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North-Carolina Chronicle ; or,
No- i j, of Vol. II.J
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Fayeiteville Gazette.
dfN the waters that fall into Lake
V Wisnepetk, the ntihbctyir g i:a
li ns ;ak numl crs ci excellent lurs.
I. lr.c cf hefe they carrj to the factories
- 2. ci tttiktr cats belonging to HucIicm'b ,
B cc mpacy, fituate about ihc entrance
y .he Boi-rbi'ii :ivcr: but this they do
w h reiin'rauce -n ftvtral tecctn is ; for
fr n e ot th. Afii ipciis are! KilJiT tr.ces,
who ufualiy nadrti with the company's
fe:vants, tcld ::, that it tr e cccd" be
iu:e cf a comar. luj ply of goodi frcxa
Mickiliima.kii a., they wculc 11
' arj vhcicchV. They frevtri u.e feme
cloth and ether articles that 'he) had
-ui chafed at KucTon's Bay, with which
they were much difiatisfiee', thinkirg
trey had been greatly iir.pcied upon in
the butter.
Al'ovJrg that their accounts were
t?r;, I could not help joining in their op
inion. But this diflatisfaclkn n ight pro
la bly proceed, in a great ri.ei'.furc, frcm
the intrigues of the Canadian traders v
fr r whilft the French v. ere in pofTeff.on
of Michillimackirac, having acquired a.
tl.t rcugh knowledge cf the trade of the
north-weft countries, they. w ere employed
n tSat account, alter the reduction of
Canida by he Englifh traders there, in
the eftablifhmer.t of this trade with which
they weic themfelves quite unacquainted.
Cnc-cf the methods they took to with
draw tbtfe Indians from their attach
ment to the Hudfons Bay company, and
to ergage their good opinicn in behalf
f their newitnployers, was by depreci
. .ating cn alf occabens the company!
goods, and magnify irg the advantages
tKat wpuM snle to thtm f-ctn traffick
ing entirely with the Canadian traders.
In this they tro veil iucceeded, and
fit m this, doubt lefa cid the dillatisiafli
on the Afiinij oils rr.d Killiftir.oes ex
ptcfled to n.c, psnfy ptoceed. But as
o'her teafon avgrr cnted it ; and this v. as
the length of their journey to the Hud
fcr.'s Bay fcclories, vhich, they infoim
f d xneVck trm up three xrcnthf duiirg
tie fusxnu: heats to go rd raern, end
from the fmallnefs of their cacees they
could not carry more than one thir'd of
the beaver they kJIed. So that it is net
to be wondejed at, that the fc 'Indians
fbculd with to nave traders ccme to re
fide amcng them. It is true that the
paits they inhabit are witjiia the limits
of the HudicnV Bay ttnitoricf, bwt
the cempsiM muft be upder the r.ectflity
ot v inking at an encrcach'n enl' cf this
kind, as the ' Indian vrculd withcut
ecubt protccl ,the traders mcrg them.
Befidesj thc pafiporti granted to tHc tra
ders that go iron. Mickillimackinac give
then! libeity to trade to the north-weft
abci-t Late Speiier ; by .which is
n eaut fcit la Reine, lake Winnepe&k,
ox any ether parts of the waters ci the
B.'urbon riir, vfceie the ccmieis ce.
bris, or tracers, mav rr ake it mofl con
erient to r f;de.
Lac clu bets, as it is ccmmnljf term
ed by the Fierch in their maps, or in
Lrgliflt the lake f the wood, is fo called
(re m the multiplicity cf rood growing
cn its basks ;,' Juch as oaks, pines, fits,
fpiuce, Sec. This lake lies fijl higher
up a branch r-f the river EcUibcn, and
nealy eafi from tVe 'fouth end cf lh
lake Winnepeek. It is of greatdepth in!
feme places. Its length from eaft to'
weft about fetenty miles. It has but a
few if?ands, and thefe of . r.o great' mag
nitude. Thf ffhes, fowls, and quadiu
peds that are found near it, vary but lit--tie
frcm thofe of the other two lakes. A
few of the Killiftince Indians fomtimes
encamp on the borders of it to fifh ani
This lak lies in the ccmmunicaticn
between lake Superior, and ihe lakes
Winnepeek axd Borboa. Its waters
aic cot elteemed quite fo purej as thofe
of the other lakes, it having in ipany. pla
ces a muddy bottom. (
Lac la Pluye, fo called by the French,
in Englifh the Rainy Lake, is fppcfed
to have acquired this narre frcm the firft
travellers that pafled over itmeeting
with an upcemmen ileal cf rain or, as
feme have affiimed, from a rr ift like ain
cccafloned by a perpendicular watrr-faU
tkst empties itfelf into a river which, lief
to the fowth weft.
This lake appears to be divided by an
,ininr:us sear the middle, isito trro ptiu
pare " is cajied tfce ?reat
t- I.. . .T ?V .V 11. i til
miles farther to the ealt-waid, on te
lime branch of the Bourbon, than the l. ft j
mentioned lake. It is in srer-eral vcrv
f. allow in i? depth. The broadeft paiit
cf it is not more than itvfr.ty .'miles; tfs
letgth, including bctih alei:t three 'hub-:
drcd miles.' i In the vi eft parr the wa let
is very clear and good ; and feme excel
lent fifh are! taken in it. A gr?at tt'.zb?
fovl refcrt hcic at the fall cf the yeir.
ir i i .1
xvicc-ie ceer;aie to e. lGimci in
plenty, and Jiicwife ihe canaboo ; whrjfs
ildn fc.r brcch'es or gloves, cxxce!s .y
far zny other to be net whh in N(n 'l
Anc'iica Ihtlarci en '.he r ct
tf is lake is cketn ed in feme places v ry
gcc-J,but rather too thickly covered v.jt-k
; weed. Here refidc a ccniidciable br,d
cf Chipcways. i
V ! Laftvard frcm this lake lie fcvernl
ih:ll ones, v hich extend lin a flrire ta
the great carrying placr, and f: m therce
mtd lake buptnor. - Between theie li
irikcs are feveral carrying places, vl
render the trade to the ricith-wcfV diffi
cult to acecmplifh, and exceeding ttdi- '
cus, as it takes two year? to make cne
voyage from MichilHmackinac to thefi
parts.:' . . j- '
I Red lake is a ccmparative fir all Irk
at the head of a branch of the Bourbon
liver, which is called by fome Red rivet .
Its form. is ntsrly round,) and about jfixtj'
inilcs in ciixumft fence. j,'On one fide cf
it is a. tolerafcl large rfland, clcfe by
which a f mall river enters. It beaisf al-mpftfouth-eail'
both from lake V.'irne
jpeck and fiom lake du Bois. 7J.cj:artr
adjacent are very little known, orj frc
j queried, even hj the lavages themkives.
Not far ficm this lake, a little tcj the.
fcuth-v eft, is another called vhite jbesir
; lake, which is nearly abcut the fze cf
(the laft mentioned. Ihe waters hhat
: compofethis lake are the xneft neither n
j cf any that fupply the Mifilppi, and may':
be called with piopriety its mft renjcte
j lource. li it. fed by tv o or three fmall
lirtTs, cr ra;her larjfe brocks.
A few miles from it, a little to the
I fbuib-eait,are a-grest number of fmall
i lakes, ncne cf v hich are more that ten
milts m ciicuiaicrcuce, tfcat ar ealiei

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