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DURHAM, N. C. SATURDAY, SEPT. 21.t, 1940
Durham!8 Negro Bank Has Remarkable Development
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Search For Wilson Cain
Proves Futile; Family
Becoming Alarmed
DURHAM — PranUo «rort» to
locate Wibon Caio, 74 y«ar old
rwidant «fU2 CbNtnu^ Street
who d{M|)fieared Wednesdar morn ;
in^, hive b«en fwtile, It wai
•bout lO;4id a. m. Wednesday,
that Mr. Cftio le^t bis home sby-
tffimti iTiiB Street «b Hontii
lag that he 'wa# i^inr "u>{> t
tikd Kphen laet aeen ^e
He waa wearing a dack blue
|)la etrlpld anh and a narjr blue
•hM. He 'Was a average height i
and brown eldnned.
Mr.': Cain has -been • member,
of the White Rodk &a’Uti»t
Oht|feh here for more more than
fifty year*. Until IMO he was
ehipk>yed by the City of Dur-
hart\. He has one dau«:hter, Mua
IfalliM: Cain, with whom he Itrei.
PsDlSee' have been hotififed coh-
cemtnff the diaHpp^tance bat at
prMs'time*'no eluea w^re avail*
able. ’
Mt«. Leora Daniel left the city
Friday nigrht for Detroit w'lere
she haa .planned to make her
home, j
About 2000- Negro farmei*>iiof
Roatheastern- Norih Carolina ht-
tended the Coaetfll PltVns Expe
riment Station Friday, EFeptember
13. Those in attendance listened
to speeches, ate hot dogs, drank
bottle drinks, visited ihe grane
arbors and observed the aig.'icu.
Iturel experiments of strawl er-
ries, cultiated huckleberries, poul
try and the various exhibits yn
The principal speeches of the
day were Mrs. Dazelle F. Lowe,
District Home Demo)istrtKio.i A-
gent, J. W. Jeffries, Negro A-
E. Perry of
Mrs. Hallie T. Emmeraon, pio.
minent woman of Greensooro
who has accepted the position of]®"d Rev. C
Carlina Timet representative in P®y®'^teville.
that city. Mrs. Eounerson i» wellj Mrs. Lowe emphasized the wn-
)wn in the newspaper fi^ld, ^1*® farm and poin
having spent many years in it as *®d out many object lessort’! of
traveling representative of the how women are improving rural
Amsterdam News i\nd JJnion Re
forms, reporter, editor and pu^
NEW YOBIK — InsiatinflT thttt
the Senate Majority Leader qall
-an the Anti-ljrnchin^ bill at once,
“now that most of the legialation
for na'bional defense h«a bera
diapoced of," Walter White, sec
retary of tihe National Associa
tion for the Advancement of Col
ored People, told Senator Barkley
this week that we cannot make
democracy a reality in America
“aa lonif as the mob ridei.”
and that cannot be done as long
life. J. W. Jeffries stressed ihe
need of keeping more cows and
poultry on the ftfcms to enable
farm people to live better.
The Inspirational speech of the
day was delivered by Rev. Per-'y,
who is a teacher, preacher and a
Ammendment To
Conscription Measure
Ends Ail Discrimination
^ CHALOTTE—By Samuel W4.
liamson— Earl Rattaree, saspeot
in the ‘IHoldup” murder of Ko-
torman J, W. Brown in 1033,
was fatally injured in an affrav
with Mary Watts of Eldridge st.
here this week.
The slain man, who had been
sta4)bed with a) knife in the heart
is said by eye witnesses to have
staggered nearly a block before
collapsing in a pool of his o'vii
Rattaree had long polir'e
rppord, and involved aolng with
‘Black John’ Edwards in the m»r
der of motorman Brown at Cla-
ri'e Avenue and E. 7th street in
1933. The “Murdaf HoUliip”
Followera of the N. C. College' shortest man^jer in college bas-
Eagle’s Basketball team will have ketball in the person of Woody
farmer. H® ^old his ifcdience the jjjg, opportunity to see what 1 Williams four feet six inches.
importance of having a projnram
consisting of 1, Thinking; 2 Wor
king; 3. Recreation; 4. Health.
many aSy is the italleat college j The gentlemen on the left is Nor-
basketball team amon^ Negro b^t Downing who is six feet
Schools. To make tiie going a'eleven inches. All of the other
The morning program was little more dizjsy for the fans members of the first team of the
diided into two sections. The men the Eacles believe they have tne Eagles will be well over six feet,
made field visWs tinder the guid
ance of Dr. Chdrles Dearing, As
sistant Director of the S^tion.
The #omen observed demon
stration of vegetables salad by
as the mob still rides.'*
The letter pointed to the ter
ror arouaed against Nerro d'td-
zens in Brownaville, Tennessee, . -
r..»ltin, to U.. ,1 El. «»• N«~ H.«.
bert iM tt. tragic .U.- *««”' •' *
demonstration for preparing for
winter by Mrs. Eula B. Watts,
Negro 'Home Demonstijfation A-
tufi of the Rev. Buster Walker
and Elisha Davis, the latter, fat-
hfcv of seven children, both »f
whom were forced to flee their
homes. “The lynching: and sub
sequent terrorizing of Negro citi-
White’s statement was con tain-who sought the right to'vote
The group of farmers in at-
gent of Robeson county.
tendance cf: Williard Station '^as
especially interested in the dairy
Tennessee Negroes Vote
Under Protection Of
United States Marshall
Brownsville, Tenn. — B^auae Rogge, in response to an Asso-
they were determined to exercise jC'^tlon telegram sent out- Sept.
ej in a letter sent to BarkleyBrownsville was given impetus'j,erd that had been largely built constitutional right to vote]3, which called upon the Justice
Soptember 9, the day following by continued refusal of Barki^p fyoja one outstanding cow
the death of 16-year-old Ausrtinjigy ^^11 up Ihe Anti-lynchin«rLp^ npuj. nineteen yeara old that
Callaway in LaGran««, Geitsrfa, white said. Las four ditughters and thirteen
the sixth lynching victim this
“We agree,” the NAACP »ec-
Calling upon the Senate Ma
jority Leader to rally all the ad
ministration force* behind the
retary said, “that is importaint to get action immediately.
to protect America from the
spirit of racial bigotry and mob
White concluded:
We therefore again
violence which are a part of the.y^u^ Majority Leader, to call
basis of the methods used by to-
grand daug'hters. The cow has
in the November
elections, despite the lynching last
June of one of their numl^r,
Elbert WillianM, memibers of the
... J - local branch of the NAACP won
given many tlwusand pounds of i j . . .
„Uk duri« her tim. Sh,
expected to freshen again next
John W. Mitchell, Ne*ro State
Agent, was chairnvan of the day,'"™
courthouse here
jSeptember 4 and under the
protei}tion of United Slait«s At-
jtomey William McClanMhan, who
up the Antl-Lynchln» bill now ,,,^^ .^y g. c. Anderson, vp-j^^tice.
presidentitQ Department to protect the re
gistrants. The letter said in part
“Following receipt of your iele-
grslm the Departnvent communi
onted with United States Attor
ney William McClanahan. We
have subsequently been informed
that all of the Negroes who at-^
tempted to register were allowed *
WASHINGTON, — Thirty-six
thouauKl af the firat 40,000 n.en
drafted for military aerviee and«'
the reoently enacted law wiB be
Negproes, according to aa aA-
nouncement from tiw WItne
;Hoase llonday.
Stephen £arly, press: secretary,
said in a stataeeant firoaa taa
(President's fiome tfiat tte Civil,
^Aeronaatica Authority, in co>
opt^i ion with the Army WM
making "a start in the develop
ment of colored pervonnel for the
aviation service.”
It was stated that the new Xe-
gro regiments would ^ oTEraaia-
ed for the army ffcid that* exi^
ing organizations would be-
panded to full stren^^. k
The statement released 1)^
Early has the approval of Se^'fe-
taty of War Stimson and General
George C. Marshall, chief of
staff. ,
T. Arnold Hill, who has served j ..^he expasaion will affect both
for the past 25 yea« as western j combat and service or«ania»tk>na
trial which aroused the ire of field organizer, director of in-j^^f regular 4rmy and th* Na.
many local whites ended in the^dustrial relatione, and aa execu- Q^rd, sueh as Infantry,
conviction, and later execution of ,tive secretary of the Chicago Artillery, Engineeta a»#
F/dwards and the acquittal of iUr*ban League,, has been ■•ppo’nt'-j lOorp*,” «pecrd-.
Rattt^ree, who was named by Ed-|®d as assistant director of to the statement,
wards as the kuilty party hut (Division of Negro Affairs of thej Negro r^ular anay
acsuitted by a superior court jNtUonal Youth AdminiMi*t!on. t which is sehednled
Jury. Edwards, who was executed jA native cf Richmond, Va. and a to full war strength is
. rertdent of Nleiw Y«-k City. Mr. ^ 24th Infantry located
tafined his innocence to the end. (Hill has had an illustrious career Bennin*, G*l The 24th baa
Ratteree’s police record, asMe in the field of racial relationa,
from the murder'arrest, include, lafeor. | Continued on Page
previous arrests for storebreak-
ipg, larcency, robbery, and pursa
snatching. Atone time, he rtacrpd
spectacular escape from the
Mecklenburg prison camp at
Huntersville. , ,
GAJIY, Ind. — When the city
council met here Monday night,
Alderman Wilbur J. Harda.way
was scheduled to take the scat
as president of the council, mark
ing the lirst time a Negro ever
held sxich a position in thia city
of more than 100,000 popula
In 1907 when a group of Ne- pital stock to ^114,000.
gqroes decided to open a bank :n, development o£ «ika
Duri»am, there was much »Po=U'institution can be et«dito4
lakion as to whether a bank with measura to tha Banki««
only 110,000 capital stock *sold|Depa(tment of the St«te a* N. C.
without premium' and operating ^and to tha pananal iatagaat Mgi
in a store, equipped with me^icer coaaaal of tha Boa. ^«tae.v ik
Councilmi^P Hardaway was vi«*e ^ office e^aip Hood, CoanniasioBCr. Tiaiatdiata-
president until the death of'nient at all, could attract the p»>-|ly after ICr. Hoad baeaaa Can*
Edward Kreiger, the pre»id‘»nt,
who succumbed last Tuesday.
The total memibe^ip of *he
council is nine. '
The incumbeiht in the presid-
talitarian powers and partku^jth^t most of the laeislation forL^^ a«riaultral teacher «fi
ly that of Nasi (^*ro»ny lm« national defense haa been dis-Trainin« School.
to do so in a U^wful and orderly!
tronagre of the public. Notwith-. misaioner, he 'bacan laTO%lat 1m«
within the course of a few years, ^attentioo to raf«latiai|r teelts
the support of the bank was^ln Nortk Carolina. In viaar af lla
such that the officers deemed it^faet that ours waa tke aatly bwA
advisable to launch out on a lajrc- in tika atata baiaff cafadaclad ^
native of Vicik!sburg,*er acale. The capital stack w^slKegroes, it naturally eal»a ia far
graduate ^of Tuskegee,'actordingly ina:eased to $25,000,a maJor share attaeliwu INli*
Announcement of the action
,taken the Department of Jus-
whlle we are bnildlnir ihips, pgged of, and that every rewurce
planes, and guns to keap Hitler gf itJie administration be pot forth
out, It ia imperativi thAt at the to tha end that thia bill be 'farm chimneys when tha root NIAA'CP heddquatters
aiune time we ma.ka democracy sd by the Senate 'before Con- jg start no fires with in New York September 11 by
■ Taality ia tha UfiMwd Statealgi'ess adjovmc." keroiene oiL ^Aaaistant Attorney General O. J.
^nanner, and there was no vio-1
lence or interference of
resident of Gary *20 ye«x& He then to $50,000. Feeling the n-jleas the quaatioB afiaa WNMt
A stitch in time: Burn out the contained in a lettec*for funds to aid the Rev. Buster
Walker and Elisha Davis two
NAACP leaders of the right-to-
Cootinued from Pace One
served in the eooncil for two atitation could render a still
^"^lyaslrs and prior to that time he'grMtter aarviea to tha eooiss»nity
waa. a member of that > same the offiiala aact a n«w goal of
$100,000. In laaa tlub two waaka
from tha data tha atoek waa
In a new appeal to the pubHo ^ody i®so to 1«®6.
Adding paint to the facial placed on tike narke^ Ncffro rf-
skin may hide the ugly but it tiaana bought and paid for sulfi-
makes it uglier. 'cient amount to incraaae the ea-
to how a bank, iwam|taiil by
^gveaa wba had wmm iHi
baaktag kaawla4|a «r
ee«kl fwrtbly
Baakiac Caa
office la IMI.
Oeatiwiei «

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