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ONWednefday lafl both hoafes of
the General Afl-rrbly of this Hate ad
ju:rcc fine die Vutn l 'be ieOicn the
following afis were paJfcd, viz
A.Nift foraltetingthe time cf hold
iag the annlial meeting of the general af
'fembly. Firft Monday in l)ecember.
to carry into effeft a refolution of Con
"grefs, pafied tht 29th of September, 1789.
to amend an aft pafled in Hihfbo
rough, in April, 1784, entitled, an act
to encourage Enoch Sawyer to make a
road ihicegh Pat qua tank river fwamp,
oppofite to his plantation.
to repeal an act providing means for
the payment of die domefiic debt, fcr ap
propriating certain monies therein men
tioned, and to amend an aft, pafled the
la ' feffion of the general aflembly, eati
tied, an act for levyinga tax for the fup
port of government, and for the redemp
tion of old paper currency, continental
money, fpecie 2nd other cerrifi ates ; and
alio part of an other act, entitled, an act
for opening the land-office for the re
demption offpecic and other certificates,
and difcharging the arrears due to the
; or building a court-houfe in Hillfho
rugh, for the diftrict of HilJfborough.
to confirm unto Thomas Pool Willi
ams, cf Ci:rrituck an indefcalible title to
two acres cf land at Bcllfville, in faid
to ahcrthe mode of fwearing petit ju
rors in the couits ct law ia this (late.
to auhorifc the conftables tofcrve war
rants and othci prccefs, as .h-rrin direct
ed, rn j ivers, bay s, or creeks within this
to repeal all acts, claufes, and parti of
afisoi .h general affemblycf this-ftate,
as resale to dafEng of tobacco.
to prevent any pcrfon who now does,
w-o rr.ay hereafter held any office, ap
p ir.trricr.t or ai.;h;Tity under the fedei.d
go - euiKiat fr n. being eligible to a ft at
in the gtneial affen b.r cf this fiats, and
to prerer.t my pcrfor froir holding cr
excuifir.g any efnee or appointment un
do he authority ot the faid ftate,fo long
a.1 : c i t:r 1 s to held or cxercife any
c f: .c or ?ppoin mem under the aut.'n rity
cf t c Ui.i ed Sat(?s
r repeal p.M 1 f ibr 2d and 5h fe.Si
crs r.fai net of ih general a ffemhly pa li
eu a N.wbm in the v rat 17 5? a
rr an ac. i( r r. u . utlie re-
vfi c hef' rp 1 ot ovcn mm, and
V i: :m. 'tr t i' ppref? r ccthv- f att..
iiv ; aiio one ether act, palled at
FnTetteville, in November, ij$6, enti
tled, an act to impofe duty on all Caves
brought into this ftate by land or water.
for cutting a navigable canal frcra the
waters of Pafque'ank river, in this date,
to :he waters of. Elizabeth river in the
fiate ol Viigini a.
to make O of -Creek navigable.
to alieT the o'ue; of holding the coun
ty courts of Hyce county, from Wcod
ftck to Ball's bay, on Jafper's crek
in faid county, and to erect a new cvit
houfe, priicn and Pocks.
to alter and amend the atts for regulat
ing the pilotage, and facilitating the na
vigation of Cape-Fear iiver.
to empower iitheldred R-.ffir., Tho
mas Br an ton, Willi by Wiliams, ; ar)id
Hymcric Hooker, the fecuritics ol Ecn
jamia Cafwell, late lhenfT of the county
cf Dobbs, to collect an account for the
taxes due from the inhabitants cf the faid
county, for the year 1 789
for altering the time for holding the
ccun y courts cf plea and quai'ci -ie Ax
ons for the counties of Franklin and
to keep open R'ck-Fiihcreck in Cum
berland county, from its mouth to the
forks thereof.
to empower James Craie, guardian of
the orphans of David C;i. ;ge, of Rowan
county , deceafed, to fell fciid difpofe cf
part of the real ehate of the faid Da'vid
Craig?, for the paymentof a debt due by
him to the public.
td eablilh a town at the. place fixed
upon for the court-hou'e in the county of
Sf, and for adding two .ino.e c irr
mifiioners to thoi'e heretofore app i- tfd
for filing the I public buildings in faid
10 eftablifh an infpclior! of ro accofat
the ferry of Thomas Eaton, on RAno"ke
to amend an act, pafT'-d a? HPfborough
in 1784 entitled, an act for extending the
navigation cf Roacoke river
for vefiing the property of certain ne
gn es in the hr-irs of Mark Nevrby-
tolve(l th property of certain lots; of
land, ft tu a ted in the tows of TarbOroujgh
in Edmund Hall and hij. heirs.
to cede and vefl in the lri'ed Sa'tes '
of America. thelanc!s therein mentirred,
for rhe purpefe of building lignt hru'es.
t" re ivr and continue In force an .jr.,
eni 1 d, an act to empovei the f crai
cou tycourn therein m.ntion?d, to lay
a tax annua ly, no exceeding three year.',
fo) the pnrpofe t.f erecting (r repair-rg
the cou' -b-ufes, Sec. dec. pafled a: Fay
tevKe, 17F6. i
t n en ' an act enticed an a o em
p t r the conn y r ; -. c pi a iir.i
quaitcr-iifhons ol iheKvsiai cc-uiiucl in
this il2te, to order the !?y:pr ut pufh'c
roaaandto edablifli and Settle fe'ri-?"
to appoint where biidgcs fnall be buil:'
and to clear inland navip-arion '
to au'iiorife William M'Chilan, cfthc
county or Rockiagham, to. eAicnd a mill
dam acicfs Mav o river.
to enable ht v;uirrf ef the peer for
the ccsmies of P.fquotank and Carteret,
to bull hoUiCb ic4p.ctiveh, fcr the re
ception of the poor of the laid counties,
and for levying a ta. iv dciray the t
pence thereof. . "
to repeal the fifth and fixth fections cf
an a5t paffed at Hili (borough, u-: the y'.-ar
17S4, entitled, an aft fvr he iegn:Lica
ci the town of Viimtngton.
directing the time and places of hn)d-,
ing the annual elections in the county of
to authorise the comminioners of the
town of EsJentoh to grant fo D or
Dickenfon, a cerlian water lot U th;
faid town.
to alter the names of certain perfens
therein mentioned
for granting to the inhabitants ff
Rowan county, living bttvvebn tbe no, h
andfeuth forks of the W Lin river, ih
privilege of holding feparate gsncfiJ
to eliablitn a covn at tlie place fi.fd
upon fdr the court-houfe in the cotintv fcf
St6kes. I''-. ' '
to empower the county- court of Rock
ingham to lay a further tax to rcinjbi'Mj
the comn-iifiioners the money bj them
ependeci in ereiing the 'Court-hculr,
prifnn, and flocki. in faid ccmntY
sorater the mode of piimfhment for
hojfc itealins;. !
to reftrain all married per ons from
marrying again whilit their former, wi-- cs
or hufbardb are living
to appoint ccmmiflioneT to direct and
efliblilh a ga'tpr flope on, the mill diirn
of Samu?l High, at tire falls cf Nui'e
river, in Wake county, and to repeal 'fo
much fan act, puffed ar Tarborouvrb ia
L787, a comes withinthe pervtew of this
act "
: for building a court-houfe in the wwa
o Wiii in Vi for the difiriet cf Vvil
K.ingtrn. v to empower the juf nets
of New-Hanover county toincieaie tbe
County tax. -
to amend an act, entitled, an set foi ing crairts of law, ard for rrula
ting the proceedings herein ; and ar.o
t e a, "-nt i !, as s a 'for '.giving an
equity jurifbii5tion to iheft'pefior -couits.
t effwbiifh tvfo places in the 'county
of -Calweil, for the parpofe.of hclJtr.g
Iwor.ei) i;e;rtirt
en powe- in; the county courts of pls
and qujirtex-itfiicn& to direct ihcfecietarj

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