North Carolina Newspapers

    (VOL. I.)
T H »
W E D N E S D Y, December 3, 1788.
For the C E N T I N E Iv
To the Member^ who compofed tht
majority in tKe late Convention.
« fT^HERF. are cerrain primary or irflt principlet***
J fays an eleg int anj;(i writer, * “u^pn\ifH?oh
all fubfequent reafonintis muftctp?nd. which contain inter
nal evidence- and antecedent to ail r flection, on coThbinatiott^
emm^nd the alT-nt of the mind ; where it produces not tl^t
er«r-, it mud p-ocerrt, c’ther from feme defeat in the organs of
p..ccptioo, ;rc.:ri rh-' h lonce oi f'»me drong intered or paf-
fion.”—fr vfit'' * lUtVr, n iiluftrating thefuregoing«
eouir-ra fi nuni-'-r -t mathcu'.atic d ax ems, and then proceeds
to m rdi '' 5- -le n tthics, and ticks, as neceflary Co diioEl
iiis foMeqnert f afor'ings
Ip imitation of the above manly procedure, I will lay dosTlI
the iV.lhwiry pel rical axiom, aBitfrtqueucly preTirnts itfelf Ibr
pra^^ife intlip lettc nf the abov * fciences, and peihaps in the
formtr—t’-at l.uman rffairs maybe fo combined or circuindancdl
thrt?. d viai'on f'omour judgment,! oth individually and codec*
lively in a Jepiilat.vt capacity, becomes neccflliry, juft, and ra
ti "a!
r d*-cev^r of :his po4ricn, and the Secondary one in the
ouoii f* V »ic leave, Cvntlemcn, to unhurtlteu a mind, op-
prclT-d b/y.or corvcniioiud’^nfhAions, and dill agrav.itcd hy
\pur fu>'fequert dopoitiuent. You fee, Gentl.uien, the above
princin e places y>-ur errand uA in the mod advanugcous and ad*
mifTiblf point of view p fii'ile for invidigation,
in addreding you, Ccr.tie4nt.n, I (hall fpeak to the following
Find. Shew that the adoption of th* Codirntion would have
harw •dmiitinji your'wIIdanMO.'iiave Ism iitp«rlpr to
all the Stares that had gunp before yob in that niM^er,
Seconoly. Examine the grounds and evidences, upon which
you have been pi a ed 10 pay your abilities a compliment of
fuch aitoniihiiig magnitude , then, if execute tht drd, you fail
tobefupportedby thecxEiiiination in the fecond, 1 will
'Ihirtly, examine how the fecoi.dary petition will fir
ycur cafe j which is, a defeA in the organs of perception, or the
predominancy of intdtft or paflicn, which prevenu the afftnt
of the mind to primary truths r fouithiy and laAly, throw out a
few rc-flcAions which may arife from a conideration of the fore
going particulirs. You fee, gentlemen, the plan—you will
pleafe attend (for your own fak(t;t*^ei r. grefsef its completion.
As to the fird pelni, T'e great fupeiiority of the ten dates
who had entered the union pi ior to the ilTue of your convent! •
cn, is a confideration alone fufficient, to enable me to come up to
my declaration under the fi ft p int; every other confideration
is derived from this, and is immediately, or finally, under its go
vernment. A goodly number of thofe dates, are greatly fupe-
riorto North-Carolina, leparately confideved. What fuperior
energy and decinon mud then attend their federal exertions ?
Again, the f ederal operations diffufing themfcives fo exienfively
and minutely, through all the internal trarfaAions cf tic dates,
in a united capacity, and alfe through that reciprocal inter-
courfe which mud naturally cxill among them, as feparate and
Independent dates ; fo that jarring in.eieds, and cladilng pur-
fuits, with refpeA to us will necidarily enfue j in all which
cafa, thcprohahilityofourafcendancy, is, as'but one to ten i
(this you (ce is admitting matters as much to my dididvantage,
or to your advantage, as they can poflibly bear) from whence
it may very clearly be infered, that the examples of our imbe-
•ility and infignificancc, would be in proportion as the im *
portance of the Union exceeded us.
When power is at command, and intered in view, what will
not be attempted ?—Here Ifec experience whifper.—Let the re
cords of time come forth—>1 he power of the Union cannot be
difpuied, and that we are an inte; efting objcA, is not a wild filp-
pofition (as yourfelvet. Gentlemen, in the Convention appeared
to be poffefled ot very exalted ideas of our importance) and that
the primary objeA of the Union, comprehenfivdy fpeaking, is
great'nefs, or-national importance, are pofitions, Gentle.'iien, you
dare not deny } does it net then follow, that u hatever obftruAs
its advances towards the d(.fired ohjeA, will be removed ? But
it may be objeAed, that we will not interfere with the towering
views of the confederacy. Will we have no need of alii nces
^ill we not wifh to dip into commercial fehemes f Shall we
have no territorial difputes Or if they fkould happen, (hall
they always idue to our honour and fatisfaAion i Yes Gentle
men, thefe things will inevitably infue, and over which the Uni
on will in every inftance prevail. Is it morally poflible the Uni
on would foder andcherifh a foverrign and independent State in
their voy bofom ? Would ir not be a didraAed and unprecident-
«d policy, confido^d in every point of view ? Is it not infinite
ly more likely the Union would find it both for its honour and
Intered, to fwallow up our political exidence ? Dreadtul then,
mud be the Federal Condiiution indeed ! Which, rather than
adopt, you chofe to throw matters in:ofuch a predicament, ’hat
the diflblution of our exidence, as an independent State, became
morally certain.
Rb'rrfec of Amerie^ ^cre the defthned itnmolation for
of ambition, ralM ^ Pliilafielphia Convnttion,
Ole St^ of North«Ctf4^i with X ^>acity peculiar to
difoovered fehqm'; exetl then Gen-
tlcM^ I fey tW adopci^ di^if Conftkurien would tavebeen
yourftl^, with every idea oT true policy *. this svHl
appear in a aa!ome!>t firetn the fjpciiodty of the Union—firom
tbec urter progrefe of ourfiN^ral fmrfoits«^from the cettainty
of our fi iking in every didpt^i which parric«^rs 1 hgve al
ready cieaily demondrated* /There can no poflible anfwer
be given to this, unlefsyou.mcifit to ftalfibr^inartyrdoiTi for your
caufe i and tber you would ifet have had the honour to have
been ciie firft that had died for (te cawGs-W ignorance. Upon
youtown piinciplb, geotleiiip^, yed aaud t U to 'bn the
necefTary policy of CQf^|ixfs', u^en put in motion, to dop tba
mouths of thefe who hod fo. ^girty difeo^od their ambiiious
views, and proclaimed their vvkk^nefs to the world, thereby
implying an invicatioA m all who mifbt'Uaun a ftidkivncyof
penetmtion K» fee no to coiliblne againA thchi. If
you will al.owthcm confidaWjPi you adyit-tliis*
On the other hand, if yep juid iuloptwLthp ^onditurion, you
wdguld have had the feir^ psofp-iA, in 0 conftitutibnal way, of
opantng the eyes of yonr infatuated ferCthinn in the ntber dates,
and of expoftag the wickednefe of the Pffitndelphki Convention.
Strength of aeafening, as waB eloquaPoe, is generally united
with that wofMleri'ul forecad and fagaedy of which you have
given the worMannnparadefedfpecrmeo, and our exidence as
a date, would have been in as gpod a tituation as the red ; he-
fides, as there weroa nonkber oi dates who wiflsed for amend-
mertts, fimitar it fuems to thofeyou defir^ (die amendmenu of
tile mod powerful dsM I beKuve yon Ibbdiihited in theigroli)
wli-it might you notliave date, uftieftunited witb tbedrd date
in political fentiments, when ti> their gifiliries (of whicia yonr
fubditifiuoii U a virtOalnchnpvg^eclgmcpt).poa had. tl^ced ypur
fagaClty bad cdurace ? The other ftaltf, Wo, diaVing amefid- g
nier.ts, would have followed at a iroper ditUnce j fo that you
had a oiqral^ertaint^ of hanh^gVooT wifhea adfeuac^tand »
fedvrltl gi iveraihtMVl Fn ejftUeow flTtbC TaiSle tdfeby' b«k-yo«H:' re
jcAion has ai folutcly deprived you of thofe advantages, and-
your friends of your aliidance.
(*ra it toniiittud.)
si^OHN Eurgwin,
bis Stor^^ in Wilmington^
A few BALES of
Coarfe Cloths,
Suitable for the approaching Seafon,
—Among which are-^
B lue drouds, frlxe, and fearnoughts.—Aifo, a package
or two of printed linens and cottons, white, coloured,
and cheeked handkerchiefs, tapes. Sec. which he will dtfpufe of
by the bale or package, at a low advance for bills or hard money.
He has alfo for fale^ by retail^
A few of White’s patent mill faws, improved—feit^ rum,
molades, coarfe cloths and linens, men’s, Women’s, and boy’s
hats, men’s and women’s ihoes, faddles and faddlery, carpen
ter's tools, iron tea kettles, oottoti cards, fetts of brudefed chi-
I' na, and one fet of very neat phtea, difhes, tureens, Sec. edged
I' with blue, done bottln and juggs, with many other articles.' '
Mr. Burgwin, once more, , (and for
the lad time) Requeds .ALU FIRSONS indebted to h m, or
to Charles Jewkes St Co. to make immediate payment-to him }
or to fettle their arrearages by newobligattons ■ Other-
wlfe he wiH be under the difagreaUe neideffity of putting their
Bonds, Nptes, and Accounts infoit^. without further notice.
fj^ He will fell all . his Lands in
Bladen and Cumberland Counties, at i^ivate fate, and reedve
Produce in Payment on fuchcreijicas iMy be
Wilmington, OAober ai, xySS*
* Tie Tedtralijif Ifg, jo.
G U I T T A R,
Enquire of the Printeri.
ithe Subjeriber has /or S A L E,
Two Saw-Mills,
On Blunt’s Creek, within three quar
ters of a mile of Fayette Ville. The
Mills arc new and in excellent order,
and on a ncver>/aiiing (tream. ;
A ’L S O,
About 2000 acres of well-timbered
land, contiguous to the Mills, and fe
ver al acres of rice and meadow ground.
Cafh, negroes, produce, or .goqdfp
will be .received in payment.
For terms picafc apply to Mr. Jo-
ftiua Potts, Wilmington, Mr. Alex
ander Mclver, at Fayette-Ville, or the
fublcriber in Chatham County.
Ndir. 12, 1788. 34-^37
WANTED immediately.
About 7000 Dollars
In Pierce’s Final Settlements, for
which good Indigo will be given.
(Brunfwick County,
Sept. 15. (Little River.
Bowen & Howard,
Have for Sale at their Office, near
the Marker, r
W RITING Paper, by the Ream
or fingle Quire,
Blarik Account Books,
The Chorifter’s Companion, contain*
ing the neceffary Rules of Pfalmody,
a choice coliedion of Pfalm Tunes,
Hymns, and Anthems. -Alfd,
The American Singing.Book, contain
ing the Rules of Pfalmody, and a
large number of excellent Pfalm*
^ Tunes.
"Wrapping Paper,
Paftc Board, for Bonnets^
Scaling Wax,
JnK-Stands, and
Blanks of all Kindi r

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