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    Bi!'h5 jfuppU.?cl them vmh whzt hn
c. u fpfue. It almoft a calm
v ..n in the center cf:he fleet, the Apol
lo .is bearded and examined by th
b u: of ill the fla (hips : op.e cf the of
ficer, informed captain Billings that they
ha .been1 from Torbay ten Jays, and
thaMht fbet confiUed of thirty-cne fail
ci' ih like cf battle (hips, 9 frigates,
3 ;:.: c Ihips, 4 cuaers aud u brigs ; rhe
vrrU amounting to 48 fail, all under the
command cf carl Howe, his flag then
0:1 Ijcar d the Qjeen Charlotte ; the fleet
tor d :o nearl 6. V all dy, the wind
a N. Captain Biriings Taw a fignal pals
tirougliftlie rlet, when ail the ihip im
msdiauly double reefed their topiails,
anJa! itan fee another, v.h;n they all
v. orb :o fiie nothvrard aad caltward, ftecr
'ir.g under an eafy tail : w;is likewife in
io!m;d,!:hat they hourly expected to be
jciied fcy the Dutch fqadron Cap.-.
taiA Bihings anchored at St. Helen's
ar.d Uwfoar Dutch (hips cf the line at
Spiihcad !efc St. Helen's Augult ai.
l'ft'fffiJ1:ips in the Lritilh.-et.
O :een Ch.nio:re. Karl I-inr
Royal Gecrgr,
Prir.crfs Royal,
Sir A!x. Hood,
Sir J hn J uis,
Ac1. B-mirgton,
A a. Hoiham,
ir R. Bickcrion.
We learn from the weflern country,
that the Kentucky convention has deter
mined in favour cf a feparation, and
lage preparations are siaking in thst
country fr offcnfive operations againft
the Indians, who have committed fo ma
vy murders, and narrated the country l"o
n'lirh. thtt it ca nolrngcr be endured;
fuch icvaflar?on; may fkortly be expeft
ed to take place, as the name of a Shar
anefe nation ill be no more.
MONDAY laft both hat! firs cf the
honourable ihe hgifiature cf this Rate,
met in this town, for the difpatch of pub
lic hufinrfs.
The linn. William Lenoir, efpuire, is
chclcn fprker cfhe ienatc, and the hon.
Stephen Cabarrus, cfquire, fpeaker cf the
.Louie of ccTATJV n'.
I . a ft week f .nr perfons were- appre
hended puffing cr unterfeit money ; the
paper ctrzr.cj c f tl i ftiitc. .Set-rial
bills were fir und iibrut tl-m, and cr the
Cf-nfetllr cf ne of the villainr, a ccnii
deiahle fun "-as discovered, which had
hte fecreted in s liable, in an cbkuie
vjartvl.tfjc town.
r 67 -)
4 nesting cf the wcrzl axis cf
Fnyettevr-Ue, is requcf dt tie Cool 1' firing
T avsnjy to-mjrrov; ccaing, at 7 ocLck. "
Monday, November I, 1790.
r 2 'HE houfe mef, and the members
JL being qualified, general Parions
propofed as fpeaker, Stephen Cabarrus,
efpuire, r;ho vas unanrrncufly chofen,
and conduced to the chair accordingly.
On motion, John Hunt, efquire vras
chofen clerk, and John Haywood, efq.
afllffant clerk to the houfe. Houfc ad
journed. .
"Tuefday, KoTcmbcT 2. ' "
The following meifage was received
rcm tlw'fc-rate :
Mr. Speaker' an4 GentUmerty
The addrefs which accompanies this,
vre prcpofe fhall be prtientcd to hi ex
cellency thb governour ; -fhuld it meet
your approbation, Mr. Macon aud Mr.
Hargett, will, on r the part of this
houie, pre ent liim with the fame.
Ordered', That the following mefiac
be fent to the fcnac ;
Mr. Speaker ar.4 Gcntlev:en
Tim houfe received ami 'do ?p
prove ihe mrifat;e. propofed by 'y cur's,
vernour we have nominated on cur
pair, Mr Ptrfon and Mr. Mekane, to
atsend him wi h the lame.
KefoTved, That Mr. McDowell, Mr.
iriar, Mr. Perfon,'Mr Davis, Mr. Sut
tcn, Mr. Dawfa, Mr. Gautier, and Mr.
Grove, he a committee cf privileleges
and elections-
Received from the fenate the fellow
ir.g meflagt :
Mr Speaker ai;4 ' Gentler en ,
We propoie that iht two houfe s bal
let at 4 o'clock this evening, icr thiea
er.prcffsg vind cr mraittee clr: kf , aad no
minate Mr, Curiis Ivy, Mr. Pleaiant
Henderfon, Mr. Jchn Dixon, and Mr.
Richard Frear.
Refclved, That fhe follovin- meilage
be fent to the ft rate :
Air. Speaker at:l GetJlenen,
We agree to ballot a by you prcpof
ed for three engreffing ad comnattee
Received frcm the feBate the fellow
ing Mcifsgf :
Mr. Spethr cr.4 Gentkmen,
Mcfrs 'McDowell, Grahs.m, Court
tey, Quails, .Skirrer, Hargc-v Kenan
ard Lane, vill, n the pari of thit home,
23 jointly vith inch gf mlemea cf yoyr
bod? as fce appc inted, a? a cemmit
n.iit'ee t.fpTipefiiior.s crd rri-veancei.
We aveallo appotr tr4 a? a cci mince
1 claims, Mcfiis Ducn, Ncibir, La.e,
Benford, Reddick, Bryan1, Snead and'
Ba5C3. !
Ordered, That the following mefTagc
bsfent to the icrart : ;
Mr. Speaker and. Gentlemen, ' 1
This hotuVfci&e - en- thcis part appoint-'
ed a committee ro confider cf as el re
port to the two houfea, what bills of a
public nat ure are proper to e paffei in
tolav.s theprefem Icffion, and propofe
that fame gentkmen of your body be ap
pointed to aft with theni, ":i The, geEtFe
.'en nominarcci by tbishoufe, are MeiTrs.
iock, Taylor, Macon, Perfon, Mebane,
Polk, B. Smith, Hay, iSoitherland,
J.tfb, Guioa, Franklin and Crcecy.
We have received the meifage of yew
houfe, prcpofirg to appoint a cemmit
tee cf pii.pafuiors and grieyances, and
alio a committee f claimsj and have ac
ccedetVthrcto. Fcr the committee off
prcpofitiqns andjjr ie vancei,' wc ha a ap pointed-
Meflrs. Porter, Irf ine, Dickinsi r
Iifh, Sapvyer, Allen, Wafers, M i Ray,
and Carrlr.tor-T-For the icommittee cf,;we have -'appointed MeiTrs. Cald
well, Mebane, ; Hawkins, ' Montgcmcry,
Handy, Scull, Wood and Irvine.'
Recei ved (rem the fenate a bill to car
ry irvtc efied a reibluticn! cf congress,
paled rhe 291b Septemkir endcr
fed, read thJJjjnr gr.rt aflrdl. ' : , ...
ne jpeaker laid before! the horfe a
letter from John HaywoJ, , efquire
public treafurer, giving infoimaticin re
lative to the flate cf the freafiiry, and
btlireis appertaining thereto ; yrhicpi bc
ng read, was referred to the committee
cf finance, and fent to'the fenate
Ordered thaf the following menage
fee fent to the fenate t K
Mr. Speaker ai;4 Gentlemen,
This houfe prepefe t- at a joint com
mittee be appointed, to ccjhildcr of and
report what meafures are proper to fce
adopted, for the rectifying of miSake?,
committed in the ifTuirg of patents or
grants for lards from the late lan? effi
cen in-this Hate, or J the -land-officer cf
the iate kinj cf Great Britain, cr tf th
larelad prcprietors Wer have on cur
pari appointed MeTrs Dickens, Perfon.
Iivire and Smrh on tlnis committee.
fcrcsived from the ficr2te; a mrllagei
accrr panied with a pe'iirn r f A6m
Lawrence, propofing a joint cott mitteo'
to bc'appcind to report feme plan fcr
the reTief of the citizeas : f ihisftatr v ho
kof certif rvtes t Termed if i7f,at War
renton, whivh were. ' rot fraud ntly cb- :
taincd ; hith th- hnfe agreed tO.-r-McfTrs.
K ai get, " W.cMi-:ard Grstizir
are a crrrn.itte of the lfrate, snd
4?frs. rv:re, Poik, Jcrd, JJiu'ley,
Franklin, I-;gh, nd Bordeu, ,cf the
Lcie. (To be contisticd,)

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