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    china ware might be made equal in god
; nefs t the Afiatic ; and olfo with a bUe
clay thatfcrves tkc lagans for paint ;
with thii lall they contrive, by mixin it
; with the red ftne powder, to paint
themftlres of various colours. Thofe
' that caja et the blue clay here mention
ed, paint themfelves very much, with it-
particularly when they are about to be
jnn their fparts and paftimes. It is alfo
efteemedby them a mark of peace, as it
has a refemblance of the bluefky, which
with :hrm is a fymbol of i.t and made
nle ofin'their fpeeches at a figurative ex
prcflb.n to denote peace When they
wiih :o Cisw that their inclinations are
pacific towards other tribes, they greatly
raiment bodi thcnfclves and their belts
with it. I
AN official paper has at length been
given to the public, rcfpeAing our
firuatioh with Spaia. An extraordinary
gazeae has been publifhed, containiag a
declaration of the Spanilh court and a
counter declaration of the Englifh court,
rroni tbeie papers' it appears;
...... ...... t--ifnn lift tnr' rrriv-rr rhit
fubj:3, which are not likely to be real
ized. It appears that the firft point in di
p'ltc was the actual capture cf our ihips
a: Nocika Scur.J Alter four months
deliberation, the Spanilh court declare
that they will make full reftitution, and
indemnify the. parties, as foon as the
amount of their lotTes can bo afcertain
ed. Thus the negociation has pro
ceeded aad no farther and wc cannot con
ccive that this information is of much
importance 'tie mire value of the Chips
captured is considerable beneath notice.
The on';, matter of information if,
thxt a negociation is till! pending refpeft
in the right"; of nafigation and fcitle
me::t in thefe fits; but as to the terms,
pregrefs, cr nature of this neoa'ation,
whether the claivr.s made by Great-Britain
are ftch as may be worth contend
ing frr, and whether the expence of pre
parations is to hz excluded frcri this
treaty, vc know not. Gii thefe points
the gazette is filrnt. So ihar in fatf all
that we learn from thegar.ette is that the
gtntlernen concerned in the trade to
Nootka Sound, are likely to be paid for
ihe Ioifes they hare ftilained. There is
one erprrfilon in ir, from which it may
be prefuxn:'.?, that no compenfuion is to
fet male for oiu- preparation. Mr.
2Ti:herScri declares thit his kbjj accepts
thre Spanifi promife " as a full ant entire
fatisfatlion for the injury of which his
inajcily has complained." If fo, we
have nothing more to expect, and the ex
pence of the prefent preparations are to
be rfefaryed out of our own pockets.
Wcmay again, gather and ftrmize;
from the gazette (for we are certain of
nothing) that our armaments are to be
kept up, until the right of fettlemeat be ,
difcufied. Ve are therefore jn as much
danger yettf going to war,, as we have
been for the lail fur months But what
fay ,the national alfemby of France ?
Here a member giv.-s whas he alls.tbe
demand made by Mr. Fitzherberr, and
proceeds to ftate that Spain reFufed to
give fatisfafiion, and calls on the Freuch ;
to fulfil the terms of the family com-j
pact. Either the' de
rive their infofmatioa from newfpapers
orhearfay, or the Spanilh minifter must
have given a very erroneovs accou cf
the negociation to-the arfeiribly. As to
Mr. Fi.tzherbert, he hclds ko communi
cation with them, and nothing official
couldhavc come frsm him; Upn the
whole of this bufiaefs, there is a darknefs
and mif.eiy which h ive not ivei latif
faclior?,and we aie yet to wait for infor
mation that fhali be more intelligible and
coniiften: (has what we hav re crimed.
mnc-itrcn xuttcotp" pf epa r a tjon s go
en as before, and on ,Fri day and Satur
day as much bufiaefs was doae in the
way f preiTing, as a: any period fmce the
preparations-begai On the arrival of
the gazette extraordinary, the ftocks rofe
rrpidly, but they have fmce, in the Ian
guage cf ftock exchaige, been flat am
Jliji :and will if we are not mifiakn, be
fooa down to their former price of 74-5
confols, and in proportion of others
coriroN, august 0.'
On Monday la ft Mr. Montmorin .in
formed the national alfembly, that Spain
had demaaded of France the ful filling
the family ccmpatt, ; anil that though
the king had ir fiiled that Spain fcould
make reftiturion and indemniric?ipn for
the infult committed on the Britifh fiagi
7et he thought while the;Biitifh arma
ments were Co great, France ought tcr
aujraent hers beyond what the aTembly
had decreed. The propofal was referred
to the diplvomatic committee. From the
demand of Spain, however it ftold
feem, that if ihe can fecure Frnce i on
hfr fide, Ihe is r.Mfoxciy much inclined
to accommodate matters whh us.
The king f France has bea for fome
days ferioufly indi:cfed, vyith a fever,
occaiior.ed by the tohach and a fiuai
ORinthcg!ims j
Arnjl 10. The q&air-with Spain I
raiuviii 3 u-ain cf fctilccicut, than abfo-
lutely fettlei : much remains to be cfn?,
not only to prcyeRt a war ior me pieint,
but to prevent the foundation oi tu
Miftcry. dills prevails in the cabinet of
Spin Mill they profef a peaceable pi
pofition, but ftill they cary on with vidcur
every - hoftile preparation. The arlna
nients at Cadiz, according to the l-iCft
accounts, art encreanng ; they are II- e-
wife encreafiig throughout every
yard in Spain ; but whatever may bd
fpeeious reaion with that court-1 for
aitecled inclination to peace with
every man of coanmoi? undertlan
mull know that fome hidden denVns
at the bo'-tohi of all thefe myilciicus
formidable preparat!ons..
An orderi is figned at the -admirblty
office, to rccal the prefs warrant i rem the
feveral ports or th kingdom.
There are eti LalK ail vires in torrn,
the' French have t went v iail of i the
nearly. reauy lur icx. 00 iormjaiie a
force, in addition to. that cf Spain, el
accounts for the continance cf o ar
maments, nd warrants a fufpicfon lhat
or fagacious miniAers are triHcd with,
and outwitted by the fuperor polic cf
the Spanilh minifler.. i 1
1 here appear defigns formed byjihe
COVtTt of -LUl. it ieetr.e diM
1 i
rlTc tilt
7 V a
Jatnom. At the moment whsn ilk. '13
upon the point of concluding amicfibly
her negociation with Britain, fuel de
Errands of Fiance the ratificaiion andjr.b-ftrvance-6f
the family compaSt. Thfls is
amiftery. that is not ea lily unfoljlrd. !
The mofr probable"' conjeclure jeem to
be, that Spain, in concert with fime
other powers hoftile to the1 revolution in
Fraace, has forrnedden's again fi tl:e
prefent cenftitution of that kingdom, and
that her demad for the 'compliance of
the rerms of the compacl, of which (lie
anticipates the lefufah' is. to form a Lre
text for avowing the -alliances' which fhe'
has made, and of declaiing her hdiliie
intention:.. I
QUNDAY UA anived here the
O Apollo, caprain Bfllings, frc m irr
don, alter a palfage of 37 Says fionlhe:
Lizzafd ; wlio inferms u?, that ''ni 1 hi
27th of Au2utr;ia lat. 48 o N. tlied.i.
ard bearing N. E, b- E. !iPanj
leagues, he fell in. with the -Britifh fleet,
and was boarded by -iha-BarHeur's b:yei
in which came an t fficer to lblicit a Sup
ply of poultry for fir JcrTn Jarvi4 as
their departure from Torbay wat ijr.ex
pecled, and no Lice for fea Ihort ; catuio

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