CAPE-FEAR ‘verunt tct^ decent ewr§ it it tmtih in hop ShM. vwIv*v^ vj attw ~ ***r houfe of rcprelentatives now ailembled as an objcft worthy of their attentioa that they take under confidcratioh ^be. ftatc of the public revenue, and thc^fp- gular application thereof, for the pofes to which it it appropriate!^. , . ^ r iwyp, IgCvi in thp^ account l;^t, (• FRIDAY, November 14, 1769. ) N ® * 7. a tendency at to be prejudicial i-ather than tisfaaion if the fupply of amunition fOf advantageous to the country. , - [own'of NeibJrt 'whiefI rewrt^end! m- Li v wnilam TVvon Ffa- The ftatc of our public ftihds at no cd to you in my Ipccch, had been horibe- c fm. time fince the fetdement of the polony has ,d wUh your approWn. Ilf mZ. ■ ‘^WILLIAM TRYON. s mender m Cbtef, in and we agree %ith >pur exccl- ^ /y*, PrcvtncLof North-Cnrolma. fettleinfnt of the Public ac Ncrth-Cnnlinn. Ncwbern. O/f. rks ytAJr^rt of the Ademhh of ihi Jaid Pra^ counts Ihould be forthwith obtafced, foas Recommended by his Excellency tothp The Addrefs of „e,,eral ftatc of them may' be' madcQ houfe of r^^orefentadves now aflembled • ■ ’ known to the country t and (hall be ex- O f Jf. lrcn';ely obliged tb your excellency for any *!i f obfi rvations or regulations in the manner ' fe.his Msieftv’s moft dutiful r,? keeping the public accounts that you and loyal lubi 'ib, the meio- fhall he pleafcd to lay before us, which , hers of the affi mbly oi ilie may tend to render flic fame free from province of Nordt-O.Holi:u. obkurity they have hitherto been ..^np H E faft is too well known toad* iwurn your Excellency our iiiicere thanks ^ mit of a denial, that in a lonjj^ few vour fpeech at the opening of this (el- ^ t j-aJ. i' courfe of years paft, great (ums of pybftf ^ fien and bei leave to congratulare y /ur We mail ever eft^m it out jndilpenn-. money have been loft by the negligence, of. E.vceUeocv on v6uc happy ijgura from ble duty to enquire into, and lee how rar i^folvcncy of fherifts, and other collet^, vWohi m yoor .goverbmerif, the laws for theemiffiy of paper cu: rrn- virgiora royowr B cy have had their eflreA, ana m whole v ••)^bc information yoyr"excdlenry has hands the turns raifed to fink thofe emil- jj j, p^gfu giiwi osi^thaf no petition to his M.ijefty nons remain. courlc of time, from tl^olonies, praying an cindiioa of “ i , has re. paper currency as a legal tender, can meet The intelligence you u v,„, ar«» pt^blic trealury, wherco, ■rirh fiifcafe! gives mM the utmoft concern, ceived from home, and which you are •5fwyB*l^url»i^s, rtraton A law of this province lately p^Oo^,, •Wo rep»«6ifl^on .of ,t!y! late alfembly, ^ ^ J r m nar- ''^*^** executed with vigor, probab^X^, 'With yowi^J&lleocy’s jnrereft at hopie. (h-Vs h^mng 'J®”, ^ in a great meafure, prevent, for uiijAyod Wer^ftealed lo kin..ty lo vh-fe o^urnt to lay a^ a ri*vt*nue come, thefirft of thefe mifehie^s ar^ iJid: ►'Mwch we doubt not, ,h^s been molt rif?a for* the purp^ o . ^ . .1^,:.! a law to prevent the latter, might be Oif! ftrenuoufly exerred in favor ift^ni pro* r#>WiL. is verv public utility, for mankind neVer Vince, we (hauld have obtaii'k^l tlw relief. upoh^i^ papw arw co >s very money, either for theii* *"92551 • ifFcft W ihii tolp^mav be coiiccriitd. have the feniiments of _the mmdtry, m j ihefe •ecotwaHv may pre*, '^his .hobfeihcre^widpr:-'-he in that- paittcular, comcidc with our and ointaient. of H agent, in which we own.' difficult,-W noe irnpAljpSeid^^jai. ei^ ■r£K"Ss.'r-as:, ■“Jte.zfesXy*,. The «ncoitfa^b||t given by\n aft of fortunes, occafioned therein, beiw g«no* *' Wjkmenc S^^Wturc of r^wJlk in ral, wc cannot, confifteni with the duty which ihaH 5!m?n^is^ S and agrceabliTto us t we owe our conftituentii. think of grint- partjcular fum of «non« deceived ^ pst^ 2^.11 X/y»“r«celle„ry.,*^^ i„g ,h.m .mttanc, in prrf'.f.A » S'.^tTstem 1 nMet with fuch further encouragement other part of the province, left, by fo JSSf Sift^wilh the .roe intereft of this doing/« ihould Ihe. • p.rti.ligt w. «,..d. WB> whom M*W S^)t. 0 int«effing an objeft may wooB ever enaeavo, to avoid. ‘^'V “* f n- r f ™,.*,. .nd '•DDRESS K, mu ^ „0,.boolt. debt«r^ and ovditbrl the de f 'f/ii " ^ ^ ^ ttealorer opt* «iv fid. fiotl! te^hij maielty. airf the de- m.keWmtHnWxor. fcku HUM rf pub- ’ thta government « 'h;* w«.ri—af rtiii'if lir ninhev n,id in to him , and on tfiek. we are enjoy,og the W'«t"P ilfr. ;.W*. ¥ ,|,„ Jkditor tor all foim of ptlWl K* * money, paid out by h,m, with the date, of. ^^or ta".b.troev.ra^l7oor T Thank you for r^co^tfiml.^ on fcSiiuft of necefflty be a dlfcourage- I my return from Virginia wthis opuh- w •kogctlw abftraM &om Ihti

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