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i 1
fomhday of Jmuary nextt before
Mr. Toomer's VendueStoic, m Wil-xumg-on,
the following
Valuable Lands,"
125T ncres by three patents
,atc in Bladen county, on both fides
vt the nor.h-veft brunch ot Cape tear
river, coniati.infc a very bandfome fettle
neut on the i:.iuh fide of the river, and
0:1 ihe north fide a large body ot va
luable well timbered fwamp, behdes a
coodMILL-SJEAT boiiHdcd on both
fi.L-s of the rive, by lands belonging to
A thu H..', eq;re, beow, and by
thole i f the etU e of G vdwin Elietlon,
eivj ire, deceaiidaove.
iooc acres bemc in two
patcn'sof 500 each, in Brunfaidc coun
ty, on Ah- , or b-anch, b wren the
nuinroaJ t.MrMi, Mill ( n, Wood's
creek) and '.he ri'er, cmtatning Ume
po.;l liamp. Tnc reu well timbered
hig'j land.
156S acres, rrpinning rn
Wood's creek, and liming down the
fam-: and h- norl-vel' iivc to the
plantation foim tl ofWiMiam Waters,
tiq. but now belonging to the eftare ct
Th mas Neale, jur. and back for com
pliment. Upon this traft i . a very hand
f. u'e and. convenient fituatior. for a iet-tlc-mcnt
on the rii'er, and a great quan
tity of valuable timber.
'350 acres' on the north fide
rr Liaci: river, beginning at the mouth
tnci'coi and running up tor compliment.
It ts- computed that one third ot this
Irakis-of valuable tide fwamp, or cane
inarlh and meadow. The highland well
tir oered and in an excellent range lor
Ore vear' credit Pnnd,
with fuch fccuiity as mav be required, ro
r ear irtereft, or receipts upon ary. allow
ed .claim agHinft tbceOate of Jrhn Row
?n, enquire, dereafed. The parent,
&cmaybe fecn at any time, by
tv ft irc!irr( 'o purchafe. and good titles
v i 1 be n ade for Ibch of the lands as w ill
be frld, by
Mary Rowan.
ra;e:tcville, 91I1 December. C $T
Tp bo Let,
lately poffeffed by Mr.
Dekeyfer, on Green-Street,
immediately above Mrs,. Em
met's. Apply to I!
James Hogg
Fa ttteville, Dec. 17 66
STO LEN or ftrayed from the iubicri
jer, fame time in Srp.ember latl, a
BAY HORSE, near i 1 2 hands high,
aKout ei;:h:.years old, v eil made before
bur rather flender behind, no brand that
is remembered ; had a ftar in his fore
head, with a Irriall ilreak down his face,
one of his hind hoof-iplit neaily up to
thehai-, was mod bef re, a natuial trot
ter, canters remarkably light in a curb
bri 4le. Any perfon that will return fai4
hor 'e, or give Information fo that he may
be had, fhall be generoufly rewarded.
Favet :11 , Pr. 4. T790.
'"T",HE membeis of the Fay
ettevillc Canal Company
,are rt queued to meet at Mr.
Deke ft r's, at fix o'clock in
the evening of Wednesday the
29th of this month, And all
perfons who arc defirous of
' undei taking all or ahv vrt of
the intended vvoiks, are defircd.
to give hi their propoiais.
December 13, 1790.
Fays CASH for OLDand CUT SIL
VER. WANTED, Two apprentices te the
Warch-Makirg and Jewellery bufmeis,
between twelve and fouiteti years of
TQ B E L, B A $ S B,
i . . ... . .
For trie term; of four years, from the
fit It day of January rrxt cniuir.g,
i i- -:
A PLANTATION on the north-weft
Iriver, about fx miles from.W1
mingtim, late the residence of RobfeTt
Schavf, efqnire,1 deceafed, dp. whih ihfre
is a dellirig-houfe, kitchen and other
buildings. Upwards of one hundred
acres of the high land cleared and uncVr
fence j alfo about fifty acres rice land,
twenty of which have been ditrhel, d
may vfith a fmall expence be put in cic'er
for planting! the en uing year.-: ' For
fetrnsj apply to the fubferiber in "W il
mirtrtbn. i 1
l mh.v-wa' jrm V STTfFl
TnUMAo WKiUrtl. '
December, 6, i7o.
STOLEN from the fubferiber, on the
jth initamvadark BAY MARE,"
about icui feet ten inches high, trots na
turally, has a piece crept off each ear,
branded on the neck, thus, A. D aiid j D
J), neither of which are very plain, alfo
. , " D D
en he mounting moulder thus, K like
wife A D on her buttock; ihe lias a
thick main and tail, which curls ; is about
ten yeals old. Any peTfon who v. ill
bring me laid mare, fball have FIVE
POUNDS reward, and ior the thief ind
CfH-erlav4 county, 4 miles 1
24. J
4iUve Fayettevilk, Nov.
Efpeclfully informs His
friends and the public,
that he has removed from the
houfe he occupied, belonging
to Mr. Toomer, to that con
venient houfe belonging to
Mr, Hill, in Market Street,
oppclfite ,tle Naval-Office,
whee his ufual exertions fhall
be continued to accommodate
thole who may favour him
with! their commands.
Wilmington, Dec. i, 1790.
65 m
FayrtievUk, Dec, 6, 1790. 65

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