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Frr th FhiUitlpkia Gtneral Aivtrtiftr
M. PftlMTEft,
EVERY day affords us an addition
al proof of theaeiviry of man's
mental facilities in his learch after new
bjeftsand tdcis 'to gratify his refllefs
curiofity. He is conftantly fceklng after
aad contriving (methisg new. Look
at the European prints efpecially, and
you willmect with many ftrikinginfranccs
cf this active fpir it ; y ou will find them
filled with advertisements of. mechanics,
Ice. upon new conftrutlions ;. there axe
carriages upon, a new conftruelicn, racers
upon a new conftruftion, knee-buckles,
locks, knives, aad pomatum upon a new
eonJlruclion ;,tho if: I rcceUec"t right,
this lail article is the produce of Ame
lican manufacture. You will fee new
invented patent elaftic ftockiags, patent
claAic hax-baads, tloths, razor itrops and
garters. Take the trouble of looking
at the papers, for a' few years hack, and
jcro will find patents upon patent. Firft,
Amply patent fnuffers,. then new patent
buffers, afterwards a third patent, and
fcAly a ionrth for fnufler. Turn your
eyes to France and you are taught to fly,,
lp burn lamps free from fmoak to walk
on water, to build ft upend ous domes
without fcaffolding. One will teach y
boil potatoes in Oeam& and our inge
nious American will, Vy means of fleam,
propel a boalv Among other curious,
intentions ike following deferves to be
mentioned the art o vitrifying bones
A fuperficial obfefver would think but
little of this diicovery; and would be
content with. going en in the old track,
and continue making k with fand
Why not he would fay, " Jet the
tones red in peace fure thre.cast be no
fcarcity of fand fit for the manafaAure
of glalY in ths wide world.1 True
hut what fatisfadioa would it not give
to be ablc'to preferve in fo neat a fV.rm,
i a part of cur deceafeJ friend ? Wifcx
jt'ief.tb a difconfol ate-lover fiill to be
"abl; ta con-li!: hU departed miftrefs
about a fafhronaMe fuit of clothes, by
poiTctTir.;.; a looking glafs made of her
breaft bone,, or to make ufe of a frnclii?i
bottle, once her lktle finger ,What de
fight to a hin vhtut to drink to BaccVus
ut cf a jolly fellow's fcnll J How glo
rious to pwffcfs a fet of ine glaffes made
cf the hack bone of afocUble compani
on"! What an invaluable pair of fpeta
les might h.irc bren made of the. knee
pans of a Newton; i hat- an admirable
microfcopic !eir of his nofe ; :what a
co;r.p!ete itlefcope of his frontal and pa
xictjj bones T Vh3 would , refufc vi'j
money for a thermometer made ox Fa
rnheit'i finger ? A decanter of Epi
curus' thigh-hone would fetch any price
After this difcovery nothing can "fur
prifeme: Should thefe ingenious folks
make a drum-head of afoldier's lkin,.oit
iron net-work of cur nervous fyftem :
fhouldthey find the art of changing inu
rubies every drop of blood fked in our
country' defence, or into diamonds eve
ry tear cfeapingat the fight of fujfering
Jiumanity thefe would be jewels of in
efiimable value ; one of the firft kind'
might prove a ufeful memento to princes;
and ftatefmen, to whofe care the lives of
the people are entruflcd, and ight bev.
confidered as a lively emblem of the:
value cf the Aibics' blood.. The dia
mond, I think, would well grace the fin-
ger of thofe friends of humanity vho are
endeavouring to reRore the- oppreifed
Africans to their natural rights., W.
GENERAL Martin, arrived 1 in Air
town a few days ago, by whom Yfc are
favoured with the following account i
That on the third of Novtn.ber 'laft, an
'advanced party of the federal troops and
militia, under the command of general
Harmer, confining of about ioo men,
were attacked by apartyof the Shawanoe
" tribe of: Indians, en theiiver St. Jofeph,
and entirely defeated with the lofs of fifty
killed ; after which the Indians attacked
the main army, confining of about 500,
who were likeife defeated, wiiK the lofs
of 130 killed and 260 wounded. Amor g'
the killed are Col. Fountain, General
Scott's fon, and Major Willis.. The
abve account is confirmed by a number
of other gentlemen -w ho have arrived in
town both from the northward and
fouthward. We hourly exp'ecVictrcurn
ftatiiial account of the whole tranfa5on.
The bill for regulating the judiciary
7 of this ftate, pafled the aTent of both
f hoafes of the lepifiature,. on Thurfday
Mart ; which provides for an additional
j judge cf the fuperior court and a foli
I eitor-gcncral, which ofneers werf ballot
ed icr on Friday latt, and were,
Forjudge. Spruce Moy, efo;.- 97
John Hay, rAfutre, 3 Adlai O&orn,
tfqryirc, 7 Waitfdell Avery, tfq. 7
John Setgreavcs, efqtiire, 1.
For Solicitor. John Haywood, efq.
85 John Lewis Ta)lor, elq. 37 Col.
laVic, 4 -Mr. M'Coy, 1 a Mr. Ave
ry, 6.
The brig Mally, Capt, Maxwellj ar
ivcd a; few days ago at Wilmington
from Grtcaoci, with ioopaiTengers.
The legislature of Verfneat tate tii
fojved to pay to the ftate of Ncw-York
thirty thouiamd s dollars-New-Yerk is
to relinquifh all claims ttr thai country,
and agree that that territory be eretWd
into a new liat?. The leg Ulature ef Ver
mont have likewise refolvejdte call a con
vention to take into coiiOdeiation the
CQii&itutton cf the Unit edf States. The
convention ts to meet in (January ; the
afiembly hae adjourned, t meet agiii
the fir 11 Thurfday in January, for the
pixrpof (itis fuppi)fcd) of choofing fc
nators to reprefent them in Congrefs, And "'
fixing the time and manner of electing; I
N On the 2 ift of SeptemBer, the Britifa
fleet under Lord How, were flill cruifinsj
at lea, and not returned to the EnjluV
channel, as mentioned rn foxne late accounts.-
. r A letter received the 26th Kovenibcr,
from Cape-Fraecuis. mentions the prota
liility of flour being in a (hort time t
four dollars per barrel fcarce a day
pafTes but there arc large arrivals frervi
the United States 760 barrels arrived
from Kentucky, by way of New-Orleans.
SieUb of Eurcptan t&Vttlct.
j ACCOUNTS from CohftantiftopV
mention that the plague is increafmg
very faft. No peace is yet concluded
with RuflGa. Letters from Tangier
mention with horror, the cruelties txer
cifed by the rcw emperor of Morocco
upon his fubjecls. Accounts from Leiv
con give us iirong reaftn to believe, that
a civil infurrecliorf at Paris it at ro grear
diltance ; that a riot had began, and thb
national guards had hfeen' repulfed : th(?
cry of the mob is to cat off-the heads ci
ihe mrBifters 'tn general ; it is eipecled
they will all red gar. The prefs on the
river Thames ftill continues. ?-Thc king
of Spain has ifiued a proclamation, dated
September 14, forbidding the expoi tatioa
of any kind f floimor grain. The go
vernment of Madras has taken the coun
try of the-1 Carnatte agahi iata their
jown hands ; by this they have reiumed
the immediate collection: o. iUt retenui
of that country,, which for fbme years
Ipafi have been invefted istthe hapds of the
Icabob of Arcot.. The torch of difcord
sac:ain threatens the ibuth of iFrancc ; the
iariftocratie party endeavouring to aravl
jthemfclvcs cf the fanaticitm cfthe peo
"pie ; the catholics and proteilants are
j cutting each others throats. Lieutenant
5 San del, vth.9 commanded the fire-fkip-I
which occaltoned the lofs in the PwediLV.
j fleen in the aclion of the third of July,.
has been tried by a couAfil of war ana
condemned to die.
A Fly mouth paper X September
tfays v On Monday cverirglad arrived

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