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The power of innocence.
HEN firft the hiipittal.^ate we pre»e#^
Kv^the happyjife of lAve j :
Bat when familiar charms no-more
Infpire the blifs they gave bdfbre j -• '
Eiich lefs delighting lefs .is iQv'd,
Firft this—then that is difapprov*d {
Complacence flies—negleA fuccceds—
Negied difdain and hatred breeds.
*Twas thus a pair wMp l^g tune prQT*4.
The jejs tb love and^o..b^jpv’dj
, At length fell out ter trifling things
From trifling anger moflly fprings )
The wilh to pleafc forfook each breaft ;
Love's throne by bafelafs rage poflefs'd t
Refolv’d>topart-^hcy'd meet «o more i ■
' XMQgh—the chariot’s at the door.
The manflon was my lady’s own*
Sir John refolv’d to live in town.
^ntings wetp drawn, each caalie agreed*
Beth vow’d they’d ne’er recall the deed ^
The chariot waits why this delay*
The lequel (hall the whole difplay.
One lovely girl the lady bore.
Dear pledge of joys fhe taftes no more*
The father’s, mbther’s darling flie,
Now lifp’d and prattled on-each tmee. ^
Sir John, when rifing to depart*
Turn’d to the ciarlii^ of his heart*
• And cry'd with ardoar m his eye*
Come^Betfey. bid Mamma good>by.**
My. lady trembling anfwers no—
** Go kifs Pappa, my Bet% go ;
** The child fhail live with me,” fhe cry’d*
** The child fhail chufe,” Sir John reply’d^
Poor Betfey look’d at each by turns.
And each the ftarting tear dUcerns }
My lady aiks, ^ith doubt and fear,
** Will youjiot live with me nly dear ?"
Yes,” half refolved, rcply’d the child j
And half fupprefl'’d, her tears fhe fmilecf ;
“ Come Betfy” cry’d Sir John ]teu'U go*
And live with dear papa I know”
Yes” Betfy cry’d—My lady then
Adduc’d the wond’mg chlid again ;
**^Ther time to live with both is o’er,
• Thh day we part, to meet no more*
(%ofe then”--4icre grelf o’er her breaft*
And tears burftout, too long fopprefT’d }
The child, who tears and chiding join'd*
Suppofed Papa difpleafed, unkind } ’
And ^’d with all her little {kill
To foom his oft relenting will;
•* Do” cry’d the lifper ** Papa do
Love dew mama—mama loves you.**
Subdued the force of manly pride*
No more his looks his heart beiy’d ;
The tender tranfpertfprced its way*
Tliey both confes’d oich other’s fway*
And prompted by their mutual fpiart*
Breaft rufh’d to breaft, and heart to heart j
Zach clafp’d their Betfey o’er and o’er
And Tom drove empty from the door s
Ye that have paflion for a tear
Give i^ture vent anddrop it here.
A CORPORAL of the late King of
Pruilia’s life guards, who was
known to have a great deal of vanity,
but at the fame time to be a brave fel
low, wore a watch chain, to which he
had affixed a mulket ball inftead of a
watch, which he was unable to pur-
chafe. The King being inclined one
day to rally him, faid, *‘Appropos Cor
poral, you muft have been very frugal
to buy a watch: it is fix o’clock by mine
tell me what is it by your’s ?” The fol-
dicr, who gueffed the King’s intention,
inftantly drew the ball from his fob,
and faid “ Sire, my watch neither makes
five nor fix o’clock, but it tells me eve
ry moment that it is my duty to die for
your Majefty.”—“ Here my friend,”
laid the King, quite aSe£led, “ take
this watch, that you may be able to
tell the hour alfo.” And he gave him
his watch, which was adorned with
And on very eafy terms, the fol
lowing imludble
D S,
Lying between ten and twenity miles
l¥bm Wilmington.
CMITHFIELD Jituatfeibn both fidcs
li^ of the North Weft*Betw^ Blue^ankt and Drury Alim’s,
containing 2200 acres of land, about 400 whereof are very lich
fwamp, part of which is cleared, the remainder is weU-timbered.
The high fwamp fit for corn or indigo, extends 25 chains back
. from the river, which is uncommon in that neighbourhood ; and
part of the lower fwamp may be overflowed with great eafcyby a
never-failing ftream, upon which is juft finifhed anexce^ing
good SAW-MILL, very near the river —There are hand-
fome fituations for fettlements, between the mill and the river,
^ngood com land.
BLUE BANKS, fituate on
both tides of the river, below Smithfield, containing 2331 acres
of land* 410 whereof is rich fwamp, about 130 acres being
cleared, of which 8e acres may be watered* at any time* with
great eafe. The remainder tit for com or indigo.—The un
cleared fwamp contains a vaft bcidy of cyprefs timber, ai^ the
high land has two ftreams fit for griftmills, running through it j
between 2 and 300 acres are clear^, part of it being very good
com land. —Ther.e is a DWELLING-HOUSE, containing a
hall* parlour* four chambers and three cloftts, a kitchen* ftable*
and large brick barn.* Tbe beauty and beakhinefs of this place
too well known to require further defeription.
BELL E F Q N T, fituate on both
tides of the North-Weft, joining and below Blue Banks, being
one of the beft high fwamp plantations on tha river.—It con
tains about 3000 acres of land, Soo acres whereof the beft
fwamp* about too acres HeMg cleared, moft of which can be
water^ by a ftrsam ifliiing out of the highland, which is like-
wife capable of fupplying a fmall grift-mill. Tliere are on the
premifes, a BRICK-Houfe,containing four Vooms* a kitchen*
bam, and other neceflary out buildings. )
One thoufand acres of land on the
waters of Livingfton creek, containing fome good rice land, and
a quantity of very fine tuipentine trees. The range for ftock ex
A fmall piece of land lying on Rat*
tle-Snake Branch* near the North-Weft rhad, in an advantageous
ftand for a tavern, containing 200 acres.
A piece of land on the North-Eaft
tide of Black-River, in the neighbourhood of Mautfly’s point,
great part of which is ride fwamp, or meadow; the whole con
taining 200 acres.
A traft joining and below the laft-
mentioned* formerly patented to James Colibn ; moft of tjiis is
prime tide fwamp and canb meadow. The, high land fituate in
a ramarluble tin* range. It ctmtains of high and law land* about
1000 acres.
A*P P L E B Y, adjoining; the
above, containing in the whole 866 acres, 546 acres being good
tide cane meadow and rich fwamp* 30 acres completely ditched
fOund, and 45 acres nearly finished ; on the high landj which is
fituate in a tine range, it a very pretty and healthy fituation for
j, fettlcment.
An Ifland of tide fwamp, lying 6p-
pofite to the laft-mbntioned traifts, containing 276 acres.
A piece of land on the North-Eaft
great part of which is tide cane meadow, containing* by deed*
200 acres. * r
A piece adjoining and below the
laft-mentioned, moft of which is tide fwamp and cane meadow,
containing, by patent, 320 acres.
Another piece jbetween the laft and
that valuable body of rich fwamp, called the Cat-Fiflt lands
containing about aoo acres.
The fertility, timber, fituation of
thefe lands on navigable waters, between Wilmington and
Fayette-Ville, which will probably In a Ihort time become the
capital of the ftate, make them defirable pofleflions for prefent
profit, and afford certain affuirances of their becoming extremely
valuable at a period not very diftant.——Approved old bonds*
•fpecially of the late Mr. Dry’s or Capt. Rowan’s* and any
debts of the fubferiber* will be allowed in part payment ; and
any perfon purchafing tbe whole* lhall have them a very great
Far farther particulars* apply to
Belvidere* July 2* 1788. 18—20 lam.
T-O B E L E T,
and FERRIES, oppofite Wilmington. ,
Three good Carpenters, a Shoe
maker* and Brlcklajrer, that have ferved their apprenticelhips in
Charlefton, to be hired out to any perfonS who will ufe thiun
roperly* and pay pundluailpk.-
** , A^^y as above.
Wrapping-Paper . blanks "or vanouiTSiTdi;
For S^e,. by .the Printers hereof. ^ 'Ef Afply as above. > fold at this Office.
W ILMIN GT O.N: (North-Carolina) Printed and Pu'blilhed by BOWEN and HOWARD, at
I N order to render himfclf mon,.
extenfively ufeful to Wilmington
and its Viciniqr,—the Reverend Mr
Si.EWART propofes opening School*
as foon as a competent Number* of
Scholars offer. He will inftrua the*
Youth^ th^at may be committed to hit
Care, in the learned Languages, the
Englifti, granimatically, and the prin..
ciples of Religion, natural, and re*
’ Wilmington, Sept. ;^oth, 1788.
W A N 1' E D immediately,^
About 7000 Dollars
In Pierce’s Final Settlements, for
which good Indigo will be given.
Apply to mm. . LEWIS DUPRE,
(Brunfwick County,
(Little River.
Sept, 1^, 1788. .
A ME to the Sub-
feribers Plantation on
Sunday laft, a Negro FeU
low, who fays his Name is,
HaKKV^.—He fpeaks very broken, &
can give no account where he came
from:—He fays his Mafter is dead:—
He appears to be about 30 years of
age, thick fet, and 5 feet high.-—
Whoever will prove (aid Negro to. be
their Property and pay Charges, may
have again by applying to
(Living on the Sound.
Wilmington, Offober 31»—
Fayette-Ville Races,,
O N Wednefday the lathofNo-^
vember next, will be run fqr gt
Fayette-Ville (the three mile hc^) a
purfe of one' hundred and thirty
pounds, free for any horfe, mare^^ or
gelding, carrying weight as follows:
A three years old to carry 981b.—Four
years old, iialb—Five years old,
1261b.—Six years old, i33]b^And a
feveii years old and upwards^ 14^ ib.—
Alfo, on the fuccceding day will be
run for fthe two mile heats) a purfe
of feventy pounds, each horle, mare,
or gelding carrying weight for as
On the daj* following, the fwcep
ftakes will be run for the entrance mo
ney of the two firft days, each horfe
to carry a catch. Twice round to
make a heat.
The money will be ready each day
to deliver to the winner at the poles.
Sept. 24. (Managers.
^ __3£:r
to be
Printing-Oflicc, nearly oppofite the Market j where Sublcriptiohs for this Paper (« FROTY SHILLINGS, per
Aaniun (Eflays and Articles «f Intelligence will be gratefully received—Advertifements inferted on reafonaWe Tersas^

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