North Carolina Newspapers

    (VOL. I.)
(NUMB. 28.) ;
D N E S D A Y, September 10; 1788.
Char^ftcr of General WASHING
TON. '
[Trom a laPe publiccitoh.']
T » H E general is tall and wall made ; his compleition
istair, and 'is eyts ot a light blue, but fomewhat
fmailcr than a jUTT propnrtior. of k*.iture$ wcuM ic-
, quire j hi» tace, though not lirit'tjy h.indfome, is
frchas itnprdf s upon the niind that idea which we m-:an t*
cxpr-fs, when w'l fay, that fuch a perfon has a good counte
rs; ;e. Pj'%tars Ws own hair, which is fcroWn, and is gene
rally-dr "ffed with all the fimplicity of a country gentleman.
Vrhen’llaw this diitinyuiihed perfon, whofe ernin''iit fervices
have bi cght hiha in the rapid cou fc of a tew yearsj from pri-
vof ii V toakvel w ith the mofi iliudrious charaftcrs of ancient
o dfrntimes, converLd with unaAtdled modcfty,' and treat-
ir- vvrry one around htm with that fort of care and polltcnsfs
V ich-cab only flow from a fenfation of perfc«ft equality, 1
c( u’-: ‘not help faying to criyfdt, thst if Rome toj( made for
Cl li ’this man at fraA made for America. Borp of pa-
rt'-fftlfcd but little property, general Wafljiij))ton be-
g :lfe js a fUiveyot, ..circumflance which was douhtWis oj in-
fi’ tfervice to Itnn daring the war, as it enabled him to judge
ofdiUTmces v ith accuracy and to choofe his ground wiih judg
in'nt. in the Frrnci; war which commenced In 1735, he was
foc i' , tLrf’j.fhcd a^ an aftive and enterprifmg officer, and was
with ft iddftk as a fup rnu.rcrary aid in the fatal aiTti^m rear
fort 1 ;■ . rfre. wVre ;liat unfortunate gentleman expiated
w’;l his lilt- the rrfhoefs he had been guilty of. During the
wa: he was ra'.ied o the command of .1 ttgin.cnt, and made his
fcrfire-'y marrying (he \#i«^c’w of a Mr. CoHIs, by whom b?
h*s 't.i.ortupately no childtem VVi'cn the war was over, he
-•.‘■h-r - m&rc chan
tht nf;.tn.« 'cf hSs drtfs, i!ie lirift attention wh t h he paid to the
afii. 's c his cHau . ard t r n ahroft ur.furm untable dctrceof
dit^.fVnce.jVliich not only prevented his fj' ikmg in che airem-
Mylrhut very teldem allow cd him to’derive "r;jinion in pri-
va’ cemp. iiK$ .As .1 r.ian of mild 'rd gentle paiEons he was
aiU’ igh I e late who thotigl.t oi independence, t ut ho adhered
• te ' V ;.tn one - Edcpr“d, with a degree sf patetna! artach:. cr.t,
and f'vir.s never .0 i.;,v been cart down, ^nd never to have loft
hishc'pt.. an.ihrt allth'. cVofTei vvl icii he txpericnc'.d ; and in
ipighfo t - olfjorr.v profpcdl: of diMiet and calamity v'hi .h
fre^uii.t'. hurg over him. It has beeii i p; rted. ha» bisietters
were ccrrpofe'G by his aids de entnp : this irurt nec.KTai Jy have
been t.'. (. ife in matters t>; fcMii ‘ u: where tlje fut jeef was of
jtt?.. imtKftance, the c!iardd’’.er'jf’.'_ flyl«- of the g’merai is v^i /
e.f;!y t'liccrned j it is an ra^'y flowing liyle, which is addrefin
ne'i tr to the heart rcr tlu- iii.agination, I-ut which goes di'tc
ly t>'the underftandirg, ar,. fxprei’esew'y idea in the cleare.'f
and mort unequivocal tranner. Upon th. whole, he feems to
have been the only in Ainei -ca, perhaps mtne w/orld, wbe
cc'ulc reconcile the ja ring iptci.ft^ of To *ip..ny d'ff rcr>t pro-
vircts, whocculd keep an army together from th'j.i (.crfooil^.
tachrnerit to himfelf, at a t’me when they were Scarcely fed, arid
re r'trcJct.hcd nor paid, and who could join the activity of
Marccjlus to all the caution of the Old Didlator, and be at ontc
the (wo'dand the burklcrof hiS cobiitry.
Let thole who arc fond of tracing up events to'their caufes,
atnurfethe Angular difpenfatisns of pr..vidence which Ibd Gon
grtfs to choofe him as theii general, who WaS alone able to car
ry cnemthr-ugh the war; the caufe of it wa.1 this, the eaftern
and northern intereft had at that period a great majority in Coh-
grcls, hut they give up the faiisfa^ion of appointing a country
man of their own to command, and choofe‘a Virginian, that
ti;ey might bring his countrymen heartily in the war by fuch a
uenhee to the vanity of theupcient dominion^
man, as Shandy fays, has his liobby-horfe-—it is
certain, however, that all men have Wr—-in their bodies
a ‘umcient number, could they be content—but they muft fer-
iot)t' have other
"^hefiatefman's hone is a good place—Look at him while he
piCKsit. hata fnarlinghemakes it any one dares but ap-
proach It; there he keeps gnawing.and gnawing, until a rtrongcr
cur Marches it from him- Yet he never loofes fight of his fa
vourite bone.
T wo great dogs foaried for many years about a hone^ and juft
as t icy were about to divide it amicably, in came a little pup-
py, and fnatchingup the ^onr ran away with it.
> he Lauyer has his W—a good fee—which he keeps mum-
Pung at, until he can get flo more marrow, then leaves off in
hopes of another.
. has an ecclefiaftical ic.-v—a goed living ; no cur
Paris more when he has got it, but he is a fpanici all over be
fore the hone is thro\^ at hirn; yet on the veiy fight of it, cries
Noto Epifeepari,which is, being interpreted,! am exceedingly
glad to get at it.
’i'h&phyfician too has his hontj which is tnoft commonly a W
of contMvion beewetn him and fhe patient, the latter wifting
to be well, and the former wifting to prolong the diftemper.
1 here are pretty pickings from medical bones,
. he ir«v4«iif has an cxcdleiic hont in time «f war, called a
contrma. 'i here is a deal ot meat in this hope, and the juices
and m.irrow a e rjch and palatable, but they are very extravagant
maftirs wno throw fuch bones to their doga ; they might ferve
to feed many a pot r family.
1 he »radlr.g juftke his many exccIJcin helps : indeed, every
feor or rub devil who emts under hit knowledge, is a hone
which he will not tlwow into Newgate, until be has picked it
quite clean.
A nevv pliqr is an excellent hone for a erf/ir, and although he
be moft ignorantly toothlcfi, he keeps mumbling and mumbling
it inhis niouth until he has beflabbered half the newfpaper with
it. This kind of cur barks loud, t>s well as fnsrls. 'i'lie mana
gers of the winter theatres promife feveral hones for them to pick ;
indeed, during thefummer, which may be called the theatrical
dog-days, they almoft all go mad. **
Evefy man therefore has his bentf every man will pick his
hontf and keep it as Ipng as he can. y.
Mr. C H I L D S,
A t a public rejoicing in York-Towit, rennfylvania,* I ob-
lervt, among the tcalls given by the flag carriers of the
jcfp-'ciive trades and clafles, the following article:
** ”• V ftute of tnnjyh>»nia,
* The flate of P'milj Ivania—May (he hoid the bedtral balance
and become the
1 am aftcniflied, lir, at the fecond claufeof this toaft. “ May
. etjnjyivama h,id tliS ledo.ilbalance." MeiKnks, Mr. Child-, lu a vary urjed.r-s: wiiji. iyy the Ptnniylvaniars really be
licve, that tlic ex ent, the power, the wealth, and the vir;u- of
that ftate, qualify lur to hold the balance between the other
tales? Ifthey do, let them be happy in the opinion-but J
tii.'.k the old dzminion at leal! will difpute feme of ihofe points
But the laft claufe is infulting—the wiffi is a fpecies of trea -
fon agamft federal government. “ May Pennfylvania be
come the arourefspi the Continent.” '1 he arhitref, that is, the
governing ftate, the Diflator, the arbitrary Lord of the eonti-
nwt . Is it poflible that fuch a wilh could ever have been en
tertained ; much lcf$ publilhed—and that loo at an exhibition
i.j honour of the/i/rrii/cfl»/ir»rifl», which guarantees the equal
f-jereignry of each ttaie ? Gracious Heaven ! It is true every
f aio has in its hefom thefe littleinfeft fculs, who hover aboui
a li^d -breadth fpot, and think it all the wirld. Nay; what is
worfe, there are thofe who venture beyond the limits of their
own doma n, yet Sre At war with every thing they meet. The
climate abread is net fo healthy as that they left—the people are
rot fo large, fo well-bread, fo liberal, lb polite, 10 learned—the
hi rfcs Anshot fo liandfome and fo fleet—the cows give Icfs
milk—the markets arc wretehed—and the vegetables are poor.
. bey find no good things except at home. cVeatnefs, abilities,
wealth, virtues, every thing is meafuied by the extent f the
rtate, or by the length of a navigable river. Mr. Childs, there
is yet in America, great '• lack o federalifm.”
Upon my honor, fir, 1 am acquaii led w itii all the ftates, fi»f-
ficiently to inforoi the inhabiunts of any enefate, that they mif-
take eggregioufly, when they fuppofc they poffefs all the riches,
the Itrength, the wifdom; the virtues, the learning in the world,
or enough 01 them to be the arbitreft of their neighbours;
But die iocai •views, tht proxineialhauteur of ztrtnm mtn, is In-'
tolerable. 1 hat they Ihoold be happier at home than any where
clfe, IS not furprifing. A man who had paffed his days in pri-
fon, was happy there, and refufed to be releafad ; but that fuch
aiiian fliould treat all otheirs as inferior beings, mere pigmies,
becaufe they could not relilh his cell, is it not ftrange ? Yet it
is a timeof woWm. In Baltimore, it was a wonder why that
town Ihould not be the feat of government; In New-York it
was a wonder why the government ffiould be removed. The
Pcnnfylvanians wohder that any city ihould be thought of for
the feat of goverhment but Philadelphia. They wift them-
felves the arbiters of the continent, and wonder that every body
docs not wifh fo too. '
* Publified in the Wilmington Qentinel, ef Augujh ay.
From the DominicQ Gazette,
T 'HE following com pofition 5s not
only a cheap, but moft excellent
prefervative for all kinds of timber ex-
pofed to the weather of this climate.
It will preferve the fliinglcson the roofs
of houfes, as alfo gates, pailings, 6cc.
It prevents the intenfe heat cf the fun
from fpUtting and penetrating into
the wood, and hinders the rain from
rotting the timbers, and has. by long
experience, been found to be the belt
mixture for preferving the roofs and
fidcs ofthe houfes, gates^ railings, &c.
It is attefted, that it will preferve
plank, boards, joift, &c. for ages, and
will prevent the rain from driving
through brick and ftone work; The
materials arc cafiiy to be obtained, and
the work may be done by a common
The proportion of eatb article are as ,
JoUows :
To twelve ounces of rofin, put
three gallons of train oil, and tour roils
of brimftonc; melt the rofin and brim-
itonc in an iron pot, and throw in
I he oik 'llirring it all the time ; when
the rofin, brimfionCj and oil is proper^
ly mixed and become thin> add as
much Spanilh brown, or red* or yellow
(Jaker, or any other colour you want,
ground as ufual in oil, as will give the
whole as deep a (hade as you choofe,
then lay it on with a brufh, as hot and
as thin as you can. Four days after
this firfi coat is dried give it a fecond^
and you done with it^ The cover*
ing (if very flat roofs are faid to have .
been preferved upwards of fifty years.
It cfFecfually preferves iron that is con-
flantly expofed, from rufting.
Rum and Sugar.
On board the Brigantine NANCY,
Capt. B. LEACH, from Martinico,
Now. lying at Mr. W. Campbell’s
Wharf, ^
Excellent Weft^lndia RUM, and
SUGAR of the firft quality.
Which will be fold Cheap for Calh,
wholefale and retail.
^1^ Wanted, -
M&Q« hoard faid velicl,
A quantity of TAR and PITCH, anc]
a number of White Oak STAVES,
for which a generous price will bt

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