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ftryjto re (bain my omrn.iJveruons cthis
design. . - ,
T?he following evening was fixed up
on for this f?iritual conference. When
every- thing had been properly, prepared,
ta: fking came to ms and led mc to a ca
various tent, Recovering of which was
drawn up, fo as to render what was
-trifrfaAiag within viuble to thofe who
Void without. Wc found the tent fur-
ro Jaded by a great number of the Indi
' zni, bat we readily gaiaed admiffion, and
catcd ourfeives on ikins laid on tne
)n ihc ccntri loblerved that there eras
arilaceof an . oblong ihape, which was
cottpofed offtakes lkia-the ground
with intervals between, fo as to form a
Ida J oi cheilorccfiia, lar2c enougn to
contain the body of a man. l-hcfc ;e
oft ii middle fize, and placed at luca a .
dilUr.cefrom each ether, that whatever
lay within them was readily to b ii
c4ned. The tent was peift&iy niurra
nired by a great number oi torches
madfi of-fplbtcrs cut from the or
birch tree, which the Indians held inlhtwr.
bands. i
In a fc'w minutes the pnefr entered,
when an amazing large elk's (km oemg.
fpreadonthe ground, jail at ;n f teet,
he-laid himfelf d.wn npon it, after bavin-
ftripped himicif cf every garment
except that whkh he vrcie dale about his
middle. Iking no.v prolate on $
bad:, he firil hud hold cf one in ,c of
the ikin and foldsd it over him, and men
Jxhs other, leaving only his head uncover
ed. . This was no fooacr aone, .nan
,'twocf the voun- men who Hood t,
to::ab,ut forty x ards cf iUoap cord,
- x ! - ilfo of aa cl hide,, and rolled it
i round hh body, lb .hat he vvas com
I jr-'v r.whcduithin the fcin. Bern
; Luis bcu.uluplike an Eppuan
: nn-,cu-kLim by the heeis, and
! t-L urtv the head, and lifted him
! thcpilisbioth, fcdofure: I could now
! .U: , Wrve him as plain as I had luther
i to dene, and I took care not to tur. ray.
i ,vcs a n:ox:nt from the object oeiore
i c, that I might die more rcadny ueic.
! the urdike, for fuch I doubted no.
! would turnout to be.
Tr e prica had not lata in this- fit nation
or- than a lew feconds, when he began
"to matter. This he continued to do lor
I bme time, id then by degrees g:evir
' louder and leader, till at length he .pee
tkuilatelr ; however, what he uttered
v-,. I-i fcch amaed jargon ef the tlupe
! way,0;:owaw,and Kniiuiaoc languages,
thac I. could underhand but very bttle
of It. H.v,mg continued .a h- ton
far a coaf: i arable while, he at lad e-
ertra r;:s vfi:ci" t-- i
he had worked lumielf intojfueh an kgi--.1.
1,-tm-i At his mouth- !
tation, mil - ; . t, -
.'V") -"- r . ,
a i ,aoincr remained
quarteof an hmir in the fy
H. - j ,;c trrt;frntich with ur.aot. a
coniniucu Ami 1 j. 1
vigour, he feeroed to be qu?te exhauhec,
and remained ipeechleis ; but in aa ia
itant he fprung upon his feel, notnn
"ttanding at the time he was, put m, it ap
peared impoffible for him to nl tidier
hisles-s or a;ms, and fhakmg c,t n;
vcrinK, as qaict ai n t-
he king esquired. -af tHtm rrrhcr the''
hadieeii'any thing of tfw. traders ? Ths
rren replied, 'thac. they had. paud linn
them vi few days n ioic, ard tkt t!t
ripe fed beirg hereihe feccud day l:( :a"
the ri eMrt. They : acccxdirg:y;:a:i h ,d
at that tixse rc catly to tui itfuf'iLi
but more pardcuiaily fo t . t.hit ct ti;o
Indians, who found hy thK event the.;
;rr t-!nsf horh of. thtir critk and cr
:iiityv , 1
iheir -rat 100 great iy aumcmeu ui
w iu
"hfot a ttrarecr,
ciccto its utmorc p.-..,
,W;a' bd been bbur:d v;er
i. -
7,,.. Io-an to addreis tnie
flood around him in a Srra and auclibj
voice. riy Dromes, k , :
Great Spirit has deigned to hcic
with. his fervant at. nay requcu . He n.s
nut, indeed, told me -when the perkf s .w:
expert will be here, but to-morrow in
akerthe fun has reached hxs higneitpcmt;
in the heavens, a-canoe will arrive, and
the people in that will inform us when
.1,. mot5 will comz." : HaviOff laid
this he ftepped out of the manure, and
afier he had put on his robes, cdriuiJ
ih" altmbly. l ewa I was grt ally -ado-ni'hed
at what I had leen, but as I oU
ferved that every eye in the company was
fixed en me witli a view to diicover my
fentimea.ts, I carefully concealed;. every
emotion. j . ,
The r.ext day the fun -fh-csns. bnghi,
andTon befoie nocn all the Indians
were rathcred tegcther cn the crainenoe
that overlooked the lake. The old kitg
fanictome, -and afked mc if I had fo
much confidence in what the prieft had
fretcld,its to join his people en the hill
and wait fcr the ccmplciion cf it ?jl to.d
h'i I that was at a lo.fs what opinion to
form of ihepredie1:on,but that I jlvrould.
xeacUlittcnd him.- On rids we walked
tosc'hlrto the plac.s where thepthcis
wers aifcmbled.' Evtry eye was agaim
fixed by-turns cn mt: and on ihe i.e ;
when -i-ufias the fun had. reached is-e-.
nilh, agrccabls to what the pritf
foretold; a canoe came round a dnt of
lard about a league dif;ant. 'iTrp Indi
ans no fecaer beheld it, than thjy fent
up an univcrfal ihcur, and by thefr iCiks
furmed" to tiiun:t h in the intereft teir
pri-a thus evidently had 'with the 'Gref
" ""'in lefs than ar, hoar the canoe reached
the ihor?: rhen I attended the king asd
c hiefs tb receive thofe who were cn, btoard.
As fuon as the men were landed, we
walked all together to the kingfs tent,
v.-here, according to their mvaiable cuf.
tern, we began to fmoke ; ar.d this we
did. 'notwithftanding cur impatienceao
know the tilings tney orougm, pumut
afking any quelticns ; fr the lacjiaas are . dsiioerate peopis 111 uic im.
TWr Itnrv I acknowledrearpears to'!
carry mth it marks cf great cieauiity in j
theTelator' But r.-o one is leis th-.nux! i
vi'h that weakneis' than rnyfelf. Thi
ciicun-diances cf 'it I own are of a".tr? j
estfaorcmary. nature ; bevevier, :s Ij
can vouch for their being ti te from crhtr
exaggeration o r. m ifreprefen tat i c p , ltir:;
myfiif a coel. and .-: difpaificcatc obili vcr
of tham all, I thought it neccfai v ; :or
1 .1' 11:.. T -
give tnc.m to tne puunt , u;a
..withe ut wiihlr.g! to rr-ifled the jUcJ;
of my readers,, or to make ariy H:per
Kidcus'irriprtflifims- on their nn're'?, t:t:
leaTin theri: to draw fiom,. it what ul
"elutious tney pleaie.
2i;er f-:x:e uiYiai-cotverfaticr,
Ex run ' f a lakrfremBhiUdeihlay C-f
Qntcr .jl, . !'
iTAPTAIi Ktzpatriek arrived
dam, and had Ton board 84,cco dol'3
u Tfk Tirfnro Bfion if, ' that t.4'
whole iriTcflcd ni the dcot ci
United Sia-c-sV ,i,
-' Every icoidoHarS" continental dM
ith three yars" intereR due ther,
will prcdace'an intereft cf five and fn
half per ctnt. .-. Is iVnot ailoniihmg il
prudent and intellij;ect people wnj
iuch debt at 125 in the lund, wi.?
the. e ls a inrraltertaintyiof the mtercit
bei paid regularly every quarter ycr
The debt of England, bearing fuc.i &
interca, ii worth at leaft'.iBs. m t.U
The dieht cf Eflgland is at ut
5co.coo,ooo mounds fter! no c-j-if
the United .Slates, including i-f-cebts,
not 20oco5cco pounds iteiuri.
r ;
Vvtrirt n f Uiter from Fort-au-x
to a pcrfoii in this dry, dated tcpUif
""if!?) in liit'-r f t
fn. TheT are divided sgairdi " sp
time: r2 vi
. -. i

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