APTIST CONFAB Readies The lass 01' ieate HHAlUNGl EDITION lOLOMN 17 No. 28 WEEK ENDING SATURDAY JUNE 1M7 rmict •• 'v j \-vwi-: Negro Attorney Appointed By Court Dr. Sebastin Killed In Auto Wreck Brown Bomber Score^REENSBORO PHYSICIAN knockout In 8th To THE NEW HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION, JOE LOUIS The iL'iiown Bomber, Joe Louis who defeated Jim Braddock Tuesday night by a knockout in the eighth lound of the scheduted-^ round battle to ascend a a throne where only one member of tJ^s race has prev iously held. - :*.W^ 'mm. ■ 'm VP.f* lawyei G. J. Gates Is First Of Race To Be Given Delense By Jiidee Increase In Wages Edgar G. Brown, pVesident of the Unit«t=03V€MMmint Employes, Inc., appeared before the Sub- Committee of the Committee on -Appropriations of the United States Senate in behalf of the 1003 employes in the laundry and dry surprise to learn that there ^vere|16 in Ft. Monroe, Va., 5 in Ft. federal government employes re- Moultree, S. C., 37 in Ft. Myer, rceiving as little as $1.00 a day. He said, ."I am frank tb say that I would not for a minute stand for paying anyone |il50 ayear." In the ooursfe of the discussion cleaning plants of the War -De—Senator Russell of .Georgia men- partment who are now rweiving tioned that-: he had offered an from |il.00 a day to $tH)0.00 a year, amendment that would give a dif- as regular .full time employes of the U. S. government. ' In his open.ing statement before the" committee, Mr. -jBi r>wn™said: “May I express my profound per sonal thanks an4 appreciation to the Cha^'man, Senator Copeland, Senator MeAd^so, Senator Thomtia, Senator Reynolds, Senator Rus sell and the other suhcatnmittee members for this opportunity to pre*ei)t to you the distressing con dition of mo^'e than 1,000 men and ■women Jaundry employes rjeCeiv ing $1 a di^ or less as regular full-tinis employes of the United States Government, up to |i00 a year. This is the lowest ^paid group of Federal employes, and they are now working in the 34 laundries, and dry cleaning es- tabliihments, 29 of them in con- tinc.' al United Btates and locKt> •Ml in every part of the coOntry, 2 111 4h« Philippines,*"i in Hawaii, and the inaular possessions under the War Department." great ferent al of not more than 15 per cent for labor in..different parts of the country, and mejitioned to Senator McA«oo that in California people* doing the same kind of i^ork as those in Georgia receive Va., and'4 in Ft. , Screven, Ga,, who will benefit ^ this $60,000 increase, according to Mr. Brow^. At this conclusion of his state ment before - the subcommittee, Mr. Brown mentioned that the Committee was considering giving a raise to the meehanics employ ed in the War Department who are receiving $1.14"an hour, while the workers for - whom he was pleading received less than $1.00 a day, to which Senator Copeland replied, “You have madea gob5 125 per cent more than the Geor-jO.»tement Mr. Brown.” # gia laborers, ,tq which the Sena tor from Cafifornia replied, “That shows Ve are a civilized commun ity in„California.” This $50,00 increase in wages for the laundry workets recom mended by Mr. Brown, United Government "Employes head was appioved by tb(p Senatft spb-com- mittee on June 1C, 1987, and re ported to the U. S. Senate for passage. It' will give an addition al $60 to $li20 a year increase to ihese colored employes who are employed by the War Departm^t and reeeiving fl.OO a day up to $600.00 a year. Among the workers benefited in continental United States are, 98 in Ft. Bsrihing, Ga., - in Ft. Bragg, Hi C; 5 in, Ft. Brown, Tex., By J. H. MaUoy In the trial of Willie Alexan der arid Sam Burtbn, who were charged with the second degree murder of Dewey Oole on May 30th. Judge R. H. Parker, Judge presiding over the tenth judicial district, appointed Attorney C. J. G»tes to represent'Willie Alex ander, a co-defendant in the case, who was charged with mur- dejii „ Dewey Cole, an innocent by stander was killed as a result of a stray .as«|^.i#Btilt of an argument* with" Saim'TBcrton Aron Williams in which one Sam Hunter interfered and tried -to make peace. The trial laster "^a day and o hakf and- the'-^defendants wece cnvicted for second degree mHP- der with reccemendation for GETS appointment > JOE LOUIS WINS TITLE Brown Boaber GeU Off CanvaJii In 1st. K. O. Braddock In 8th. >Last Tuesday night in Comis* key Park, Joe Louis, the bombing Brown Bomber of Tistiana, pick ed himself out of the resin in the first roonch of )iis fight for the heavyweight championship of the world and foaght the greatest bat tle of his young career to go down in history as the second man of his race to win that coveted price of fistiana, the world’s champion ship. One of Etraddock's choppy rijphts caught Louis on the jow in the very first rovtnd an^ sent the Bv«wn fo tke ckHvas, iMt he was up without a count, fight- iBg harder than ever. Tfia g ditttfgPt Louis from the one who faced Max Schmeling last 8{iramer. He was cool, calcu lating and accurate under fire, and a roaring demon of destruct- ion^on the offense. One mrftute and ten seconds af ter hostilities ha^ begun for the 8th round, Braddock’s jaw got in the way of that pile-driving right of the Bomber's and the fight was over. iBesidea cheiving his greatest aim, Louis also proved to Him self and others that the Schmeling disaster did not affect his fight ing ability. He proved^ that he could get off the canvas and still win. No doubt about ■ it, be a great champion and a fighting one, and from all indications he will be champion fbr a long, h>ng time. FATALLY INJURED JIIEN HIS CAR HITS TRUCK. GreentboVo, June 26.^Dr. S., P. Sebastian, prominent «nd well know-n .,ji|^'sician of Greensboro succumbed here this n^oming about 4:30 from injuries sustajn- W'‘ln an automobile wreck which occured when his car collided with that of a trucfk driven by James Poteat, white man of 30 East Fifth Street, urlington. » Dr. Sebastian, according to po lice reports was proceeding in his car west from Washington Street when it was struck by a Turner Transfer Truck traveling: south on Benbow Road. The truck, it was r«portaA rMu- end of D*^ Sebastian’s car and knocked it 20 or more feet m a sidew^ise position The automobile in which the phy- 'Bii'iuR—was—fkting—sti-urk a tele- phone pole, Mtting-jt 8 feet from the groiipid,. Dr. Sebastian was rushed ta Richardson Memorial hospital whtre it was found h* was suffering from * fractured left jow, a fractureaj skull, a bro ken left arm and internal injuries. He succumbed without, having gained consciousness. The officers stated the dnv«r of the truck evidently did not pay eny heed to the stop sign on Ben bow Road before entering Wash ington Street. ^ " The driver of the'' truck war pUftid under, a $14^0 bojid sA the time of the wre.k, and it is thought the bond will be increased since the accident resulte\i in the death of Dr. Sebastian, Raleigh Is Host To Baptist Congress moved into Braddock. They spjr-j RAI>EIGH, June 24.—THe rs- red. Joe pecked Jim with light, ejection of the present slate of lefts. Braddock crowded Joe to the ropes and Louis clinched. They broke and Joe missed a right haymaker to the head. Thay ey- ed,,£ach other in the center of the ring and Joe backed away. Brad dock landed a clean left to the face. Braddock kept his left to officers to serve anoth-^r year was the outstanding feature of Thursday’s program of the Nat’* Negro Baptist Congress now ih session at Raleigh. The annual message ot peaaidcttt. H Jernagin of Washington, D. C. also f^tared th« program of yts- Senator McAdaa added at this point,. “I think that Taundry work is a'lWully hard work for ;>v dollar a da^.” * In rcsp&n^ to a statetnent made' -by ^Senator Duffy of Wis consin at 'the Senate hej^rings on the 'War Department ■ appropria tion, that, in some places where you have colored people in that locality receiving np more than $1 a day in private Industry, Senatoi McAdoo replied, “t do not care' whether,they are white or black. It makes il%“ difference to me. I am just talking about thfs Gov ernment, as a government, stand ing for such a pittance to peopW under conditions that I think are unjustifiable. It does not takt (Cof|tiB]Ufd on pa|[te ATTORNEY C, J. GATES, pro mercy by the jury^It is alleged t^is city who that this is the first time a Na-' gro lawyer has been appoin'ed by the Superior Court, in a legal re presentative capacity. Thw writer hopes that this procedure ^will b« followed by othor Superior Court 5udgies throughout the State and wherever. NegrcT lawyers are wor thy of such appointments. N«- gro lawyers are just a#-: si^alite of handling appointments Siicn ns recieivers, re:frees etc., as w^ii^ lawyers are, and should be given such opportunities*. May the ap pointment of Attorney Gates be ' 'the first step toward this move. Atflofhey Gates rMi^ed A- was appointed this week to d6>- fend a Negro murderer by Judge^ E. Hunt Parker. Attorney "Gates is believed to be the first lawyer of his race to b‘ apipointed judge to represent a defendtCnt in North Carolina. ROUND ONE Braddock led with a right and wad^ into Jos, holding his head. Joe feinted and fllektd a left to Braddock’s head. They sparred both waiting for an» opening. They danced about the ring, .^uis appeared to be measuring l^is-'ihan. Araddock missed with a right and left. He back«d off Joe and took a left to the jaw Bra.idVk feinted with his left and backed about the ring^ Joe swerved aqd bobbed sending a left to Braddock’s jaw and rights t6~*the body. Braddock went on the ropes covering up from a. l^rage of rights and lefts from Louis, he missed and waited for an opening. Joe swarmed into him and had him groggy. Louis wOTt down for no count from shoH left into the stomach and his eyes looked gtassy. It was a clean blow;, The crowd rose oh its -hind legs and cheer£d tn the echo. Braddock’s round. ' in Joe’s face and landed a right t^rday on top of Joe’s head. They_mix- ed it in the center of the ring. Joe landed rights to Braddock’s head that had him groggy and tiolding on as the bell ended the round. Joe seemed to be warm ing up. Louis’s round. ROUND THREE Joie led wit lefts to the face. _ The otficers ar as follow^: Headed by Dr. Jernagin, as president, the other offitera - lected to serve another y'ar were: ; * ■ ' The Rev. O. C. Maxwell, Ne>« York City, vice president-at large th^ Rev. H. T. Sims, Wichitu, iK^nderson case whert two Ne gro boys were charged with rape I on t»ro white girls. The. bpys were cnvicted and sentenced to liflRi but'the Supreme Court of North Caitolina revised the verdict, and the boys eventually sentenced t» six years in ' penitentiary and round two iBraddoek led wi^ a left to the Louia countered with the same- Braddock backed away altd missed a right cross to Joe’s head. Joe b^ked- away and wa^ a^isst the ropes with Brad dock leading witii Ifeft crosses to the face. Joe ducked a left; and Kans., recording secietary; il.' L They eyed eac^ other and moved ^ gj^oyvn, of New York City»_assi^- cautiously. Joe stu:k hih left in tent r^ording secretary i thi» KeV ” Jim’s face andbwkedaway. Brad- jL. D. lunn, GVand Rapids, Mich., dock missed with a wild right an>V. corresponding secrgtary ; lAdii 'E’. Joe backed away but wadded in [ Butler, IndianapolS, Ind., treaau- with lefts and took a left to the rer; the Biev. .Wm.^fBoe, Eustis; jaw in exchange. Braddock went Fla., statisticiaUr Luci« E. Camp- in-center of ring and tried blows^bell, Memphis, Tennesafe,r wusie to Joe’s body. Bracjdock took a director; the Rev. A. M. Town- right on the head. Tl^jf sparred, send, Nashville, Tensr, director Joe landed a sharp left to thflf^neral; E|. Isaa^ Nashville, asso. head and bobbed and weaved un- ciate dir^t^r generah and tM der Brfddock and ,crowded h'fhr Rev. M. A.^Talley of Indianapo- near the center of the ring. Joe lis, Ind., deiCn. ducked a right from Braddock be-i „ ...... fore it got started. Braddock led^ f' with lus left ind they clinched, than, and Joe landed two lefts but took stiff right and ducked another. Sunday aight. B. degre^ from Shaw Univ-irsity pardoned aftter serving 2 in April J921, and his M»B from y®»w. Boston University in 19^6. Attor-| Attorney Gates also represec- n.ey Gates has been practicing, ^ P«^ed prosecution in the for ten ' years, during which tim#; **ate against J. H. Whitfield, he has htndled many important officer, who assaulted Vernon cases. I'Farrington who was on a public He was chief counsel in the’Service bus and saV down beside th« officar. TIu offie t- was con vtcted, fined and suspended four or live days from duty. It 0oes without being said that Attorney Gates Is held in very high esteem by the (Bar an^ tlie Bcnch, r.. Braddock landed a right upper-1 cut and took a left jab. Joe i the head as the b^ll rang. Round | even. - ROUND FOUR They danced aroitnd' the ring aad Joe took a left to the face. They sparred and exchanged rights and Braddock landed a left to the body. Joe tried from Braddock’s Itead. and missed. They sparred and Joe landed a left and a'right and ducked t.vo ffpm Jnm. Joe sprang from the «« pa|* J. L. DUNN VISITS JlgHH J antes L: Duni) of 1018 Tiuuc* ton Ave. returned trom N-'if York City last week visited hi^ son wlio wac injureJ wMta working in a boiliel M I^'ng Island. Mr. Du^ is ex|ected to l«av« for New York n»xt wp»ek tf son’s ¥onfeiei»--i* nok to be impwf*d. Jt It 'lii

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