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r H 'U R, S 'D A ■ Yj * December 25, 1788.
For the C E N' T I N E L '.
[Concluded from our hH,}
To the Members who compofed the
Majority in the late Conventioai,
' ' • • 4 ■ *
Gentlemen^ ,
I COME how to the laft point,
which was to make a few general
reftecrions, as they might occafioniilly
arileoutof the foregoing confidera-
Your proceedings, gentlemen, in the
convention, will diredtly tend to ex
hibit the llatc of North-Carolina a
Ipcft^clc of ridicule and contempt to a
fneering uni\erie, as the refult of your
Bunited councils, and the undeiftand-
ing of your conlfituents, will be mea-
lurcd by their comple^fioo If it has
not this tiFe6^, to our i'nfignihcance
aione we.will be indebted, for the ejt-
It w ill alfo have a tendency toaw^ak^n
tint vindidive fpii it, the guardian of
narional honor, which, c >lleded f om
ten fovereign independent dates, mud
be extremely chadc and delicate in
deed ; confequently their dccifions
withrefpecl to us, may be equally fe-
vereand iriefidiblc in their operations.
You have given a mortal dab to the
already wounded faith of North-Ca-
roiina, by vainly attempting to pre
vent the adoption of a fydem of laws,
calculated for the fupport of public
faith and national integrity. And by
the completion of fome of your pro-
pofed amendments, corroborated by a
number of legiilative ats, you have
Very clearly exhibited a melancholy ex
ample of the depravity of human na
ture, when enveloped with ignorance,
regulated by low and fclfidi purfuits,
vvhich, when once infinuated into the
national councils, never ends but in
the contamination of the whole body
politic. You have damped an infa-
mous digma upon the national honor
of North-Carolina, which a century
of virtuous exertions may not be fuf-
ficieni to efface. You have accumu
lated the debts of the date, while at
the fame time you have done every
thing in your power to put it beyond
her reach to aiifw^er the juft demands
which now lie againft her. ^ .
Not “Contented, gentlemen, wit^
plunging yourlelvcs into damnation,*
you have caft about, and wickedly cn-
dcayoiifed to draw in all around you,
as if confeious ‘of the impending
vvrath of Heaven, ydu'^hieaht to lef^-
pTi iti weight by enCreafing the ob-
jeffs of its vengeance. How clfe cati
be refolvcd your filling the minds of
the ignorant with fuch dreadful ap-
prehenfions of the confequences of
the tojiftitution bring adopted, there
by fetting the whole machinery of go
vernment dn fire, that amidft the fmoke
and confufion, you might plunder and
rob at pleafure. ‘
If thofe evils are to come forth in
confeqUence of the adoption of the
federal conftitution, and were of fuch
magnitude as juditied you in reje6ting
what ten dates had adopted, why have
you not exhibited them to the public
by^ a ^rai oof judicious rtafonings thro
the medium of theprefs ? This cri
minal filence will bj viewed by an im-
pirtial world in a light greatly to yc u *
difadvantage. Certainly, gentlemen,
you mud have very weighty reafons
which induced you todeclare youi fclves
wifer than the majorities of ten dates.
Therefore, as a member of the go
vernment, and one of your conditu-
ents, Thow, in this public manner,
call for thofe reafons, or the principles
upon which you mean tojudify your
rcje6tion. The gentlemen of the mi
nority are plcafcd to fay, you are not
able to give tho c reafons in the man
ner above fpecified, and that there ii>
not one in your number equal to the
talk. If you are not, gentlemen, in
God’s great name ! upon what prin
ciples do you mean to acquit ycurlelves
to your countrymen for the lacrcd
truds committed to your care, which
appears to have been bafely betrayed ?
Step forth, then, into public notice,
and exculpate yourfclvcs before it be
too late. The mangled rights of your
country call upon your exertions in
this way. Either judify yourlclves to
an impartial world, or in lackcloth
and afhes confefs your ignorance in
the fight of God, and in the face of
your injured country. ^
Ye few, whole influence have led
the greater number into this labyrinth
of iniquity^ go .forth in time, like the
good repenting King of old, wlitui th&
iceledial mcfletiger of vengeance dood
•prepared to dedroy bis royal refidence,
and lay-7-ls it not (here name every
man himfelfj that has betrayed the
:truds committed to my chaige—^but,
as for thefe Sheep, what have they
done ?
• November, 1788.
' State of Nortk-Carolina.
Ne^bern Dijiridt.
In the Court of Equity, November
Term, 1788.
I N the fdit therein depending, W'here
on Francois Xavier Ma. tin is com
plainant, and Thomas Davis, defend
ant—It is Ordered, That the d fend-
. ant put in his.anfvvcr to the ccnipiain-
ani’s bill, on or before rhe ftilf c:a)| of
the enfuing term (which vri l hecui^
the twentieth day of May ntxr.) And
that on the defendant fading m ol e-
dicncc to this oidcr, the cem ia ni it’s
biil is to be taken fre cohjrfo. agairdt
the pcrlon fo failing, uiiicfs cauie
Ihewn, &c.
Publiflied by order of the Court,
JAMES ELLIS, Clerk ^ M :der
(of the aforefa’d court.
State of North-Carolina.
ISIewbern Dijlridi.
In the Court of Equity, November
_ Term, 1788.
I N the fuit therein dcpending, vvhere-
, on James Ellis is complainant, and
Eliphalct Ripley, detcnflaot—It is Or^
dered. That the deftndant j ut in his
anlwer to the complainant’s bill, o'i
or before the fird day ot the enfuing
term (which will he on tli^e twenrierii
day of May next.) And that on the
defendant failing in obedience to this
order, the complainant’s bill is to he confeffo, againd the peilon lb
failing, unlefs caufe lhcvvn,&:c.
Publilhcd by order of the Court,
JAMES ELLIS, Clerk & Mader
(of the afoi'tiaid Court.

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