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OL. I.)
(NUMB. 27.)
I’e- 1.
A D V E R T I S E R.'
W E D N E S P A ;& September 3,- 1788.
Foreign Intelligence,
L D O N, May
T 7 whatever r^ppeaiarcrs there rrtiiy be of a gener?.! war,
VV iroin the afiive CKcaioris ui'.tiirtj in Spair, yet it may
be depended cn, that it tiie admlnWHiiicn conceived ary ap-
prrf'irniiors of a dilfiirhance in the tianqullltv of its ow u'al
lairs, redutiions would hardly liavc been marie of the military
b>Mhiii England and I'^t'and. if Spain oppofcs the RuiFian fl ee
it ntrfl be trom that policy v. liich may he dte.i ed I'^oth prurient
audwii'e, to prevent a very ambitious mfiritim- power irom
frrming fetilemerts in the .Mediterranean, and b c.unlng, in the
co'jrti: of time, a more iroubU'fome viiitor in that I'ca, than any
0! the nci^hbcurlr.c
M A Yoir.
Lafi r.ieht arrived here from France, his Royal Klgh.-'cfi the
Luke ct Urkons.
' M A y 17.
Tha Spariia fquatlron which htely put tofea from Cadiz, un
der tije ci m.aunri o: Don b nianucl de Co’ricna, nephvv/ to t!.e
ccn-.nanJtr in chief of that name, and winch v'.as, by the J,.if
ac :.- cuts, c:uifii s otf or near Cat's St. Vii',.tnt, con.^ided o; tire
fo' iow r.g fli ps of the line and frifates t—M. Magnificonte, i.i, u I iemo, of 70 guns e.icii, l.t Dr iron, la Sirera, tl.
I’co^ a.;j, ci fc guns each—biigates, hr \ tnob of tS, I2 IV' rcu-
ra, tC, !a' an 30, laSanra Clara, zG, and throe g.ihcs.
'i he f ip.^ cf the lire which the Spaniards have ready at C 'diz,
a^(‘ ar- fsic! t j bi armir g .at this time, are, one oJ 96, one •! So,
rf 7r,cnd .cur 01 60 guns—fevcral of thefc are new fmcc
thi iad wir.
A gentkman who arrived here a few days ago from Orleans,
sf-ctes t’b, that the mihrai7 were in motion ail over France, .and
a gc: era! conflerration agitated the peoj ir. 'l hey liad not, how-
tv-.r, the liightctf idea of their monarch's ir.tcnMou to annihilate
the pa; hament, but fuppefed that a foreign w?r was in agita-
licn. ^
^ A butcher In the borouch, wbo ourchafed m ponev
‘briligrit irorit tv%elve ban's and a half high, has
fneaged, for too guineas, to ride the Dme 100 miles in twelve
hours 5 which bet fl-veral gentlemen have acw.-ptcd of, and he is
to rtarj within a month, pl.ayorpay.
i he P-ulTian fquariron intend^ for tlic Mediterranean, under
the coiTimnd of Admiral Creig, will tonfift of 26 Ihipi of the
line, vjz. three cf loo gens, bx cf 90, four ot So, eleven of yq.,
and thirteen frigates, from 30 to 40 guns'
T'lC above fiect will be manned by 15,000 failcrs. Including
cfficeto, and 28,000 troops are embarked on board, as well in-
lancry as cavalry, .a.nd divided into twenty battalions.
M A Y 30.
Th^Hciiferf Commons on Wednefday agreed to the report of
the Cemmittes on duties cn fleins, by whicii it was rcfolvect : 1
Tliat the duties now' p.ayable uj>on the importation of buck or
. deer and elk ficios do ceafe.
I hat a cuflom duty of zd. be charged upon every buck or
ftin imported. ' . - ,
1 hat a curtom duty ot ad. be charged upon every Indian
buck or deer (kin half drcdTcd iniporttd.
1 hat a cuflom duty of 4d. be charged upon every elk (kin im
That an cxcifeduty of is. be charged upon every pound weight
cf buck or dter (kin dre(rrsl in oil in this kingdom.
That a drawback of rite whole of the excifu duty be allowed on
The bankruptcies, in confcquencc of the late calamities, are
erw fprtading collateruUy, as'may be feen by the Gazette of Tuef-
*“} night laft ; but we are happy to hear, that the great fire it
prttty well^w in cor.fcqucnce of two or three principal
heuRs, which wercexptfted to have gone, being now thorough
ly fupported
One of the above houfes, we hear, vvas under acceptances to
the amount of five iuindred and fourteen thoufand pounds
tct’.vithftanding vv’iich, there is every pjoh.ability of the whole
being d.fcharged in time, with a fuqalus of eighty-thoufand
f-unds In favour cf the pattners-
Very much to t!ie honour of the Scotch, they have faported
fiich other’s credit in the late commercial calamities, fo as to pre
sent alrooil .any bankruptcy of conftquence aniongfl them.—-
‘ h;s fjme rn-') call “National.” But if the EngHfh and Irifh
iipporttd each other witli the fame attachment, it would be
I'or the benefit of public credit, as well as the caufe of Im-
Txtraft of a letter from Gibralter, Ma'y 9.
* l e SliUt'it.gun the Mootifli ports begins now to operate vs.'^y
f rGbly upon iis, fnfli proviiions of evriy kirri beli'g no longer
fa be had ir.a; Latl ary. A fowl is now a flranger alnacll to
fhshrfl tabLs. 'i lie lltrbaiian King p'-rfevares ; ahd It is cif
fay'Jviie'her inm.ediate hoflili'.iii or lenient mcaiur.'S
hcif c perace to bring him to .a j.'rcper I'enfe. At any r.' te,
'“Cgarrrioi: .rein buvd plight until they arc fuppllcd from home,
0* Use diip jte nricic up."
Extractor a lette- f:c»n Falmouth, May 22. "
“ Orders a:c cemt do'.vn here lor two houfes ot rcndczv’ous to
■ ' c'pei'.rd K;' tl.o in.mediate entering ibamcr fnro his Majedy’s
'-ervice, to j.,->an the llilps now hi:lng out at i’o.'’t.f;r.cuth.’’
Thurfriay died (as was fupppfed) Mrs. Margaret Carpenter,
)Oui rivywc man to Mrs. Smith, livery lacc-maket, in Little
Ctueen-flrect, Lincoln’s (nn-fidds, and or. Fridjty flic wr.s nro-
perly bid cut in order to be interred yeflckriay, when In th» ni'ght,
to the aflonilhmatrt and terror of the w hole family, ikc came
down Hairs flark naked, having only been in a trarce. As foon
as this (urpnfe was over, they put herint*) a w arm bed, and rave
her comfortabb things for her refrefhnatr'.t. She faid (he was
fltuaiicii fo fliccked Ur, tl.afit is aim jfl ira
poflibie fer her to recover.
It has been generally repcrted^t'that his Gallic Majefly was fired
at, m rtiurnmg from a ride, a4mt nine in the evening 01 Satur-
oay 18th inft. The accouftt arrived in a letter to a gtntle-
in^n in this city, and ftates the afi'air as follow s : The King,
who is become very corpulent and pkthori.': within thele lafl
ti.rcr’/cars, was advifed by Mr. de Senac, his firfl, to
-rim. lirneWater and acid coolingliquorsjaiid to been hr.rllback,
1 I vliiole, every day. Some bunnefs prevciitirg him ‘from
no;n§ cut m the forenoon of Saturday, whidi being over be
tween f.'urand five, he t;x)k a cold fnak^^ nitiuiitcd and rode to-
vva.t-^j iiictown of St. (^erm uns, atconrpa' ied by two neblrmen
s/.d (;.x icrvarts. About half way on hit return to Veiui!!#*, the
1 cpori 01 a gun heard, as if proceeding Irom a decaveri rnona-
f f.'Hic wraUs of which are yet (landing, not farirom the high
lu.d. ( nc o the fervants, who w as abcut 3 pr 6 yard> behind,
(•tjd, that a ball had carried away a part of hi^ har. Thu Ki-'?
without any mark jf fear, cr even furprirv, commandoi tlu: rt;i:i$
to be leaichcd, whiifl four men placed ihe.Tltlves at difirrmt
parts to prevent aa efcape. Rut the bird, or rather ths foxier
' toulri no where be feer. "I he evening was r,... ari- obly ch .-r. ;.nd
the wr.11s vvlilch liad Irccn long unioofed. were j-'i, ]
their ritehies and crannies, to a diftan: vinw. *^\V5itt'',cr tiic
piece was d.fcharged at ..n owl, or othci nhhf bird Inhabiting
thoic I’’..ns, e r levelled intcntion.iiiy 2tt vt Ki.'ig, ca»m-;>t i.,; ..kct-
fj.ned i but the writer avers^ that the u5l is iitcralK' ar.d truly
as above. ^
PHJLAD:^EPHIA, ^ Augaft 6. _
Fxtradi jrom the yournal cf Co7igrffs\
July 25, 1788.
• Refohed, That the Secretax.y at War
dirctl: the detachment of troops march'
ing to the Weftwaid, to rendezvous at
Eafton, in Pennfylvania, and from
thence march into the county of Lu
zerne, for quelling the diitui bances in
that county; providing the Executive
Council of Pennfylvania (hall find the
affiftance of thole troops neceiTary ;
provided alfo/that the faid troops (liall
not be delayed in their march to the
Ohio more than two weeks.
In Committee, convened in Jofeph
Harding’s Compting-room, on Mon
day the 5th of Augufi, 1788^
Members prefent,
Richard Garettfon, Natlianiel Lee,
Stith Parham, Tames Faucett,
Greffit Davis, [ones A. Dean.
Jofeph Harding, n
T> OBERT DOUGL ASS, a member
of the Methodift EpifcopalChiirch,
was charged by the information of a
perfon of this town, that Mr. Robert
about three years agoL^and that he,
the (aid Paul, was well acquainted
with the family and perfons of both
the faid Robert Douglafs, and his wife:
And that on the faid Paul’s letting off
for America, (he delivered him a letter
for^the faid DoOglafs, at New-York,
fuppofing him to have been there—
and that (he was repeatedly at the faid
Paul s houfe, in a forlorne and dilcon-
folatc fituation, with a little daughter,
And the faid Robert Douglafs v.'as fur
ther charged with riiaking overtures of
marriage to Mifs R. B. daughter of
Mr. F. B. of Chefterfield county, in
violation of his marriage covenant,
and in breach of all laws, human and
The faid Douglafs being called on
ro aniwer before God and this Com
mittee, whether or not the fird of thefe
charges, of his being married, is true
or (alfe—LTpon winch he gave in the
following anfwer,-ill writing :—
Peterfourg, A'jg'afl 4, 1788.
“ My Dear Brethren,
“ IT grieves me unto the very heart
to relate unto you, that the charges
laid agairtd me are juft. And oh ! I
have fallen into the moft heinous hn,
in offering to marry again : But the
temptations cf the enemy, and my own
negligence in not living up to my du
ty, have caufed me to tall. , And oh !
what agony of (oul I feel, on the ac
count of fin. I am aftiamcd even to
approach my Godly Brethren : But
oh ! to think of the reproach I (hall
bring upon the glcrlbus caufe that I
ha^/v^ lallen Irom. God knows mv
heart—I want to feel that glow' of love
I once felt I am determined, through
grace, to look unto the Rock, Jefus
Chrift, from whom I have fo deeply
^revolted! You will, I hope, deal with
-me according to the rule of God’s word
and your confciences, I can’t fay any
thing more, I arn fo troubled ; but
hope to merit an interert: in your'
prayers daily.
I am vour unworthy brother,
jiTHE queftion being (eparately put,
the Committee are unanimous in opi
nion, that Robert Douglafs cannot be
retained in our Church."
Signed in behalf of the -Commitee,

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