North Carolina Newspapers

    (Pcbruary 26,11766.)
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To (hi PRINTER,'
Lnfl'nt ftr Shakeipeari fiNtt VIII I reft Info?,
jhenu in reading or of :obe aaeae. which 1 ifeotigkt
peculuHy a anted to the prcfeM Cvcvaftucte of ir tt gcioin Sovereign! American Subject, A ft iin
L'Fri(ik jg Hkt4rjf,; and taw the Soccer of th
leople'e AppfetanMi fo Relief froe tarAulonk Ta,'
or ' .learning CtnutiOn," to a lif aa-ca is U Rv
(, H m i i .eriof to. Hi Mi"' who mw ll( tfet BritkU -
Tyrone," t may be ayeeable to your Reader, to have it.
ercc4 in yW Ciaaeue. . - Your,
A. B.
Enter King H an a t, leaning On the C tfdinaTi
the NobTet and 6ir Thorna Laval i the CardV
Flout i(h
nil plice him e I under the vu g'i feet, ou hia right fide
. Ki NC- ,v ,T " l'c itleif. and the beft heart of it,
iVl Thajiki you for thii great cart. I Ruodl
i'th icvvi . ; ,
-0-a f.i'l -chard cowfeJVaefi awl gtt ihwltfv
A-'i ..ttti-cKja U.Lm t call aofcwe on
Tnaij gc.ilcmin. of Buckingham! is fcr(oAt . -
III hiMr h ,n n confer! m j naif jr. . '."'; .
:: And, point by poioi ttit ticaioaa of maAet-
Ho -h.ll gain rcla:e. . ' .; . :
, ; Lrd Chamlxrlain (yi. Room for the Qoeetu . EattT d
. ' v'Qjfin, Iho kottli. The Kiag rifirta fiotft hu Ute,
Uke her up,! kifle ami pltuih her by hkft. . '.
Qu EFa Narjr,' we niaft loagcr haeel, I an a Mtor. .
King. Arile, and ultt place by ui j half yw (ei .
Never- nime to tuv yo have half or poi ' " '
1'ie other-moiety ttt J94 Ilk it gitea t
"F eaCyimt" wiU 44 uk U.
'itiN. .Thank yoor Majt-fie. .
Tii yoa Uwld fce TWfclf, t4 In that Ior
.r uicofifider'd leare your hotOar( 'aor
Ve.dnjni-y of four oicc, k U4 poiat
1 Oi m. , e rtioa. ' - .
-, r aiTTrf gT. ; y
.'i'lift.' I am I'oflictied, lot 1 I far; T
.An! iixi'i of irje c .million, tltat your (abjeh
V c.n .t;t (i.rwrti, Thri hae bceacoeaaiiftoai !
V. t o vi ino;, em. whi.K have lawt the htart .
0 ill it.e i lo, ,. ; heiei al.-jioh ITaVftlcj.
. .;v,. .l 1 rj C4iJuialJ ihy ei t
M "'Vf'jy 00 puittr on ' , -s;
Vrif:'!i,.:ii .' )ti Jir King our taafter '"
r".h e"i n yur hravn mTLTfroai foil) eAape aot
L.'igniiji uinui'inerU ; )ta lucb hh break
THe' f 'l. and aloMii afpcarl
I.i l i j J -f e liun. '
i Nn r lit Not aimed appean.
lc ojih a 'pear; fy ujxin l&f tmcUt
The ilothier. all, not able to Buinta-a -
1 he man 'io hem 'Ivning, have pacof "
The fpinllen, carden, lullen, weaveo, who
Unfit lor oihtr IJe, compeQ d by laager
And la.k .of oiher mcana, art all an Bproa,
And danger fcivei among rri,
Kic. Taifion ? , '
Wheicin' and hai laiatioaf mj Ui Cadlotf, :-L-Yoj
thit Jrt bUnrd for it aJike wilM ita,
Know ou of ihn taiat:oa f "
Woiiir. Flea'e yog, Sir,'
I know but of a (ingle part ia 08gt. '
'i!!J0 'hlrt'e and Jroat bat ia thu fill
i "ff o-hcri tell flepi wrth ajt.
OcifW. No, my lord,
y4 kno no moie thaa othorii but yoa frame
rj.M"K t'' e known like, hith are ioi hom
T the hich wrLld not know thrm, and yet muft
Fe'iore be their atjv-waiouicr. 'Thee eiainoni
( Vhereol my bovYciga vold have note) they art peiliUat to tV hearing and to bear 'ein,
, 1 ht Ink it ficr.iice to th load they fay, . .
T ty are defied by you. or aiie you fufler
n'd an eaclamation.
Kim, it,; e4Miun f
T ne nature cl it. ia hit hltJL U't kntir
. i (bit cia4Uo .
Virea umtto COBUHiCoaa. tytl
Tt 3tM of hw waTiktuf j
thetr Karen eMt 1W!
ma. Br mj Im. , .
k againl ow adWitre,
(Ok, As for me. . ,
e to forthai roa !a rk, t&tar
aeie rotce, aa4 tut aot mm m
Vfmmn approbatioe, ot nt JeaJgti.
If Tea tradoe'd by toatatt, Aki 0
IffdacuKiea nor ocefoa. vetwl) bt
-i out laa tans
T5r iMue
ra of the ftate.
ww mmh mw.h. ... . . -jT. ... . -
Ail tfiih i care, euteit (WUirt t (eavi
.Tl&gt dene' ithoht txaarjla, ' ii) ftclrf iSe
to be fear 4. Have m. MKa
ihk comjaifioor I bdiete Ml oal
V nuA act read our UbUdU' l5w eir . "
n:.L .i. I t- J lit - rt-'.li i. '- V
n: v nut Uicm in our win. it m patm
A trembling contribution ' wkv wl iakt - -F
tv'f trff, lep, bak aad part eikmbt
A4 dkuufh it twi H wkb roral &tp Wkt, -
TKe air will drink the tW. fnrk0Wtnr l 5
Where -AU U queftioad. OayJ o WierV, iJa
h7:a j-y "V - I
fs I. : ' . . - i
To CrociiI
pat u to your care. .
WoL. A word with yod.
Let there be lettora writ to ey'rir (hire
Of the Kiog'a graN and pardon i Tkl grieVd Uqo.
Hardly cooceivo of trie t let it bt ooat'O, ; ,
That through Our interceflioo, thia retoltcmerit '
4 ad pardon come) I fliall unoa adtift you .
Further . is the . Droceediotf . - -
OH Saturday tjghc Ul, between tele aad one o dock,
large aiuaber of armed naen went on board the Mi
aerra. Cape. Iillct, and cmaa4c4 tae U am pea oaperi lup-
paied to be on board, bcloagin to the colony of Connect.
cat, but wtrc tflured they hal boia delivered into r'wrt
Oeorgc t aotwithlandiag which, tleV fiarcl.'d (he veOcl ia
tvorf part, and lading ooot on boordy retained wkhvnf do
iaf any mifchief. s .' "
rheftampt, wnhear, arf by military rwer forced spoe
tie lahabitaau of Canada, ora Scoria,, and the new ton
ajeered (rttlcaaeou la Amerra. ai alfe apoa the Ifl-nd w . ie ;
tfalcknt nilitarf force i. kHtataiced no ealave the oha
moatti vit J.BMUCa, the grenade, BatbadOtaad Adiiguag
and by the Um aeaaa it any be aoforced upon all tmica. :
when the nilitary power bctuDca fepetior to that cf the)
aaited coloaiea of New Hakiplhirf, MaiTachaCrttf. Rhode
Iflind. Coaneaiwt. New.Tork, Nw Jeriry, f eanfyiaaia -aderrUod,
Virginia, North nd SantharoUnaTId Geijrjia,
u arafl aa ImraJ of the Iflids which will otter lubnait 13
it h long ft they have the power of rtfiflanct To whicH
. we fabjoia a po-dnent rematk of 1 writer ia? U .
ail age and part of the world; a landing at toy hi boon lha
aembilig ioArenteatof Udariog aaoon.)
HOST ON, Oecrsibat t
tWaAot Lew from ajOeatlcaMn M Barbadoe, t'tttl
:-..... . Nortmbrath, - .
The cmel JLaap-a now begiaa to lamp nway ow cao
any. It t an Ut highly dedraae of Aamkan li berry, an .
rvnrt loyal pntriot ongat tn enter hn protci nraiat it, Tht
Qijad cnadoA ol the North-Amtrfcov on 'u& eXtaLda
t fT Turn tt ihfmtb fry.
."sV v 3

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