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W I L M I N G T O N, OCTOBER 1 3th,
DMP TirocC a Packet was left tt the Printing-O-Ice, cont?n-
Hcff foms ventures whith the Writer. act wyh'at an mn
v nnMi in "a Ioumcv he made Northerly, and a
I Letter which concluded thus fnouid you ever think proper to
ffcrent Occur-
Performance, but
mmmm, ' . 1 :
me lemuer tnat 1- tvritc 11 nave
aid noaght in Malic) , will judjc favorably; of it. and as to the
Tnbe of Snarlers, they will find me, witn Kegard to tnem ena.
thisy and every other Inttance, more thin nemv-J
i . 4 - ' 1 I
Lie- Sr. fi protcl I never dantea Attendance to
their Opinions in
L. m mm mm -
10 dreii
. y r ' ' ' L t . "j - ft i
a 1 iced ana oouinca ravon iroxn 1 cnonsu 1,
.. which I (hall ever hold in grateful RenepVanc.yvVX
. denied by any but 'one, and his manner of der'
more to him and made me th.10.1e more ft.tgniy c.
of his DifbdGti6n and Goodnefs-of his Heart than
w-,, Af Vinl Wlit 'ornt4 mv ! ri4neils.l! ;Hi Rank Mr at'
to it, bat td thoie mental iide wments,; in which alone; accordiii
to the old Sarvrift. true Greatnefs conhlts. What the : Kequcil
was. when or where made. I cr bv whom denied-it matters not
It is enough that there lived a. iMari who, could feel a generous
lo-him for it -whofe Virtues' reverted the modern j Currents!
dWvadith to every ones Palate exceeds the ingenuity of all -dignified vrty h
Cnnedinariars. that Ihave cupedinated (iace a certain m them too many indUpatabic Maries or.uenuincis iDrir c ctuou
T ,j-.r anient Mnrv. ftauv ht Man the c ffereace bc or illiberal to counterieit. 1 ney gave wc iucn ricamic uii a ic
r .... 'j- 4 if ? : 1.1 ! . natmv DifaDDointmenti -and infpiredme with fuch Reverence fof
r . . . W W Ah A fl M V t VMV I 1 f1 TT1 IV. n mW J W H ! 111 IT W ilEILI 11 111 J 1 1 1 LI A V tff k& W M,i A MmMj W Wf M W 9 W w w mm w
tion f them, you mcrst ask ; a jfimilar Favor of a Man t a fcmil
Difpesition, and, withal; you mult carry jometnwg iie leniipui
along with you; ctnerwaysiyou wiiii-eurc ib au ureiouiictuiw
Vre amsfted their 'ttSDtioai bat not a F.w. except one, betr.jeij. Nature deliSliti m and jaancieca wiaww wi jmgj..
'Z xhL like a rofRidicule'or Contempt., f!- '" Ttoi.clmreoagh!.-'I mk eiy tn ; d.
l l ( . . k m aii mm rvt rm mtrn iiirn rmnrr . wiiuimi niraiiiuv. laiu a aiuiu : m ... w a wvji , iiiai.
I l inmic myicir vwy uavvy wvhj -! - , . , , T
aval w ci;w iieiiui aawM n- a o
is not worth being in a Pailjon abost it, faid I imiling..-Mr nc
tnnlr rn Mnfirr H adiu(lied ifomethih? he found amifs about hi
Neck look within, Sirf you will find many things amifs there- .
pray adjuft tham too: admired the extrerte W
wiped them withaaln1bric ilankerchief---pulledout a hiiaij Box,
put a black Patch on a little fpeck that appfeared rpjliiih to Uia left
of is Eye, refurveyed his Facie, and lien throwed h'mielf into, hit
arm Chair with an Air of cbnfbmma'tefel0onfe a look
of (overeign Contempt at Vis tompatiibns and me It . is very r
rruc: oiri mcv arc uuiu tuu iy.nuiuiiM"i- r. t-i.vM, , wn
. h. mm m . . :
l a., .-w .iKa Krv trt fnri nn nis namr rrn uriiinxr acinic
V??G i rinnp a Row and a : Look of Welcome
convinced me I had Nothing to dcy but to endeavor t6
iike myfelf as agreeable to them as they appeared to me; foi
Without further Ceremcay, I took a Chair my Ifudibraftie ri
mni.v ' tnrl mv' Renuelt for Admifiion oroceeded not from thb
Impertinent Curiofity of a Traveller ; but from a Sociability m&Wd
Love for jny Species, wnich i Nature gave mc withr this irregular
7orm- rubbing my long choked Nole and pointirffto my King
Richard Back as i fpoke. fThefe inherent affeaions, if 1 illay fp
fli'im. tvi me xnanv a Pain which Mifanthropyfts feel not ;
et I derive from them fath plcafurable Scnfations, I that I would
Jiruch rather part with Li re than with thm -I think it as 'much
my Duty to Love. ray Species as to worfhip their ski at. orici-
.Val ; and tho" fome iieaipuiJy preacn up me one ana ncgicci com
Thearv and the Practice , of the other, yet I cannot, help
thinking, that we have pretty much the lame. Authority for. both
Which wehiv far eitkeriof them, and fo far am I from fufpeflicg
that anv Mm's Philanthropy wHl be fubperna'd cgainQ him in that
Court which, one day or other, will pafs fentence ton us all, I la-
II .11 .t. mmm mm m mmm w off.. II It i 4rft (rt SfJ
creaiy oeneve wc mgac. wiuwui . i-ia. wnwa i wv.. iv
braver to the Cretan luoiter fwho had no Ears) with as mnch Pro-
nt icty as to that merciful BstNO.whom Chriftians aflecl to a
Wore.J -But as no Man wifhes to,be the Thing he hates, I beg
ed I 'might not interrbpt the Amufcnrtnt of the'Coropany, and
sturned my Eyes towards a News-Paper which lay upon the Tabte
Wehare iuft read it. faid one. Nof repled another ; it is a tri-
Vfiing Paper of very bad Intelligence. It gives us,: faid a.Third,
Vhe laft Speech and dyinj: Words of Jack Carelefsf-Jack Carelefs,
.rlaid I amazed, who is ne r --1 ravciicrs ircqucnuy muitic
stndeven Charaflers) which they have no legal Claim to ; it ii a
.Privilege (how it was originally obtainM yur 'Motive Mongers
perhaps can tell) entailed on them by Cuftam ; I condemn the Prac--ticciu
ecneraJ, yet, upon this Occafion, I availed rnvfelf of,it;..
not vrncn or us can ray oc never iu
abmneJAisclf. for doing ? It js, meining. Jack; Car
K"onfJ Mr. Vane, who fat crofs-legged playii
fnuu-Box alttrn.
W, mmmmrj wmm m mr-m - J-y- -. - .... .-.j .... -
It certainly raifes an Ideamilch more terrific and immenfe ; and !
like Ideas immenfe fa far as they ferve; to expand the Heait : but I
think otherwifeof Ideas terrirlc.-Terror is the naoft abjeift, rafcallf
Motive in the World. It chills the Blood and damps the Spints;
and never was nor ever will be, the Parent of onb generoa's Tho t
or Deed -As a Man, I hate the ScnTation ; and as a Chriftian
(let its wretched Votaries fay What they pleafe in favor of it) jt re
pudiatej deteil and abhor it-'-'Tis an Enehiy to Love, and of Courfe;
to Mankind ; which, j to the Humane, is eual to a Thoufand Obi
jediont.--.-You go Home unmolerledi becaufe Fear prevented niy
robbing you in the Street; but all the Jefuitt, SophtHs and Cafuifta
in ChriilendoraifieconMed by the righi reyeand Fraternities of pbr
firwants ic Abfolvcnts.cah never convince me that I am one Jorthe hoi
nefter Man. Had Chance brought us (og'tther in any dreary retreat;
wher numan veuiges art rareiy leen, ana no nyc . io uniuia us
folitarv Cave, as She whUomdurjClo-and'the Trojan fetnerr I
fwhv Udx 1 rouniTs is nfed nere inltead ot riot tineas, 1 nave
Wm J 4 1 V.nM11" 1 W UVW W w mm mmm, mm mm wmrfw m, m V : .
not Leifdre to' ten yon (commentatars k Critics will be proud ofyoar ,
Application) but I Relieve the Immortal Author of that divine Poena'
iRfrwaids COP
i Carelefs, dd
T -l writ k Vl 1 .
me, wnu jk rui-ixk;u f j iJfe . - t, p. ----- .- . . .
rYitC nuffDOX alternately, never tooic nis eyes mn a wok- oi ocnuuuny riuu inusra.u.mi uc i w
Hne-brruireclly fating him, nnlefs. now and then, to fliowjhis. animated with caajTA in lit as and melt jntp Teiidernefs and Love,
rm.Jr f.. i i, A--A -faid he letting in fuch aSituatior. with fo beautiful a Oueea beside it. I fpeakJ
FnAi-r,!! ith fome Force unon the Floor, fit is faperlativc .as the candid ever dot jfrom my own Feelings ; and were my Heart
LrNonfenie, indeed, to pliy the Narciffus as you doHis Eyes were of that Mould, I would tear it out ariaV have the. Names of aacl
K -.,. . .t r ri.:- p..r ; m WAirvm!' . fir anv nther State 7ckeVa vho had iold or enflaved his
LX ill STinil aiiut ntuuinu.Muii w. ..- Z.7- . - . , . . . - , ., . ...
- . . . . . . r m m,
, Where is the prcceeding rart,
daw was a C r...Mcrcu
i -
r mm. m 1 mm '
iSar "an Anfwer to my Cmpie Qneftion. who is Jack Carelefs ? I certafnly would have rifled your Packets, and. perhaps have cue
-J .After m. few Pro's and Con s, 1 was ask d to read nim;aioua- your xnroat aiterwaras, ir, r i t - ... j
i JDtr, vice inauig Q, anotner vicCiegcci--virincup;ii'
Manner, at leaft Shakefpear fays jfo, and, farely, no Ptrfon oft
Fafliion or Tafte will dare to contradid him ; but&ould you doukt
confute experience, 1 'M i:r . ..J .
Read that again ! " I find . great Pleafur'e in giving tr &r.
A-r ' litintiriftpd- humaie. were inilantlv , reoeaterf iMr. r Vane
could not ctmprehend it- -It is Stuff, dd Stuff, faid he flam ping
i .1. mj . . L- . AMwAA Mn i iir mtm lannruian fnn 1 1 1 f c- iiiaripi aim
laiu 1 talcing Sip mc apcr wrjii, vvuuui -.viijjiwm Mfiw.M iij"wm .w
ry r a larcc cunujc oi vnem wh iuiianuy uiu iuiuiiajif.t i anajj ; uw ... ,
. . . - i ,1 Uf r L- "rt . 'O..L1. A. rt J .t U.J ... Z.m mm, mm- tl.mfmm A tMttlirn a Ul'nkl
mm f a 4ii TBI, Ktinnun -n m lniEinn iiuzinn I - w I l 4 L i iucl aa .11 T 1. 7 K uit.ii. t iw.f ..MMk4t.
h What a ridiculous playing upon Words !" Jt is very little oet-
trr indeed, Sir. Jh&t ieems to be a faint llroke at Pope's a-
mrTCr uiTEvuii is right." I tn not of Vour Opinion,
a E7MVI - -- -- -
. - m, . m . rn - k m m .
Whr fe can he mean i ' fXOU.ins? rcrvertcrs or man-
diibeiieved the infallibility of Mortals as
UUX. ' mm .
Lnrk wnn er i rfn. ana inai in inii jduidi.6 uu umi wu
feitSncd arid fublimated than thofe Peoples are who confine or extend
. -r? r t AttifUa'tf mir rTlitk (mm ttKlch f
t.. . r A.;i.UArmw Talift (mm uliirfi r vir1fnt1v tvitK koth his Favti.Prav. Sir. aid vou ever JSiaJce tbe
at to we actions t mica, tnu mwwvj v - - . ..y - ----- ; 7 t. ,
hwill not eafily recede- - -Reafon and BcUef go here hand in hand Experiment f This put hina out .otjatii Patience tit oouncca.ous
. . 7 . j .u:-u mnrm arnhaJ the werw ward f Faftor. for ici ncvr inakei ADV RctSUTSt,

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