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Pqretgn Intelligence,
[ExtraHs from London papers received
by the Britifh Packets' Sandwich and
Charlotte^ arrived at New^Tork the
2iy? ////.]
/ I ^HIS morning one of his niajefty’s meflengcrs arrived at
thi; office of thefecretary ot Uatefor foreign affairs,! with
the King of Pruffia’s ratification of the provifionabie treaty of
^e^cnlive alliance, figned at Loo on the 13th of June laff, which
WAS exchanged at the Hague on the 27th of June laft, with his
excellency fir James Harris, Knight of the Bath, his majtfty’s
anihaffador exiraoniinary and plenipotentiary to the Ifates-gene-
ral of the united provinces, agalnd his majeffy’s ratification by
monfieur D’AIvenilcb m, his Piuffian niajelly’s envoy cxtiaoi
dinary to their niighcinefies.
LONDON, July 1.
A conerefs is very foon to meet under the mediation of Great-
Britain, franco, and Kuffia, ior fettling the prefent difputes be
tween the Impelial courts and the i urks.
Our private letters trem France by yefterd^y’s mail, njention,
that it is genecaliy thought the count ds St. Prieft is already or
dered heme, unlefs their high inightineffes give immediate fa-
tistaAion to him, by punching tholie guilty of the late riots.
Republics rife rapidly, and as rapidly decay. No country
has more fully experiericed this truth tlian Holland, which has
been finking in political and commeicial conftquence for 20
years pall, and is lliil lofingannuahy feme degree of wealth.
London may indeed be called an inflated city—the luxury of
Jiving, among the middling dalles, has produced much mifehief
already, and mull lead to more. Chaifes, horfes, country-houfes,
are brought to the hammer every day in the week, while Ihops
arc fhuitii'.gup in almoff all the capital ftreets in London.
The Pope lent bignior Pacca, his nuncio at Cclogn, to con
gratulate the King of Pruffia,and to acknowledge his regality,
which the court of Rome has uniformly refufed to do until
this time. Whetlier his majefly is on the ev; ot converfion, !'r
whellier he is difpofed to let hii fans try the Catholic path to
iaivatiun tha. the tideft of them may be eleAed Kir^; ot the
Romans, we know not ^ but this pious aml'alT.ide, occafions a
variety ot conjeflures among politicians of all ranks and deferip-
tions, and inclines the more intelligent part of mankind to lup-
pnfi there IS lonethihg brewing in the empire not very favour
able to the ambition or irtcrelt of the h.mfc of Auitria, which
is terribly lalicn in the tflimation of the eight German eledlors.
J u L y 2.
A ftrong alliance between Great-Britain, Holland, Pruffia,
and Ruflla, would fo certainly afeertain the peace of Eur pe,
that it is the objetf to which all cur endeavqurs ought to tend
Vv c have played the g-imc tlie niofi likely to ac-complifh this
Quadruple alliance. Ruffia, debauched by France, loif light of
Aic true policy which ought to gu>de her Cjuncilsffeut fhe new
£eels the confequence of England, and ilitre is little doubt but
Britain and PrufTia muff now interfere 10 fave her from the con-
fequences of her own folly.
i hofe who talk of its being our intereft to take vengeance of
Ruflia lor the hoffile oifpolition Ihe ihewed to us in a momiei'it
of our diffrefs, feem to be ignorant of the rt iative interefts of
the two countries. The people t;ilkcd in the fame way
Concerning Holland. It i, our intereft to recover our cornexi-
cn with Ruffia, and no feeling of pride or of refentment muff
ifand in the way of national policy.
A correfpundent fays, tliat things may probably go to that
length in France, that the military aiaybe forced to fire upon
the rabble, as they were herein St. George’s fields, and t :en the
civil war in France will be at an end. Nothing but a defeclion
cf the rniiivary. and tliat is out o, the queflion, either there or
bere, can preve.";! the King of France ironi carrying his point.
There is nothing 10 fure as a m Jltajy force.
The dilheuities and embasraliimnts in which the Republic
of Venice hso been involved, in tonf, qiiencc of her wilh to pre-
ferve an entire neutrality in the war bet.- cen Auiiria ard the
Porte, have been at different times reported. Some weeks ago
we mentioned, that the Venetian Refidcnt at ths court of Vien
«a had taken his departure, arid, as it was thought, in difguft.
Since that timr feverai rtquifltions have been made by the em-
perer to the lepublic, which the laiter has not Ihewii a difpofi-
tion to accede to, though Jofepli pofitively denounced his ven
geance on their non-compliance. They are faid at length to
t»avc aAsof open hoftility ; fo that Jofeph has, in
the outfet of his warfare, been no lefs unlortunate than Cathe.
Tine has with regard to Sweden, in theanxioufly feeking for an
ally, he has found another enemy.
'Ihcfirft fymptom of mifunderffanding between the Imperial
court and the Republic, appeared in the Angular exception of
the Venetian Rcfident in an invitation that was given to the fo
reign rainilters on the celebration of the Archduke’s nuptials.—
This happened early in the laff winter, and gave rife to prog-
Bofticacions that were more difregarded than they ffiould have
A report continued to prevail in Poland when the laff malls
came away, that an engagement had happened near Bender, be
tween a Ruffian army under the command of Gen. Saltilkow
and the Turks, in which the latter are faid to have been worficd,
with the lofs of la.coo men,
- By a letter from Paris we have learnt, that the w ay which the
parliament of tliat city became acquainted with what was going
on at the King’s printing-office at VerfailJes, during the time it
was folor.g furrounded by troops previous to the Ifluing the
new ediAs, was, that one of the printers found means to cn-
clofe the heads of them in a ball of glazed earth, which he got
conveyed to M. D’Efpremenil, the member who is exiled. On
this intelligence he founded that famous proteff to the French
King, of the 9th of May, w hich was the caufe of his difgracs.
So effcAually ftopped arc ail the communications of theprefs
at Paris, that by a geatleman on Saturday returned from Paris,
Vve learn, that in thofe towns where no aflu.-]! commotion has
taken place, the lower fort of people have heard nothing of the
late political difputes between the King and parliament.
By a gentleman juft returned from France, we give the fol-
levvin^ authentic intelligence—Hewas at Reins the iff of func,
the day on which the parliament was exiltd, and finding that
matters were comjiie to an extremity by the military being call
ed to the affiflai ..1 ,>f theK'ni’’ orders, he left the town by th“
advice of his Irit-rds ; the forces at Reins were not fufficient to
perform the talk ; expreffts werefent for more troops, end a
body of between ten ard eleven thoufand n;en marched for
Reins, and enclimped betoic the. town, the gates being ffiut
againfftliem ; they cut all the cjrn down, which was grown
near the city where they encamped. At eleven o’clock at night
on ihcfecond of June, an attack was made on the city, and at.
ter throwing In a few bombs, they .orced the fouth gate, and the
people defended ihemfeives until upwards of eleven hundred
were killed. He fays, throughout Britary. and the provinces
through which be paired,{the freedom of convcirfition fortheir li
berties W.1S fuch, that he began to think hinifclf in England. In
Reins and many oilier towns, the following v.'as polled up in
etifferent parts of the provinces : Lbuis lefevere^ Rii ,iie trance,
qui a donnear. la lilrrtce . ux ximcricens et fert cfcluves deJor. peuple :
** Lcuis the fevtie, the prelent King of France, who has given
liberty to .‘inn rita and made his own fubjeAs flaves.”—in
otiicr jdaccs thicugh which he paffed was wrote in French,
 No parliament ! noKii g!"
The a’-mlnp’ of the northern ftates bids fail to prove an infur-
mountabl check tc the a.ubiticus views of the afpirin^ Cathe
rine, and may he the Inmans of preferving many thoufand Ruf
fians, a hofe lives her Iiifaiiabie pride would have facrificed in
the field oi blood and carnage.
Should the bweocs, as it is now almoft. generally fuppofed
they v\.l], co.Tiii encf hoflilitles againff the Ruffians, her 1;: pe
nal inajefly , in ail Jikakhood, will conclude her war with the
Turks by a oecr afe inflead of an add tion of ttirirory, and fo
juflly pa> for difli rbing the tranquility of the urioftending.
i he emprefs of Ruffia cannot do bcttir than make peace
with the Ottoman, 'i he wife Jofeph will aid her but little
againd the King of Sweden—-fo , entre nous^ Jofeph' docs noi
ftand very liij;h amongff his brethren.
'1 hat tht emprtfs of Ruffia and the wife Jofeph cf Germany
may have their delerts, is the wilh of all Europe ; and that the
Swedes, I urks and Vencri..ns, may lay on with vengeance, is
what every naiioe has confidence in.
Domejlic Intelligence,
KINGSTON, (Jamaica) July 26.
TJjriS m-jeffy'sjhips at Port-Royal, we underiland, are to
J[ move cp towards the head ( f this hai b ur on M ,nday
I ext, whei s tl.ey are to he moored during the hurric nciivort' S.
Tapt. Ctnkie, ot the Ihip Mary, from (.ibrairar. iolorn
that the Pa’biTj p rts were open t.o Britilh mere' an; Ihius, i ut
th .i n I foppiicswcrepenniiied to be fent to the G.-ail n of
MONTEGO-BAY, Auguft i6.
The fhip Fame, In 43 days from Briffol, fpoke the ffiip
Simon layior, liaker—and i ryton. Honeywell, b. und to that
port, in the meu.h oi t'e thani.el. Intelligence is received by
the la:d vefftl, corp. mirg rh-- tilffurliancec in France : and thar
fc dock-y.iid at B»eft had been threatened to be fet on fire^
and deftruyed by the people.
N E W - Y O R K, Augufl 20
Yeflerd.ay morning, the wind from the S. E. blew froffi, ac
comparied by heavy Ihcwers—and abou noon increafed lo a
violent gale, attended by a fuddtr fwd! cf the lea. 1 he tide,
which had ebbed Icr feme time, was driven back with afiouifli-
ing force— J tlie w'harvcs and he lireets whl h wtie
centigUDUS tc the Ihore, and filled many c; liars. '! he ravage:
it committed on the battery were rrmarkable : in the more c.-
pefed parts, the taring was torn aw.ay ard a conliicr ;ble exttn
of folid ffone woi K, feven feet in thinknefs, was totally denio
lilhed hy theimpetuofitv tf the fea.
Several frames .or wha ves tlia were building on the North
River, were orced afunder. and thetim’'.ei d'iven in c.i? fufion,
i>pon the high ground. La'g= quantiriis of luuiher fli aied eft',
fevcral chimnics were thrown down ; a li lufe was partly uu
roofed, andth* ffecpie of i t. George’s Chapel, was obferved t
totter In a meft th eatnir g mariner.
Happily n' material dao age* vvas fuflained by the Ihipplne
theuen had the gale continued a little longer, tht flips tha; were
inort crouded, would probably have exhibited a fceiic of devaff a-
VVe have had no particular# from the country, but have heard
generally, that the corn, fences, and trees, greatly fuffered.
August 28.
By the moft authentic advices from
Turkey, it is evident, that his fublimc
highnels treats the war, fo wantonly
begun againll- him, with contempt.—
His armies will have an opportunity
of fcouring np their courage, which
hath lo long lain rufty ; and convince
his foes, that the children of Maho-'
med, though not polTefled of the true
faith, are Rill in pofieliion of the true
“ The politics of Europe are in
moft fingular Rare of flua-uation.
little while ago the emprefs of Ruffia
concluded a treaty with France, The
court of Sweden looked upon this cir-
cumftance as great jealouly ; and have
ia confequcnce, at Ieng?h feparated
from France. The union whh'h has
mbiifted bet.veea Sweden and France, f
's now entirely broken off. The Kino-!
of Sweden offered his alliance to oup
court, but it was not accepted,
has therefore armed, he has tirted out
nisllcet; and Denmark has, in coa-
f^qiience, d-me the liime,^ It is a doubt,
viiether Ridiia will think it' piudcnt
to lend her fleet out of the BiU
tic, while two fuch fleets are in that
lea.*' . [Lo/7. papl\
Thnrday laft, at 12 o’clock, the
foundation ftone of Trinity Church
way laid by the Right Reverend SA*
of the Epilcopal Church of the Rate
of New-York.
On the Rone is the following inferip-
tion :
To the honor 0/A [mighty GOD,
And the Auvancement of the ChriRian
Re LlGlON,
The firft Stone o this Building was laid
(On the fit e of the old Church, dejiro^ted
bt jv'e in 1770)
On hte 2lit Day of AuguR, A. D.
In the 13th Year of the Independence
of \\\s^UuLei States Ambrica.
The Rigiit Reverend Samuel Pro-,
voosT, D, O Bdhjo of -\cw-York,
l liC Hv»;i jamiS Duane, Efq.
Tna Hon. ' j.i,\ Efq.
[Ujurch Wardens.
The ihip Light-Horf', Ca,;t. Icha-
bod Nichols, has I'ai c lfrom Sdlem,
New-En^Iand_ for CNnron, ijj Phma.
It is computed, that in the patriotic
of Lynn, Maii.Khul'eits. rht’^e
ire annually made, 127,000 pan’ of
women’s (hoes.
We learn from Providence, IUlo Ip-
Ifland, that Mr. Knight Dexter, of
that town, has patriotically offeren ro
contribute ten acres of good iand ui
the town of Providence, towards tRa-
blilhinga MANUFACTORY.
On S itm day May the 31R, the as
Princcls Elizabeth was fitting in her
apartment, her royal hjghnefs was
furprifed by the abrupt ent ance of a
ftranger of mean appearance. The
Princefs, exceedingly alarmed, preci
pitately quitted the room at an oppo-
lite door, and related the extraordma-.
ry circumftance to the attendants in
waiting. Mr. Miller, one of the pages,
immediately went to the jiiacc and
feized the man, who refufed to alfign
the caufe of his being in the Palace, or
by what meanshe obtained admittance.
When brought to the lodge, the porter
afTerted he had not the moft remote
recollccfion of his entrance or pcifon.
The intruder was then luffcred to de
part, but in a Ihoi ttime returned, and
in peremptory terms infiRed on being
introduced to the Princefs, “ that he '
might pour out the ardency of his pal
fion, and at her feet prels for s
equal return.’*

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