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    (NUMB. 33.);
M'l S C E L L A N Y.
'^rom the New-York Daily Advertifer^
T he ftatc of North-Carolina, by
not adopting the new conftitu-
Ition, is lately become the fubjedl of
pnhch criticifm and cenfure. In this
inftance, having done what is fuppofed
to be wrong, it is hardly admitted that
ever flic did any thing that was right,
^e arc told, that during the war, her
Txerrions were but trifling—that Ihe
bad never contributed to the national
cxpence—and that flie now refufes to
confederate, ffom a defire to promote
the fraudulent tender of paper money,
rharges againft the unpopular are
mfually liftened to with avidity, but
happily none of their charges arc well
Rinded, however current they are in
clrcqlation. ' During the whole of the
. tc war, vidienever the neighbouri^rg
flates invaded, North-Carolkia
was fufe^tu vl'iem alliflruire^ .
have feen in the courfc of one cam-
paigne, fix or feven thoufand men of
the North-Carolina militia in one of
the neighbouring ftates, or on their
jjarch to its relief 5 and flie now counts
tnree or four thoufand of her citizens
who fell a facrifice in Georgia or
South-Carolina, to their zeal for the,
welfare of the^ Union. We fay no
thing of her continental line, nor of
tjjpfe who fell within the ftate while
the enemy pervaded every part of it.—
Is it probable that fuch armies could
be fupported without money ? Surely
r^t.-^But North-Carolina has uni-
paid and fupported her own
militia, though they were in the cen-
tinental fcrvice, and Ihe has furniflied
provifions to a confiderabic part of the
Continental troops in the fouthiirn ar
mies. Who has paid for the vafl:
ftores that have been confumed by fuch
bodies of armed men ? In other flaxes,
ectomiflioners have been appointed to
lettlc the claims of individuals againfV
ihe United States, and certificates for
nany a million, have been ifiTued by
i )fe commiffioners j but no fuchof-
^irs have had occafion to fettle ac-
►Vnts in North-Carolina, becaufe the
ft has taken upon itfelf all the debts
f were due to her citizens by the
Union, except a fmall balanceihat was
due to her continental line^—Thofe
debts have amounted to Icveral mil*
lions. Some part is already^ paid—
there is a large balance regaining.—
From the public accounts it would
appeary that in the years lySa^nd
^orth«Carolina, had paid no
thing towards the fpecie requifitions,
while South-Garolina had paid her
quota, but this is a difierence only in
appearand—for the ftate laft mention
ed, has a fpecie credit for all fupplics
furnifhed the army from the begin
ning of 1782, while North-Carolina,
that furnifhed large fupplics, ftands
without any credit, becaufe fhe has
noti brought up her accounts. For
fcveral years North-Caroli!fa i-ns been
opprefled by difeharging the (T.'.ns fhe
had aflumed, to her contine tal line,
and fome others of her ciriilis ; but
file has lately begun to ms\ .2;^fl>.^Tl;ual
payments into the nati/.
Oil tiifiJafl-ypir ihe
doflart in ipecie and Ivc
are told, that fhe has another large pay
ment ready to be made. It is true,
that paper money has been iflued in
that ftate, and it was made a legal ten
der, but it is alfo true, that the general
fenfe of the people is not in favour of
fraudulent payments—on the contrary,
it is common for juries, in aftions of
debt, to confidcr the depreciation, and
affefs damages accordingly. Has the
virtue of their citizens done the fame
thing in other ftatc\, where bad mo
ney is a legal tender ? Bat North-
Carolina has not ad^ted thenewcon-
ftitution, and thcrefC(re it is allcdged
that fhe is anti-fedef^l, and an ene
my to good governmerit. Tlifs is the
laft charge, and like the reft, it is
worfe founded than pc^le are apt to
believe. . It is now Agreed,
that the new conftitutio^ wiwadmit
of fome amendments j th(^Ii^ been
pointed out* It will alfo of fe*
veral explanations or alteytions, by
which it may bc^ rendered fca bettei^i
fyftem, but a fafer one ^nft the'
machinations of wicked niel: Some
Qf thofe explanations wilL^ubtlefs
be made by the gcnfraLlponcur-
renceof the ftates, becau^They ob
viate powers which no'*ma^an ad
vocate, But North-Carolm^W pro-
pofed one amendment, marked No. 7
which others of the ftates may not be
difpofed to make, and yet experience
has taught her as well as Virginia, that
luch amendment is extremely proper.
The ftate wilhes to fee the alterations
made which flie has pointed out, and
for this very reafon flie wilhes to fee
^the new government commence. Jf
eight ftates only had confederated,
when the convention of North-Caro-
hna fat, perhaps they ought to have
made the ninth, but ten ftates had con
federated, confcquently the general fyf-
tem was fccurc. ^
The paufe that North-Carolina has
made ;an cKcafion no delay in the ne-
ceflary meafures, and no ftate, except
herfelf, can be injured by it. We are
told, indeed, that fhe ought to have
adopted the new fyftem, that fo fhe
might have aflifted in making the pro-
pofed amendments; but fhe replies,
that, if other ftates
and pr.5iita-
me alterations, they can do it in a'
Ihort time without her affiftance ; but
if they arc diflembling—if they are a-
bout to drop the fpirit of atcommoda-
tion, and to hold by majorities what
they have gained by accident, Ihe is
fareft where fhe ftands. A cautious
politician has little faith. Let us at
tend to the Convention. On the ad
it was thus determined
“ Whereas this Convention has tho’t
proper neither to ratify nor rejeft the
Conftitution propolcd for the govern
ment of the United States ; and a!
Congrefs will proceed to adl under thi
faid Conftitution, ten ftates having ra-
tiiiwd the lame, and probably lay ar
impoft on goods imported into fiie fair
ratifying ftates} Refolved, That it bt
recommended to the legiflaturc of this
ftatc, that whenever Congrefs lhall
pafs a law for collefting an impoft in
the ftates aforefaid, this ftate enaft a
law for collefiing a limilar impoft on
goods imported into this ftate, and ap
propriate the money arilinglherefrom
to the ufe of Congrefs.” It was allb
on the fame day “ Refolved unani-
moully. That it be recommended 'to
the general alfembly to take effeSual
meafures for the redemption of the
paper currency, as fpeedily as may be
confiftent with Ac fituatioa and cir.

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