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    DoweP'ic Intelligence,
KINGSTON, (Jamaica) July 26.
T his morning, between two and
three o’clock, a large hulk, in
the fervice of government, lying off
Greenwich, which contained near two
thcufand baneb of gun powder, took
fire, and blew up with a moft terrible
cxplofion. it leems that there were
only a white man and two negroes on
board, and that this alarming accident
was occafioncd by the carelellncfs of
the latter, who left a fire in the ca-
boole when they went to lleep. A lit
tle after midnight the white man awoke
and found the vefi'el on fire ; he ^n-
ftanily called the negroes to affill him
in quenching the flames ; but they
faddenly jumpecl into the only boat
along fide, r nd left him and the veflel
to their fate. In this dreadful dilem
ma the poor man got over the bow ot
the hulk and fuupoited himfelt by the
cable until the expLfion took place,
when he was thrown feveral yards into
the air, and defeended into the fea,
without receiving the fmalleft hurt,
except being llightly fcorched ; after
fwimming iome little time, he provi-
der.tially met w ith a canoe and got lafc
on (hoie. The concuflion was fo ex
ceedingly violent, as to burft open ma
ny doors and windows in this town,
and. we arc told, the road to Green
wich is ftrev/cd with fragments of the
fliattered veflel. The lubftan^e of the
above relation was taken from the man’s
.mouth elcaped.
BOSTON, July 24. ^
Extraft of a letter from Philadelphia,
dated July 12.
We are in momentary expei?iati-
on of receiving the recommendation
of CongTcli, to our legiflature,refpfj6f-
ing the appointment of ten eledfors
to meet for the jiurpofe of making
choice of Prefident, See. No other
I perfons arc talked of among the know-
fingones to execute the new govern
ment, than the great American Fabi-
us, and his Excellency Governor Han
cock. The former will undoubtedly
be Prefident-General—and as the lat
ter will have the next highefl number
of Votes, he will unqueftionably be
Vice-Prcfident. Mr. Adams will un
doubtedly be Chief Juftice of the Fe
deral Judiciary. At the louthward,
jhe fame fentiments pre - ail.
Newport, (Rode-IOand) July 17.
By the Dutch papers, brought in the
|late vclTcls from Amfterdam, it appears
that the Prince of Orange and the
ariflocratic party, have efFeflcd a eora-
J^lete victory over the ancient conftitu-
tion of that once free republic.
tar afterJlar went out—and all is night.
So that while the goddefs of liberty
beholds on this fide^ the Atlantic a
[plcndid temple, dedicated to her name,
life ard flourllh ; cn the other fide
Ihc beholds an ancient one lazed to
the ground.
ExUait of a letter from New-Yoik,
July 28.
** I am forry to inform you, that an
affair happened on Saturday evening,
after the news arrired of the adoption
of the new conftitution by this ftate.
Mr. Gitenleaf, an anti-federal printer,
made fome very abfurd remarks on the
proceflion, in particular on the potters,
who were much oflFcnded. The news
gave every body Ipirits, and about one
or two o’clock a number went to his of
fice, and took away his types and very
much damaged his houfe. a He fled, or
I believe the Potters would have had
dominion over his clay 5 whether it
would have produced any amendment 1
cannot tell.”
The adoption of the new federal con
ftitution, by the convention of New-
York, being the eleventh ftate, is a mat
ter of the moft ti ancendent j jy, and ho
nourable in the higeft degree to the
maj ji ity of that houfe. Part of that
majority muft have the greateft abili
ties to convince objedfors fo ftrenuou ^
and part of them muft poflfefs the mofto
uncommon lhare of candour and pa-
triotiiin, to liften with fo much mode
ration to the arguments of federalifm
and their country.
BALTIMORE, Auguft 5.
About the middle of laft aionth,
provifions were very low at St. Eufta-
tius. Flour fold at fix dollars a bar-
rel—beef, eight dollars—pork, twelve
dollars—Indian corn, half a dollar a
buftiel—hams. niJie pence a pound.
Ay letter f'om Exuma, one of the
Bahama iflands, dat^d the 27th of mentions, that tne SALT lately
jakerd there, rem u kably fine, and
th It eighty til')ijrand bulhels then lay
j ready for expo* ration.
On MoncUv the 28th ult. Congrefs
i proceeded to fiM up the blank for the
place of holdnig the Idlions of that
liunoMrahie body, when the words
“New - Yoik” vv^re in''erred.
Capt. Robert Rofs, who arrived here
on Saturday laft, in the Brig Keener,
trom St. Bartholomew’s, after a paflage
of 15 days, informs, that on the 29th
ult in lat. 35 : 30 N and long 71:30
W. he fpoke Capt Woodward, in a
Brig from the Bay of Honduras, bemnd
for Briftol, (out fiften days) who be
ing very ftiort of water, he fupplied
him with a puncheon, and left him
fteering foe me port of his deftination.
The fame day he ipoke a floop from
St Martin’s, bound for Virginia, who
had taken 4 men out of the wreck of
a floop, after having been fix days in
the greateft diftrefs. Capt. William
Buckley, who commanded this floop,
and one of his feamen, were drowned.
Capt. Rofs, on his paflage, caught a
fliark 17 feet long, and 7 feet 9 inches
round, from the liver of which were
extracted 23 gallons ofoU»
HONEST US IhaTI appea \
our next.
is removed to the heufe at picfcnt oc
c 11 pied by Major Kingfbury, nearly op
pofite the Market. '
Marine Lift.
ARRIV ALS fince our laft.
Brig Recovery, Tucker, Charlefton.
Nancy, Leach, Ditto,
Mary, MTver, Montego-Bay*
Schooner New-Hope, Smar t, Ditto.
— Charlotte, Stewart, Kingtton.
Brig Queen, Morriion, Greenock.
Recovery. Tucter, Charlefton.
Schooner Good-Hope, Luce, Bofton.
William, Swain, Charlefton.
J^ck, Shackelford, Ditto
Sloop Induftry, Dunn, New York.
Ann, Cotterel. Ditto.
UpBFj^/confifting r. ^ fcantl.r-.% cr h...i. i
of inch & 2inch.'s fup.rfiwial meafnre. -ref. to
jalr f.k A— JT
KeH Oak f h . ftavc-^ per M.
Vv hire Oak do. - - _
R. (.J, bli. do. « _ „
vv. o. ' do. - - «
18 inch ihincles,
22 do da. . - _
larpeibJl. ...
T ujpctulne pof b’l. of 72olb. groft.
Pitch per bli. . , *
" obaccoper loolb.
Rice, p.r do. -
B.ack ey ci p^ias per bufhcl
B fs’-Wax per lb.
D:.- r Skins .r hair fim’d, per 1b.
L.tro JJnttitn’d
Buffer pp.- lb , _
Pork pci b|*. of 22olb. nc.
8”ow ;.>cr lb.
Beef ppi 1)11,
Cen per bulhel -
Otter Skins - ,
P iccoon do.
Brown Su'rar -
Ordinary per icolb
Loaf t'a^ar per lb.
1 Ja naica
Rum E'Veff-ln.
3N. Ing. —
Mi'Iaffcs per 2;al.
Chocola e p i lb. .
Iren jjerton - -
Philad F’nur per bll. ef i5Flb.
Steel per lb.
Iron Holiow ware per ton
Fine fait p. r bufhc,!
Dc. by tail
r a>'fe r er Oufhei
C ffre {. r Jb
B a tea
Oree do. - - _
N. Fnglarid Ck
■lO!. to qcj.
I5J to t6./.
- ittj. tc
So_,.. to n f,
llj. to ,?/•
iFy' iO,- '/.
; -■'/Sd.
1// to'; f,
ib/ f, p r.
4« hj if.
j/i to ''/6d,
120 to
14CI to T6d,
80 to 9e/I
6 t( ?/.
- 24 to 'fjf.
i/fd t. r.
12c to ' fl
1 O to £ _v_/l
2/? £0 :f.
oi'b tony,
yfod. to Sr.
'6 to
3f5d. to rSd..
2 tc 4- ,
90 to I . .'f,
£■ 55
- ■ r.
- f • •
' i*
2fid. *£> ?rsd
n It)
J t'-
i tt
j 1
O N ThurMa*- \.xv a x\c;-;ro rd!'>
named TOM lai> th.^ pr;. ert
of Colonel J. Leonard, mardc’^t. Mi
John Leonard, of Bmniwick Lourtij
at the plantation o; Mr. Arthur How
Tom is a fmall black t . .o‘ v j i
twenty-one years of age, fturj. i c
in his fpecch, is a defigning « i , .
low, tells a moft pleofible r. g, ' -
will try to get out of ti e ftate ;
fuppofed he was wounded in t) . .
by a guard pNced at Mr. S Ljii d
laft Friday night. The above lewar
will be given to any petfon wlio appre
hends him, by applying to Mr. Lewi
M Pherfon, merchant, Wilmingtor
or the fubferiber in Brunfwick Count]
Auguft 25, 1788.

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