North Carolina Newspapers

    , May 8.
Foreign Intdligence,
LONDON, April 3.
O RDERS arc ^iven for 200 oxen to he purchafed as foon as
poffible, to be driven to Portfr.iouth, and there killed and
falted down, in order to be fent to the garrifon at Gibralter, as
they can have no provificns from Barbary, all communication
being cut off trom the Moors, on acccunt of the plague raeine
along that coaft. ^ ^ ^ ^
We have authority from the Ruffian Conful, reficent here, to
affiure the public, that the Emprefs of Ruffia refufes to admit
VJunteeiriOf et ery country to ferve in her army.
Sailor* are fo extremely fcarce at this time, that many Ihips
lay at Gravtfend, pnaMr to proceed on their voyage for want of
hands, though they offer upwards of two guineas per month,
which is the war price.
'Ihe planters at New-Rrovldence font home laft year upwards
of 200 tons of cotton, whicli at the loweft price amounts to
47000I. fteriing T hey expert gi^ater crops this year, fo that
w j Bahamas are no defpicable ac^ilition to the crown of Great
^ a letter from Vince ^ Fchruary 24.
“ The Enghlh AmbaHador meets with a cod reception at the
Ottoman Court, fmee it has been undenloo 1, that the Cabinet
of St. James’s mvan to receive the Ruffian fleet in their ports,
and fuccourit in its paflage to the Meoiterranean. Our Repub
lic, by externally ohf rving a Mi irt neutrality, has prevailed on
the Grand Vizir to recall the quadron that cruifed in our fcas.
It it joins the Capta n r’aclia, ins force will be greatly fupeuor
to that of the Ruffians.”
cannot be finiflied this feffion,
ir IS fud puihamt. » x iliai jouin aS foon as the public bufinefs is
rriihed j a:.d wiii n.tet again in Ortober, in order lorcfume the
The prefent Minifler feems determined to tax the luxuries of
life—the tob„cco trade is fpcedily to be put under the excife-^
that will be followed by an exeife on fugars, which mult oro-
ouce an immenle levcnuc. '
Utters frem Hamburgh, dated the 21ft ult. fay, that a great
xnajenty of the burghers of Dantzic have dete. minecl to deliver
up that city to the Pruffian monarch, deea' it the fureft and
mofl t flertuai method to rc-cllablifli the ruined commerce of that
once flourilLing city,
'1 he preparations overall the North of Irelartd for emigrating
to America, is truly alarming: noclefs than 600 paffingers have
engaged to fail on board one vcffcl, the Alexander, Captain
Pinckcrton, now lying at Londonderry.
A council hai been held upon the' dfpatcln receh-ed from
^pu.iu uey not betng at allJaihfuchry to this court.
■nj er the on M.adae, ‘lahuh was held in ccnpauence eftbe
en.ajive cor.dua file court f Madrid, rcfpeaing the U^e cquio.
tnents^oinr f.rward in the Mcdlierr..vcan, a jpirited rcnovftrance
tvasdijpaut cd to that coi r f, the julfaiice cf which is reported to
be, that tie Bntijh court cannot J e with inkifercne fo powerful a
freparatien, and that :,n efs an ur.tqui-vocaland Jathfat'iory anfwer is
gi-venJimiUr equipments wU be made in tic Brit f/o ports without Ufs
of time, ■' * ■'
The Duk-^ dt Crilon has received orders from the court of Madrid,
to repair immediately to Ladies, fr what purpofe is mt known ; hut
as, netwM.f an dm. his failure oefre G b-altar, he is in hlyb ejiima-
tionasa gen ral, we ^nay prefume he is dt dined tofcjHc important fer-
of Fort Mahon and Mmerca, he is
tat.ed by his Ca hJic R'iaj fy's O'der. Duke de Criilon Mahon.
A m.rniugpcpc’- has tb folltnving ir.'elligence——By a gentle
man yijl a. r.vcit f ern Leipfic, we are informed that it is reported and
gi r.crui.y be..e^. td, tt-at a revolution bad happened in Ruffia, end ibat
tee Bmprejs was dcthrined.
Or.ers have been givtn by the French mhifer of war, for the
tmmeriatefo,fnauonf'hrce.cmps,to eorff cf zo,000 men each.
s bts IS prom Pa/ is., ani. may be re'ied on.
Kbw fs has invented fn inf.rument, which will dfcharge ->00
kaUs in three m nates 5 it requires only ton men to work the machine.
Domeftic Intelligence,
KINGSTON, (^Jamaica) April 17.
We hear from the Windward Iflands, tlrat his Royal High-
cefs rrince V, iiiiam Henry, in the Pegafus frigate, arrived
Irom St. Vincent's, from Plymouth, about three weeks ago
and we are civen to unJerfland, that his Highnefs has received
official diiertions to proceed to the ifland of Jamaica without
delay. _ *'
BOSTON, May 29.
O N Monday laft, feveral corps of the Middlefex militia pa
raded on Wakhani plains, for the purpofe of acquirlne
knowledge of real artion. At one o’clock, the line was form
ed man open field, from right to left, as follows Troop of
Jiorfe, CQumaodcd by Capt. fuller—the Weflon light infantry
Capt. Bigelow—the Watertown artillery. Major Kent-j-and the
Mew ton mihtia—the whole under Major Rent At 3 o’clock
the horfe and intantry paired the bridge, which they weie after
wards to attack i and a detachment from the militia, marched
down, and took poffiffion to defend it :—1 he horfe and inf an
try, after a Ihort Ikirmifli m the woods, came on to the attack—
the horfe keeping the road, flanked by the infantry When
this ^y approached the bridge, the centinels fired, and com-
anunicated the alarm i the detachment immediately eneatred—
andwerefupported hyaheavy fire from the artillery from a
hill adjoining—but being charged by the horfe and infantry, and
o^rpowered by numbers, vi^er-obliged m retreat to the main
body. a he aflailants purfued to the field where the line was'
ffrft formed—the artion then became general, and concluded af-
after which the line was formed as at firfl. The whole of this
tranfartion afforded complete fatisfaftion to a large number ^of
4»crtators, who teftmed to the eood order and ,1
Sijppofe, fays a con efpondent, that an enigmatical liff of
I young ladies were to be framed, materials might eafily be col
it Icrtcd from the beautiful objerts of nature j pinks, lillies, rofts,
Tulips, doves, lambs, ermines, cltAios, the rainbow and the
nua.n would furmfli letters to conipufe the names. Old maids
might be formed of daffodils, jioppics, cats, vinegar and vvorm-
wood. i he names of l.'ps and coxtymb* wourd fpring from
., inagpies, feathers, bubbles, and flummery. Even
. the cathartics 01 grave lawyers, diving, and phyficians, might
• be deferibed in an enigma : lawyers, by quibbles, demurrers,
1 barratry -, divines, by gravity, brimflons, and tythe—pigs j—
t and phyficians, by gallipots, cathartics, and tomb-ftooes.
N E W-Y O R K, June 12.
^ A few days fince was landed in Befton, from this city, two
pieces of brafs aitfUery. They were, while under a Britifh
guard, in Boflon, taken from eff the carnages and fafelyj con
veyed to Dorcbefttr, and have been ufed in 17 engagciiieiusdu-
ling the late war, one of them having been taken by the enein.y
and retaken feveral times. General Knox in a letter to the go
vernor of Malfachufetts, communicated to thelegiflaiure of that
ftate, fays, that when he fhall he in Boflon, w hich will be
in the courfe of the prefent month, he will agree with Mr.
Callender, to engrave fuch farts on the cannon as fhall be di-
It has be^^'-requemly afl'erted, that amendments to the fede-
ral conftitution can be as eafily effertod beforex^t adepiitm of it
as after. Let us for a moment apply our cool and clofe atten
tion to this point. To amend before riie adoption, will require
that all the ftates, who are to become members of the new con
federacy, fltoul.f adopt aii the amendments that fhall be adopted
hq ary one. Eorexampl., ii five amendments fhouid be pro-
pofed by a new general ccnveniion, and adopttd by one ftate,
other flate that fhouid not adopt them i*/7, would effertu-
ally rejtrt the conflitution. That is, the confent of the whole
thirteen w.»I be neoetiary to obtain any one amendment* however
falutary. But to amend the conftitution after its adoption, wiU
require the conventions or Icgiflatures of only tbr.e-fourths of
the ftates; that is few out of the whole thineen —Hence it
clearly follows, that the d.fficuiiy of obtaining amendments
afti.r tlieratification will be as much lefs than to procure them
before the ratification, as ten is lejs than thirteen.-— • It has been
urged, that t!ie officers of the federal government will not part
with power after tliAy i.ave got it; but thofe who make this rc
mark, re.iily have not duly confidered the conftitution, for
Congrefs w ill ht obliged to call a federal convention on the appli
cation of the legiflatures of two thirds of the ftates t and all
amend!’.cuts propofed by fuch fcd-..tal conventions, are to be
valid, when adopted by tlie Hglflalurcs or conventions cf three
fourths of xhefiaXes. It therefore ci?a’ly appears, that two
thirds of the ftates can always procure a general Ci^nvention for
the purpofe of amending the conftitution, and that three fourths
•f them can introduce thofe amendments Into the conftitution,
although tl.eprefident, fenate, and federal houfe cf reprefenta-
tives fhuuid he 'ppof.;d to each and all of them.—.
Congrejs, tterefci e, Cunni.: hAc ary power which tb. ee fourth: of the
fates fall net approve on experience.
A gentleman, whe late.y travelled through New England, In
forms, that the amount of PO I-ASH exported from the ftate
cf Mafljchufctts laft year, was yoo.cuo dollars, in all their
towns perfons are employed with Waggons of a fuitable con-
ftrurtion for the purpofe, to go througli the neighi ou .nood, and
to bu'^ up all the allies in the country, which arc conveyed tc the
manufartories, and there made x» yield their fait. By this prac
tice the alius of every farm houfc (which w’ere formerly ufelefs)
become profitable to the farmer and to the ftate. In this ftate
the exportation of pot alh, laft year, amounted to eighty thou-
fand pounds.
A gentleman of difhnrtion In this city has received a letter,
by the laft britilh packet, from that iJiuflnous politician and
friend to the rights of human nature. Dr. PRICE, expreffing
his approbation of the propofed conftitution for-the United
States, and his wilhes that it may be adopted.
Laft Sunday failed for Havre de Grace, his Moft Chriftlan
Majefty s packet La Fortune, foel Barlow, Efq. of Connerti-
cut, and a fon of the late Gen- Green, arc paffengers on beard
the packet.
By an art of the Britlfti parliameat, lately pafleJ, entitled,
** an art for regulating the trade between the fubjerts of his
majefty s colonies and plantations in North-America, and in
the VV eft-lndia illands, and the countries bclongingto the United
States of America, &c.” it is enarted
‘ 1 hat no goods or merchandize whatever ftiall be imported
or brought from any of the territories belonging to the United
States of America, into any of his majefty’s Acft-lndia iflands
(m which defeription the Bahama iflands, and the Bermuda or
Somers iflands are included) under the penalty of the forfeiture
thereof, and alfo the fhip or veflel in which the fame (hall be
fo imported or brought, together with all her guns, furniture
ammunition, tackle and apparel, except tobacco, pitch, tar, tur
pentme, hemp, flax, marts, yards, bowfprits, ftaves, heading-
boards, tm.ber, Ihingles and lumber of any fort; horfes, neat
cattle, Ihetp, hogs, poultry and live flock of any fert : fuch
commoGiues refpertivtly being the growth or predurtion of any
o. the territcries of the United States of America.’
The above enumerat.’d articles that are permitted to be Im
ported, niuft be brougft by Britilh fubjerts in Brltllh Ihips, on
penalty of forfeiture. ^ ’
Yefterday morning departed this life, in the 46th year of
T great regret cf all her acquaintance, Mrs. LYDIA
lOUDON, ftate printer,
On the 1 ft Inftant, the beautiful little Ship FEDERALIST.
( lelame the merebauts ufed in the late proctflion) completely
ngged and highly ornamented, failed for Moun» Vernom i
FAR\fER wb^ ® ta the illuftrious
FARMER wl^owns that fpot, as an cffcringlfrom the mcr-
Sffin.’ hisferivices and fede-
“’py''’’y of .fSwb c.ntina, if ,i„V
r^rcjc ntatjves, held in tic city of dbarlcfion, on the twelfth day of
May, and cent,nued by divers aajourLnts to the twlntyZ /d
infant, anro clcmini, one thoufand jeven kuncred and eigbtyZtbf
and in the t*we!ftb vear cf c i tt > x
America. ^ ^ muepenuence of the United States of
T he convention having maturely confidered the conftituti-
on or iorm of government, reported to Conn-nA Ku ,i.
of delegates i'orn the UnLd States of America^ aiJd
paffTd Sc
a mcreperfert enicr, cAJ-lIffi juflice, fnfarcdemefllc trarqu*.
lity, provide for the con inen dti-i ce, ptemote the general wel
fare, and fecure th-c I Itffings c l hbtriy to the people oithe fald
United States, and their poiitiit}, DC, In the name and belulf.
cf the people cf thi- Itatt, beitby ajjent to and ratify the faid
coNs^ii'i unoM.
Ar.d wlercas it is eflential to the prefervation of the rigl.ts
reftrved to the levcal nates, and the freedom of the people,
under tfie operations of a general government, that the right of
"prefcribliig the manner, time, and places cf holding the clerti-
ons to tlie federal legii'ature, Ihould be forever icfeparably an-
nexed to the fovereignry of the feveral ftates,
‘Ji'a Convention rw'cfju dcclate, that the fame ought to reniala
to all pofterity, a pv.ipttual and fundainental right in the local,
exclufiveof the intenerentc of the government, except
in cafes where the leglflatme of the ftates fliall refufe or neglert
to perform and fulfil the fame, according to the tenor of the faid
This Convention doth alfo declare, that HA fertion or paragi aph
of the faid oonftitution, warrants a conftrurtion that the ftates
do not retain evciy power net exprtlsly rclinquiftied by them,
and vefted in the general government rf the union.
RESOLVED, 1 hat the general government of the United
States ought never to impefe dittrt taxes, but where the mo
nies arifing from the duties, inipofts, and excife are infufficient
for the public exigencies, nor then until congrefs fhall have
made a rcquifitlon upon the ftates, to aflhfs, levy, and pay their
refpertive proportions of fuch requifitions } and in cafe any
ftate fhall neglert or refufe to pay its proportion purfuant to fuch
lequifition, ther Congrefs may alTefsand levy fuch ftates propor
tion, tcge.herwith intereft thereon, at the rate of fix per cent,
per annum, Irom the time of pa} meat preferibed by fuch re-
RESOLVED, Thar the third fertion of the fixth article ought
to be amended, by rting the word “ otbef" between the words
no" and “ religious."
RESOLVED, I hat It be a ftanding inftrurtion to all fuch
del-gates as may hereafter be tlcrted to reprefent this ftate in
the genera] gover.nment, to exert th-ir utmoft abilities and in
fluence to aftert an aluration of tlie conilitulion, comormably
to the foregoing ref lutions.
W ILMl NGTO N, June 2c.
We hear that the h..nor3ble EDlviUND PENDLETON, efq.
is eltrted Prefident of the Convention cf t.he commonwealth 5
A private letter from Virginia, fays—“ There will he a
majority of our ftate convention, in favour cf the propofed con-
The following Is a flatement of the votes for members of the
convention of ti.e ftate of Ntw-Vork, for the following coun
Columbia, 3 members.
Montgomery, 6 members.
Albany, S members.
Anti-federal ticket.
FeJeral ditto.
Anti-federal majority,
Anti-ftderai ticket.
Federal ditto.
Anti-federal majority, 1645 ticket. 3 ‘jooo
Federal ditto. 11,308
Anti-fcderal m^ioritv,
6 members (including his
Icncy govcrnorClinton,
*5; 2 votes)
Federal ditto.
ti-fcderal mwority,
icluriing his
n, who had alone T
tderal ticket. J
Anti federal majority »4j9s8
7 members—all anti-federal.
"|feiiitiments unknown.
-bid is copied from one latelj
>wn in England, by a travellin*
, &c.
unoern DoSor axctj R.ojycrucian oj
i bis friends ar,d .the hono abU
■|l to^feljie aU nni^er of law
^^Ummry-ajigi^^jl^ng perfoni
Kir^we^heaXts—widows art
^Bfta>they wai have, &c gen.
ms of tunning ht^es, cocks &&
. ij , ■ ■■ their ladtts fo as to orevenl
cuckoldom. AU qneftioWrelatInj! to t«fts, wasers, iournles
prt.cT^s,a„d members too to ,,a4uLrif"T.
r of to
poiron'4faKl.n.;tS5rhf “
fi4 ^eftions
cmj fatisfa^
acquainted hd ...
tlemen are infer^
with the true art of
V A L S fince our laft
Scheoner Wiffiam—Swain—Charlefton.
— - Davis—New-River.
• f^'y—Cragg—New-River
bloop Nancy and Polly-Branlby-Nclv-York.
Bng Nancy—Deas—Montego-Bay.
chooner Gen. Vvafliington—Meads—Ncw-Yorlr-
~ —Swain—Charlefton.
• PJ'fenix—Claftrier-Trinidad.
- Friendftiip--. Davis—New-River.
TT r: *^^*y -Cragg—New-RIver.
i nd uftry. Luce - B ofton.

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