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i(NUMB. 31.)
W E D N Ei,. S D A OcTaBER 15, 1788.
NEW-YORK, September 16.
By tbeUnitedStates in Congrefs Affembledf
Sefteniber 13, 1788.
W HEREAS the Convention af-
fembled in PhiUdeldhia piurfu-
tnt to .the Refolution of Congrds of
the 21ft of February, 1r^7, /did on the
(7th of 5^tember, in the fame year7
report to llie United States in Congrefs
afieaibkd, a ConRitutioii for the pi^
pie cf the United States ^ whereupon
Congrcls onj^e 28th of the fameSep-
temper, didt refolvc unanimoufly,
That the (aid report, with the Refo-
lutions and Letter accompanying the
fame be tranfmitted to the feveral Le-
{iflacures, in order to be fubmitted to a
convention of Delegates chofen in each
ftate by the people thereof, in conformi
ty to'thf Refoives of the Convention,
madtSc provided in that ca!c’’and where
as the conRitutiori fo reported by the
coRveiTUo»,^^iid by ^epngrefs^ ^nf-
iTiitted to the feveral Lcgiflaturcs,^ has
been ratified in the manner therein de
clared to be fufficient for the eflablilh-
ment of the fame, and fuch ratifica
tions duly authenticated have been
received by Congrefs, and arc filed in
the Ofiice of the Secretary^therofore,
Resolved, That the firft Wednelday
in January next, be the day for appoint
ing Eleftors in the Icveral States, which
betore the faid day fliall have ratified
the faid Confiitotion j that the firft
Wednefday in February next be the day
for the Eleftors to afiemble in their re-
fpeftivc States, artd vote for a Prefidenf;
and that the firft Wednefday in March
next, be the time^ and the prefent feat of
Congrefs the place, for commencing proceed
ings under the the faid Conliitution.
- Secretary^
' New-Torky Sept, 27.
Capt, Thomas Rdd in the fliip Al-^
liance bound to China, failed from
Philadelphia * in the month of June,
1787, and'arrived at Canton the 22d.
day of December in the fame year, hav
ing navigated on a rout as* yet anprac«
tifed by any other (hip.——Taking
founding off the Cape of Good Hope,
he fteered to the fouth-eaft-ward, en
circling all the eaftern and fouthern
iflands of the Indian ocean—pafling the
Soutfi Cape of New-Holland : and on
their paftiife to the l^lbithward again
towards Can^; betw^n the latitude
of 7 and 4 degrees fouth--and between
the longitude of 156 ^ 162 degrees'
:eaft--they difeovered'^ a number of
dflands—Acinbabitant| of which were
black—with curled and ^ wocjy hair—
.ainong thefe iflanids they had no found-
jngs. About the latit^e rf eight de
grees north—and m t% longitude of
rte-'degrees Eaft tljic^ difeovered two
other iflands—inhabited by a brown
people—with ftraight bljck hair. Thefe
dflands appeared to be y^ry fertile--and
much cultivated: and b^ the behaviour
of the inhabitants—the (hip’s company
were induced to believe they were the
firft difqoverers.—^ them was
named Morris ifland—the other Alli
ance iftahd. They did not land on any
of them. Thefe difeoveries were made
in the month of Noventber.
^ .The officers of the European (hips
in China were aftoniftidf to find a veC
fel arriving at that leafon of the year,
and with eagernefs and pleafure exa
mined the trafl of their voyage.
In coafling near New-Holland they
had the winds generally from S. W.
and blowing ftrong with a great deal of
^ They finifhed their voyage by arri
ving again at Philadelphia pn the 17th
of September- 1788, having returned
by the ufual rout of the European fhips
until they were rn the Atlantic ocean.
L I S B O N, June 8.
T H E laft aceoants from the Streights,. reprefent Gibraltar
as in a very d^Iorable fituation. A famine prevails, be-
which illnefs riegns there, which ftilladds to the defolation
of the inhabitants.
PARI S,^ June 22.
The fquadron of obfervatiotf which has f^led' from Breft, is
hound to Cadi7, . where it will join a diyiiiQn from Toijlon, and
fail from thence, peahaps, .to the Mediterranetin. We are aflur-
ed that thefe nayaj forces are ordered to rc|wr tsr Maples. When
this fquadron returns, they will fend fome^her ftiibs to relieve
the Leopard, and Illullre, Rationed in the ^(l.ln(}ies.
, LONDON, July 5.
The total amount of the ordinary of the navy, qt the fevers!
out'ports, as made up tathe ift inft. is onehundr^and twen-
ty-feven fliips of the lindE-eleven of 50 ganS'^ne hundred and
ten frigatos—forty floops and four cutters; *
5 d^traSt of» Uttff from Pttfrfiurgb^yuvt ro,
*fThoii*h every thifi^fjl^'heen hurry andj*9nfufion here'for
f^eral weeks pad, the^dbeit has not yet failed.nor is it Indeed as
jwreadyi feme oftKplarge frd’m 70 toX^guns, at Con-
Arandt, havjs not 500 men on board, and of thoie' half at leaA
are iandftiien, unacquainted with n^al affairs. The
veffels on the gulf at Archangel, and other places, have been
Aript for bailors, who are arrived here f but' even thefe have by
no;means equal^ the demand for the mb? of war fitting out,
which amounts io twenty three'fail, of ^hidi feventeea are of
thclincifitin fifittrioo^ns, of which laft there are two on
board, ohe of which, U Catherine, Admiral (now comte) Cieie
bm his flag,. Paul Jones, by which name the American officer
iu his command {the majority of
the Bntifli officers refufe,.however, to ferve under him: nor has
any Aep yet been taken to accommodate the difference. 1 his
not yet
left their flups*. their remonftances to the Admiralty only are.
“dthat they will
lay down tbcir commiffions rather than to ferve.”
The filk fpeculation bids fair to be as minous'in its confeooeo-
ces as that of cotton j to fuch an enormous height has the isrici
Jj^,^"*/*** ^^“/‘“'‘hefd few days ayoL have been 1^1 in
the fale of a fmgle bale.
.Weareaffured that on the 6th inft. the garrifon'at Belgrade
forprifed a fmall AuArian poA, and'took twelve men and affsld
piece, without Ariking a blow.
AmAerdam is at the expence of 10,000 florins every Week, to
fupport a Mihtia to keep the public peace} and 40,000 people
vefop^fed tohaveemigratedfince the commencement of LA
^cptciiiDcro ^
By * lettw from Franee we learn, that the War-Office is fJiut
up exaflly in the fame manner it ufoally Is when they are at war."
aiKl where noperfon is fuffered to enter, but mu A fpcak to any
one they want therein through the doOT. ^ *
, F*** humiliation to Great-Briuin She
loA a whole continent, and was defpifed by every now--
in Euroj)e..-Every «/, had a kick at the tick Horn. The day of
mmbution IS come, and France and Ruflia are at this moment
juA as low as their enemies could wiA. They affed to care for
nobody and nobody cares for them.
Polarid the little remains of a kingdom, dwindled'toa replih-
ho-will remain where it* is during the life of the prefehly^ .
. ,, ' 7—yui wn nia aeain, ms Kfusnetn
will 10 aH probability be divided by tbq Imperial crowned
It pofieffes no Arength fufficient to leftft and preferve its ind’^-
pendency. Its revenues annually are not fo much as cu. kins
IS allowed for his privy purfg, being no more than Soo.oocl'.
Extr0a,*f ^ittter from the Elfinhr, datti' funi
44, T7S8
®ff Gothland, foppoled inLde.1
to efcort above fifty galhes. and double the numCr of tranfpon;.
with above forty thoufand ti-m>ps towards the borders of Finland,
where the Ruffian, feem pretty much unguarded, and not ad-
Til* CronAadt, only three fhips of
thelmu being hauled out of the Mole, and fo ficMy, that' they
bury above forty men evei7 day.”
^ -
Extraft of a letter from? gemlcman in Martinito to is friwd A
this town.
an Ordinance dated the i5thQf AuguA Mft, enafledby
M.- M. Dain» and Foulquicr, General and Intendantof th.s
ifland }—All foreign veffels are allowed to impurt mitU the fi'A
of January next, exclufively, into the ports of Fort Rofrt. La.
trini^, aojb Rade de St. PieiTe,-Lumbi4 Ma.U,
I^cki, Cod FiAi, Rice, Con>> faked Beef, Cattle, Poultry,
Onions, and Potatoes.' , •
** All Duties on the above imported aiticJ«^ are taken eff,
^ceptinig a doty of two per cent. Clearances for foreign vsf-
fels fhall bq delivered up only m the Ports of St, Pierreand Forti
Royal, In payingthc cuAomary dRties of admiralty and harbour.
All other laws oh fbrrign trade remains in force.”
5:^ The Printers hereof haW been unable-to pubKllt a Paper
the two Jaft weeks, and only Half a Sheet this week,, owing to
the fevere ficknels which AiU cqhtiuncs in their Ofl^e : 1 h-y
hope to bqable to pubUffi the WILMINGTON CENTJMEL
aa^nfual in a fhort time.
long and painful UU
nefs, Mr. JEjHU DAVIS. -
ARRIVALS fince the id InAants
S CHpOKER William, J. . Miller, Charlefton. Sloop In*
duAry, R, Dunn, New Yorlr. Schooner Olive Branch.
D. Durfey, Martinico. Brig Nelly, F. M«Mafter, Newry.
Sloop Little Peggy, T. BaUenton, Jamaica. Sloop Nelly, 1.
Knowlei, Norfolk* Shjp Norval, D. Harvic, Barbados
Schooner Fricndfhip, J. Davjs, New-River. Schooner WiU
mingten Packet, E. Lawrence, CharleAon.
C t 'E A RED./,
B rig Nancy, B. Leak, BoAon. Schooner William, 1'
Miller, CharleAon. Sloop" Harriot, J. Moore.* Schconcr
^.iue, D. James, Rea. Sloop Awiuel, W. Meads, N. Ycrk.
moop Union, H. Rofe, New .River.
O .N Monday nptt the 20th InffaihtMat 10 o'clock in the
forenoon, will be' fold'to thi* tflgAeft bidder, for ready
The Cargo of the Sloop FLY of King-
Aon GbnfiAing of 46 barrels Mufeovado Sugar.  puhcheSis
aind T^HogOieada RUM. and 4bagi PitomiQ. ^
WUmiiistoai Q€M)a 141 jySS.

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