North Carolina Newspapers

Volume XXII —- Number Two
Durham, North Carolina,
Saturday, January 11th', 1941
Fights Service In Jim Crow Army
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13-Year-Old GjiLRaped
School Teacher
▲fording to Xhirham police
to zune o*cl^k Wedaeidigr
dfeninff—on wabimt liAd ba»n
iMued for William Stradwick
acifaied of rapping Hk IS-jrear-old
girl at his Iwme here last Sat*
nrdaj afternoon.
Coach H. R. Jeff^son’s
Wife Passes lo Petersburg
Peter»ta.*, V*. - Pmier.) Pnit(mil1ll9tP
rieea for Mrs. Esther McNeill rUOl lUdLglallUdlC
Carolina Being Held
Columbia, S,
The first
Strudwick, who 5a a scion ASSPfflhlV fOF
well known Durham familyTjPert Jefferson, Head Coach 6Jt AMCmUlj iUI llCglU
and son of the late Dr. William |Vingiflia State College, w4»o died PfivCIPIOfIC III
Li Strudwick of this city, is ® TViday afiter a brief illness,OUULll
teacher in the public school sys-, „ tr j *■ ‘ ‘ ' '
tem in Fayetteville. It is re-'^‘ll at 3 p. m. Monday at
ported that he had been drink-^the St. Jose^ Episcopal Church
ing at the time he committed in Fayet'teville, N’orth Carolina,
the crime, and that as soon as Jeffereon, the former Mise graduate seminar for Negro
he was discovered that he left' ^ vt mi i. physiciana in South Carlina will
the city for Fayetteville or parts L held at State A and M College,
unknown. It could not ^ learn-m Fayetteville May 10, 1914, the q 'g^urg, January 28, 29 and
^ at a late hour here Wedne^ dangHter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Andrew W.
day whether he h^ resumed his 0. li^eUl. In 1935, she Simkina, d^eetor of the Negro
.* Sedated from the Secretarial tuberculoeis aaaoeiation. Similajp
It nr alleged that Strudwick ^ 3fn*„ r'niiao'«
Cbioago — Ernest Calloway,
eduoatioD'al director of the JJnit-
ed Transport Elmpioym of Amer-
Petersbnrg Teachers
Seek Equal Pay
Color Ban At Gub,
Union Changes Site
Of Xmas Party
Patersborg, Va. — Th« Nefn^o
Tea^eis’ Cooperative association
asked itiM ehy council Friday to
take tinder advisement the qnO-
tion of bringing about parity in
the pay of white and Negio teaek-
'' fan io tiw «ty sehool system, ba-
CSiicago — Diseriinuaitiob waa; , ,
, avd upon qimific«tiom» and ser-
. pond. ™ b, „ „ited U, ti«.
I^iternjatioDaJ Fa* Md Laokarf
tmtemt Jw iwiiii
Workers union, Loaii Mo. 4S, re- gt«te* Snpre»ne
cently when tha Elraiui Far Coen-
ed by the two young women for pany, the largest retail furrier n
the middle west^ BponflDrod p
to oonscriptioii because “'the pre
sent United l^tates army' i« the
mosi aioti democratic institution in
American governmental life” he
told his local draft board on re
cepiA of his qoeetionaire a few
days before Ohristmaa. He asked
to be exempted |mtil “trne cit^en
ship” is conferrrf upon him,
1 Bj c eu i/umi. v7biuuwt\;B. official’s oompkle
ViTgima State College, meetings conducted under the UtMtement in which he proteste
home iindec the Dretehae of graduation, the deceased Buipervieion of C. Si. C. Quild, M. being drafted foUowa: ,
to D. of ^ Ne*ro
forhim. The child at the time Negro BeprseOta- of itihe Niationial Tubeipoutosis Ab-
was in the company of another ^i^e on the National Labor Bo^, sociation. New York City, have
girl about her own age, and ii^ Washington, D. C. In 1937 Mrs been held, annually in Jacksonville,
left her little friend on the out- Jefferson matriculaited at North- New Orleans, Jjoa Angelea, Saint
side while she entered the House wratei^ TTnivefrsity on a sch^^ar- Louis, Pittsburgh and other cities,
to receive instructions concern- ship. On September 3, 1938 she Cooperating' spcg^pors for the meert;
ing where she was supposed to was married to Harry Bnpert ing are the Ifnited States Public
go. Instead of sending her on Jefferson and made her home on Health Service, the National Tu-
the errand Strudwick is alleged the Vii^ginia State College campMB beroulosie Association, the South
to have committed the crime, -wihere Mr. Jefferson has coached Carolina Board pf Health, the Pai-
after\^rds craming the fright- athletic teams for sefveral years.'meitto Medical Association, Staite
Dr. Willa Easley, prominent
physician of Whitteville who is' diseases of all kinds. The in-
. V 0. . , .V a sensation in the east- ^ life-saving-.
teo. and who had one of the fipat ern part of the state in a climc . , . . . ^ . . . , - - -
numbers call^ in the selective[wh’ich she operates together ®^ ^ ® ^ exclnaive Colony rhib *®d bai already received sooie
lottery in Washington, is opposed
of tlM United
eooTt in«oiving
the Norfolk system, in whica th«
plaistiif von a decision.
Speaking for the eoimeU, Major
nv • i M- It 1 Aleiaiiex Hamilton, Jr. said that
ChmtoM pirtT (to if «nplo,«i
ened and helpless girl in a dog |j)ur{ng the past two years Mr". |a. and M College and the South
house at the rear of the home jeffer^n acted as secreitiary to the Carolina tuberculosis
whera she was later discovered ^f the College. However,'
parents. . 'die was on leave of absence for
When questioned concerning ^ sehool-yeaar.
the crime, it IS reported Strud- g^^^vivlng are husband, Harir
wick denied the accusations of _ _ „ * , *v, »
the ybung girl and immediately
left the city. Ehzaibeth M«Neill. her
man is
son of
A special invitation is extended
to physicians in the neighboring
states of Georgia and North Caro
lina. There will ao registration
** Aa a NeigTo, 1 have ,ac(^pt)ed
many ot ho responsibilHieB of my
Kmited citizenship withont benefit
of a number of its blessings. To
me, the present United >Statc®
army 'is the most ant democratic
institution in American govern
mental life. Its eallous disregard
for the elementary principles of
fair play with Negro citizens,
reeka of 18th century ’mercen
arism’ instead of *n army, by,
for and of the peofde." ,
“The constant refusel of this
military* branch of our govern
ment to pursue a non disiprimina-
tory policy in its attiture towards
€ill the citizens is far put of por
tion with the large measure of
social, economic and politioal pro-
with Dr. M.N. Muldrow (left). i cinity where lack of medical aid the Cdriny elub refused U> permit conaiderstion fi«n the
During the course of a year has often meant a high death attendaoee
thousands of patients are treat-' rate
New York — During 1940, the
American Negro proved to be the
surest standard for tesfting, in
terms of concrete action, our
Government’s oft repeated asser
tion that Amerioan democracy
gives full justice to all the citizens
of the United States, according
to a report made by Walter White
at the annual meeting of the Na
tional Association for the Ad
vancement of . Colored People,
held here Monday, January 6
On the credit side of the NA
ACP secretary pointed to four
decisdons won before the United
States Supren^ court, affecting
^he rights of Negro citizens. The
first of these decisions, read by
Among clinicians and lecturers
The accused man is well months, Harry McNeill'for the meeting are P. Martir gress thait has been made during
known throughout North Caro-***■ stepson, JcAn R.| Santos, M. D. of Chieago, RoU. the past few years in America.
Kna in social, insurance and Jefferson, three asters, Missea E. Seibels, M. D. of Columbia, poj. ^ number of decades, the U.
educational circles. For the past Helen and Mallie McNeill and and R. W. Ball, M. D. director of g. army has withstood democrati-
two or three years he 1»8 Vfrrit- Mrs. Ruth McNeill Cook of Wash- the Division of Maiemal ead nation especially in its relations to
ten a column in various news-ington,- D. C. and four bryytheTB Child Hygfierip, South Carolina Negroes, and there is no visible |Justice Hu^ L. Blacki last Febru-
papers of the state under the Thurman McNeill^ of Fayetteville, Board of Heffldth, obstetrics; Wm. of immeditiAe change ary 12, denied the right of Florida,
caption “As Time Marches On." Clareaoe and Dr. Howard Me- B. Perry, M; D., Special Consult- in this vicious racial status quo
Neill of Waa^iingiton, D. C. and ant, U. S. Public Health Service,'jegpite the fact that American
Th'omas McNeil of New York and Sedg^wick Simons, M. D. (democracy is preparing for its
dity. , direiotor of the Division of Vener-'gj^test struggle against the
al Disease Oooftrol, South Caro-forces of ignorance, prejudice and
lina Board of Health, syphilis; |d,ic^torflhip.”
Nolan A. Owens, M. D. of Wash- “The practiee of relegating
ingiton, William Weston, Jr., M. special types of service to Negno-
D. of Columbia, and Ri W. Bail, ^3 refusing their services In
Negro that fmihw story
board, and that further study
, j would be giveo it by council and
tie board. He pointed out, how-
evCT, tiiat no provision for in
salary had been pro-
badget to be
ot two
workers employed in th»
Strong rafientmem was mani-
feetod by the members of the
unioo in tlie Efaos shop. When ™ .
ihe nnu») fwem'eaMd apon to ®
tmo Hegm i^tken to S^a»t»rily ^
I'cfusM to eom« in order to faaililt- ° onee.
ate the anfangejnwits, Abe Feia-
giaes, maaager of Local No. 40,
rtftffied to aeqoaese and daeliarad
that tbs for fhsiciry irill not
tend soeh an affair, and furtfaeea-
more, would call opon its membera^
and the National Negro songress
to picket ‘Ole Ooloay elob.
National Urban
Leape Names New
Norfolk, Va. school board to pay
lower aal&ri^ to Negro teachers |
^ , . _ , - New York — *nie Nartional Ur-
The workerarf Evans, w^a «ni»o»nead
VM^ at a aihop meetmg for the prwnotion of Miss Ann Tan-
Victory added $129,000 to the.vohmterred for piekei dnty. This Tn/tn«»ri«.l Bel*tions,
salaries of Negro teachers in’ineBulted in tbs aompany eaneell-Lj
Norfolk. ling its. arrangemants with thel
Pointing out that 1940 markedand tn«.Hn0 the ,party io*
ths most crucial
country’s history, the NAACP attended,
executive secretary said it waa
neverthless true that the Admin
istration muffed a great
The Earnest Worker’s dub of
St. JoBepb AME Church taet at
the home of Mr. and Mra. Alex
Moore Tuesday evening ait 8
Aeeording to aanouncementa
made thie> week the Stanford L.
Warren Library will remain open
Barnwell, C. — A midwife
revealed today that on Christmas
day aho delivered quadruplets,
one of which died aoon after
biarth. Tha quads were boya. The
three iving were reported doing
nicely. The mother is Ada W*y»
of Red Oak district.
on eaeh Monday, Wednesday and GLASS THUBSDAT
Friday evening until nine o’clock. The Moxahala Class met at the
On Tuesdays, Thursdaya and home of Mrs. Eva Southerland
SaturdfjB the libinury wSl remain on Olenn street Tuesday evening
^ open fropi 10 m m. to aarsn p. m.*at eight o’olodc.
to the post
in Charge of Qoid-
anee and Personnel in the De-
. , partraeDt.
^ yeara Mias Taaney
* i|hill has rendered an important
The two Hyro wx>i^ in planning and.direetiag
Vocational Opportunity Cam-
. I, j OPP®*" jMrs. Anna ^11, both ng ■ ' paigns of the National Urban Lea-
tumty to prove how de^racy^^ng and a^ive memben of the ^ give* her re.-
can wor ib ° 'ponsibility not oidy for planniai;
prese^e ^villi^rties for 14 000,j .ppraAng tk. •Kuation, ^ ,
000 A^noan Ne^ who Ijva jPeinglaaa d«darad, “The tr^« b«t .bo for c«rying on th, v«r
suffered more than any othCT,nnion moTsment aannot only give guidance and plae«^
^up in our country from the^Up s^rriae to qaalit, but muat be Dfepartmao*. Sk»
denial of even basic citiaensship to figbt for thaA eqaalSty Mttwr of the
** •“ eassntial te its very Yooth TinM
courts'to obtain confessions from hapi»nin^^Ufe to the aeeeasary mnifieation
four NeCTO youth, throuerh or-l ^ l»bor. Na^kmal Urban LeaRuo duriKr tiba
tu«, ..I temed inricZ *» ■,V««*k»id
1 ilynchine law at a time when the
such aotion, unconatitutional. Thejj^^.^;;^
of Dave Canty,
Aioi ” of American citizens in
n K W.V. * • fp H'h® South as well as the North
Bob. White m Texas, were also' , v ij v
... ’ j m. believe suoh a law should be paas-
reversed on similar grounds. The
vhieh was issued by tka
Of^portanity CUi>
M. D. pediatrics.
fourth decision denied the right
of persons to bar Negroes Irom
obher branches of the anned fore- bujnng or living on property in
ed. He declared thi^ demonatratad
t^at there are men in our Con
gress who are willing for Hitlar
to show ns all that he has leam-
Notes and C(»iunents A graduate of Simmona Colht*
ed' from thia American crime, be-
A reception and danee honor- Qether oondxieiTe to effective 'property in areas of a city retriot
ing seminar registrants and their ^ obeying the aiwt and'ed by agreement among property
guests will be given on the even- lettet; of the eooatitiitidn of the o»wners. tKuww
ing of Janiuary 29. Members of United States. When tha U. S-| The AseociaAion also won a '*o-L ° ® Cowrressional historv ijjia
the dental and pharmaeeutwal «.nny denies me or any other Ne- table caw in its six year fight “whan ' Con-^ span* ta altme# awr aoa-
sections of ’ the state medioal gpo the right and oppotunity to eqijtalize the salaries, of Negro'®” . lead rs with the tacit
aflSDciation are being invite*!. make an equal eontribution to the and white teachers in southern ^ House 1 —
[welfare and defense of my ooun-'and border stetes,, when the U. ^ w * of bHn^nr the^ Tbera is a» raal aao^MlttiiMi
Not satisfied with the worries ry, it viollates a baaic right goar- S. Supreme Court refused to ^ -j^jbt^eM tha ra^oa aad piniri^
on this world, seme scientists arej "Th«rafore, to inaiat upon inyjview a Circuit Court of Appeal, both U
trymg to solve tha proUams of' (Contiimad on threa). Idecision denying the right qf the* (Conti&UQd on thvee). la paafiia.
^ ^ in postoi^ Miaa Taanajidll
® ed the degree of MaaCar aC ’ibte
We rarely think thaaa parafra-tin Voestioiia! Guidaiiae wmd fm-
phers are smart oar witty nav^ {aonnal Aitmtniatraiioii tram
theleaa, ws ba«a to writa *am vbe- jTaaekan Cc^ega, Cofaafcii,
thear joa read ’em or not. jasrai^ is ISM.
(Rpeaieae to aominf tka
Ad^rtWera who ara weU kwiwa Uagaa ift likat
owe their popmlaarity (o tha mon-i«aa a laanbar of the it^ «(
Tka .Italian naivx, H
^ rnmU t* teMrt
mm m W; Uy
liiil Hi ¥* jb awe*

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