North Carolina Newspapers

Volume XXII, Number 6
Durham » North Carolina Saturday, February 1st., 1941
Price Five Cents
Admiral Says Negroes Would
Dominate The Navy If Enlisted
Naval Officer Says
Average Negro Too
Race Man Barred
From Strubbing Jury
Because Formerly
NAACP Member
'Death Compensation
Of Laborer Shared
By Two Widows
The “Conquering Judah Lion
Takes Over
I Intelligent For Navy
North Africa. — Haile Selassie, Emperftr 1* e;ci
. CHICAOO, (ANP) — The Uni-
A Au* States district court in this
la. m company of Bn^sh offiqefs. msp^«f ^«atWe ^
yssiiuan troops in toe wdan, followingr his return recently to L, . ... « *•
j Lit t' • 1 1 ,the key suits in a series of nation
Africa. It was reported that the Emperor is actively leading! -j • % ' , . .
- a 'Tfido oivil cctions fil«d against
his troops against the Italians in an effort to drive them out
BEIDGBPORT, Conn. (Special “ to whether he was a
to the CABOUNA TIMEIS) _nK®»ber of the NAACP,~by stating
Solely on the ground that He had^^^*^* although he wag not a mem-
•t one time been & mewber of the**^ assoeiation a^ the pre-
National A»8oci»tion for the Ad-*®*^*^ time, .he had been a memher
Tano«ment of ColtMd P«flp*e>* x mi.
Robert A. Thompson on Wednes-Thurgo^
day was excluded from the NAACP attorney, at-1 RALEIOH — Two two wives
panel sitting in the trial of Joseph associated with Friedman and three children of a laborer of his land. It was reported, a Iso, that these have been secre
•Spell, 31-year-old chauffeur and injured here last Sept. 30 shared tely training for several months getting ready to strike,
butler, who^ white socialite . the in death compensation ^nder an
ployer. Mrs. John K. Strpbing, f ^ interested in the de- agreement approved Thursday by « ,
Jr., charges that he raped her state industrial commission. |]U[^|.n fiyjl \0rVirP
three’times on the night of last agreement was between v VI Til UCl f ivC
December 10. from serving. ’ ^ Lollie Byrd Hailey, the first wife, Knni\ntu*i\A
_ , ; • Protesting vigorously. Fried- and others, and Herbert and DXduIo /lllllUUlltcU
ThoonpsOn, ^n employee jn a man, pointed out that to bar Annie Seligson and the latter's
local shoe shining and hat cl^an- miompson on sruch a ground, would carrier, the Indemnity Insurance
ing establishtDent, was one of t^fro jn effect bar practically all Ne- company of North America.
Negro prospective jurors examin-groeg in New England, becatise of
$1,600.00 Red Caps
Wage Fight
Nears Close
ed by the,state and the defense, the associationV
from a list of 33 p«r$opa, during ghjp jn this «rea.
the past tiwo days, fe^th Negroes
were excluded. The Rev. James Judge Foster,
By terms of the agreement,
The United State
(A.N P)—
Civil Service
Mrs. Stephens
Laid To Rest
railroads by the United Transport
Service Employes of America. It expected that final drgu-l
inents in the $1,600,000 wage re
covery suit of the red caps again
st eight railroads would be pre
sented in court Friday.
The suit is concerned with the
payment of 18 months' back wag- [
DURHAM,—Mrs. Roan Steph-
heiis of 402 Powe Street, widow
of the late George Stephens, pro-
es and indemnity to 75 percent of frcrAltf.^a CTmAlt DIOK^fiSON hi^h ranking naval officers on th«
Tiofirkn^a «sa1a-mAa Tn I t ■ _ • xi • » « >.a
large member- Hailey was awarded a lump commission announces competi- minent merchants of the western
sum of $1,567. One hundred dol- tive examinations for the follow-
after hearing lars each was given to three ing positions: high speed radio
W. Watson,wa* rejected, January *^th sides, said: “If thus man is children born to her and William equipment operators, ajjplications
22 by State's Attorney Lorin W. chosen, no harm will be Hailey, the deceased, and $710 to to be filed immediately and until
Willis after the minister had done; if he is chosen harm might Janie Williams Hailey, the de- further notice is received;- en-
answered “No," in response to done. ” He then excused Thomp ceased’s second wife. gineerijig draftsman, chief erigin-
Wissis’A question, “asking him if son. Friedman immediately noted The commission found it to be'a eering draftsman, senior engineer
he would “be embarrassed" by®° exception. fact that Hailey abandoned Lollie ing draftsman, principal engine-
serving as a juror in the case. Th^i® after two days of select- and remarried, without getting ajerinp- draftsman
Thompson was excluded by Judge inK veniremen, the case continues divorce, under the assumed name gineering draftsman, applications
Cart Foster after he answered the with an all white jury composed of William Henry. He was injured to he filed until Dee. 31, 1941;
question by State’s Attorney of six men and six women. while digging an excavation and
(Please turn to page six) died on October 14.
and assistant en-
n, a
until Dec.
junior veterinarian, medical guard
attendant, medical technical assis-
By Jkwoetatad Ifefro
HMA. ComnittM Gcafen Witik
Kaoz aail Oifkiala; Saoetaxy
Batb “Puttist (Mor*d fm
Iik« Psttiiig Than Xb BiB’ Bat
CeiiMd«r» Black Mmriam for
Bsm* Ib W«at ladtM
• WASHINOrdN. — If Negroes
wrr« to be allowed to enlist in the
navy, they would be “so superior
in general to the whites who en
list that they would have to be
j made petty officer*, and the en
listed whiter^ would not itand for
this,'’ Admiral C. W. Nimitz told
a special emnmittee from the
. National Medkal Association
• which recently met ^re with
All over America Negro students are an xious to prepare themselves to serve their
country if and when the emergency arises. Pictured above is a typical scene now going
on in various* industrial schools of the na tion. The picture above was taken at Tus-
kegee Institute.
section of the city, departed this
life on Friday, January 24, 1&41.
Mrs. Stephens was born in 'I’er-
son County near Rox’boro, daugh
ter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Bak
er Bumpass of Person County.
When a young woman she was
married to the late George Step
hen« of Caswell County, who wag
a successful merchant, operating a
1 grocery store on West Pettigrew
Street for over forty years.
Mrs. Stephens was a woman of
fine Christian character, having
united with the New Bethel
Baptist Church *in early childhood.
She was kind with a pleasing
personality, which endeared her
to all who knew her.
Surviving are the following: re-
lativej: three daughters, Misses
Ruth, Mary Louise, and Margaret
Stephens; the latter two teachers
in the Lyon Park and Pearson
Elementary Schools respectively.
One son, Mr. George W. Stephens,
Jr., three sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth
Mebane, Misses Mary F., and
I Nora Bumpass of Mt. Vernon, N.
lY. One niece and nephew. Miss
Geneva and Mr. Claude Mebane.
The funeral services were con-
diieted from '^he New Bethel
Ba))tist church Monday afternoon
nt .3 o’clock by Rev. L. F. Carter,
the pastor; The senior choir ren
dered music and remarks were
made l>y the following; Revs. T.
C. Graham, E. B. Lipsey, Mr. W.
M. Roberts, Mesdames Martha
Williams and Rosetta Webb.
The remains were interred jn
the Hickstown Cemetery,
taut, home economic speealists,
senior home economic specialist.
the nation's red caps' salaries. In
this particular suit which covers
more than 1,00 employes, recent
figures filed by railroads before
the federal court show that bet
ween October, 1938, and in early;
1940, these emjrioyes worked a'
total of 3,138,509 hours to eamj
under the provision of*the Fair,
Standards Labor act, .$840,677, of
which they were actually paidi
$65,058. The difference of $775,
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Recently ap^nted teacher cn
the staff'of the Agriculture
Department at Lincoln Uni
versity or Missouri, sees “at
tractive opportunities ” for
Negi’6 youth in the fi^Id of
landscape architeetnreb Mr.
Dickinson obtained his de
gree in this field from (Miio
State University, and has en
gaged successfully in private
Henninburg Condemns
Attitude Of New York
Head On Negro
In a letter to Chancellor Harry Chase
New York University, this week. Dr. A. Hen-
ninburg of the North Carolina College for
Negroes, condemned the attitude of^ the
head of a famous school for not wanting a
Negro, Jim Coward, to play against the Uni
versity of North Carolina when NYU recent
ly played in Chapel Hill. The UNC officials
expressed themselves as not objecting to
Coward playing in the game. "
Dr. Henninburg’s letter is as follows:
Chancellor Harry Chasf
New York University
New York, N. Y.
color bar in this branch of the
armed forces. •
^ Secretary of the NaVy Frank
Knox reiterated earlier stateroenta
I that it would “impractical’’ to
,nse the two race® in the navy, de-
tclaring that “putting Negroes in
[the aavy would be like pattia^
'them in liell.” but did promise to
[seriously consider using Negro
marines for the new naval bathes
hn the West Indies leased from
iGreat Britain.-
[ Thos taking part in the confer-
ence were Dr. Roseoe C. Giles,
|Chicago, chairman of the liatikm
,committee; Dr. William H«Kin«4y
; Thomas, LeaTenworth, Kan., chair
[man of the exeentive board; Dr.
G. Hamilton Francis, Norfolk, Va.
speaker for the house ot dele(^
Alexander, Orange
N. oa
p^blie TieitMj; all wf ind
Secy. Knox, Adntiral Nimita, CaptL
Clark and a captain in charge of
na\-al enlistments, repfesehtinf
the U. S. n*vy. Details ol the
ctwifereoce, held on Jan. 8, were
not revealed until thia wec^.
Dr. Giles, after calling attea-
tion to Col. Knox'a stat«ne*t that
a Negro eoold be enlisted only aa
a mesaman, pointed to the raee't
record as gunners onder Adiainl
arrived when Southern Schools .perry, Admiral Famgot and *4
can be asked to olay agsinst Ne- Saratoga and Manila in the Spaa-
groes in Southern games." In the uji Ameriean «ur> He t^rraed tlw
first place, it is possible that yon oSieial attitade an “innovatioa'^
Dear Sir: understand the southern situation ^d said it was Ksented in apee^
I am certain that yon will be^^jth a greater degree of clarity es and radio broadcasts by liberal
interested to have some informa- than I do because you have been, whites and Kcgroce, ptmtad t»
tion on the reaction which be-lor certainly you l^D been be- the gnnruag aaoaa of jtstiae evaa
ing expressed in this part of fore pou left the Sotith, in very in the South and the fibaral
North Carolina relative to what elose touch with the social and ord of the Kdojc Mmpapv,
ig reported as being your atti- economic factors which are at Otieago Daily
work in this ptut of the. country. I In hia rcfljr, Seey. Kaox
If your attitude in thb matter ;«lar«d, oar problMM}
tude in th® matter of permitting
Negro athletes from New \ ork
associate home economist, associa-;University to participate in games ig correctly interpreted by the ar-^we ar« aU saffifliMitlj
ate in food composition, psychia- with Southern institutions. 'ticle to which I have referred, hejto know we mast ba laalia^ K
trie nurse, family economics writ-. In a release carried in a local question wiheh arises is this:.we pat Negroes ill tka MVy p
er. Further information may be newspaper, you are reported asiHow do we know that the time wt>oId be hka patttBff
obtained at local p^toffices. isaying that “the time has not| (Please tura to page six) ,1 (ContmoCNl on pac* iild

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