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DURHAM. N. G., SATURDAY. JULY 30tb. 1»40
nici nvc cum
7 Face Charges
Of Mnrder In
Charlotte Court
CSASLOTTE — In a •eries of
lirat decree murifer indictments
la tlM Superior Court of Meck-
liobarir County last week, caaca
triMf* Negroes killed Negroes in
Cterlotte^ tto eonvictiona obtain
ed in tfroj 'eases resulted in a
daath aei>t«nce in the state fas
tkn9>b«r a^ priaon sentenee
cf fr^m 10 to 12 on a
tuiHy second degCee murder
Ib tha third case q{ the week
an actd N^o pan was declar
ed Hot tailty; Presiding was
Jad(* Cleii^t ^nd prosecuting:
waa Soliciior Carpenter, who
■ought first degree murder con-
vietions for each of the three
Tlw f^rth msrder caaa, one
Mrs. Martha Williams
ehuc* with killing her husbakid,
was note i»OMad wirt j|?ave
ftftar it Had been established
before tbe court that Mrs. Wil-
I'Mm killed her mate while be was
:Wvancin? upon her with a'Re
volver. It was stated that ha had
threatened to kill.
Still another case this week
on a murder > charge brought
forth a m^slaughter convie-
tlon. The Jury found Nathaniel
Edwards guilty. He had' killed
another, Negro, Alfred Smith,
but Judge Clement reserved
sentencing until a later date.
To die in the gas chilmber In
September is Noah Cureton. whfo
was charged with shooting to
death John W. Heninken. also a
Negro of Charlotte. Getting the
10 to 1'2 year sentence for mur
der is Luther Withers. He was
charged with clubbing another
Negro, Lonnie Collins, to death.
The Cureton death senteacel
is the second given within recent
weeks as a reanlf' of «a»! where
Negi’oesr killed Negroes. , j
‘July Blue Mooo’
Blamed For
k 4. . .
^ne old folks down here at-
a qieeial aignificance to the
^■ly liew*nioun.
Alwikys preceding the appear
ance ^ the July new moon there
H a Wave of fatalities. The July
jHOOn i)|jlet.tJ)e Cllrolina moon of
■wag and atgry, it is a blood
■MOB. !^lood kin will fight and
kill iMfiore ttie July new moon.
Blood trin did fight in ’76.
July 4 fatalities are not result
c* the holiday spirit, the coming
laly n«w moon makes the blood
hot and people kill. With the
coming of July 5, the old folks
sagely no^^d their heads tte report
after report reaches them of
what the rest of world call*
Fourth of July fatalities.
At Bishopville as the resalt of
a near riot ak a colored g^ll
game, one man was killed, eight
nten and women are in Jail, and
two policemen who attempted to
qwell the riot were injured. "Kie
dead nuln was Johnny Le^ Truea
dale, of Kershaw, stabbed to
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Some Say This Started It All
Did “Buster”, McDougald
frighten his wife with the toy
pistol shown above? This is one
of the many Angles now being i
discussed in Durham’s latest'
tragedy. Where is the real gun? ,
Janes Jones Ms In
Old Oily Reseivior
year old boy of 611 Troy Street
was drowned Tuesdi^fy afternoon
at 4:40 when he'slipped from the
mossy Jbanks of a slipped from the
East Durham.
Two Durham police officers
went to the scene and dove iiito
Ihe water in an attempt to get
the boy’s body out befort it w^h
to late. The body was brought to
the 'surface by one gt the police
lifeless. Artificial respiration
was attempted but it was too
Several witnesses were at the
scene when the tr|jlgedy occurr
ed. Among them was Purvis
Jones, 11-year-old brother of the
drowned boy. They sent the
alarm for help. All of them were
forced to stand and idly look un
able to help the boy in the water.
Jamcr je*eS;*'l3 He WSt sitting oH the edge o|
the water when he slipped from
the moss-grown banks into the
wei'er. He could not swim.
Around his neck was wound a
fishing line and other articles.
Which he had pobably started a
fishing trip. . *. *
He is siAvived by his parents,
Mrs. Adel and Lexie Jones, and
other brothers und sisters.
NEW YORK The situation
at Brownsville, Tenn., where El
bert Williams was lynched and
nearly a dozen Negroes driven
out of town beCi&laae of their
effort to register and vote, is be
ing investigated by the Federal
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The photo at the left is that i Lincoln (Hospital,
rf McDougald who is now fight- (Photo by Reuben-Rudolph)
ing a grim battle to . (.live at |
Durham Bankers
Attend Carolina
CHAPEL HILL ~ A new mile
stone in the progress o/ of inter
racial cooperation in the Uld
North State was passed last week
when four^executivt's of the Me
chanics and F4limcrs Bank of
Durham and two oUiec Negro
business men of Durham parti
cipated in the fourth annual
North Caroling Bankers’ Confer-
er.ce held at the University of
Norl3» Carolina on July 8 and 12.
The conference, sponsored
jointly by the North Carolina
Bankers Association, the Univer
sity of North Caroling and the
Slate Banking Department, at
tracted 215 bankers, 23 of whom
came from South Carolina, Vir-
pnii^ and Pennsylvania.
The Mechanics and Farmers
Bank, the largest Negro banking
institution in the world, was rep
resented at tlie conference by
C. C. Spaulding, president; li. U.
Merrick, vice president^ K. L.
McDougald, executivo vice presi
dent, and J. II. Wheeler, cashier.
J. J. Henderson of the invest
ment department. North Carolina
Mutual Life Insurance Qtoipan^,
and J. S. Stewart, assistant
secretary. Mutual Building and
Asiociation, both of Durham,
also attended. '
The conference lasted four
days and a half, with five class
periods four dJIys and three class
periods on Friday, lion. Edward
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Wounded Man
Given Fifty-
Fifty Chance
DURHAM — Clem “Baeter”
McDougaldM who shot and killed
his pretty wife Mrs. Elizabeth
McDouglad here last week with
the samtT gun with which she had
few seconds before sent two
bullets crashing into his body is
fighting a grim battle for his
life at Lincoln Hospital this
week. Physicians give McDouglad
a fifly-fifty chance to ‘survive
the shooting which Was d bloody
climax to, an estrangement bet
ween him and his wife. Several
blood transfusions were given
McDougald this week after
which physicians announced bis
londition as fair.
Because of the large number
of friends of the couple, inter
est in the case was running high
as to the outcome, if it goes to
So intricate are the circUms-
t^lnces leading up, to the shoot
ing that “curbstone lawyers’*
were hesitant in predicting on
what charge, if any, McDougald
will be tried and what the pen
alty,- if s-liy, will be.
Conflicting stories with refer
ence to the tt^y jpieti^ that Me-
Dougald is said to ^havif^frigifcteii-'
ed his wife -with were rampant
in the Hayti section this week,
fVorta aa tlM part of the
reeenUtives of the CABOUNA
TIMES to give it* retUen m inm
account Uie affair resoilKd aa
no definite informatioa aa ta
whether McDougald had th« tay
pistol which_very much reeeaiMea
a real whea he approtl'had
h» wife or not.
The only thing definite is that
a toy pistol was found at tlM
scene of the shooting. Whether
it was in the possession of tha
man at the time of the shootinc
or wUt placed at the scene by
some one else before or after haa
not been definitely deCerauaed.
tivea in interviewing several
persons who claias to have seen
the affair frees beginning to ei^
find as many who claUm Mc-
Dougald did not have the toy
pistol as there are who *ay ha
did. ~ ^
The toy pistol, a picture of
which appears Tu this week’s i»-
is now in the btmds of the police.'
The real gnn with which th«
shactti^ W** had. ana kcaa
located by police early this week.
Bar M To
M In Olil«
GOLUMBUS, Ohio, (Spec^)
—The Sixteenth Annual Conven
tion of the National Bar Associa^
tion will convene in Columbia,
Ohio onAugust 1, An interesting
and educational program has
been ^I'l'Anged and a large at
tendance is expected. Delegates
from the forty eight States tRd
Territorial Possessiona are ex
pected to be in attendance. Ray
E. Hughes, a member of the
FOR JULY 23-26
A Stellar array, of speakeia
and officers of state and
natioivdl professional or-
ganiaationa will assenkU^e
at Pine Bluff, Arkansas
July 23-06 for the S7th
annual meeting of the
Anerican Teachers Ass’a.
Colon^us Bar, is in charge »f
arrangements i n Columfaaa.
Scenes At Meeting Of N. C. Bankers At University Of N. C.
(act a fin* esouaple for other .Famars Bank of Durhdm attend-
eoQt2iarB stittee to follow when I ed A« fourth annual s«»on.
of Meftenkt aiid j Ti® pheto gt, the left ^owi
William A. Irwin of New York .The center photo leading from
and J. H. Wheeler, Cashier of (left to right, front row; E.
the Mecbaseit Ffinaer Bank. illMrick, preaident and dirao-
tor; K. L. MoDougald, executive l preeideat; Back row; Williaaa A. I
vice president; J. H. Wheeler, 1 Irwin, Mtw Ttfk; OarMQr f. 1 ^
q^i«T| and C. C, S^uWiag,' Hoo^ Coauuk^amr ai • bWMV-,

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