. UTOM, Feb. 26. a 1 TOrwitMbndtnfrwhat pa(Ted, relative to the Xi Atiorary-Gcnr rajust Opinion on thtSciturV ot,iXe Sloops, ikf 1 Captain Lobb, want of. hftt thr Inhabitants rerntmed crcarit diiflidiaed.niarerj parriculariy-i-Mr. Attorney V AnfWef to'tbo 4 d liere, wnerc ne lays, ir rroieeuuuni wo " intended kgainft the e Veflels, they muft t t fentto'ffcfcte &C.W And concluding in thefc Words, viz. " tfpon the whole, it is mv Opi " nion, that itU thet)utyofthe Collector to profecute oh the Information he ha received. In Confluence of which Opinion,-the People Exaffntyr aC,uardof&ntUmcn fSall be imiheilS gtely detacbeajor trurpoje. , T Honour to be, with the greatcjl i ."" Rtfttll &IRL TWtr Excellency's Feb. 19. lyffc- vm? obedient bumble Servants. To his Excellency Col. ftfMaai 7ry, v. Gkrrernor "and Commander in Chief 'FotNorthCarblina'. from feveral of .the Qwntics froun-i, affcmblej Confeqi at of th" J1 ttant, app iintcu vfuKcrs to iac iirc viH -i compelled them to ac and entered into the fol lowing Affxiiion, which was fighed by all th Erincipil Oenmert, Freeholders, and other la abrtahts of letcral Counties' ' NORf H C AioUNA. l2I , : ' XfZtW W rt:.fe'-R r-tort&l true and. nGreat-Britaini . .Jencits, (whom Gbdpreferye) wbojfefacred Perftwt . v'Crvw Dignify welsfeddy andwUUn at tbeExptnce of tnr lives anj fortunes to defeU, being fully convintei tf tbi tpmffivt and arbitrart "'" tendency ' tf a late AEi f Psrliament, mpojl Stamp, Duties tn tu XnbabitsMs tf ibis Province, andfunkmmdlifukmftvt Chanters of NmtyAmerica t trut) jenfiUt tf tke ' Htflimable Blefintftf fret ConjHtutin, tlmotf hndedtdewn t US by km brave fmfntberi de telling Rebe&on,';&irtfernfl J)eatb t Sloven . fjoif,' with all utftreiui ta the jujf Laws f tnr - - Ceuntyy; ana wflb a proper and necejfary Regard to ntrjelves anJPJUritii hereby nntuaUi and folemnly , flight tnr Faith hJ Homer, that voe will atjmy Ri aue whatever and whenever called upon, unite. and truth and faithfully aJfiS each other t to the lift sf tut Pawtr. m tfrevemfmr tnttrtlt tht OtitratUn -m , -. ' t - .... ..j r - tftbetamp AS, : ' , Witnefs our Ilandt, .this 1 Ztb Day of February, .1766. 1 . , , . . Oil Wcdnefdaf ihe iqth, they proceeded to Brunfwick, what their Numbers were foon iiw creafed to upwards of aThoufand, and had Id- tclligence of fereral Hundreds more on their March to join them. . On their Arrival at Brunl- wick, in order to remote all Apprchcnfions oi nc ran 01 nil fexceiirnny the Uovernor, the fol lowing Letter was delivered him, by two Gen ... tlcmen fent for that Purpefe viz. ' On Thurfday the 20th, Conference was held with the Commanding Officer ot- his Majffty'g , Ships, and theColleftor, and in the Afternoori ' Matters were happily accommodatcd4 and a Pro. mife obtained that the Port mould for the Fu-"" heretofore laid on.it, aueaft until the Arrival . of the Surveyor-General of the Cuftoms," and thatVeflels.mould be entered and cleared as uiual. On Friday the 21ft, a Party of Men was fent for the Collector, Naval Officer, and Comptrol ler or the Lultoms ; the Lolledtor and NavJ Officer were brought, and Information was r-. lteiyed.rlth.apthe. Comptroller was at the'GovrrT. " or'srupp which a Gentleman was difpju- e.l to demand histAttendance .which ,he refuk d to , comply witri j and the People being informed.' ithatJiAJvas ''detained, by the Governor, a Letter lythenl'fenr'tb requeft '"that" his 'ExcelfehTyr. would be pleated to let him attend : They ir ceived for "Anfwer, That! the Comptroller vas -employf by his "Excellency: on Difpatchcs U t Mia ivd)ciiy m ocrvice, anu mai any. vjentimui who halBuTinels with him, might fee him at the Governor's Houfe. -' ". . , A Party was then immediately difpatched to fetch h m. and marched diretllv to the Ciover- tiOr'sIi hf y:halte'd-neathe..Houle, by-QrtLri. and a Gentleman was once more fer.t-to the Comptroller,. t0 "clire hes would not - put the ..People to the dilagreeable Neceflity of entering r:ii - li .r 1 - . 1 . ni 1 fA ci itiii v s riuuic. w u a rrum r. in.u .1 w hp would come out. no Iniurv fhuld he ofiVred ------j y 1 --- - - -I . - his Perfon, .which he ai laic complied with. The Party then joined the main Body, and marcl.ei immediately into the i own, drew up in a iarue Circle, placing the Cuftnm-Houfe Officers in t! . Center, where thqy all made Oath, that they would not, directly or indirectly, by themlelves or any other Perfon employ'd under them,, or execute in their fcvrral and refpedive Offic s, any Itampd Papers, until the Stamp Ait ihouid be accepted of by the Province. All the Lirrks of the Courts, Lawyer s, &c. prefent, 1 were ftiinrn tn tKi Urn WftrA , The People then immediately difperfed, in or der 10 repair to their kvrral Places of AboJc. It is well worthv of ObfcrvatTon that few In (1 ances. can br produced, of furh a Numb-r f Men being together long, and behaving t well ; not the lead .Noife or Oifturhahcr, nnr any Perfon feen diigui fed with Liquor, durir the wh le Time of their Stay at Brunlw ck, n s ther was there an Injury offered to anyJVrl.n, but th-- whole Affair, conduced with Pren. mA .nirif. wnrthv rK Im.tirinn nf all th ' S '.-I SnU 7b Inhabitants AJatitfed with the pat ticular Reftria,ens l4t on tbelrddecf tbit fitvrr, onlj have determktd it march, to Rrunf m j V v . . wv"l,ungi inaptactatie M.iner, 0 Afrr ttftr .nevMnit frem ik CJuer tf btiMajeJy't tndbave tmptlUdus It tonduatbm rfffiiUfi.MiL,.i":.-.:.:h.j" 4t attuotntstur ExctlUnci. that vi fJ. iermued it prott.1 frmMli tour Per fon and Pra. i sod tbof If it um'be agreeable It cv" of LIBERTY thrauiout the Coataenu " L. - -

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