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E D N E S D ^ Y, November 26, 17^8.
M I s C E L L A N Y.
fotheYoTj^G Gentlemen /z/z^Ladies
in the Jingle jiate^ Greeting:
W HEREAS there are daily
complaints among the fober
and thinking part of mankind, of the
great decline of matrimony through
out the continent, this is humbly and
with all due refpc6f to entreat you and
every one of you, to take the caufes of
this complain, fo made, into your
inoft Icrious and early confideration,
and as far as in your power lays, to
remove and obviate all fuch impedi
ments and hindrances without delay;
but as the knowledge of a complaint
is half its cure, permit me to inform
you, the above decay arifes chiefly
from the thoaghtlefliicfs,gaiety and love
ofpiearurc, which is fo predominant
in young perfons in the prefent day :
Nothing but divcrfions and amufe-
ments are attended to by the generali
ty of the rifing generation ; the appre-
henfion of being any ways deprived of
thofc, by the cares and concerns of an
en.creafing family, or the fear of meet
ing with too prudent and ferious com
ps nions, averfe to the falhionable fol
lies of the age arc the prevention of
fotne j while the thoughts of being
united to the worthlcfs profligate, or
aba ndoned (being deceived by mere
out ward appearances) are the realon
uth ers aflign for remaining Angle, ef-
pecially among the more thoughtful
and dilcerning. To condemn all
voting perfons for the indilcretions of
many, is not a6fing the juft part ( and
that there arc a few fcniible and pru
dent ; I can aflert from my own know-
ledgi; would to God there were more)
but the latter arc fo inconfidcrable in
num ber to the former, that the geateft
haza rd attends thcii altering their con-
^tion, as the firft arc only endeavour
ing who moft lhall deceive, enfnare,
and ruin each other by flattery, falfe
appearances, and intrigue: The laft,
ignorant of the other, are more liable
to be made the innocent and unwary
dupes of their artifice and'eunning.
Then hear with attention, ye fair in
habitants of this lower world, (who
arc moft expofed to the maWefigns of
the artful and pcilidious) the words
of friendlhip and the admonitions of a
friend : feek not hy finery the gaze of
fools, nor liften to,flattery left you are
undone; look on amulcments with a
fuitable indifference, and (bun affstTi-
on with a juft diidain 5 let the beauties
6f the mind be your chief delight, both
in yourfelves ' and your admirers,
and the way to attain intellectual
charms, your great concern : be pru
dence and oeconomy your ftudy, virtue
your guide, and tme piety your chief
and only wildom;
tet mental charms be yout> giffa bloom.
Internal beauty will furvive tlie tomb.
‘ ’ ^ m ‘
To the boafted I^rds of creation fuf-
fer me to recommend a conduCt luita-
blc to men and chi^ftians, aCtions that
will bear rctleCtior^in our moft foli,^-.
ry momenta, anu-Jt ^havioar .evciy;
way becoming the candidates for eter
nity ; love not the deftruCtion of inno
cence ; nor defpife the reproofs of a
condemning confcicnce; do nothing
but as in the prefence of the all-feeing
and omnifeient Creator, and with a
view to his glory, your own good, and
the benefit of your fellow creatures :
thus fliall ye recommend yourfelves to
the approbation of heaven, and the
love and veneration of all around you.
Dare to be good, your fame regard, '
Eor victue is its own reward ;
Her laws alone, if well purfu’d,
' Will make men wife as well as good.
Foreign^ Intelligence,
LONDON, Auguft 9.
I N recompcnce for the fervices of the
Prince of Naffau,thc Emprefs, befide
writing him a complimentary letter in
her own hand, and decorating him
with the order of St. George, gave him
a large trad of land, with 3,500 pea-
-lants who inhabit it. ' :
Ockzacow was invefted by fca and
land on the 13th July. The bombard-
meat was fo fuccesfully conduded by
the Prince of Naffau, that the place
was immediately in flames. The con
flagration was encreafed on the even
ing of the 14th, at which titne a Cou
rier was difpatched with the intelli^
gence to General Soultikow', before
The Captain Pacha of hii fleet have
not been heard of fincc the engage
ment ; nor is there any account of the
Ruflian fleet which failed from Schafta-
pole immediately after. If the Pacha
fell in with the latter, the Ruffian fleet
muft inevitably .have been captured.
On the morning of the 22d, two dc-
tatchments of Turks fallied from Bel
grade, and attacked at the fame time
two Auftrian forts one at Semiin, the
other at what is called Pifle de Ja
After a combat of more than five
hours, they were repulfcd—the lofs be-
being nearly equal on both Tides—in
all about 400 men killed, and a great
er number wounded. ■ -
‘ Such is the immenfe wealth of the
Bank of England, that in addition'to
the many millions which they have
lent Government on Exchequer Bills,
they have acccommodated the India
Company with 600, oool. on the cre
dit of their aonulties, within the laft
fortnight. ■ .
The Swedes and Ruffians are not
content with cutting one another’s
throats, they arc doing their heft to in
duce all the other powers to follow
their example; for this purpofe Ma-
nifefto upon Manifefto teems from the
Royal prelics, and care carefully diftri-
buted by their refpedivc agents at the
difterent courts of Europe.
On Monday fe’enight arrived at
Dover, the count de Rochambeau,
Governor of Calais, accompanied by
his lady and children. They are at
prefent in this City.
The errors cf fimplicity can never
excite anger; they fometimes produce
much innocent merriment. A family
at the Weft end of the town, adver-
tifed for a wet nurfe. 'Among various
young w^omcn that offered them-
felves for the place was an innocent
girl, who appeared to be about fixteen
years of age. Struck with her youth
and fimpic appearance, thejady ex-
preffed much aftoniftiment^ that (he
Ihould be qualified for a wet‘nurfes
place. “ Madam, (faid the girl) I ne
ver was a wet-nurfe yet, but! think!
could foon learn to be one.
A few days ago a Quaker having

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