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I ,
At their ftore in Hay-Street, corner cf
xh- State Houfe Square, and oppefue
Colonel Thackllon's, offer for fale. for
Cain or Country produce, an rt
raent of FALL. GOODS, now open
ing, and coniiUing of
Dutch Blanketing,
i.aftic coatings,
4-4 and 15 4 cloihs,
7-4 fuperrine !itto.
Caiajuere, Durants, Callimancoes,
Men and Women's worded itockings,
Falhionable waiftcoat fiiapes,
Green baize,
FI innelsp Plaint, Wildboars,
Kipdal cottons,, Cloak, Thickfetts,
Cordnrovi, fancy cords, velverets,
Shawls, fcallrcoesj chintz pattern?,
Men and Women's cotton ilockings,
Irifla linens,
CJjcck ajid linen handkerchiefs, .
Sheeting linen, Dowlafs,
I Silk handkerchiefs,
i Barcelona ditto.
Black mcde, Sewing filkand twift,
Black fattin florentine,
Hiir ribbands, tatte, white kid gloves,
Tailors thrrads Nuns ditto.
Hellandj tapes, quality and (hoe bind
ing, J
Almanacs, primmers and fpelling books,.
Writing paper, and ink-powder,
Playing cards, flates and pencils,
Pewter unions, guns, hand-faws.
Weeding hoes, augres, hand-faw files,
Mill ditto. Pad and (lock locks,
Eift metal coat an i waul coat buttons,
Common ditto.
Sleeve buttens, thimbles,
SfiUfF boxes, obacco ditto.
; J'vs harps, gimblets,
; Table and tea fpoons,
SciiKirs, pen-knires, and cutteau ditto.
Tabic knives and forks,
Hor 1 anid ivory combs,
i riih hooks
1 Pins and white chappcl needles,
! Razors, i
jShe, knee and flock buckels,
! Cotton cards,
j German fteel, bar-iron,
! Iron pots, Dutch ovens, frying pans,
F liii axes, coffee mills,
'Shot and bar lead,
Grind Tones,
Nails, fad -irons, to' acco pines,
Queens v are -difhes and plates rnugs
bowls, &c. ,
Snaffle, pclham, curb,,and plited biidle
bits, -; !
Sicel heads and throats, ftaples and
pl.nes, , j
f;.Jdlers lacks,,
Allum, '
Gvn ponder,
C( tfee, tea, fnufr, copperas,
AUfpice, pepper, ginger, j
Wine, mm, fugar and molaffe?,
S ilt, and fundry other articles too nume-j
rous for an adverttfement.
Fayetrcville, Dec: 6, 17 90. 65 57
or me:
FIVE PuL N Db RiiVr xiKD.
RAN AWAY from the fubfcrlber,
living in liedeil county, NorliH
Carolina, on the rirli day of July latf, a
negro fellow named FRANK : he is of
a 1 cilow complexion, i;.cws :ome marks
of thefmail pox, is abcul 5 feet 8 inches
high ; has by running away beioae, and
getting froft bitten, 10H tvo of the little
toes of his left foot, ar-d p.irt of the third
one; I expect he will charge his cloaths
and name, and pais ;oi a free man as hi
has oone before, and e deavour 10 make
his way to b'ayetteviil or Wilmington,
and get on board fome veflel, as he has
often threatened' fo to do. Captains of
Veffels and other are cautioned on their
peril not to harbour faid fellow. Any
perfon who will take up faid fellow and
brine him to me, or fecure him fo that
get him again, fhall receive the above
reward, and all refonable charges. j
October :8 1790.-
(fj The above, mentioned fellow was
t2km and confined in Robinfon county
gaol, from which he made his ejeape ori
or about the ipth inftant. Should he be
taken again, it is particularly requrftecf
he may be fo ironed as to prevent him
again getting away.
jfhJ forale at the prirJing-offi.ct ' i
Foi the year or ourLoid 17911
l izttoi t me 11 Cum
bei land ri er, rJ du?: (r
units frpni chvii!-,. "ccih
taming 307,2 acres.
For particulars enquire fat
the printin-c.rjice. i' V - '
For tlxl VAJh feAl K,
lurfuant tQ thelaizvhlof Frnrj ,
as Clayton, h)a,
T HAT well known valuable 'plan tJ
tion. and pa: eel oi lain1, caileu
Rocy Ptint on the Norrh-EaiL river, "in-New-Hanover
county, containing by
tiie original grants, 1920 'acre?-,- wih'a
large biickhuuie and other building.
One hundred and ninety ucro cif iiis
has been under crop this year, ar.d is cl
clofed with 'new fence, anj-ijjere 2:c it
reral hundred? cf acres cle-, zixdti icr.
immediate cultivation. 11 tit land; art
fomc of -he beft in the flate, bothici til
lage and pafiure.
ALSO, the plantation and lands cv
the SpuMd, where Mr. Cla ton uu illj
refided (formerly Mr. Harnett) ccn
taming .-about Fco acres, vith a c n no-.
dious dwelling houfe, and other nctc.'V
ry buildines-A confiderable part A this
is clear and under good fences, hrnr g
been planted this prefer.t year, ai d is
Citellent for corn and indigo : with tl
or fepaiate, will be fold, an citivSwt
range of banks, betweer the Srurd 2rd
the ea, efteemed valuable for firck ard
the timber, and on which is feme good
planrable land.-
Credit will be given', antT the payments
received by inftallmehts ; but in additi'. n
to perfonal fecurity, mortgages on the
premifes will be.requiied. .-.
Propofalf ill be received in "Wil
mington, by Archibald Maclame,: Herry
U.rquh.T , or Hnry Troirer, h? a;6ir g
execmors, t whom the lands are deviled
for fale.
N B' On the firft of January reyt,
the negroes, confining rf above if riy
workeis, will be hired in finrilies for cne
year. Wilmington t Oft. 14. 59"
i at FRANKLnrs HEAD, in Greek Street, where Eilays Articles of Intelligence AdvtTirxny &c rse
itharkrtillv received - SUBSCRIPTIONS for this tpcrare laken' in at ThrfH Hafd .Dollars fe? aununi, - tl M -Vo
I prpcrs hall to be paidotiubicribiiig,cai tarter in fix XLonihs, aac the ihti umer -ai the end cf the year.

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