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28 San Antonio
hnrcties Greet
rgest Congress
ANTONIO, Texts, —
With 28 Baptist churehes actinf
hoati, the 34th annual aeaBion
^ the Sunday School ConKf^M
bt'gun here WedtMsday, brinjr-
in( together Sunday School
t«aeh«rt and ministers from
pvery section of the country in
one of the largest meetings ever
beM by the group.
Holding sessions alternately at
the Douglas school and the
J'inlt Biapti!^. lehurch, progress^
hrc methods for Sunday School
and BYPU programs are the
primary topics of discussion by
chruch and lay speakers. "Youth
■nd the OhOTch Program," was
the theme of a strimaUtting dis*
euseion at one of the meetings.
Aimong the visiting delegates
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Kegri) M
I'isils M«n
BOSTON, (ANP) — Among
recent visitor to the Hub was
the Rev. Father .Vincent Smith,
S. V. D., one of the first Negro
Roman Catholic priests ordained
in 1934 by th« lale Pope Pius
Xt in order to raiitc up a Negro
ckrgy ander the direction of the
Society of the Divine Word', a
Ool-maii missionary order with
five houses in America.
Father Smith, who is an ac
complished scholar in Hebrew,
Greek, and Latin, is an eloquent
preacher, He has been commiss
ioned by the cardinal archibishop
of Boston to do work in Mass. on
behalf of the -seminary at Bay
Saint Louis.
The above ^ group of South
CaroHn4 Funeral Directors who
ar^ attending a demonstration
and lecture in Fla«tic Surgery
ccndueted by Prot, tharles J.
Latimfv, Laboratory Tecnician
for the Bordol Labor^(ltories of
Madison, Arkansas. This lecture
w«8 a Part of the progrjUhi of
tile South Carolina State Fun
eral Directors Association whicli
conwned in Sumter recently.
Mr. Latim^-I has been invited to
demonstrate (before the North
Cirolina Funeral Directors when
they hold tbeir Amntial Convaii-
lion in Durham June 19-20.
Noted Educator And
Race Leader Passes At
Virginia Home Friday
CAPAHOSIC, Va. (ANP) —| black and white, perhaps the
Robert Russa Moton, 72, presi- last individual leaders the race
dent of Tuskegee institute; fam-
^h.lm'ing daughter of Mr. and
Mri. James L. Love of Jeffer-
fon, S. C., a member of the
junior Class at Bennett College,
^ho has Just been awarded first
rrize in a state wide es^fy con
test sponsored by the North
Carolina Tuberculosis lAsaocaition
Miss Love's essay was entitled
*!The Role of the Negro College
in the Control of Tulberculoiis.”
Policy King'
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — In a
determined effort to wipe out the
local policy racket, police la«t
Saturday, headed by Lynn Bom-
ar, director of public safety,
raided the Vine Avenue colored
scrction and centered ita attack
I on the alleged headquarters of
the ring. Nearly 1,000 persons
watched the raid.
Taken into custody, along with
30 others, w|is Walt Kennedy,
well known for more than 20
years as a business man and
sportsman. Police said he was
charged with operating a lottery
and a slot machine. More than
$2,000 and a large amount of
Jewelry, were reported confiKca-
ted at the policy “bank" by
police. Kennedy and the others
were later released on bond p«nd
ing their appearance in court.
Duke Auditorium
Scene]of 29th A nnuai
ous widely loved, leader of his
people, educator and interracial
stbltesman, died at his home here
Friday night, after an illness
which had kept him inactive for
several years. Funeral services
were held at H^umpton Institute
2 p. m. Tuesday afternoon.
With his family gathered a^
hi& bedside in bis palatial home
on the York River, just below
Gloucester, Dr. Moton, who re
turned a week >il^o from Dixie
hospital at Hampton, Va. where
he had gone for a health check
up, passed awjiy peacefully amid
the acenes of his native and be
loved Virginia.
When the dross of present d«y
glamour has vanished ^^d his
tory reveals the true story of I -studying
Negro leadership in Ameri^*. a”'* the !
Robert Russa
will un- I
will have had.
Born on August 26, 1867, a4
Rice, Va. of slave parents, young
Moton grew up during recon
struction, which he has vividly
portrayed in his auto>biography,
“Finding A Way Out," published
in 1920. For two years he work
ed in a lumber camp, hoping to
get enough m«ney to attend
school, and would have been a
candidate for the state legisla
ture had he not been under 21
->.id his mother refused to ad
vance his age. When this fell
throtigh, he went to Hampton
''rom which he was
graduated in 1890.
Younir Moton taueT.;rin a back
woods school Cottontown, Va.
bar. For 24 years he w^as
^ S«prettntiiif the American
S^«(|ro Ettpoaitfon to be held at
til* Chicago Coliseum from July
4 through Sept. 2. Truman K.
Mbaon, Jr., executive direc^r,
tnd Horace Cayton, hia auiatilnt
Vicited tha Detroit E«]fpoaition
iMt Sunday. This pbotogrsph,
t»k«B at th« 3oe^ purity mc*
hibit, shows, left to right,
Charlaa Franklin of the Social
Security board; a girl machine
operator; Mr. Gttmon; Austin
Scott, ^matant manager i>f the
Chicago Social ^ Sacoxity office,
and Mr. Ca^n. Saatcd is ano
ther girl maeUne oj>9r«tor at
1 , :
OURlHAM — The North Caro
lina College closed its 29 annual
commencement program here
Tuesday morning in the B. N.
Duka Auditorium with Governor
Clyde R, Hoey aa the comm^nc^
nrnt speaker. 7be occasion was
marked wiith dignity and splen
dor as the academic procession
entered the ^dluditorium promptly
at 10:30 to 'the tune of Wagner’s
Grand March from Tannhauser.
There were 97 in this year’s
graduating class from all de
partments. One Master of
Science degree w^l awarded to
Miss Maude Josephine Yancey
Thirty four persons were gradu-
^l^ed with the Bachelor of Arts
d«gree; sixteen with the Bache-
loc- of Science d«gree; thirty
with the Bachelor of iScience in
Commerce; nine with Ihe degree
oi’ Bachelor of Science in Home
Economics; four were awarded
certificates in Library Science
and three received
in Commerce.
Music for the occasion was
furnished by the college chorus
under the direction of Mrt. C.
Ruth E:dwards, Miss Thomasina
Talley was the org-Rist and Mies
Leona Wilkins was pianist.
Immediately following the ad
dress of Governor Hoey, Miss
Yancey wili presented! by Presi
dent James E. Shepard and was
awarded of Master of Science
degree. The renuAning graduates
vcre presented by Dean
Alphonso Elder. —
Priiea were awarded, by Dr. N.
, Newbold, Director of N’®firro
icaltion in North Caf«lina.
'Presentation of awjUtds and
scholarships were by Dr. W. G.
Feanon. ...
Aa has been the custom through
the years Dr. Shepard presented
each gsaMuate with a copy of the
Holy Bible and admoniiJied the
claai to read it for guidanc* in
Pleaat turn to Pac«
dottbtedly stand revealed iii one > Hampton and
of the greatest Negroes who has of the brilliance of his
trod the American stage, and many honorary
one of her truly great citizens  ^f^^om
regardless«4(f race. Stepping
Virginia Union, Wilberforce,
0*berllw, Willi.flms and Howard
universities. In 1930 he received
to the shoes of the immortal
Booker T. Washington in 1915
as principal of Tuskegee in-i !* Lincoln (Pa.) and
Btitute and virtual leader of the j1929 an A. M, from Harvard.
Negro race, the modest Moton I Before being selected as Book-
quietly guided the £timous institu er T. Washington’a successor at
tion into even greater size and Tuskegee, Dr. Moton had .been
scope and by hia self effacing secretary of the Negro Rural
Dr. Moton also
claim for his secor >ook^
the Negro This . ’ " agfe^^
peared in iau9 aj,d  L t bt ^
^nd first' rtk-ion. ' '
gram. He lived to win the esteem president of the Virginia Or- I 'He was also a trustee of Fiak
and realty of American leaders, ganization society in 1912. | Please turn to Page £igbt
At Tuskegee Or. Moton e»-
tabliahed a reputt.(ioa for fear-
Icfs Aid capable leadership. Hia
diplomacy aud Ability steered the
ifiaiitulion through trying tiiaea
there in the heart of the Soutk.
One of the greatest teats caat*
during the Veterans Hospital
crisis when an impurt^^t group
of white friends asked Uocter
Moton tu modify his advice that
Negro surgeons should be ap
pointed and . wake some change
in his stJ.ement in order to aave
himself and the school from
mob violence-. j-
He answered, “1 cannot say
anything else but what I believe
is true; ^ad I t>elieve that if I
remain ^hcre and take the cenae—
quencea aud am made a *ivrp
fite, it may go f^a towflrd cm-
vincing the nation that lynchiMt '
is such a black blot on oar c|ffi
zation that public opin«([y will
put an end to it.”
For five minutes thcs^^
silence. His white friends
so 4itounded at his fearles
and willingness to be a
for his ideal that they
ti.unded. Later they told
You are everk.«itingly
but if tAey kill you, they
kill us first.”
greatness of lieart helped to School Fund board since 1908 «e« forth his philt^opl./ ,
carry on the lA^aahington pro- and was organizer ■•..i i ia*. •
LONDOiN, — The Colored
People’a association, compriaed
af Indians, Ecyptiatis, and West
Indians, has assailed the film*
Dr. James Edward Shepard, president of North ClUx>Iina College. I “Gone With The Wind” as ‘in-
Dr. Shepard delivered his address Monday morning. The exercises suiting to the Negro commun-
CIO Comicil
Biir$. Kluxm
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., — Meet
ing here last FViday at Andrew
Jchnson hotel and with 2150 dele
gates present, many of them
colored, the new Tennessee State
Industrial Council voted unanim
ously to bar from its member
ship all members of subversive
groups or organizations.
The State Committee for In-
dvstrial Organization sponsored
the meeting. The convention,
amid prolonged applause, adopt
ed the following clause in it»
constitution “No delegate shall
be seated in a convention of the
Tennesse State Industrial Coun
cil who is a member of the Ku
Klux Kian, Industrial Workers
of the World, Communist Party,
OI a Nazi or a member of thi>
Naxi Bund.” Officers of the new
ly formed council were elected
on Saturday.
The commencement speaker at Atlanta University this year was j
Itihis year was the Tlst and brou^'ht to a close one of the best years
in the history of the university. Dr. Shepjpird’s addrtaa was pron
ounced one of the most scholarly ever dslivered at an A. U.
In addiition to the large number receiving degree* from the under,
irraduate dep(Ltrtments, approximately^ 60 received def(T«ee from ib«
gndaate >;hool.
ity” and haa asked he bomi
office and the London Coanty
covacil t^ ban the picture. An
aesipbmt secretary declared,
depicts Negroes as
servile and content to b« in ala-
!!!|^^ wroac-
- F^iOF. W. G. PEMASON, jretiriAg principal of Hillude Hi^
School and J. M. Schooler assistant principal were heaoved at a
hincheon last week by fellvw fli«atty in tiie
cfeifetena. Prof. Pearson has served approximately 60 yeare ia
Durham city school system. 1H>. Sckookw is bming
■- ta tke principalship of tbe Lyon elementary schooL
photo shows Prof. Pearson &nd Schooler ta a Jov^
the luncheon^
Prof^. Pearson’s position wiS %a that of priaeipsd-easaiilM^ H|4
soperrisinf prindp^ of purlw|>|lnrn

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