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NO. 52.
Judge Simonton Renders an
portant Decision.
The City Cannot Drive the Company
From Its Streets Charter Revoked
and City Enjoined.
At Richmond, Va. , an opinian has
been handed down in the United States
Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of
the city of Richmond vs. the Southern
Eell Telephone and Telegraph Com
panv. The opinion -was delivered by
Judge Simonton.
Judge Siuiontou's opinion holds that
the decisive questions raised are these
First Hoes tho complainant come
within tho protection and i3 it entitled
to the privileges cootuined in the act of
rnnroaR nt Tsi'.fi? (This act is con
strued to hold that Btreets of a city are
post roads of the United States.)
SecondIf it comes within the provis
ions of that act, how far has it limited
and restricted itself by accepting the
provisions of the ordinance of the city
of Richmond? Third To what extent
dns the protection of the act of 18G6
A Column of Happenings Prepared
for the Family Fireside-
Railroad Commission Notifies A. C.
L. and S. A. L. Officers to Appear
Before Them on Feb. 17th.
it make the company ac
centing it free of the control ot tne
municipality in which it does business?
Judge Simonton then discusses the
question rs to whether the act of Con
gress of I80O, which speaks only of tel
egraph companies, is mienueu iu m
c"ude telephone companies, and con
dudes that they are the same and
that both are entitled to the protection
of the act. As to the question whether
tho company limited and restricted the
privileges which it enjoys under the
act by accepting the ordinance of tho
city of Richmond, he concludes that the
council of the city, by its own act, has
put an end to any contract with the
companv, and but for the act of Con
gress referred 'to, it would be a tres
papssr'on tho streets, but that under this
net it has tho right to maintain and
construct lines along any of the post
roads cf the United States, aud when
an effort is made or threatened to deal
with it as a trespasser it. can refer to
v,;a r.r.f a t.- what extent the protec
tion r.f hi rc of Congress goes, and
whether it frees the company from any
nntrnl nf the citv through whose
streets it goes, Judgc Simonton holds
lint it-, hhii!lba controlled by the city
ordinance, and be subjected to the law
ful exercise of the police powers.
TViA4 renditions, regulations and re
etrictions." savs the opinion, ''already
preserved bv the city council, appear
to be stimulated by a decree to oppress
l perhaps defeat the exist
ence of the complainant and so are not
the lawful exercise of the ponce pow
ers." ,
Tk T?oll TAlAiVhrmA Companv schar
(r havin- ftxeired. the citv exercised
its stipulated right to re'voke it, but
from interfering with the
pnmnanv's poles and wires. The effect
of the decision is to modify the injuue-
inn an ivatn prevent the city from driv
ing the company from its streets, but
the city is to retain her police power
over it.
Falling "Wires Kill Horses
Boston, Mass., last week experienced
the biggest snow storm in twenty-five
rears. All branches of business and
Htreet car travel was paralyzed. Falling
M. Irilla linrA tin rl burned a 8100,
000 residence. Shipping also suffered
a creat loss. In New York the mercury
,oa on Aacrr below zero and snow
.a aa tan.t rlAftn. causing the Long
TJnnrl roilrnnfl to bfl closed. I'blla-
d Gloucester, Mass
also suffered ereatly by the storm,
u.ricor..! vftsftpln and thirty lives were
liU'U- WUVl w w - v
lost at Gloucester.
A meeting of the railway commission
was suddenly called and held in Raleigh
last week. It largely reduced freight
rates on corn in car-load lots, minimum
25,000 pounds; changing corn from class
D to K, new rate to be effective Feb.
10 on all roads. The commission de
cided to notify all officials of the At
lantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air
Line, who issue free passes, to produce
rHGaA Uisfa nf aII passes before the
rnmmission on Qt before Feb. 17. Of
fiinia rf iinth those Bvstems are aiso
ordered to furnish lists of all persons to
whom special rates for transportation of
lintel fi?ht or anv other special rates
of froirrMo linvo bpen criven. The com
mission amends its rule as to freight so
that in case of loss, damage or over
charge upon presentation of bill of lad
ing there must be thirty days for pay
ment of loss.
Winston's Record Broken.
Winston on the 1st broke the record.
She has held as the leading curing
tobacco manufacturing town 01 ine
State, both by shipping more tobacco
than heretofore in any one day, and
also as to her monthly record. In the
first instance, 123, 42i) pounds were
shipped and for the month of January
the record is: Number of pounds
manufactured and sold, 1,
pounds; cash received lor same & 113, -GG2.9U.
Tho grand total for the year
1S93, at this rate, will amount to about
2.000,000 pounds of leaf tobacco in the
raw state, of the value 01 aoouii,-
s.f:,tP nnntc RcDortTho Mate veoz.
Tho State treasurer has issued the
bank report for North Carolina, cover
ing fortv-five State, sixteen private and
six b&vings banks. It shows ?2,.-64,uuu
capital paid in ?30 1,000 surplus, $335,000
undivided profits, 8, 788,000 deposits
subject to check and loans ot S4,bi'.
000. The treasurer also makes a report
of the State debt, showing it is 33,3t30,-
000 in 4 per cents and 2,730,000 in t per
Vaccinating at the 3IU19.
The vaccinating process at the mills
has upset the work no little. The re
sistance of the operatives prom puna
them to flee in many instances, has left
idle looms aud spindles, business
good at present aud the mills are run ot
orders. Many of tho bands would have
been dismissed but for this fact.
Charlotte Observer.
Both North and South Suffering From
the Same Causes.
In sizing up the cotton mill situation,
CoL D. A. Tompkins, of Charlotte,
the centra of the cotton mill belt, who
has just returned from a trip to all the
cotton milling sections of the country,
'The New England mills are suffer
ing because they cannot sell their pro
ducts at a profitable price. The South
ern mills are underselling them be
cause they must. The mills of New
England and of the South both need
better markets. .There are some
conditions in the South
more favorable than in New England
fnr thA production of cheaper goods. If
the competition is reduced to that point
where it is a question of survival the
Southern mills can probably hold out
longer. Any improved condition which
puts cotton in the houthern States on
a satisfactory baei3 would also make
a very satisfactory oondition of things
in New England.
"England, and Germany are sending
ships here to carry away the bulk of our
raw cotton to be manufactured in those
countries at profitable prices. Our do
mestic market will no longer take tho
products of all the cotton factories in
this country. This is caused by the in
creasing number of factories, and by
the drying up of tee domestio markets.
Xne production 01 cuuuu
South has reached 10, 000, 000 bales. The
tendency all the time has been to make
more cotton at a cheaper rrice. We
need a revival of shipping interest and
mnrA tnnlmiral and textile schools. A
fine school has recently been established
ot T.nwAlt. Mass.. and another in Phil-
alAlnhio. And there is a discussion of
Via anliiflft in mflPV parts of the South,
With better -technical and practical
knowledge both New England and the
South will make better goods at cheap-
nnv.k Thin nt course, will have a
tendencv to extend trade, and will put
us in better position to ship goods
foreign countries."
Reported With an Amendment by
Senator Tillman Regarding
All Free Passes Issued by Railroad
Corporations Shall Bo Signed by
Some Officer of the Corporation.
Proceedings of Both tho Senate and
House Day By Day.
He Will Visit North find South Caro
Una and Florida.
Secretary Wilson, of the Agricultural
Department, will leave Washington in
a week or ten days for a visit to the
South, his objective points being North
and South Carolina and Florida.
Probablv the most of his time will
Toe spent in the latter State,
-wliAra Kecretarv Wilson wants to
look into the question of rais
insr hich erade tobacco. He believes
Florida to be capable of producing to
bacco almost, if not quite, equal to the
If this opinion is borne out, it may re
sult in the purchase and planting, un
der government supervision, of foreign
tobacco seed, with a view to determine
just what may be accomplished tinder
careful cultivation.
Washington. (Special.)- The Sen
ate committee on inter-State commerce
on the 3d authorized a favorable report
on the anti-Bcalpic hi '., with amend
nta. The most important of these
amendments was tho following, offered
by Senator Tillman, relating to railroad
"That the giving of free transporta
tion to pc -sons or property, except as
allowed ( y section 22, of the act
to regu.te commerce, approved
Feb. 4, 1307, Bhall be deemed an unjust
discrimination under section 2 cf said
act, and shall be punished as provided
m pection 10 of said act; ana in aaui-
tion lo the penalties upon individuals
provided in section 10, the corporations
which may bo guilty of any euch of
fences shall be punished by fine as in
said section provided.
"That all free passes issued by or in
bthalf of any railroad corporation sub
ject to tho provisious of said act, shall
be signed by some officer of the cor
poration authorized by vote 01 me ui
rectors to sign the same, and every such
railroad corporation eliall Keep a rec
ord showing the date of every free
pass, the name of the persoC to whom
it is issued, the points between which
the passage is granted, ana -ueiner a
single trip or time pass, and, 11 tne lai-
tr thA tim lor wliicn U is issueu,
and this record shall at all times be
open to the mtor-State commerce com
missioners, or to their representatives
who may be duly authorized in writing
to examine the tame.
Taken From Jail and Hanged.
An unknown negro, who was refused
Returned From the Wild West.
a rm tv of twentv negroes, who left
Davie county six months ago, 6ays the
Charlotte Observer, for Indiana, came
back lat week and will settle in Wins
ton They said they had enough of
the wild West, -lhey iook preny
"seedv." and it is said that tney were
helped to get back.
Money for Public Schools.
rrv,a citotA Superintendent of Public
Instruction ha been notified mat ine
following amounts in aid of the public
schools had been raisea D.y specim tax
ation, or by subscription: Davidson
county, 3103; Mecklenburg, 3541; Ruth
erford, SI, 850; ureene. soo.uv,
wood, 8210; Watauga, 8100.
Manly Calls a 31eeting.
State Democratic Chairman Manly
calls a meeting of tho State committee
at Raleigh k eb. ai o f
savs: "It is hoped there
The Hardest Winter in Wyoming for
Nineteen Years.
Thousands of sheep are reported to
have perished from cold and starvation
in western Wyoming. The cold has
been intense for sixty days and old
timers say that it is the hardest winter
they have seen for the past nineteen
years. Carbon county has 500,000
sheep and stock masters there fear the
loss will amount to 2 y per cent, ijosses
among cattle will not be so heavy, as
owners had been preparing for several
years to feed their stock during the
severe weather.
Becoming Frenzied hi a liellslous
Argument He Kill Three People.
A special from Little Rock, Ark., of
the Sd, says: Sol. F. Autrey, a farmer
of Fraokiin couuty, accompanied by
his family, weut early yesterday morn
ing to visit his aged father and mother,
living near Mulberry. Shortly after
his arrival, Autrey became engaged in
a religions argument with the old folks.
Suddenly he grasped an iron bar, kill
ed his father, mother and his ten-year-old
son. and wounded his wife and
three remaining children, two of whom
are not expected to live.
Ilia -wife and eldest daughter, al
though badlv hurt, managed to notuy
the neighbors. hen they reached the
house they found Autrey a raving rna
niftfi with hia clothing on fire. He was
overpowered after a hard struggle.
Antrav has been chained all day, talk-
ntr inoohtfrentlv. swearing that witches
are the cause o"f the act. Some doubt
his insanity.
R(Vrn Day.- The Senate passed two of
the general appropriation bills that
for the army carrying 823,143,492, and
that for the legislative, judicial and ex
ecutive departments carrying $21,058,
520 were passed, the latter consisting
of 121 pages, occupying the attention of
the Senate during the greater part ol
the session. Tillman presented the cre
dentials of John M.McLanrin, as aSen
ator from South Carolina to fill the un
expired term of the late Senator Earle,
the term ending March 4, 1903. The
oath of office was administered to Mc
Laurin by the Vice President
81st Day, -In the Senate Senator
Piatt, of Connecticut, opened the de- ;
bate for the annexation of Hawaii, and
tho friends of the treaty are determined
to press it to a ?ml vote. Senator
Thurston made a motion to postpone
further consideration, but was voted
down. Senator Pettigrew spoke against
annexation in opposition to Senator
Piatt. Sixty votes is claimed sure for
32d Dat. -The Senate discussed the
annexation of Hawaii. Twenty thous
and dollars was appropriated for repre
sentation at the Fisheries Exposition,
in Norway. Cullom, of Illinois, of the
appropriations committee, called up
the agricultural appropriation bill. As
it passed the House the measure carnea
83,300,902. As reported to the Senate
the bill carried 83,512,202, an increase
over the House bill of 8151,000.
33d Day. In the Senate Senator
Caffery, of Louisiana, challenged the
rirrht of the admission of Cor-
bett to a seat as SeDator from
Oregon, claiming that the Gov
ernor had no right ta send him,
Martin, of Virginia, presented the cre
dentials of Daniel as Senator from
Virginia, elected for a term of six years,
beginning on March 4, 1890. The ag
riculturial bill, carrying $3,527,202
passed with amendments. Piatt, of
Connecticut, read a lettler from a
member of the Connecticut Grange, in
which the statement was made that the
seeds sent out were bad. Bacon, of
Georgia, thought there ought to 00 a
reform in the distribution of seeds.
34th Dat. The Senate passed a bill
nrovirtino- for the erection of a puhlio
building at lieaumont, lcxas, at a cost
not to exceed 8100,000. In the execu-
lvo Fession Senator Vvhite concluded
his three days' speech in opposition to
the annexation of Hawaii. He review
ed at length the general policies and
theories of our government, declared
that the question was above nil poli
tics and iuat it was a step wnicn, 11
taken, could not add to our glory or in
crease our wealth, or be regarded as
in accordance with our honesty, ben
ator Lindsay spoke to question of per
sonal privilege on the resolution recent
ly passed by the Kentucky Legislature,
demanding his resignation. He denied
that he had betrayed the trust of his
constituency, and Btated that he fully
represented the whole people of Ken
tucky and that he wss not the agent 01
the Legislature. The Senate adjourn
until Monday.
1 The American Population of African
! Descent Has Increased
Will Still Go On Improving In Men
tal Calibre and In Social Instincts
as in the Tast.
The variations cf statistics in regard I
to the future of the Negro in this ooun- J
try are remarkable. At the poriod of
emancipation two theories were brought
forward", both supported from time to
time with figures -one to tho effect
that, delved of the fostering and
stimulating influences cf riavery, the
Klk iiaoi.Ia would speedily perish '
from the earth; and tho other, that tho
Negro, euffered to run at larco would
increase, multiply and overrun the
couutry, especially tho oith. liotu
nifties of theories have kept up their
1 speculations since, although the advo
! cates of immediate extinction have re
I ceived something of a setback In me
generally admitted met that tue Ameri
can population of African descent has
increased in the last half century from
four to seven millions.
The common sene view of the sub
ject is that an increasing proportion ol
the Negro race will go on in tho future,
as in the past twenty years, improving
in mental caliber aud social instincts,
and that tho time will come when a Ne
gro of high character will command the
same respect and enjoy the f ame oppor
tunities for the enjoyment of the better
things iu lifeiu this country that he
does today in England. obody, at the
present time, seriously entcnaius uj
of the tensational views held by some
persona fifteen years ago, that the Ne
gro race is likely to crowd out the
white?, by mere force of numbers, in
h! area, in this country.
The increase in wh te population from
18-;) to 1-U0 was 27 per cent, and the
increase iu the number of colored pco
pie in the same timo was only 12 per
cent. Thero is no doubt that the whites
will continue thus to gain rapidly on
the colored population, but the idea of
the ultimnte extinction cf the colored
race in America is quite as baele as
the notion that the colored population
will some time be great enough to
menace tne uominauu ui
race. Kansas City Star.
New York. -Cotton quiet Middling
npland, ft 15-16; Middling Gulf 0 3-10.
Futures closed steady. ,
Opening. Closing.
( September,
I November
' December.
5 G9 5 07
6 72 5 C J
6 74 5 73
5 73 5
5 83 5 80
6 85 5 83
5 83 5 88
5 83 5 87
fcrvcnrooTi cottos MAnTrr.T.
Liverpool. Middling 3 7-32. I ntures
closed quiet
lAntiarv. . i 1 11 1 1 1 ( t
January and February 3 OSj&OJ
8 0809
3 08(03
3 00 b
8 10
m., ana
will be a
the State
full attendance as matters
the privilege of walking through a tun- convention ana other matters of impor-
jael ci tne ronoin. nuu itcokiu 1 tance win to coumucicu
road, near Bramwcll, W. Va., shot
Harry Draper, tne watenmau, a.uuu
hiui instantly. A posse soon formed
and captured the negro, later placing
him in jail, but soon afterwards fifty
men took the prisoner from the jail and
lynched him, after which his body was
riddled with bullets.
Turley Elected Senator.
At Nashville, Tenn., the Democratic
caucus on the first ballot on the 1st,
nominated for Senator Thomas B. Tur
ley of Memphis to fill the unexpired
term of Isham G. Harris. Mr. Turley
was appointed by Governor Taylor
ffar MArmtnr Harris' death. The bal
lot stood: Turley 46; McMillin 43; Tay
lor 1. Turley is an ex-Confederate, a
mini silver man. and his term will
not expire until March, 1901.
Waffea Increased for 1,500 Miners,
TVia farnaeie Mining Company,
operating four of the largest iron mines
Vm nncnViArt ranee. Wisconsin, ana
mploy ing 1,500 men, has announced
inai) 10 per cent, in the wages
of the employes. From expressions of
other mud owners, it is probable an in
crease in wages will shortly be made by
other companies.
Spain May Abandon Cuba.
Gen. Arolas has said that Spain can
not carry on the war in Cuba beyond
July, and that if bv that time the island
is not pacified Spain will be obliged to
abandon it fpr lack of resources. He
also expresses the belief that Premier
KarYAftta And Henor Moret. the minister
forthe colonies, intend to abandon the
island by July next
"V A New Powder in Germany,
It is said on good authority that the
Trussian government has bought the
iole rights to a new gun-powder invent
ed by ilerr Otto Hempel, a druggist of
Wiedo Its merit consists in being
perfectly smokeless ; it leaves no resi
due whatever and the weapon only re
quires two-thirds of the present charge
to produce the same effect, while the
explosion causes but little noise.
PoitoJiico icobbed.
' By blowing open the eafe at the Can
ton (Mass. ) potAtoffice thieves seonred
2,000 wortholstoiUL-..
Inducing Women to Go to Utah,
A Catholic priest says the people have
no sort of idea of the largeness of the
Mormon missionaries in the State. It
i naifl the Mormons are seenin i iu
duce voung women to go
Raleigh Correspondent
to Utah.
Charlotte Ob-
Unable to Connect the Senator With
Any Bribery.
A special from Columbus, O., says:
Charles Steitz and George Brown, two
hackmen, have been examined by the
Senate committee investigating the
alleged bribery charges to attempt to
(show that H. H. Boyce. who is alleged
to have attempted to" bribe Representa
tive Otis, came to Columbia on the af
ternoon of inauguration day and met
Major Rathbone, one of Senator II anna's
managers. The testimony failed of its
For Two Years it Amounts to $240,
00O,00O. The cost of the Cuban war from Feb
ruary 1895, to the end of 1897, is offi
cially estimated at $240, 000, 000, besides
the arrears due from the Cuban Treas
ury. amounting to 40, 000, 000.
The Imparcial complains that the
commercial negotiations between Spain,
Cuba and the United states are being
intrusted to Senor de Lome, the Span
ish minister at Washington, and urges
the government to appoint experts to
examine the terms for the treaty on
Spain's behalf-
Almost Frozen to Death When FofEJd.
House Blown Down.
On the Srd, a terrific snow store, pre
vailed at Leachtown, W. V a. urocK
Gaines, the teacher; Samuel Day,
Carl Anderson ana two children named
Catrill, were lost for two hours in the
storm. They were nearly frozen when
found. The house of Wm. Ilenthorn
was blown down. Several barns were
destroyed and many fences demolished.
o iieiaw zero.
Colony Looking for a Place to Jjcrcmte.
Mr. J. A. Elliott, of C. H. Dudley &
Co., insurance, has received a letter
from a party in Philadelphia, wanting
a hundred thousand
acres of land can be had in this btate
for the establishment of a Northern -colony.
Charlotte Observer.
After Caldwell and Pearson.
The United States Supreme Court
granted a rule for Railway Commis
sioners Caldwell and Pearson to appear
before it Feb. 21st and show cause why
they should not be attached for con
tempt. -,
Scrap9 of News.
The State Medical Society meets in
Charlotte May 3-5.
The State charters me HeauoasBn
Mills Company, of Stanly county, cap
ital $175,000.
The State charters the Isbell Corun
dum Company, of Clay county, capital
A gold vein has been discovered by
the graders on the Durham and
Charlotte Railroad in Moore county.
The Freight Traffic Association, of
nr,Wn asks the railway commis
sion to reduce the freight rates on coal.
of State licenses the
X UO wa j -
-r-i TVir Insurance Company of
xr VnrV to do business in this
lion w- f - - "Rrvant was burned to death
ot. T.n-riTVCTtnn bv having his clothing
catch fire whjla under the influence of
rrv.a cinlrinir of part of the Isthmus of
Panama is feared from the continued
Fowler's Cotton Factory at Elizabeth
City has been burned. The loss is $18,
000: insurance $12,000. Fifty persons
are knocked out of emyloyment,
plant will be rebuilt.
Rv- II Loaned $393,000 W'lthout
the Bank Directors' Consent.
Cashier Quinlan has resigned "his po
sition in the Chemical National Bank,
New York, after confessing that he had
oaned three hundred and ninety-three
thousand dollars without the sanction
n4 tha dirnctorB. He savs he received
1 . - ,1
no benefit personally from tne canceled
ona And savs he hones tne bans win
recover some of the money.
Wanamaker for Governor.
a nnfrnce of business men from
all over the State met in Philadelphia,
Pa under the auspices of tho Business
Man's League, and resolved to request
TVm Wanamaker to become a candi-
" -r , ,.
date for the liopuoncan nommunuu iu
nMmnr. ftirainst the candidate favor-
rl bv United States Senator Quay,
Ar;T.rtnA APti-Uuav resolutions wero
adopted. .
Turley Elected Senator.
T-ho Tennessee Senate and House met
on the 2nd in joint convention to elect a
TTnitori urates senator, uuu. xuuiuuo
Democrat, was elected, re-
p.Aiving 41 votes, xne nepuuipuo
ol fnr Hon. J. W. Baker, of Nash-
C4th Day. The House buried the
Teller resolution declaring the bonds
of tho United States payable in silver,
under an adverse majority of 60 votes.
The Republicans were solidly arrayed
in opposition, with two exceptions.
Linnevfof North Carolina, who voted
with the Democrats and Populists, and
White, of North Carolina, who an
swered "present," when his name was
called. The desertions from the Dem
ocratic side were McAleer, of Penn
sylvania, and Elliott, of South Caro
lina. Both voted with the Republicans
against the opposition. Speaker Reed,
though it is not customary for him to
vote, had his name called, and, amid
the cheers of his followers, went 011
record in opposition to the resolution.
The vote was reached after five hours of
debate, undor a special order adopted at
the opening of the session.
35th Dat. The House is still harp
ing on prosperity. The District of
Columbia appropriation bill was not
completed. Simpson read newspaper
clippings to show that the lumber in
terests in Maine were not prospering,
but, Dingley, in reply, declared that
the Maine papers were full of evidences
of the improvement in the lumber in
dustry. Mahanv, Republican, of New
York, presented in open House, the
protest of 10,000 German voters against
the Lodge immigration bill.
SGth Day. The House after three
days on the District of Columbia ap
propriation bill, mostly in political do
votA nAciRAd the measure today, and
Give Us More Race Pride.
What we need as a race is more race
rride. Every nationality under the sun
is clannish and will stand or fall with
their people. This spirit is manifest in
Southern cities, among the piogressiye
uiombers of our race, but in the North
no such f aeling prevails. A race must
work out its own salvation and carve its
own name embossed in its own deeds.
Our race doctors, merchants, barbers
and other business and profesioued
men should have the hearty support of
all progressive people. They should be
encouraged by people to attain the
heights of other business men who have
hadVears of experience in the business
they follow. Not uutil we aro Fclf
supporting can we hope to accomplish
much. Tho Illinois Record.
February and March
March and April
Ai ril and May
M iyacd Jnue 8 10
Julyiand August. 3 11JJ13
a..ii nnd SAtitcmber . ivi
mi:! October H 13 b
riioiu'vi , iO-1A
October and November
November and December 3 14 b
December and January
Charleston. Cotton steady ; middling
5 1-4. - 1 1
Wilmington. Cotton firm; mid
dling Cii.
Savannah. Cotton quiet;
5 3-115.
Norfolk. Cotton quiet;
'Memphis. -Cotton firm;
0 5-10. . .
Augusta. Cotton steady;
5 t)-l(. , 1
Baltimore. Cotton nominal; mid-
1 cfoininbia-Market quiet; goood mid
dling 5 3-10. ,
Charlotte Market steady; good mid
dling 5.40.
Baltimore. -Flour dull;
1 mrernne 2.80(:1.20; do extra a-i.w
4.10; do family M. -I'M w ' " JU' " , "
patents $1.8 10; spring do
Liu; spring wheat straights fcl.00C"i
5 0
" Wheat -Easier; M of, month and
February li),WJl; March WlWi.
May yiU7?; steamer No. iel
04'(0.'; Southern wheat by n.u
rla :K)0lJ'.; do on grade U-lj ('.'.?-
Corn-Dull and pumt ; spot, month and
February 33H332; March MmWi
atcauicr mixed r bid; Southern white
ccrn :5..;.:UJ; do yellow 8:j3L
Oats-Firm: No. 2 white 2033,
No. 2 active 23.
Charleston Turpentine firm at 82.
Rohin firm and unchanged.
Savannah. Turpentine firm at 83
bi t. Rosin firm aud unchanged. Re
ceipts 3,729; water white 2.4 ; window
glass 2.10; N 1.95; other grades un
changed. ..n ,.,i
Wilmington. Turpentine firm at. J J
ft;2. Robin firm at ).15ftl.0.
Crude turpentine steady at 1.40(1.00.
Tar steady at 1.00.
Put Down Cowardly Actions.
There is no questioning the fact that
if we would rise in the estimation of
the public wo must aim to put down all
cowardly actions, frown upon every thing
that has a tendency to lower uh in the
estimation of the better class of people.
The better element of our people fail to
enjoy many privileges that would
otherwise be accorded, because there
are others of tho race that would abuse
them. This is no argument for dis
crimination, but it is a forciblo truth,
and one with which we como in con
tact with every day. We hope to see
the day when every man will bo judged,
not by what some one else is, but by
what he is himself.
Both the Ohio aud the Kanawha rivers 1 then took up the bill to provide for the
were frozen over.
To Circulate the Bible.
An Association was formed in Chica-
co for the purpose of spreading the cir-
oulation 01 tue diuib. iixcuujf iuc
of 830.000 is in hand, and this with all
subsequent capital, is to ue expwuueu
in placarding dead walls, rocks, bill
boards and street car signs with Bibli
cal texts.
Medical Marriages.
Representative Chas. W. Parker, of
Cuyahoga county has introduced in the
Ohio legislature a bill requiring all
persons applvibg for license to marry,
to pass a meaicai examination, x rnuu
Vainer rlinsomania. anv form of ln-
, . - , .
sanity, hereditary tuoercuiosiH cr cou
Bnmntion or siphilis. are barred from
marriage by the bill. An examining
board of three physicians in etch
county will be created by the bill if it
becomes a law.
A New York World's Fair.
Senator McNulty introduced in the
New York legislature a bill providing
for a world's fair in New York in 1901.
It provides for the issuauce of munici
pal stock to the amount of two million
Richmond Will Appeal.
The city of Richmond, V a., will ap-
i ti Supreme Court in its case
cak nv 1
; : Ttfill Telephone Company,
, .u.j r.rsvT nf thA latter in the
cieciueu. u - . . , 1 liooou. 1-- .
tt:i.j at.ias Piirvtiit Court of Appeals. AtaA And plans were discussed
U L11LUU. . . , , " .. -
and which involves ine rigu ui nio vjr
to eject the company.
National Pet Stock Association.
The National Pet Stock Association
held its eecond annual meeting at
Madison Square Garden, New York, on
ia 3d -with the thirty-four members
present. A permanent examination was
Gasolene Stove Trust.
manufacturers of the
formed a strong trust
known as the Union Vapor Stove Com
pany, at Cleveland, O.
iv- Vumn. nf a nt stock snow oon in
this city. This ticket was nominated
for officers for the year the election to
takeplace later: President, H. B- fcv
age of Texas; vice-president, L. Banks
Hol't of North Carolina; secretary, Jos.
Lawrence, of Massachusetts; treasurer,
Henry Hencon. of New York.
onoet. dAfAnses of the country, lur
Hemenway, Republican, of Indiana, in
charge of the bill, explained its pro
visions. The estimates of the War De
partment for fortifications and other
works of defense, armament, etc., were
$13,378,571, while the amount carried
by the bill was but $4,144,912, the ap
propriations for continuing the policy
inAntrnrated bv the Fiftieth Congress,
Bince which time $39,334,253 had been
spent. The bill was generally criti
cized and the debate continued.
37th Day. The House epent the day
ostensibly considering the fortifications
appropriations bills. McClellan,
(Dem.) of New York, offered an amend
ment to increase the appropriation fov
guns and mortar batteries from $1,
000,000 to $5,000,000. It was voted
down.' An amendment ofiered by
Foote (Rep.) of New lorn, to appro
priate a 839,000 for Fort Montgomery,
Lake Cham plain, N. Y., was voted
down. In reality, the major portion
of the time was consumed in the dis
cussion of political topics.
88th Day. In the House a Lill was
passed to amend tho act of Jan. 31, 1895,
granting rights of way through the pub
lic domain for tramways, canals and
reservoirs so as to grant those rights for
cities and privato corporations. At
present the rights of way are given only
for mining and irrigation purposes.
The evening session was devoted to the
consideration of private pension bilb'.
39th Day. The House had un
der consideration the bill mak
ing appropriations for fortifications
and coast defences. Little interest
ed to be manifested in the pro-
aai! intra, less than oue-half of th
Practice Good Breeding,
Colored folks, we must condemn the
ill-bred and badly behaved members ol
our race. We must v-raouce goou
breeding. It will not do to go about
trying to "pick a quarrel" with either
white or colored folks. We must make
a laudable effort to please all with
whom we come in contact If we fail,
let it not be our fault Whenever we
have to fall out or tight with anyone,
white or colored, let him be the ag
gressor. Richmond Planet
- 1
Euter Into the inner Life.
No people can reach the highest civ
ilization until they are free, happy and
prosperous. This they cannot attaitt as
long as they servilely copy the glitter
and outside show of civilization. If
our people would reach the highest at
tainments they must enter into the in
ner life get down to the foundation ol
all true civilization ; tnis is nr6tuiijr.
The Virginia Baptist.
New York -Cotton seed oil firm;
primo crude 19 asked; prime summer
yellow 22; off summer yellow 21 J bid;
primo winter yellow 27J to 2SJ.
E-tlmatrsof tho Quantity and Value
of DllTcrcnt Products.
The final estimates of acreage, pro
duction aud value of the crops of the
United States for 1897, made by the
tatistician of the Department of Agri
culture, are as follows:
Wheat :V.l,4ti',0iK) acres, 630,149,108
bashels, V47,121 n oali,
!57r, acre. 0J8. 7(55, 809 buhols, $147,
9741719 xnhie; rye 1,703,601 acres, 27,
C03.324 buhe s, $12,329,647 value; bar
ley 2.710,110 acres, r.r,,857,875 bushels,
$" 14 139 value; buckwheat 7t7,83tl
acres, '14.007,451 buhel, $0,810,183
value; potatoes 2,534,577 acres, 104,
015.904 bushels, 8U, 643,053 value, hay
42 420.770 acres, 00,004,870 tons, $401,-
True Leadership.
There are but lew men wnu cnjr
understand the elements oi uuo
ehip. Men may be lead, but true man
hood repudiates the whip and the las 1.
'those who would lead must have the
Inve. respect, confidence and esteem of
those whom they desire to lollow
their wake. Christian Index.
The final estimate of the tobacco pro
duction in the United States for 1896,
made bv the Agricultural Department,
place the total yield at 403,001,320
pounds, valued at S24.258 070 The
area cultivated amounted to 094.74J
acres. Seveu States produced ft crop
valued at more than a million dollars.
viz: JvenmcKy .--,.
lina S.-.,4'.i(y;:54; Virginia M,013,l8l;
Tennessf-o $2,404,810; Ohio $1,000,000;
Pennsylvania $1,299,642; Connecticut
Spain's Uflatlon With the U.S.
A cablegram from Madrid says: At a
racent meeting of the cabinet council
Jienor Uullon, the ciogn Minister
announced that the relations of Spain
with the United States were good, and
he ex resced a hope that a commercial
underbtanding would noon be arranged.
Want a Duty va HIcyclrs.
The bicycle manufacturers of Canada
have asked the government for a spe
cific duty of $9 on each bicycle iaorted
from the United States, with 1 '-i,o-vision
that in no rase thall it i,v ..'
than the equivalent of 25 per cent, ha,'
valorem. 'Ihe present tariff imposes a
duty of 30 per cent, ou bicycles.
Fame and Notoriety,
Fame and notoriety is the avergo col
ored men's standard of greatness 1 If a
man possess a gift of gab and have a
few set phrases, high sounding and 1111
;ii;rriMA li is eet down as great.
But time, it is hoped, will remedy this
evil. Colorado un.
Jottings By tho Way
uwnHAl colored men in business
will do much toward solving the Negro
Young man, quit the evening party
and go to night school. Brains is what
you need.
tVia idleness and worthlessness of
members being present during the re many ot our younjrri.. -
Bion. The bill was passed carrying $4,
Must Pay the Tax.
Tho Supreme Court of Virginia has
decided that the newspapers of
Norfolk must pay the tax recently im
posed by the city council, thus revok
ing the opinion of Circuit Judge Pren
tiss, who ruled that it was illegal, bo
cuupe the city could impose no tax
where the State had failed to do so.
141,512 against
pn -1 -iftst vear.
The stronger the butter is in the
the weaker it is in the market.
to the progress of the race
Jnlius Stevens, colored, a native and
fnrmerlv school teacher at Goldsboro,
N. C is
now Attorney-General ol
An Agfd Couple Murdered.
Virginia Dill" Friley, an old citi
zen of Elliott county, agod 80 years,
and his wife, about 70 years of age,
were murdered at their home in Elliott
county, Ky., and robbed of from $303
to $1,200. There is no clue totbumur.
der. A maul was the instrument used.
No one was at home except the old
couple. Tho crime is shrouded in my
tciy. Intense excitement ireTails in
the neighborhood. If the perpetrators
are discovered a lynching will lo'.low.

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