behind thefe
:lood a chief j-cmarkabiy tall ar d well
ir.adc, but offoliein as afpeft- tht '.he
rrcll uniaunte'd jceiion cotli? not behold
him without fjeliag feme depiee of ter
rsr. He feenjed to hae palled th- me
lidian of life, and by the mode in which
he "was painted and moved, I dikover-d
that he was oi1 high rank. Kowe tr, I
approached Hir in a caurcmis franher,
und ciptcd to have met with the iame
reception I had don from the-others :
but lo my great farprize he with-held his
hand, and looking 'fiercely at me, faid hi
tbc Chipeway. toague, " Cawin nifhiihin
faganoih," that is, " Ihe .kngliib are no
Vis he had his tomahawk in tin
hand, I expected waat this Iacoajck fen
tence would have been followed by a
blow ; to prevent which I drew a piftol
from my belt, and, holding it in a carc
lcfs pofitian, paITed clofe by him, to let
him fee I was not ifraid of him.
1 learned foon after from the other In
dians that this Was a chief, aalled by the
French the Grand Sautor, or the great
Chipeway chief, for they denominate the
Chipeway Sautors. They likewife told
me that he had aen always a fteady
fiiend to that people, and when they de
livered up Michiliim'ackinac to the En
glilli on their evacuation of Canada, the
ci and Sautor had fwornthal heyouJd
ef reniirf HT vowgXCUClSy oTTls new
poiTeifors, as the territories on which the
fort is built, belonged to him.-
Fisding him thus difpofed, I took care
to be constantly wpon my guard whilft I
ftaiJ; but that he might, not fappofe I was
d; ien away by his frowns, I took up my
aWode there for the night. I pitched my
tent at fome diftacre from the Indians,
and had no fooner laid myfelf down to
red, han I was awaked by my French
fervaat. Having been alaimcd by the
found of Indian rcufie, he had rwn to the
out fide of the tent, where he b -held a par
ity of youRg favagesdaari- g mwardi us
in, e chcarryr
ia in hh hand a torch fixed on the top
of a Itng pole. But I fhajl defer any
funher account cf this uncommon enter
tainment, which at once ararmed and
fui prized me, till I tieat cf the Indian
dancrs. 1
I fhould have remarked, that vrhatcver
Irf'ians happen to meet ar La Prairie le
Chien, the freat mart'to which all who
ir,habi! the 'adjacent countries refort, tho'
the nsiicns to which they belong are at
war with each rther, yet they are oblige
cd to reft rain tkeir enmity, and to for
bear all hoaile a3; dwring: their flay
there. This regulation has been ipg
eftabilfnrd among them for their muival
. convex ience, as without it n traae could
bt canied on. ? The fame rule is obfer-
ved alio at the Red Mountain, (after
wards defcribed) from whence they get
the ftone ofjwhich they make their pipes :
thefe being; indilpenfable to the atcomo
dation of bvery neighbouring tribe, a
fimilar reftriclion bef omes , nctdful, and
fThe river St. Kerrc l, . ijrhich - TMtts
thtouf h the teritpiies of the Nauaowef
fies, flows throngh a!xaoft! delightful;
country, abounding with all the nefli
riascf life, that grow fpontancou ; and
with a little cultivation it might be mad 2
to produce even the luxuries of life. AVild
ride grows Here in great abuadance ; and
every part is fillei with trees bending
under the?J" loads of : fruits!, fuch - as
plumbs, grapes, aad apples ; the mea
dows are covered with hos, and mxy
ibtts of vegetables ; whilfti the giound is
ftored with jufefiil roots, ith angelica,
Udrs oi the! rivtr are em.neaceu, trom
which yba have: views thatj cannoi be ex
ceeded even by the meft beaatiful thofe
I have already dcicribed ; amidiitheic
are delighfiil groves, and inch arrlazirig
quantities of maples, that they would
produce fufficiem fugar for any puKiber
of inhabitants. -
A little vray fiom the mouth of the ri
ver, on the north fide of it, ftands a hill,
oe pa:t of which, that towards the Mif
fiflippi. is ccmporcd entirely of white
ftone, of the fame foft nature as that I
have befoTei dcfciibed ; fer fuch, indeed,"
is all the ftone in .'his country. But
what append 1 emaikakle is, thaf the co
lour of it is Us white as the diiven fnpxv.
The-outw'-rc part oi ii. was ciun pled Wy
the wind and weather into heaps of fan d,
of which a beautiful compofi'ion milu lie
made; or, I am rf opinion that when
properly trea'ec!, the tt ne itfclt would
grow hard bv.'time, iind have a very no
ble 'ef'ect injarchi-future.
sTear that branch which is ferjned the
Myihl Rivri. is a raouataia. frOKi
whcr.ce the! Iiwians get a fort of red
ftone, cut ci which they hew the bawls
of their pipes. In ibme of thefe parts is
fmv.d a bJack haid clay, or rather ftone,
cf which the Naudow tidies make their fa
mily uteafiiis. This country likewrife
abosindi with a milk white clay, of which

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