North Carolina Newspapers

    (VOL. I.)
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WEDNESDA Y, July 9.' 1788.^
PfSipeft of Human Life.
A round us w2 every where behold a bufy maltltilde*
Relllels and uneafy in their prefent Atuation, they are
peip^ual'y employed in accomplifhing a changeof it; and, as
foon as th:ir wifh is fulfilled, we difeem by their b^havioar,
that they a'C .as little fatisfiv'd as they were before. Where they
expecled to have iouitd a paradife, they find a defart. The
Iran ct hui’.nefi pmes for leifure. The leifure for which he
longed, p'ov;s an irkfome glooifi; and through want efetn-
ploynicnt, l.c I ingultlies, fickens, aftd dies. The man of re-
tlrifinent f> no Rate to be fo happy as that of aAive life;
but he hns not engaged long in the tumults and conteAs of the
world, until he finds caufe to look back with regret on the
cali.i li;u: s cf his f'rmcT privacy and retreat.
Btaury, wit, eloquence, and fame, are eagerly defired by
pT'-fpns in every rank 01 lift They are the parent's fond wifli
for iiL child; the ambition of tlr* young, and the admiration of
the old:—and yet in whit numberiefs irtfbinces have they
proved, to thofe who polTefs them, no other than (hining fnates :
iftiuifil rnsto '■Ice,).''.Aigations to folly, and in the end, fources of
mirer)’ ? Co n ortobly noglit their days be pafied, had tliey been
Icfs cnnfpicu.".:s. Hut the dltlinAions which brought them
forth to noute, conferredIplendor and witi.drcwhappiiiefs.
Lor.:liL; t5. of ali otiitis, the .-noA general, and feemingly the
mofi innocent cbiedl cf flcfiiC —With refpeft to this too, we
fo trecurn'iy err, t iar it would have been a blelfing to many to
have had th'ir with denied. There was a period when they
mig’ .: hire qnittet. cne ttage with honour and in peace. But, by
llvir.:: too Ij s they outlived their reputation ; outlived their
families, thcii irlencs and theit comfort ; and reaped nothing
friin a inuat on ot days, i.xc,-ptto feel the prefiure of age,
t. tade t' V* dregs of lif?, and to behold the wider compafs of
''rej^T” a' C often as vain as otfr wilhes. As what flatter- 1
td u> in expe^.tion, frequently wounds os in pofiTeflion, fo the ^
evert to which we look forward with anxious and fearful eye,
hss o.tcn, when It arrive.L laid its terrors afide; nay, has
br^ueht in its train unexpt fled blelfings. But good and evil
arc bthcld at a diilance, through a pcifpedbive .which deceives.
The colours of ohis£ls, when nigh, arc entirely diflferent fi^m
what they appeared, when they were viewed in futurity.
care not fuflicicmly acquainted with oUrfelves, to forefec
cur future feelings. Wc judge by the fenfatioas of the prefent
moment; and, in the fervour of defire, pronoyflce confidently
concerning the defired objed. But we reflJ^^t, that our
minds, like our bodies', undergo great alterat^^BKn the fitu-'^
aliens into which they are thrown,
of life through which they pafs. H
dition which is yet untried, we coy
In this imagination, we carry
and fentiments intotheftateof life'
fooner have we entered on it, th r
tions change. New jvants and
required to gratify
on returns, and
as great as itw
1 be earth
therefore to a
fhkll pafj into
buman dcliie
fhali be lour.d,
fallacious expedbi
pearancts bet-^sy
be infep.arably unit
s the Iv
ge only
i any long
idious joys fii
It bltfs
rhere no
liTiiling ap-
?ut where truth lhall
good, with its full and pcipeii
With pleafuie, the perfciA Jtnowledgc of
A SCRAP for the
E xperience has often Ihevli^. that greei^^, like green
friMt, produces acids infiead bf fweets. The^minil, as
^ell as the body- fhould attain maturity before a nnkM fhould
e attempted, to w !u,h, if the mind does not afient, proba
ble confcquenccis aferles of unhappinefs to each of thecontraft-
‘"R pai ties.
But on the other hand, delay is equally dangerens ; and
wnen young ladies attain an age wKen it may be fuppofed they
>rc equ. 1 to the'dotles Inf^parable to a wife and a mother, pa
ints fliould no^p^otraft, but facilitate their marriage.
ni feverely for the number of old
** s (in ’vhich may be included every unmarried v^^oman above
wenty-five) which are to be found in every part of America^*
he proportion is not iefs thMi five virgins to one matron.
I he caufe of this extrao(dinary celibacy, muft be owing, in
great meafure, to coqiittrj. ^
of A to the bofoms of my fair countrywomen, the maidens
merica, if they are not maidens againit their inclination.
, hey anfwer, O no. Sir, we all could have man ied had wt
1 f'Ply* truth is, you have rtfufed againft your wi/hes—•
hes fuperceded faJpcn—~\{ not, from whence proceeds that
1C the eye, that blufh on the cheek, that heave of \he bo-
u •
fotn ? They are all the oiFspring of'paflion ; and could we but
fee your hearts, they are furrounded by tender wilhes, that fport
along and circulate through every vein and artery.
Is it yow fears prevail ? No—for your mothers married be
fore you, and brought you into the World, and tell you, that fo
far from there being danger in matrimony or its confequences,
“ it is a confumthation devoutly to be wiflicd.”
I fay, ladies, vvhen the fault is on your fide, the caufe is va-
you look for general admiration, and prefer the empty
compliments of k number to the fincereprofeflions of an Indi-
vi^al, untU he being teized out of all patience, flies from your
perfecution, and leaves you to repent, or perhaps to defpair.
It will be fufficient, without enlarging on this fubjedf, to refer
my fair readers to the fate of CORJNNAy which is defcribfd in
the following lines :
CORINNAy aged forty-five^
Did not of marriage yet defpair^
^bo' Jhe her charms bad kept alivt^
Henyears at leafit by art and tart,
Tull oft Jbe many a generous youth
Had trick'd^ and treated with difdai^'t
Mut now fhe wip'd in earnefi trutby
"To add a link to Hymen's chain.
To Strephon theuy who day and nighty
Did heretoforefincerely wooy
She condefeended thus to writey
«* You've conquer'd firy Iy 'teld f yeu ."
Strepbony wboje mind jweet peace poffefi'd i
Who long had ceas'd to love andjigby
Xjave quick for anfiver, thus difirefs'd^
Read it, Qorrinr.ay and apply,
** "Ihe rifing fun I've oft admir'dy
‘ ‘ 'TUI pJeaJure has to rapturf gramtf
** HU roon-tUe beams my breafi basfir'd^
With glowing blifs to words uaknewM,
But Sol, at eve, fo bright declines,
fThen all men fee bis courfe is rnn,
•* H^itb ruddy facefidl, fill be Ihines,
„** But abt hisJacat and beams ay,-gege
She read—fhe paus'd-—reJleJii.n's glajs,
Slyick as the forked's dart.
Skew'd her with painted, haggard fact,
0 fad conviElion to her heart /
Ho more at balls or dan$epe's feen.
No more each borrow'd art&e tries,
A vi8im nonv to care and ffteen.
All day pe bides—all night fre figbs.
Then let not flip, yefickle fair.
Youth's prime and beauty's blifsful ddtt^
To gen'rous lovers be fincere,
Defiyou pould meet Corhtna's fate,
F rom all evil and mifehieviotis members of the Statipiegifla-
ture. frt m the fin of ingratitude, from the powers of e*
pofifaQo laws, and from everlafiing condemnation, ^
Spare us, good Lord,
From fuch Jaws as do diferiminate in favor of iberiffs and
other, who are in arrears for taxes ; from all pompous and in-
accurate Aatements of the public debt, and from fuch ftate-
ments as may tend to foothe and flatter the people into a wil-
lirgnefs to remain in th«r prefent ftate, rather than to adopt
the new government.
Good Lord, deliver us, •
From inteftine war; frotii the aflfemblies of fuch clift>s as are
gathered to oppofe the new Conftitution; and from the rage of
thofe who bum with choler, as knowing their confequence will
be Icflencd by the adoption thereof,
Cdoi\f,ordy ieRver us,
We iefeecb thee to bear us good Lord;
That it may pleafe thee to keep and ftrengthen in the true
knowledge of thy ways, thy fervants WASHINGTON, RAN
DOLPH and MADISON, and all that are put in authority un
der them, and to enable them to be ’ inftrumental in promoting
fuch wife government as may beft tend to the peace and happi-
nefs of all thy people. '
We hfeecb the to bear us good Lord ;
That It may pleafe thee to inelme the hearts of thy people- to
adopt the new Federal Conftitimon; to endow the prefident
thereof, vice-prefident, fenatbrs,'and houfeof reprefenutives,
with grace, wifdom, and underftanding, to make and execute
fuch laws as will beft tend tofecure to thy people, the bleffings
of liberty, peace and concord in theft ftates, .and that they may
fo far retrieve their loft credit, that they may no longer be a re
proach and hifling among the nations of the earth. ' "
. We bejeeeb thee to hear us, good Lord;
Thatdt may pleafe thee to fiiield us from the rage of malici
ous and difappointed men, and to ftrengthen iis in the prenrir
pies of the Federal Confutation, fo as to enable tis to triumph
over all the enemies thereof, that fo hereafter we may attain to
to a 'government which will have fuch energy and ftability at
will be adequate to the exigencies of the union.
We befeecb thee to bear us, good Lord,
That it may pleafe thee to favs from anarchy ali thy
A Well authenticate3 account of the
dying wordt and aftions .of 1SA«
BELLA LIMUEL, Maid of Honor
to cUtherine DE MEDICIS.
^ i ^HIS young and beaiiliful kdy’s
-■* charms had, by the addrefs of
the Quecnj been proftituted to the
Prince of Conde, by whom flie had a
child, and aftually was brought to
bed at Court-. Her cxquilite beauty,
however, obtaiiled her a hulband of
both rank and fortune. She was a
woman of ready wit, and often exer-
eifed her pen in writing a lampoon 5
nor could the hour or minute of her
death deprive her of that gaiete db
coEUR which added fo much to her
beauty in health. During her illnefs
flie^ was continually excrcifing her fa-
tyrical wit; and when (he found her
difiblution was near, flie called to her
valet: Julian (faid (he) take your
violin and play till you fee me dead^
(for I am going) the defeat of the
Swifs, in the beft manner you can,
and when you come to the words
“ airs loft'* play it. over four or five
times, in the ittoft doleful tbnes you
can i* which he did, and (he a(fiftcd
with her voice, and when they came
to ‘‘ all’s loft,” (he repeated the words
twice, then turning herfelf to the
other (ide of the bed, (he faid to her
companions, all's loft this inftant in
good earneft,*’ and fo expiredi
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