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    uV. tljo-jkiQ-J l.iVe?. Ia the adjacent
. ,j 'ry is reckoned the finelt hunting
for furs -f any on thfs continent ; the In
diaas who hunt here fcldom returning
rritbout having their canoes loaded as
deep as they can fwim. .
H iving juft befort obferved that this
like i theutmo.l northera fpiirce of the
MiiSlppU- I thall here further remark,
that before this river enters the Gulph of
Mexico, it has not run lefs, 'through all
its ra?anderings, thin 'three thoufand
milts ; or, in a ftraight line .jfrom north
to foath, about twenty decrees, -which is
nearly fourteen hundred knglilh miles.
Thefe Indians informed me, that to
the ncrth-weft of JLaks Winnepeek lies
another, whole circumference -vaftly ex
ceeded any they had given me an account
of. They deicribc it as much larger
than Lake Saperior. But as it appears
to be fo ir to the north-weft, I fhould
i.a.iin2 that it was not a lake, but rather
ths Xrchipslago or broksn waters that
form ihe communication betweea Hud
Ion's Bay and the northern parts of the
Pciiij Ocean.
Thsre ate an infinite number of fmall
l-kes, on the more weftem parts of the
ce tera head branches of the Mifliuppi,
as well as between thefe and Lake Win
riepeek, bat none of them are large
enough to fuppofc either of them to be
he lake or waters meant by the Indians.
They likewife informed me, that fome
rS tne northern branches of the MefTorie
i.n-J the fouthern branches cf the St.
rhrrs hai c a communication with each
fther, except for a mile, over which
ih-y carry their canoss. And by what
I coald learn fior.2 them, this is the road
they ttke when their v:xr parties make
their excursions upon the Pawaees and
Pawna 'nee?, satins inhabiting fome
hraiches of the MeiTorle riveri In the
country belonging to thefe people it is;
aid, that Mandrake are frequently
found, a fpecirsof rcot refembling hu
man beings of both fcxes ; and that thefe
re more perfect than iuch as are difco
' ered about the Nile in Nether-Eihiopia.
Trcafury Department,
jVrty-? "," Stfttmler 1 8.
"Villi following regulations, which
xrz bzz: adopted towaris carrying into
c . :ction rh making prvi'h n for the
ur: of :!i - tMr.-d itrcs, arc announced
i n- t!is :foiT.i.::oa of th? public creditor;.
( Sa
When a transfer is to be xiade from
one perfbn to another, the certificate or
certificates of the deb: to be transferred
muft be produced at the proper office,
in order that the fame may be cancelled
and a new one or new ones iffwctj-'al, the
cafe. fhaUfrequire. - 'J j I
When a i aasfer is defired from one
-office to another, spplicatioa mult in the
firft inftanctbe made. at the ofilce Hjfbeie
the credit exiits, whereupon the certifi
cate or certificates of the debt to be ra$s
ferre J will be! cancelled, and a fpeoial
one granted,as a voucherto the iecrjetary
of the tfeafury ; upon the proa1 uctfolh and
delivery of which to him, a warrant
wiilifTue to the office to which the j debt
is to be transfer! ed.. The form (A) at
foot hereof, has been adopted for letters
of attorney, to make transfers, which,
and the directions for completing it, it is
expected will be carefully obfery ed
In every cafe of a transferor ; the fub
fcribed or funded debt, the new certificate
will bear intereft only from tpefirft day
of the quarter in which (the transfer is
made. The unpaid intereft which may
havo accrued prior to that quarter, will
b paid only to the perfon who was flock,
holder at the time it accrued, or to his
lpecial affignec. ' i U
-Fourteen days before the expiration
of each qnarter, the books of cachjoStce
will be clofed ; fo that no .transfers will
be made, nor, except at the treaiur, will
any lubfcriptions be received, or old
certificates exchanged for new ones, on
the application cf non-fubfcriers, during
that period. Thofe intending to become
fubferibers to the propofed lean, who do
not fubferibe, prior to the commence
ment of any'fuch period orthofeifi tend
ing not to fubfciibe, who do not prefent
their old certificates to be exehangd, or
if holders of. certificates of the register cf
the treafary, who do not notify -to the
treafury their intention not to fubferibe,
prior -to fuch .cornmeaceme'nt of fisch
period, will na$ receive theintereH,vvhich
may Kive accrued antecedently, till the
end of the qiarter in which their fub
fcriptioias are made, or in which their
certificates are exchanged, or in which
they fhall fo notify. their intention Inot to
fubferibe. , This, the proper diftribution
r-f the funds, and the preiervaiionjof or
der render indifpenfable f
On the fubfef ibed or funded defer, in
terertas it becomes due, wijl be paid
without production off the certificates if
fiied for the fame. On the unfublcribed
debt, if any there fha.ll he, tjhe producti
on of the certificates will be rteceffarv in
order to" the receipt of the intereft, and
an indorffment of the payroeijit of it up-;
, 9n the certiScatcs. ,This, however, in
confxcleratioa of their rifk and inconve
nience of tranfmifkon will net fee' u
quired of thofe wpio Jliold certificates f
the regifter of the trealury, and rofide
out of the United States. The form ( B)
at t!he foot hereof:, of a letter of attorney
for j receiving iatepeftarld tbe rdireccn'"
therewith, it is eipeilecl wil be caret
ly purfued. f -
' y (a.)
I'.. : si
Term 'a power vjf attorney to tfiamfir -feci,
That ; ilo make, cpjnitiiute and
appoint tuc and lawjfui attorney
for and in mme to leli,
allien and transfer : ., the
name, in he berks
power al id an pti my
tor. i),it
flock landing in j
of which
or attorniee on-ler
do all iawtui act-- requiute tor tiiiecting
the premifes ; hereby raiity ing and con-
firjtiing all that faul a:orey or
fubititute or fubftituies fhall
by virtue hereof. !
lJa 'ivtje':- whereof have hiereMrto
! fet hand and feal
day ef in th year of our Lori
! one thoufand . hundred
Sealed nn4 4el'rvers4 T
in the prefenc of f
Bi it known, that on the
v one thoufand hundred
before me came within nan.ed, and
acknowledged the above letter of a ttcr
ney to be acl and deed. !In tefiirro
ny whereof I havje hereunto fet my l.vrd
and. the day and ycarlai afcieiai4
day of
If tle power is to extend t
o the vhole
off the ftock, the word " all" is- to be
inferte4 after.the word " trsirsfer." If
oaly to part, thejparticular fbm is. tc be
infer ted, with thq addition ot the vorcs
" being: part tif." . L
jlf the power i'ito extend oinly to a ctr
Itafh fpecies of ftck, it may be exprciicd
lnlthe diftereHt cafes by inferting in he
Maak between the words the" and
" jftock,' the wjprds " funded fix per
,; eelnt." (which will defignae the f rck
bearing a prefefij: intereft, or fhs
j "funded three fser cent " (hicb v ill
j dfignate. the three per cent. p'Hl) ci vhe
wprd deferred, which -wjill idefigrare
thje fleck bearing intereft ai li e er.d- cf
tejn years) or the word "j utjfi rdr-t',"'
(which will defignatc tle unfubiciittd
part ot the;dcbtJ) h -;;
If no power 4f tebniutidn deHrcd
tor be . gi v en, the jvt'h pi e tha' teiate tc is
tc? be omitteu ; Jthc place oil kbde, atd

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