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(NUMB. 35.t
WEDNE SDAY, November 19, 1788.
foreign Intelligence,
LONDON, Auguft 9.
Co/y of a note inferted in the Peterjburg
Gazette^ iy order of the Emprejs of
Rujjid^ on the i %th of July.
T H E king of Sweden, by com--
mcncing hoftilitics on his
fide, having broke the peace which
fubfifted between the empire of Ruflia
and the crown of Sweden, has fent to
the legation who refides here on his
part, a note of tranfmit to the Imperi
al Miniftcr of Rudia. In this note
the king alledges many improper and
falfe motives which urged him to the
neceffity of arming for a war 5 and he
fiiiiihes by propofing conditions which
he requires to cftaiilifh peace. Thcfe
cQfrfJittons arc as follow t
ift. That the Count dc Ralumolky,
rainifter of the Emprefs, (hall be ex-
amplarily punilhed, for having made
life of all forts of illicit means to trou
ble the friendlhip, truft, and good
underitanding among the people, and
that by this example others may be pre
vented from ever meddling in the do-
meftic affairs of an independent king
2d. That to indemnify him for his
war expences, her Imerial Majefty
(hall cede in perpetuity to the King,
all that part of Finland and Carelia,
with the government and town of Kex-
holm in the fame ftate, as thofe coun
tries were abandoned to Ruflia by the
treaties of peace made at Nyftadt and
d’Abo, and that Sufterbe (hall in fu
ture be deemed a frontier.
3d. That her Imperial Majefty (hall
accept the mediation of the King of
Sweden to effeft a peace with the Ot«
tomon Poite, and that flie fliall autho-
rife the King to propofc to the Porte,
“the abfolutc ceffion of the Crimea,
and the demarcation of limits conform
able to the treaty of peace made in
1774.” That in cafe the King cannot
engage the Porte to make peace on
thefe conditions, it fliall be propofed
to the latter to regulate the limits as
they were before the war of 1768, and
that for furety of thefe facrifices, her
Imperial Majefty fliall difarm her fleet j
that (he flidl recall from the Baltic the
fliips feht there, as well as the troops
of the new and conquered provinces j
and that Ihe fliall confent that the King
of Sweden fhall remain armed until
peace IS concluded between Ruffia and
the Porte.
At the end of the note he adds,
“ That the King of Sweden is waiting
for an anfwer, Tes or /Vo, and that he
will abate nothing in the above condi
It is left to the impartial and en
lightened world to jurige of the value
of luch propofitions. Inconfequencc,
by order of her imperial Majefty, it
wasfignified by the General »n Chief,
Count de Bruce, commandant of this
city, to Mr. Schlat, who acts as fecre-
taryoi the SwecMh legation here, and
who delivered .:he abo- e note,
That he quits this Ire as food as
pofliblc, with a!i tiic legations and the
couriers that his court had fent to him,
and that he retire immediately with
out the Ruffian frontier.
Mr. Fenwick, at Lloyd’s Coffec-
houfe, has this day communicated to
us the following important intelli
gence :—
A few days ago an exprefs from
Stockholm to Paris, affirmed, that
about the middle of laft month ano
ther engagement took place between
the Ruffian and Swedifli fleets, in
which the latter claimed vi£Iory. Te
Deum has been fung at Stockholm on
the occafion. No fliips arc faid to
betaken or funk. Hence Mr. Fen
wick thinks it muft have been a drawn
battle. 3^0
Letters of a lingular nature corro-
berate the above news, with fome vari
ations :—T hat on the 18th of J uly the
Ruffian and Swedifli fleet met, about
eight leagues from Sweaburgh, when
an engagement immediately took place.
The battle was obftinatcly contefted
on both (ides 5 but viftory at Taft de
clared for the Swedes. The Duke of
Sudermadia returned to Swwburgh
with the fleet under his comma^. It
, appeared that his Royal Highncfli^ad
taken one fliip and funk another,^ b\it
that one of the Swedifli fliips was mil^
It is now certainly known that the
money with which Sweden has gone to
war, came from Spain. The condu^
of Spain has at all times been explicit
as to Ruffians gaining accefs to the Me
diterranean, and on this occafion (he
has furnilhed the means of fuch a di-
verfiou as muft convince the Ruffians
feelingly of the folly of their attempt.
The Captain Pacha previous to the
failing of the Turkifli fleet from Con-
ftantinoplc, lent for the Captains of his
fleet, and addrefled them in thefe words
“You know from whence I came and
what I have done in my lifetime. A
new field of glory now opens and af-
‘Tords us an oppoitunity of rilking our
lives for the honour of our country, our
our religion, and our Sultan. To ac-
complilh this facred duty, I tear my-
fclf from what I hold moft dear. I
have freed all my Haves, rewarded them
accordingtotheir merit, and paid them
w'hat I owed them. I have taken the
laft farewell of my wife, and dovote
myfeif to this important bnfinefs,
refolved to conquer or die. Should I
return it will be a fignal mark of God’s
favor in prolonging my life, that I may-
die content, and with glory. This is
my fixed refolution. And ! have af-
fembled you, who have always been
my faithful companions, to exhort and
cc^mand you to follow my example
in this critical jun6I:urc. If any of
you arc afrdd, and have not the cou
rage fo neceflary in the expedition I
am going upon, let him avow it open
ly, without fear of offending me, and
I promife to difmifs him 5 but thofe
on the contrary, who fail at the time
of a6lion in the execution of my or
ders, muft not think of cxcufing them-
fclvcs by vague pretexts, or the dif-
obedicncc of their men ; for I fwcar
by Mahomet, and the life of the Sul
tan, that I will put them and their
men to death; but they who acquit
thcnifclves of their duty courageoufly,
fliall be nobly rccompcnfed. Thofe
who will follow me on thefe conditi
ons, rile and fwcar fidelity and obedi
ence to me.” Upon which all the Cap
tains rifing up, fwore to conquer or
die with their Admiral, who faid to
them, “ I acknowledge you all as my
dear and faithful companions ; re
turn iramedia cly to your refpedlivc
fliips, alTcmble^yourmen, and commu-
^nicatetothem what I have find, make

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