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And Companion Jailed in Virginia
Miss PauH
New Girls Dorm
To Be Dedicated
Sunday Evening
Floating But Not On Air
CHAiRiLOTTE — Johnson C.
Smith University will on. Sunday
' tftcmoon at tturce o'clock ob'
mrr«ct its Annual Foun4«i^8 lixij
•XMciiM in commemoration of
tkt TSrd Annivtriary of the
Mhoel, and the same time
ilikjrtr the beautiful, new,
Jaaws B. Duke Memorial Hall, a
Donsiitory for girl«.
Johnson C. Smith has liad an
•▼•niful life daring the Seventy*
Thrte yeara since it wib founded
to edacate Freedmen to be
^rMchera and teachers. It has
fi'ovn immenaely and come a
hw|( since 1870 when the
•aly”*]i'ecomnK>datioDa for attid-
Mta were three amall 'buildings
whi^ were called Asia, Africa
tud Australia This was during
the adaiiniBtration of Rev. Step-
l^en Mfttton, D. D. white, who
Mrvtd the years 1870-1884. An
interesting sidelight on the his
tory «f the schodi, at that time
to the ^t that Frank B. Perry,
ftadent, lived in the dormitoiy
calhd Africa, and after hr
graduated from the Theological
Department he went te Africa
frlMre he served ss a missionary
until his death.
&> 1891 Bev. Daniel J. Sand-
*rs^ D. D. of Wilmington was
•leeted foarth president of
Biddle, as the school was then
tailed, the first Negro president
•f the school. He served the
school well until his untimely
deatii in 1907 when he was
succeeded by the present incum*
ert, Dr. H. L. McCrorey.
It is during the administra-
Uoi. of Dr. MeCrorey that-Smith,
lias Been its greatest growth. In
Mill > Carnegie Library was
Intilt on the college, after |12,
too wts raised, mostly from Ne-
gie Presbyterians, to match an
eqoal amount donated by And
rew Carnefto, famoua philan-
In 1917 Mrs. Mattoon and
Uis. Emma Thomas, dangbters
of the late Dr. Stephen Maiton,
and the latter the mother of
Norman Thomas,'' famous socia
list, donated fifteen acres of
Jwrid valued at ^90,000.00 to
th? school increasing the cam
pus sise to 7.6 acres.
Between 1921 and 191^ Mrs.
Johnson C. Smith of Pittsburg,
Pennsylvanii donated to the in
stitution a|t>onnd |400.00|0.00
fur buildings and eqipument and
|iB02,£)00'.'00 for endowment.
With this money nine buildings
were erected on the campus in
cluding a cottage for Mra. Smith
Iri/ recognition ef these donations
th«u.MUDe of the ixutitution was
il-ang^'In’l9®ff from Biddte
University to Johnson C, Smith
University: ^
In D«eember, 1924, James B.
Duke »f Charlotte, for whom
tlie new girl’s dormitory is nam-
td g&ve the institution an en-
downment eMimated |l,SO0/>0
00> This is possiUy the largest
: iigle gift a N«gTO institution
of higher learning has received^
and has enabled the institution
received a |9,690.87 endowment
from the estate of. Mrs. Sarah
J. (King of Ohio.
It is,these gifts, plus the
management and leaderahip of
Dr. H. L. McCrorey assisted t»y
an able faculty that haa per-
liited Smith to (Me* its place in
the very forefront of institu
tions for higher learning among
Negroes in America.
DURHAM — Mra PeMdie
Richmond Carlton wishes to an
nounce tlie marri^e of her son,
James Richmond to Miss Helen
Blackwell of Kinston, N. C. Feb.
f 1939. The couple will reside at
'511 Grant Street.
BEV. J. E- JlcMIIiLAiJ of Ssoi-
ford, N, C., who has been serving
as clerk of Yfldkin Presbytery
foi ten years. Dr. McMillan has
le^rved the Sanfond Parrish for
tw#nty-tWo years, which includ-
•I four churches, «hairmf(n of
the Board of Directors of the
Young People’s Summer Confer
ence in tho Synod of Cata*wba,
and a grads^e of Johnson C.
gnitb University College
Louis Blasts
JMEW YORK (Special to the
BS) — It was just another
night for the Brown Bomber on
Friday night, March 29, when he
cashed in on Johnny I^pi^hack,
cancelling: him in thi second
round of what was to have been
a 16-round championship fight
tor the world heavyweiglit title.
The fight rtflrted fast and
immediately became one-sided
while Joe Louis, still master of
the ring held his opponent at
bey with his ever^clever left Jab
and stiQgiog right. It war p hand
rieht to Paychecks Jaw that sent
him under for the final count.
The thousands who witnessed
the fight had l^^rdly adjusted
themselves for another gi'eal
battle when to their ears came
Uie long-familiar, “The winner,
Joe Louis.”
The title bout wdi sts^ged 'n
Madison Square Garden, Arthur
Ml,me Johnny—lies supine oW the
eauvas at A(adison Square Gar
den. Said Johnny Paychek having
been deposited on the canvas in j Johnny down three times in first i in 44 seconds of the Second
an extreme state of coldness by round of their scheduled fifteen Round. INTERNATIONAL
heavy handed heavyweight ch«m- round fight for Joe’s title, and NEWS PHOTO,
pios Joe Louis. Louis h^(f! | deposited him thusly for keeps |
Restraint Filed In Vance Connfy By
A\fE Church Beard Of Trustees
HBNDERSON, (Special to the
T1M£2S) — Bishop M. H. Davis,
presiding head of the Second
^iscopal District of the AMiE
church, wjk prevented this week
,^rom selling (166,(H)0 worth of
'American Tcrt>ricco Compajny
bonds, belonging to Kittrell
College, when a restraining ord
er signed by Judge V. C. Harris,
of the superior Court was filed
in Vance County.
The restrfi^ining order, which
ciirried the names of D. B. Mar
tin of Durham, Kenneth Jones
of Chapel Hill and Watson Law
 f Greensboro plaintiffs, and
Ui»hop Davis, J. N. Mills, C. C.
An*ey, A. D. Avery, W. C. Cl^-
lar.d, J. A. Young and D. Cor
nea, all menrtters of the Board
o? Trustees of Kittrell College,
S3 defendants was filed on April
The hriinng in the matter is
Set for April 19 at 1'2 o'clock
neon before Judge Leo Carr at
t!'c courthouse at Hertford.
The complaint, with the ex
ception of an amendment and 4
few changes, is the same as
thst published in the CAROLINiA
TIMES, iasue of March 2. It
ch«,rges Bishop Davis with at
tempting to borrow (2|5,'000 on
the fl66,000 worth of bonds,
given the school by the late B.
N. Duke as an endowment, for
the purpose of raising money
"for his own selfish purposes,
and not for the benefit of the
college.” .. —
The complaint also charges
Bishop E|4vis with recently pur
chasing ten acres of land ad
jacent to the school for the ex-
horil)ita«t sum of $10,'00’0 when
the property is only worth (1,
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^''' I'
host to themselves last noontii
St the home of Marcelles Spells
on Banks ftreH. Tb« yboto
ahows the i^otip enJoying tbs
luQchson which wsfs destroyed
in • t9w alt«r t h •
boys got started. (RBUBEN-
Jim^rrow Bus
Dispv fe Leads
To Girls Arrest
In an affort to r«««al tk*
tratk of tha arrast anj ua-
pri(fcnmant of Miaaas PaaU
Mnrray and Adalana Me-
Baan, wall known yoBng
woman of New YoriC ai rap-
rasantativa of tka CARO
LINA TIMES intarvlawaJ Wtk
kara tkia waak and Aa at«ry
is herawitk pnbliakMi aa it
was racitad to tka TIMES
repreaentativa. Tka stcrjr is
a* follow*:
Every Negro who had occas
ion to use the tireyhooBd Bus
Lines, Inc. is 4«are tiMk this
company practice* pri>tl#
crimSrioti .n against ite Negra
prtrons in the North and brn^
discourtesy towards them in the
soi'thern states. This policy was
contested In a dramatic incident
Petersburg, Va. over the Eas
ter week end which has resulted
in legal repercussions.
Pauli Murray and Adelene^
jitcBean, lJI New York City, tiie
Ciwtestauts were arrested ^P-d
u;rown into prison on Saturday,
March 2’3rd following a dispute
with Frank liorris, bus driver
fvr the Greyhound Lines. The
yOung women were on their way
I'l Durl>4.n, North Carolina.
Pauli Murray who had recently
left the hospital after a serioiia
.l^neas was rushing home to spend
Eater week with her mother 4od
aont and Miss McBean was ac
companying her.
In Richmond they were assign
ed to ,ua old style Greyhound
relief bus. Halfway between
Kiehmcod anu Petersburg, Miss
McBean complained of a pain
in her side which was intenaified
by the discomiSrt of the r^ae:
wJheel-«eat. PJvuli Murray ap
proached the driver, Frank W.
Morris, explained Miss Mc-
Bean’s pij^icainent, and asked
him if he would .be kind enough
t'j move forward two young
white children to Uis smpty
seLts behind the driver’s s«at.
Morris pushed Pauli Murray
backward ^lad ordered h • r
r}iig4ily to sit down. She asked
ai;ain emphasizing Miss Mc-
Be^li’s discomfort with similar
results. She then appealed to
tie mother of the children, ex
plaining the situation. The mo-
ti er refused to reseat her child
ren stating that the driver
would take c«re of it. Thus
thf- matter stood until the bus
reached Peterrfnirg.
In Petersburg, about fifteea
or twenty Negroes crowded to-
wand the ent^.lice, apparently
to beard the bus. Several people
got off and the remaining pu»>
engers both Negro and white
moved forward, the Negroes comfortable seats, the
whites to make room for the
incoming Negroes. Pauli Murray
and Miss McBean moved forward
one seat. They found it out of
place tVid after trying ttnsuceesa
fi'ily to fix it. they* moved into
the next forward seat,
the fourth short row from the
rear cf the bus and behind all
white psssangers.
Hcire the fun be^til
the driver, whirled s^ut, cam^
sight of their actloB and psauBc-
ed upon them with the fttry of
an oatragad hoUdoct aboat
eharfe two iagifBift^t
He jrowled from the frost,
“Yvu’ll ,have to move back!
Startled and bewildered at Us
tone, the girls reacted simnitane-
ously. With the fervor of ^ e-
cuit in a new kin of “Civil War”
employing the use of inteUigttt
persuasion in place of kvlleta.
Pauli charged into battle. As sha
drecribed it to this writer, she
wa!> holding 4loft the oM Union
flag under which her fTiMif
father Fitsgarald had fo«ghC ia
Pttenfbatg, bask in June ISCt.
perhaps on the identUI spot.
She let go a nschise gaa fira of
legal quetioRa eoaeemMS( ^
polieiee of the ' Grcyheaad Baa
Lines. She pitched cassp on the
anrimid that when the additional
Nefcro p.4)sengers got «n, they
would still be within the “jim-
crow” section. aa Miss
McBean is known to her frienda)
bristling with oatraced dignity,
insisted that she was ill sad
entitled to every comfort aiid
convenience which could be
provided a passenger who luul
pycid for equal accommodationa.
She added, that if such comforts
cculd not be provided, she woold
gladly leave the bus on coadi-
tion that her money were re
funded and her baggaga a-
Morris, tha driver, disdaiaiag
any "discussion with the two
passengers, threatened ^reat if
they didn’t move. Panli comter-
threatened to invoke the aervices
of the NAACi*, and to call o«t
out the legal forces of the 14tii
eutendment, the Constitution and
the Supreme Court of tha United
States. Hoping that would “fix
him", they relaxed.
But Morria was to have hia
pound of fle^ on thia Easter
Eve. The threatened more fc>«i-
ly still from the front of tha
bus. Whereupon Hsif delivered
an oration which woald hava
shamed Portia on the iahnmas-
eness of a soc^I ettstoas which
would force a pnfelic servant
(Mr. Morris) to deny simpla k»-
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This wasfsor of Mr. ai^ Gaa. W.
Lo0aa ef DwhMi «ka ha* a«>
ccftad a poattioa wilfei tha ■liM
^mnieassaA ia Iteiisitta, Ttmm.
ht prcpwtioa l» tik* af«r iNl
fasnstsisat if aM at tha
paaiat thsMlM. Tavit I«ii» h
• fcmar

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