North Carolina Newspapers

    Tlie August Oriole.
Avery handsome' half-tone likeness
nf J. W. Thomas, the principal pro
moter and president ot the Tennessee,
Exposition adorns the frontpage of the
August Oriole, published by the Balti
more Steam Packet Company, lne
pamo number also contains protraits ol
Mr. T. J. Dashiells and Mr. VVin.
Kandallagentof the company at Nor
folk and Portsmouth who have been in
the service of the Old Bay Line for
nearlv a half century. The center
niece"is a very fine illustration of V ir
ginift Beach, 'Virginia's noted summer
resort on the Atlantic Coast.
L.lon a Affected by Weather.
A peculiarity noticed by the keepers
out at the Zoo is that bad weather af
fects lions just as it does human be
ings. A rainy day will make them limp
mid listless, and a glimpse of sunshine
makes them happy as crickets. Bad
weather, however, does not prevent
trein remembering when meal time is
at hand, and they are as restless as
young kittens till their food is forth
roming. -
Purely f T.ocul Disease.
rVzcmii is ft local divasc .and needs lX"al
tioatineut. 'J'Do Initnicd, iliaoiiftecl sklu must
il.hfid :iiul hc.'Uud. No "so to
j i iii srll ..uli ul n your ?toni;u:li Jnstbecauso
of x.n iicliiii,- truiitlon. Tottevino is tlio only
. .T)k', silo ai.-.l roitatu euro for letter, fco-
z-ryia, I.mwoi m ami oiacr smu h"""'"- "v
a ajri. !.-, or l,y mall for SO cents Ui stainim.
J. T. Slnijitiluo, Sawmnali, G:.
Fits permanently cured. Ko fits or nervous
n ess after first day's use of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Restorer, atrial bottle and treatise i reo
Dh. K. Ji. Kline, Lta., 931 Arch St.,Fliila.,la.
Pino's Cnre Is n wonderful Cough medicine-
Mr- W I'ickfut, Van Siclen and lUaUc
A'rci.', Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 30,
Mrs. Window's Soothing Pyrup for children
tectiiiPv', softens the gum s, reel nc.jnjr inflamma
tion, allays rain, cures wind colic. J.'0c.a bottle.
State or Ohio, City or Toledo, I M
I.rcAB County,
Frank .1. Chekkt makes oath that he is tne
b nior partner of the firm of F. .J. ( MitNr.Y v
fr.. do! business i n the City of f oledo.County
and State u foresaid, and that said firm will i;av
the sum of oxe ni'NDiiKD dollars for each
and every case of catahuh that cannot be
cured by the use of Wall's Catarrh Cukk.
Frank J. Cheney.
1 Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
i presence, this lith day of December,
- BE A Ij 'r A. D. 18. A. V Gleason
'i v ) Notary Fubivc.
' Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts dir. ctly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send for testimonials, tree.
F. J. ( ithsby CO., Toledo, O.
H..ld by Drosist, 7.5c.
IlaU'd Family Pills are the best.
Yukon and Klondike Gold Fields.
Parties intending to vl-it t'ie Klondike Gold
Fields or invest in stock companies operating
in that country, are ad ised to get the C ana
dian Government Alaskan Boundary Com
missioner. Prof. Ozilvie's. Import on the Yu
kon and Kli.n.iika Gold Fields, before doinR SO.
This is the off-rial report made lat sprint;
which so astounded the Canadian Government
that they did not publish it till Prof. Ofdlvie
confirmed it personally on his arrival in Otta
wa. The report is very extensive, abounding
In Photogravures and Maps and giving the
most reliable information as to routes, climate,
unit tlm indescribable wealth awaiting the
miners. Sent, posture paid, on receipt of tflc
In stamps, bytlie Toronto Newspaper Union
I'uhliMher. 44 liav St., Toronto, Canada.
' Say nothing; it is the only way to
avoid being misquoted.
f A Boston paper says tnat "a message
cast into the sea in midocean by a New
York man in a bottle has been picketi,
up near France." But what became of j
tne New ioik man in a ootue; Sf,
Send vour son to the
Waynesboro, Va,, If you wish him to have
pood instruction, kud treatment, good in
fluences, and to be ia the best of climate:?.
Write for Catalogue,
f When writing please mention this paper Ku-1
The YOUNG Plantation
Cotton Id Mill
itt' turn i
The result obtained
from tho use of our nm
chine has been en vcr y
(sat'sfartorv that we enter upon our THIRD
SEASON with n f relink of great confidence.
Mr niiichine-t aro durnhle and thoroughly
ffectivo. The ground kernels are left in a
fin condition for distributing is a fertilizer.
The hulls nr valuable food for cattle.
Rtriptive pnmplib-t with testimonials from
prominent cotton planters throughout the
Southern States, together with sample of
product from o ir machiue, will be forwarded
on application.
Cotton Statsi Mkery Co,, aakama.
Mention this pnper when you write.
sTn. V. No. 31 '07.
w3 Can 1) i consulted in his office in Sf J
No. ."09 North Tryon Street,
On any week day except Wednesday. Hid
i practice ia limited to diseases of the
ARDS ran be saved with
out their knowledge by
Anti-Jng the marvelous
cure for Mie drink babit.
Write Kenova Chemical
Co.. 6tf Broadwcy, N. .
Full Information (In plain wrapper) mailed free.
Teaches telegraphy thoroughly, and
starts its Graduates in the railway
jft r,S!cL service. Only exclusive Telegraph
"iCc school in the South. Established
i.'Z.'rji.l -:... u i
Limit: vedia. oiAiceii uunuteti auu-
i cLcuKrn atnuuL, aeaoia.ueorgia.
- . ...
. UT.J.E. UAlilUii &C0..
iko Buildlne. Cincinnati. Ohlu.
C1 KT RICH Quickly. Send for Book'Inventions
J'Wantetl." Edgar Tate & Co., 345 Broadway, N.V.
Best louKh Syrup. Tastes Gocxl. Use
In tluio. Sold nr clruiiBlHts
Pistols and Pestles.
The duelling pistol now occupies its proper
place, in tho museum of the collector cf relics
of barbarism. The pistol ought to havo beside
it the pestle that turned out pilis like bullets,
to be shot like bullets at tho target of the
liver. But the pestle is still in evidence, and
will be, probably, until everybody has tested
tho virtue of Ayer's sugar coated pills. They
treat tho liver a3 a friend, not as an enemy.
Instead of driving it they coax it. They aro
compounded on the theory that tho liver does
its work thoroughly and faithfully under
obstructing conditions, and if the obstructions
are removed, the liver will do its daily duty.
When your liver want3 help, get "tho pill
that will,"
Ayer's Cathartic Pills
f ' -,
Cam's Horn Sounds a "Warning Note
- to the Unredeemed. -
HE wish to shine
makes men fools. A
The devil's head
Is longer than his
Don't try to Im
part ideas by your
The man who can
tell all he knows of
rcllKlon knows
very little.
The profit on
whisky is conspic
uously advertised in the clothing of the
saloon-keeper's wife.
You cannot fool God with a pinch of
A little sin has as much death In It as
a big one.
The' gurgling of the faucet Is the dev
il's delight.
Make a call too short, rather than be
yawned out.
The was is not over because we have
lost a battle.
Whoever knows God well wants to
know him better.
Some would rather face a cannon
than their own evils.
Prayer is always easy, when we
kneel on praying ground.
The man who knows how to live well
will not have to learn how to die well.
Our prayers for guidance will not be
heard, unless we are willing to be led.
The devil has to fight hard for all he
gets in every home where Christ is
In the robin redbreast speaks the
same Christ, who came to "seek and
Nature ia God's; botany and geology
are man'?: so religion is divine, theol
ogy human.
The man weighs little on the Lord's
side who is not throwing an ounce of
weight against the saloon.
The prohibition that gives society the
children who never saw a drunkard
can't be such a big failure.
The Creator expends so much force
In sunsets and apple blossoms that
there must be some great use in mere
If you want to know the spring, open
your heart, so, also, if you would know
Christ. Knowledge bloats; love devel
ops. God nver made the world for an
npothecaiy shop or a chemical labora
tory, but for a temple; the final word
of nature Is spiritual. . .
If They Accomplish Their Object a
General Strike "Will be Inaugurated.
A special from Columbus, O., of the
20th, savs the National Executive Board
of the Unitc-il Mine Workers adjourned
today, after having issued a call for a
conference of organized labor to be
held in St. Louis on August 20th. The
board reiected the proposition of the
Piltsburj? operators for a conference to
arbitrate the wage dispute in that dis
trict, claiming that such action would
be prejudicial to the interests of tho
miners at l;ug The board is ready U
consider overtures for the arbitratioA
of the issues of the great strike only
wheu overtures (one from all
the operators in the competitive dis
trict, which includes Ohio, Indiana,
Illinois, West Virginia and Pennsyl
vania. Tho success or failure of the strike
hanga upon the St. Louis conference,
the call for which, has been endorsed
by Samuel (iompeips, president of the
American Federation of Labor, and J.
I'. Sovereign, general master workman
of the Knights of Labor. They main
tain that the iiirht now being waged
by tho miners is one of common inter
est to organized labor throughout the
country. At tho St. Louis conference
all labor oTgnni4itions will bo asked to
ioin issues with ihe miners. The fail
ure to secure a general suspension in
West Virginia has greatly interfered
with tho prospects of success, as the
coal supplied from that and the few iso
lated districts is meeting the limited de
mand. The only hope of cutting oft"
this supply appears to lie in the refusal
of organized btbor in the ordinary
channels of tralfic and business to han
dle or use this coal. If the object of the
St. Louis conference is accomplished,
the strike will bo extended to near
ly every branch of labor in the coun
Convcatlon Denounces
I'pon Women.
The Baptist Sunday school
l tion (colored) in session at Danville
Vn.f adopted resolutions strongly con-
(lemning outrageous assaults on wo-
I ri t ' i i
men. me resolutions not only express
emphatic condemnation of the crime,
but pledge "our co-operation with our
: white brethren for the extermination of
crime, disorder and lynch law," and
'commends the efforts of preachers and
i! teachers to stamp out the same, "dis
claiming any sympathy whatever with
, those of our race or any other race who
commit assaults against women, black
( or whito, or aid in any way mobs or
nch law.
Most Optimistic View of the Busi
ness Situation.
rhe Coal 3IIners' Strike Likely to Be
Endsd Soon The Phenomenal
Strength of Wheat.
Messrs. R. G. Dun & Co. 's Weekly
Review of Trade, for the week ending
August 21st, says, in part: Not for sev
eral years have the telegraphic reports
from various cities in all parts of tho
country been so encouraging or shown
as uniform improvement as thi3 week.
The markets are galled crazy by some,
but fairly represent the people, whose
confidence in the future is strong and
increasing. Nothing appears to check
it. Rumors of injury to crops are not
sufficiently supported to have much in
fluence. The one temporary hindrance
is the strike of the bituminous coal
miners, which interferes as yet little
with industries, and teems hkel to
terminate within a week. The demand
for money improves, taking from New
York to the interior about half a mil
lion more than was received during the
week, and offerings of commercial ioans
are much larger, including consider
able iron and steel paper, and the
course of foreign exchange ii generally
interpreted a3 an indication that
special imports cannot be longer de
layed. The greatest gain has been agricul
turally. Corn has advanced a little iu
price, but is moving very largely, so
that the last year's surplus may soon
be marketed unless the new crop turns
out better than many now expect. Cot
ton declined an eighth because of an
estimate promising the largest crop
ever grown, but the gooda market is
decidedly improving, and eomo of the
large mills, after a few weeks of sus
pension have resumed work. Other
farm products are doing well also, but
wheat has advanced about 11 ij cents
for the week on actur.l transactions,
with heavy purchases for export. The
official estimate of the yield is entirely
disregarded, except as an admission
that the crop will bo larger than that ot
last j'ear, and it is commonly assumed
that the yield will be WO.WO, 00U bus-h-
els, or more, though recent reports ol
injurr, indicating the possibility ol
somewhat small outcome, have helped
the advance in prices. It is well to no
tice that corn reports continue ciort
than double last year's also, in three
weeks H, 51(5,5-14 bushel?, against 1,1K,
241 last year.
The iron and steel industry is push
ing forward in spite of the still unset
tied strike of bituminous coal miners,
and the enormous purchases of ere at
Cleveland, and also of billets at Pitts
bur", snow ho utmost confidence it
the future.
The oid difficulty remains in the boo
and shoe industry, dealers being un
willing to buy largely at the pric
which manufacture! b now ask, though,
during the past week the only chaugi
has been a slight advance on calf boots
The market for hides at Chicago i
again much stronger, prices having ad
vanced with very narrow transactions
and buj-ers pre holding ott'in the belie
that prices have reached the top.
In the woolen business a constant in
crease appears in the number ot estab
lishments at work, and the demtind fo
goods has much increased.
I allures for the week Lave been 21.
in the United States, against L'so Ja.
year, and 30 in Canada,
against 7 las
A General Expression of Sympath:
Ocneral expression ol ynp:i
Called Out by Ills Death.
Seldom has there been such a genera
expression of syrapath- over the loss o
one whose life ha been devoted to busi
ness pursuits as has been called fort!
by the recent death at Cottage City
jtfass. , of that venerable landmark o
the business world, the late John 1'
Lovell, founder aud president of th
John P. Lovell Arms Com pauy, of Bos
ton. Almost rumberless int's.K:iges an
letters of condolence, on the death o
his honored father have been receive
by Colonel Benjamin H. Lovell
treasurer of the Lovell Arm;
Company. The wide scope covered bj
these communications is in it
self-evidence cf the great regard ii
which he was held by the leaders in bus
iness and public life. Ihese expression!
of sympathy have not been confiued tc
rew Lngland, but thev hate conn
from every prominent business centn
of the North, East, West aud South ii
fact, from every portion of the Union
because the name of John P. Lowell
and the corporation created by him
have been for more than a half centun
the synonym of honest dealing am
business integrity. Even from England
from firms with whom Mr. Lowoll hac
enjoyed the pleasantiest business rela
tions lor more tnan litty yeiis, Colone
Lowell has received messages of sym
Non-inflammable Clothing;.
A London doctor has discovered tha
garments treated with a solution con
taming : per cent eacn ot alum an(
phosphate of ammonia are absolutely
non-innammabie, ami ho recommend
tnat an cniuiren s ciotning ue s
Michael Drfeats Starbuck.
At the great bicycle race at Mauhattei
Beach. New York, Jimmv Michael. th
Welsh rider, easily defeated J. 1 . Star
buck, of Philadelphia, ina33-mile race
Time, 6G minutes.
Southern's New Order
The Winston (N. C.) Journal learns
that the Southern railway has postec
an order that no employe shall be
relative of the official under whom h
is working, and that all promotions
shall be based upon actual merit.
Refused to Eat and Died.
Mrs. Lena Collingsworth, of Clai
borne county, Tenn. , refused to ea
because her husband left her, and i.
dead after a fifty-eight-day fast.
National Uoards of Health.
The national conference of the Seate
boards of health in Nashville, Tenn.,
Dr. W. L. McMurray discussed the
question submitted by the board of
health of South Carolina, respecting the
placing of jails and prisons under di
rect supervisions of Stata boards of
health. The following officers were
elected: Dr. Benjamin Lee, of Penn
sylvania, president; Dr. Hurty, of In
diana, secretary; Dr. Pelletiere, of
Quebec, treasurer. A motion recom
mending Detroit to the executive com
mittee as the next place of meeting was
Chief of Police Connolly, ot Atlanta,
s dead.
Original package agencies are spring
ing up all over South Carolina.
Tho council of Roanoke. Va., has
ibolished 'nickel-in-the-slot" machines
u that city.
Senator McLaurin is much better, but
a still unable to enter the canvass in
South Carolina.
The erection of a twentv-ton cotton
seed oil mill will be commenced at La-
vonia, Ga., at once.
Wm. Harvey Allen, a young white
man out of work in Richmond, V a. ,
attempted, to commit suicide.
The North Carolina State convention
Df the Veterinary Medical Association
will be held at Charlotte Sept. 7th and
Tho small-rox in Birmineham, Ala.,
nas thus far been confined entirely to
Hie nro quarter, and there have been
few deaths.
It is said that between forty and
fifty students of Georgia University
will spend the summer in Caba fight
ing for the insurgents.
At Hendersonville, N. C, Mrs. Ben
F. Hood shoots and badly wounds her
husband, and then kills herself. Jeal
ousy was the cause.
Charles Cooner. an official of the Jo-
siah Morris bank, of Montgomery, Ala.,
was shocked by a live electric wire,
which resulted in his death.
All the prisoners, including Mur
derer Edwin Brown, have escaped from
the Pitch county jail at Harrisville, W.
General Bradley T. Johnson is out
in a letter opposing the movement to
have the Grand Army of the Republic
meet in Richmond, Va., in 1899.
Mrs. E. H. Edwards, a woman mer
chant of Graniteville, S. C, dropped
dead in front of the Fifth Avenue Hotel
New York.
It is reported at Atlanta, Ga., that a
locomotive at the government works at
Tybeo Island, near Savannah, fell
through the trestle and several persons
were killed.
The hearing as to the question ol
fraud in the case of the North Carolina
railroad before Special Master Kerr
Craig has been postponed until Sept.
Nearly all the Sound Monev Demo
cratic leaders of Virginia announce that
they will not support Tyler for Gov
ernor. If a Sound Monoy Democrat ia
not nominated later they will tako no
part in the election.
Estimates place the tobacco crop of
Florida this j-ear as the largest in tho
history of the State. It will be worth
Feveral hundred thousand dollars.
Much of the planting was experimental;
but no report of failure has yet come
A numerously signed petition has
been addressed to Governor McLaurin,
of Mississippi, asking him to appoint
Hon. Patrick Henry, of Vicksburg, a
silver Democrat, to the vacancy in the
Senate, caused by the death of Senator
All About the North.
Senator Jones, of Arkansas, is to takf
part iu tho Ohio campaign.
A crusade against the coloring of im
itation butter is about to be started al
Tho I linois republican Club, cl
Washington, disgusted with McKin
ley's patronage policy, will disband.
One hundred candidates for naval
eauetship will report for examinational
Annapolis on September 1.
At Palam, Ark., in a race riot, three
men were killed, one fatally wounded
and two others badly injured.
At Eagle Biver, Wis., fire destroyed
the Gerry Lumber Company's yard.
with 10,000,000 feet of lumber. Less,
6100,000; some insurance.
At Cedar Rapids. Ia. , the Republican
State convention nominated for Gov
ernor Hon. L. M. Shaw, of Crawford
At Baltimore, Peter Monahan. 7-1
j-earsold, was hedged for, the murder
of his wife. The crime was committed
cn May 2oth, 1897.
A freight train on the Lake Erie and
Western Railroad crashed into a passen
ger train at Lima, O., wounding thirty
The boiler of a saw mill opposite
Mound City, 111., inKentuckv, explod
ed, killing the owner, Capt. Hawkins,
of Kewanee, UL, and slightly injuring
15 persons.
The National convention of the Y. C.
P. U. opened on the night of the 18th
at Indianapolis, Ind., with 4,000 people
in attendance. Tho principal address
was delivered by Evangelist M. B. Wil
liams, of Atlanta, Ga , on "The Bible,
the Word of God."
At rittsburg, Fa., James Elbert ar
rested as a suspicions character and
supposed to be an anarchist, created
great excitement at No. 3 police station
house by slashing five policemen with
a razor.
The Grand Lodge of the I. O. O. F.
has decided to bar saloon-keepers from
David G. Swain, U. S. A., retired
judge advocate general, died in Wash
ington, aged 63, of Bright's disease.
The death of Sir Isaac Holden, the
inventor of the Iucifer match, is an
nounced irom England.
Steel girders have been put in the
White House to support the office seek
ers who crowd about the President's of
fice door.
A committee of the National Associa
tion of Credit Men will devise a
standard form of statement which shall
i .i . . .
to viuu any applicant for credit that if
found untrue any State court will hold
him for fraud.
A special to tho Raleigh (N. C.) News
and Observer tells of another case of
rape in this State, This time it is a
white man, Henry Jackson. His vic
tim is a respectable young woman, Miss
?ilffefS0dg,e3'i niecithe present
sheriff of Beaufort county.
All llags used in the United States
navy are made by women at the Brook
lyn navy yard. In the gieat sewin
room from 20 to 30 women are assem
bled daily to work on the flags.
United States Senator, Wm. M
Stewart, of Nevada, telegraphs the At
lanta (Ga.) Constitution, branding the
statement attributed to him in th
newspaper dispatches that ho had ad
vised his friends in tne West to drop
the silver issue on the ground of return
oi prosperity or on any other ground,
Congress Urged to Appoint a Curren
cy Commission Brown President
for North Carolina.
At Detroit, Mich., on the 19th, the
hventy-third annual convention of the
imerican Bankers' Association came to
in end at 1 o'clock this afternoon. Ac
cording to precedent, First Vice-Presi-lent
Joseph C. Hendrix, of New York,
received a large majority of the votes
;ast for first vice-president, although
the nominating committee had recom
mended F. A. Tracy, of Illinois, for
the honor.
Joseph C. Hendrix, of New York
jity, was elected president of the asso
jiatiou without a dissenting vote.
The members' of the executive com
mittee elected are:
J. G. Cannon, New York; P. Hunt
ington, Ohio; li. J. Lowrie, Georgia;
J. B. Findlay, Pennsylvania; J. C.
Sands, West Virginia.
The list of members of the executive
;ouncil named by the delegates of the
rarious associations are; F. G. Bige
low, Wisconsin; J. P. Branch, Vir
ginia; D. W. Garrett, Missouri; A. W.
'Jampbell, Mississippi; J. C. Hunter,
Joseph G. Brown, of Raleigh, was
jhosen vice-presiient of the American
Bankers' Association for North Caro
lina. Brown's speech was much com
plimented. A resolution was adopted by the con
rention urging Congress promptly to
provide for a competent, non-partisan
mrrency commission, to the end that
lound financial legislation may be
jpeedily secured.
The executiyo council re-elected Sec
retary James R. Branch to serve an
5ther j-ear. At the same time the coun
;il voted to raise the secretary's salary
to $5,000 a j-ear, thi3 move being made
to retain Mr. Branch, who had received
u inviting offer from a metropolitan
bank. Walker Hill, of St. Louis, was
elected treasurer to succeed William H.
Porter, of New York. Alvah Tiow-
bridsre. of the latter city, was re-elected
chairman of the executive council.
Regret of tho death of the lateWm.P.
3t. John, of New York city, was ex
pressed in a resolution.
After which R. H. Pullen, of New
i'oik, presented the retiring president
with a handsome gavel, the installation
of officers took place and the convention
adjourned, sine die.
PcfTer Makes a Speech; Says There
is to Ho No Democratic Alliance.
The Iowa middle-of-the-road Popu
lists held a convention on the 19th at
Des Moines and the following State
ticket was nominated: Governor,
Charles A. Lloyd, Muscatine county;
Lieutenant Governor, D. L. Terkins,
Lyons; Judge Supreme Court, J. A.
Loneburg, Wapollo Superintendent of
Instruction, Wm. Elain, Marion; Rail
road Commissioner, L. II. Griffith,
The platform adopted reaffirms the
St. Louis and Omaha platforms; de
clares for direct legislation; for a suffi
cient amount of sound and flexible
money; for the issuance of money to
State, county, township and municipal
governments, the principal to bo paid
back to the government at 2 per cent,
per annum without interest; the eaid
money to bo a full legal tender; the
Temple amendment is endorsed; the
reduction of freight, passenger and ex
press rates, of salaries of public officers
is demanded, and the deduction of
mortgage indebtedness from assessed
valuations is urged.
A protest signed by J. Belangee,
chairman of the Populists who have
combined with the Democrats for free
silver, was sent to the convention to
day, but was denied consideration. The
protest called upon all Populists to join
with the free silver Democrats this
year in an effort to advance one of the
theories of tho Populists.
Ihe feature of th9 convention was
tho address of ex-Senator Peffer, de
claring himself a middle-of-the-roader,
and saying that there is no more Dem
ocratic alliance.
Negroes and Whites Arrayed Against
Each Other at Leonard, Texas.
Earl Meadows, a young white man,
was killed by a negro under peculiar
circumstances at Leonard, Texas, a few
days ago. The whites held a meeting
and warned all the negroes to leave.
All left but one, and he was severely
whipped by a whito man. It appears
that the negroes had not gone very far,
and the whipping infuriated them to
such an extent that they procured arms
and are now said to be marching upon
the town. Two wagon loads of negroes
left Clinton on the afternoon of the
19th, en route for Leonard and squads
have left Ladonia and Bonham to join
tho Clinton party. The night watch of
the town has been double, arms havo
been gathered and ammunition cen
tered at necessary points to defend the
The Coast Dcfeuse on Sullivan's Is
land Ilclng Made Impregnable.
One of the mortar batteries in the new
fort being erected on Sullivan's Island,
near Charleston, . v., was tested on
the 19th with satisfactory results. Each
of the four mortars were fired once
and then they were fired together.
The firing was mainly for the purpose
of testing the foundation upon which
the battery rests. The target was sta
tioned on Morris Island beach, four
and one-half miles distant. It was semi
officially stated that the test was satis
factory to the officers in charge.
To Marry Schlatter.
It is positively announced that Mrs.
Margaret Ferrris, widow of the builder
of the famous wheel that was the
wonder of the World's Fair at Chicago,
is to be married in Pittsburg, Pa., to
Francis Schlatter, the so-called "di
vine healer," of Canton.
Watches Advance In Price.
The Elgin Watch Company, of Elgin,
111., have advanced the prices of theit
watch movements 10 per cent. On the
better grades and the cheaper grades
have been advanced from 50 to 75 cents
A Lynching Scar Chicago.
Shortly after noon on the ICth an un
known man attempted to assault Mrs
Pauline Fenske, the wife of a German
farmer living in Schilloh Tatk, a eu
burb of Chicago, aud was shot to
death by the enraged husband and a
posse of farmers.
A Alurderer Kscnpes Jail.
Albert Voiers, one of the notorious
.Lewis gang of murdererers, under Fen
teuce to bo hanged, broke lail at Fav
etteville, W. Va. Tho sher iff aiyi posse
Don't Lie. .
Qultman,Tex. .writes: hiXGt
i nfV;f intf from
Dycpensla na Sick Dead-
M. A. Slmwoni Liver
Medicine. It'curod ny
Husband of Constipation,
our little Girl of Neryoua
ncs, and our Son of Ca
tarrh of the KoweU. It
cured iira, newmuu
Painful Menstruation,
"i carried Mrs. Fields
ly rcuulatcB th Liver, travcliftn'l
liowcls, nnd leaves no If ffit 7?Ji?
both "ilock Drannht-and 1 "Zcil hVs I . ve r
Itrgulator" did not leave my bowels In sjcU
pol condition. I fo.ind more of
package, and it reqnlrcd half the quan
tity for a doBo,anilbadrather pay 25 cts
per Paokago for it than use "ZfctUfl S OS
f'lilack Draught" as ff free gift.
Bad Tasts in tho Moulh.
Digestion ia tho grand proccsa b y whlca
nature repairs tho wasted lisnc9 ol the,
body, which, when tho individual is in
health ia performed with great faithful ncss
and regularity, and without giving riflO to
flDV dUagrccaldo ecnsatiors.
lndigoslion ia adiueaflc which consints of a
deviation from thl3 ordinary mode of healtn
and in tho deuciciicy or vitialod character ot
those secretions which are essential to the
convoroion of food into blood. Ihe heat cor
tective for thiscomplaint i3 Ur. M. A.
inoos Liver Medicine a fewdoseSOI WUCO
Will remove the offensive taste.
will never be without Dr.
M. A. Simmons Liver
Modiclnc. It cured mo of
Chronic Constipation
and Torpidity of Liver
afterscveral physiciansand
many Patent Medicines had
failed. I took three times
as much "Black Draught"
as the directions said take,
a it y,a i.,,f nttlo effect
on me, and I don t taluk It
bad niucn eirengiu.
Backaches Common Co Mothers
- Tho buoy mother sometimes feels an !n
cbilitv to perform her accustomed duties,
fho feels inactive, weary and depressed.
Ilor back, oh, how it aches I When ehe eits
down aho f oela as though eho must get right
up, and when eho stands, that eho must Bit
dov7n. Tho truth is, tho capacity of her ner
vous eysteni ha3 been overworked, it has
become exhausted and thcro is a breaking
down. What she needs is a course of Ir.
fticjnioos Squaw Vine Wino to icstoro
healthy functional activity and givo tOirt
Bad vitality to her nervous eystcin.
coHrtF.spONnKjrcF invited.
Old Dominion Iron Ac all Wki, It Ichmond, Va
" "ir t
ii ,
Gai.atia. Ills.. Nov. IS. 1S33.
Parish! edlclno Co., w. Ix)l.,Iilo.
Ciort lemon : Wo mild Inst yenr. COO bottles of
bnucbt llire ftros already this year. In all our ex
perience of It yenrs, in tho drug biiHinens. bnve
never sold nn nrtlele that gnra euch universal ulls-
taction as your Tumc. lours truly.
AUMr.URB a t o-
a few minutes whl-?i
stH about l. ami
M-llsforiSl ier Kalliin. Alto ManleKitar mnde from
same. "I wiint t thank you for Ihe M;iilk 8) run
reeliw hleli 1 find I- excellent, t ean recomn.eml It
hlch'y lo any anil every one." Rev. Sam I'. .tone,,
Onrtersvllle, Oa. Send $1 pof tal order and pet reetpe
r J and 1 wl'l add cyclopedia of Jii.imi recipes cov
erlni; a I dejiartnieiiK. lUmmir.a for Agents.
.1. . II. . MorrtHionn. i rnn.
AsinMSi IU, Aetaal balns Noteit V
koosi. bbort tuna. Cbasp board- 8nd for cstaloan.
,t..c m". 1 grl-mi. I.Vlfl Inner mil 9 '1
liSTDl'J&l-Uv Other widths in proportion.
NETTING mIsm Dow Wlra WorktCa., Uulivllla, Ky.
Head In this paper I be advertisement of
r m
Want to learn all about a Horse? How to pick out a gooil one? Know
imperfections unci eo guard ogainst fraud? Detect diteaeo and effect a cure
when same ia possible? Tell tho age by the teeth? What to call tbo different
parts of the animal? How to fchoo a lloreo properly? All this and otlx r
valuable information can be obtained by reading our 100-TAGK ILLUS
TRATED HORSE COOK, which we will forward, pottpaid, on receipt of
only 25 Cents in Stamps.
Book Publishing House,
ia4Leonard Street, - - New York Clt.v,
papers and books which yoi doa't fully un lerstan 1, aa l which you wou 4
like to look up It you had some compact book which would kIv the in.
formation la a fow Itnoi? not bo obliged to lianJlD a twtaty-joual
rncyclopalla costing 25 or aa. r a. f in Btamps eut to BOOK Pl3
LISHINC HOUSE, 1 34 Leon" I j w" ard Street, N, Y, City will
furnish you, postpaid, with Just such "tv aF a book, containing C20 pages, woll
Illustrated, with complete handy Index. Do you know who Croosus was. aud where h
lived? Whotul't the Pyramids, and when' ThRt sound travels 1125 feet per secon'J
What Is the lonReat river In the world? That Marco Polo inventel the compass ia 120 V
una wno aiarco xoiq wasr unar me noraian Knot was The book contains Ihoutaul
or txpianntions of Jnst
Ihnnt. TPai.i tt
about. Suu ft at
Scnsutionnl Advance at Kverj' Market
In the World, Kxccpt Paris.
A special dated on tho 20th from Chi
caaro sav wheat tcored a sensational
advance today at every market ia the
world with the exception of Pans. Dur
int? the regular (session of tho Chicaco
board of trade September wheat gaiued
rl and December 0j. On the curb after
the regular hours another advance of :
cents was made, September selling
freely at DO cent?.
On (Im Xw York exchfinco Senium.
ber wheat for cash reached $l.()f. At
the Pittsburg and Minneapolis ex
changes wheat reached $1.00; St. Louis
also reached tho fame price. At Sim
Prancinco December wheat reached
The dispalhcs further fay that tho
London market is in sympathy with
ours, but the French market in unre-
BtmtiniiA nii.l nniifTVct(il. nnd flint tlw
bulls are not yet Fatisfied with their
present victory, uui preuicisi.xiwueMt.
A tnntfr Htmrnlfttor is tllOllclit, in 1m
leading tho bulls, and sumo believe it
is josepu ijeiiei, u. wu-huowu capi
talist and car-builder. No fcuch excite
ment in tho cereal market has exited
since Partridge plunged tho market
ilown to fi? cents.
In Epitc of ihe decision of ;i Cliir.iro
Judge rejecting I lie X r.i.vr, ns evident
that marvelous discovery i to lip m
to other Ubos than those of tracing
lets In burgbirs ami buttons In lvvs,
ii is iuupummi iv um me rays lor T!i
purpose of detccllng fraudulent -ol
masters.'' It I paid that by thf'r
means experts will be able to o?pi
whether Raphaels and Kubens are be
Ing mamifactill cd to-day lu b.-v-t
MANUFACirntns of
For Cotton, yarn and warpi, cloth, ai
i rpeclal purposes.
SHTcf, Tumpp, Faus, and Eloworp. Dllln(?,
and Supplies forBtcam Plants, Baw MUlt ami
Platform Sculfn,
Corrugated Steel Ilooflnir.
By J. Hamilton Aycrn, A. M..M.U.
Ttils Is a moi Vahmiile iiiKik
for the llousdicM, n.h im li
im tue Nll)-iisi in'iiPiitHJ
fymptomsor Uir.ereiit I.i.ei)rH,
tk Causot an -1 1 aim of l'rt
Ttcdiin inch 1'i f i c, mi'l .In
tiljnplvrt Kenie:-: wliif'j will l-h-vl,u
or cure.
MB l'sw;-s, rofii-rW H'lmustril.
The lliult Is m-rllteii In Inlu
CTrr-liiy Kntill-tli. nn l Is liee
trom the ti-cfnilcHl Uriits rjlcfi
rrn.Irr nint lieli Il.Kiki so
valueless tit the f;euiul't) (
reatcrs. 'I'lils Itouli la
rotlrcl lo be ol M ine In
lliO I' Ntllilv. . Iil 1 4 M ulle.
ks to te readily uilerioid by nil
oM,ruii. t'osTiwun
Tot;e Stnrt)) Taken.
Not only tlocs this Imok con
tain so much Informit. on Krla
tlvt -O Dir.iv, I ut very itoikt
ly islre, a e 01,1; I -;r A i' .y i i,f
STorylhliij rtulniii; to
hv,,I H.e I'id huv
,on ami l'.enr( r llealtby
familu-,to;clh wlih Vaiunltl,
rU'.-'id-s aii I i'rc-T'il ions, fc
llanatlonsor I'lacltee,
jitoct iiHofOi'di'inry HiTl,.to
fowri ki. Im.kx.
iiiiou ri M.-iiixr,
134 l.cuiiui d Hi., N. . ( Iiy
asi- Kri'iu;r.
S. N. U. No. 31 "97.
mum unit iiummi m mm iiiitiir.iiiiiiiiimiiliiHli;
r 1
s V f.i E
Made from thi Purest, Plpest and HweeUst leaf 5
: imwn In th lioldrn iw-lt of North Carolina, tig S
t aretta DookaooBWItUeacuaoai. pouch.
A Pleasant. Cool and Delightful Smoke.
S Lvon A Co. Toaacco WosKt, Dumm, H. C. 3
Ma 1.
I 1 1
T'YOU and reft-rences ir.
como acro
such rtiatters as you wonder
1. ....... f..
the ten t ote tirlrn or .
JS?SiSii22?B25 -d iHne'3 J absolutely aquolifiedly f alee
aemaed to hang wita Ytfiwa. zr.

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