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    ANt) GENE
WE D N E S ^ A
OCTOBEI^ 26, 17^8.
St. James’s July it. '
The following addte^ ofxhc agents
for the American LoyaUfts, has been
prefentedto the King, by Sir William
Pepperei, Bart, and the other agents,
being introduced by the l^rds of his
MaieftY*& ned-efaamber id waiting :
winch addreis his Majefty |vas pleated
to receive very graciouily, add they had
all the honour to kifs hi^ Majefty’s
To tie Kings mojl excellent^ Majejl)\
The bumble addrds of the agents of the
American Loyaiifl|s
Mojl Gracious Sovereign^
Y our Majefty’s e^fcr dutiful
.and loyal lul^efts thelagents for
the American Ldyalifts, who have hi
therto been the fupplicants of your Ma
jefty, on behalf of their diftrrfted con-
ftituents, now^humbly beg leiveto ap-
pioach ycunSirone, to pour forth tlic
ardent cffufionsof their grateful hearts
for your moft gracious ana effedtual
recommendation of their claims, to the
juft and generous confidiaton of
Parliament. ^ I
To have devoted their fortlines and
hazarded their lives, in defence of the
juft rights of the Crown, andtthc fun
damental principles of the Briiifti con-
ftitution were no more than titeir duty
demanded of them, in commdn with
your Majefty’s other lubje^fs bi(t it was
their peculiar fortune to be dalled to
the trial; and it is their boaft ^d glo-
4‘y to haVe been found equal to the
talk. They have now the diftingiufli-
cd happinefs of feeing their fidelity ap
proved by their fovercign, and recom-
penfed by parliament j their fellow-
fubjcdls chcarfally contributing to
compenfate them for the forfeitures
their attatchment to Great-Britain in
cited them to incur; thereby lidding
dignity to their own exalted, charafler
among the nations of the world, and
holding out to mankind the glorious
principles of juftice, equity, and bene
volence as the firmeft bafts of empire.
We fhould be wanting in jiiflice and
gratitude if we did not on this occafton
'acknowledge the wifdom and liberali
ty of the provifions propofed by your
Majefty’s fervants, conformable ’ to
your Majefty’s gracious intefttions for
the relief and ac^roinmedation s of the
feveral clalTes of tufffert^ to whofe cafes
tl^y apply and wcarc ilmvinccd it will
give comfort to yptfr royal breaft to be
affured they have been received with
the moft general fatis^Sion.
Profeflions of the#oiialterabIc at
tatchment of the loyalifts to your Ma
jefty’s perfen and governtncnt,.wc con
ceive to bc'^unneccft iry; they have
preferved it under perfccution, and
gratitude cannot rend^ it lefs perma
nent. . They do not prefume to arro
gate to thernfclves, a more fervent loy
alty than, their fellow-fubjeSs poflefs^;
but diftinguifhed a^ they have been by
their fufferingi, they deem thernfclves
entitled to the fcxremoft rank among
the moft zealous fupporters of the con-
ftitution. And- while they ceafe not
to offer up their moft earneft prayers
to the Divine Being to preferve your
Majefty and your illuftrious family in
the peaceful enjoyment of your juft
rights, and in the excrcifc of your roy
al virtues in promoting the happinefs
of your people ; they humbly befeech
your Majefty to continue to believe
them at all rimes, and upon all occaft-
ons equally ready, as they have been, to
devote their lives and properties to
your Majefty’s fervicc and the prefer-
vation of the Britifti confti^tibn.
W. Pepperei, for the M^affachufetts
J. Wentworth, jun. for the New-
Hampfliirc loyalifts. . ^
George Rome, for the Rhode-Ifland
Ja. Delancey, for the New-York
David Ogden," for the NewrJe rfey
Jofeph Galloway, for the Pcnnfylyk-
nia and Delaware loyalifts.
Robert Alexander,, for the Maryland
loyalifts. ^
John R. Grimes, for the Virginia
loyalifts. ^ .
Henry Euftacc M‘Culloh, for the
North-CarolinA loyalifts.
James Simpfon, for the South-Caro*
lina loyalifts.
William Knox, for the Georgia
loyalifts. . ,
, John Graham, late lieutenant gover
nor of Georgia, and joint agent for the
Georgia loyalifts.
N E W-Y O R K, Sepitember 19.
A gentleman who arrived in town
yefterday from Martinico gives us the
following narrative of thecffc6Vs of the
hurricane which happened at that Ifl-
and on the 14 of Auguft laft. As he
was on the Ifland at the time and a
witnefs of the offers of the ftorm, and
by remaining there a week after, it en
abled him to form a judgment of the
loftes and damages^ftained.
‘ At 9* o’clock in the morning of Au-
guft the r4th, wind being Nonh-
Eaft, the clouds began to collect, the
atmofpherc to darken, the wind to
rife, accompanied with heavy ftiovvcis
which arc almoft fufc prefages of a de-
ftruftivc hurricane. But at twelve the
weather moderated and the fea became
much fmoother, v/hich confiderably
relieved apprehenfioni of ^ the inhabi
tants. This flattering appearance
lafted not long ; It feemed as if this
ceflation of the elements only ferved
.for'colkfting their powers to one point
in order to rage the more ancontroul-
cd ; for about 3 o’clock, the wind fliiftcd
fuddenly to the north, and blev/ with
aftonifliing fury. The fcche now be
gan to be truly dlftrefling. The (hip
ping in the harbour got under way as
foon as pofiible, fomc by flipping, o-
thers by parting their cables, except
two, which were both caft away before
eight in the evening. Three of the
fleet that went out were caft away by
ten o’clock in Port Royal Bay. Two
French frigates which lay in that fafe
baion the CaVnifli, drove from their
anchors, with the lofs of their rudders.
The remaining part of the fleet return
ed to St, Pierrs, the fecond and third
day after the ftorm, except feven, which
it is fuppofed went to point Petre ;
they had loft all their cables, anchors,
and boats. Butthofe that returned
received no material damage,
except the lofs of a boat, a cable, or an
The wind hauled by degrees to the
wcftvvafd, blowing, bard all the time.
At eight o’clock at night it was N, W.
and moderate for half aa hour, butin-
ftantly (hifting to the S. W. blew hea
vy again. By nine it hauled to Sr $.
and came on with more than redou-

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