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TH liblBRI QBE d!W
Volume Na XXII # Number Seven
Durhamf > North Carolina
Saturday, February 8th., 1941
Durham Bank Reports Unusual Growth For Last Year
Memphis Police Bar
Negroes Fr«n
Interradai Meet
75th Anniversary Founders E>ay Progrram Held At Lincoln ‘U’
S/Sssistgnt C^Kiei^
MEMPHIS, (ANP) — ComiinssI
ioner of Public Safety Boyle
Wednesday afternoon notified the
Memphis Commission for Inter
roolAl Cooperatioi th* hs- Win^ild
meet with them to discuss bette'
white-Negro relations in Memjrfiif
but that the conference would be
limited to the commission'g white
minister members only.
His notice was sent to Dr. Sam
E. Howie, white, president of the
commisaion, in response to a re
newed request by a special com
mittee appointed by the com
mission for a conference with city
officials on the nue^tion of better
race relations, for which the or
ganization was formed.
The first request for such a
conference met a firm refusal
from Boyle, who pointed out that
hp considered certain conuniasion
members inimical to better racial
elations here.
Plans are bein^ made by the
interracial group to stasfe a mass
of. whites^-aud._Ne(qraefi
here in February to promote im
prove racial relations, with Dr.
Will W. Alexander, executive
’ secretary of the National G. I. C.
and administrator of the Farm
Security adminLstation, «s prin
cipal speaker.
Boyle’s letter said in part: “It
is true I declined to discuss the
racial nuestion with your com-
mitte and wrote you orivinff my
eaaons, that some of the news
paper Neprroes on yonr committee WASHINQT^ (Special to
for many months had been carry- CAROUNA TIMES) - The
inp- on a rampaiern with inflam- tit ^ ^ ,
■ , 1 1 . , 1 3- War Department announced today
matorv articles ralculnted to dis- if . ha vt j- i
^ ,, . that about 110 Negro medi al
rnpt the present realtjons between , ,, , ,, ,
.. I.-, j j . officers and nurses would be called
the white and colored race in this .
to active service within the next
Cf>mmiinitv. • • 1 J
“We havp no race trouble here, * .. • j- *
, , 'In addition to the immediate
-•xi there rill be none unless some , ^ i
1 • -j 1 plans It 18 anticipated- that the
oolish. missnnded persons are -vt i ^ it.
j , • j •ii. ii. 1. 1 j* i three Neero National Guard Re
determined mith the help of out- ■ , „
„ , . .j, -VT gim«nts wdl require a snmll num-
Fiders TO foment strife, Nearoe.s f „ „ j j i.
, . . ber of Nwro doctors and dentists
are pivme everv opportunity to
Battle For Race
Law Officers Looms
For Spring Election
USHERETTES and attendants
at the 75th anniversary Foun
ders’ \D»y program in Page
Audit»rium at Lincoln Uni-
versiy, ar« left to right: —
Wendell Pruitt, St. Louis;
Florence Ann Brown, Qfcmul-
gee, Okla..; Wanda Wheeler,
Galesburg,. 111.; Leontine Gold
en, Saint Louis; Thelma Le
gion, Miss.; Marjorie Beck,
Kansas City, Mo-; Laura Polk,
Saint Luois, Mary Louis;
Strawn, Saint Joseph, Mo.;
and Roy Kenner,, St. Louis.
J. J. 3anson, who was elect
ed assistant cashiei' of the Me
chanics and Farmers Bank of
Durham at its last annua] meet
ing in January. Mr. Sanson is
• -Atlanta r-—GeofgiaT
and has been employed at the
Mechanics and Farmers Bank
since 1938.
Negro Medical
Officers M\ Be
Cafled To Service
Mechanics and Farmers
Deposits Increase Over
Supreme Court Saves
Mao Erom Chair On
Wins A^tfd
Two men sentenced to die in the
electric chair for murder between
midnight and dawn Thursday,
received stays of execution Wed
nesday, one through court a.;tion
and the other through executive
reprieve. ^
Joe Vernon of Birmingham,
through his attorney in Wa.sbing-
ton, obtained a stay of execution
from Associate Justice Felix
CH-\.RLOTTE — Pr«»ei»tinf
their ease with the skill of con
gressional lobbyist, The Crusad
ers, Charlotte's anriwer to the
(vine pcDUem, oiet Mratu with
tfa« City Counril st its Jaanary
39th f>«wton to new evi^-'
e»ee for the e*t^ of Neyro police,
and to ascertain t!|e allivde of
the Couneil itself on this bantiog
Another fiHbuster of the ilk
pulled at its Jan- l>th session
was. seemingly in the making
with Mayor Ben E. Donjla? reww^t
in the role of orpo-"*ition spokes
man, when reverberations frim
the inner sanctum r.f the Co:ineil
itself, apparently, ?iaved the' day
*’or the Crusaders a the Coitncil-
jfflen for the case, here-tofore non
ieouuuittaU literally, blitzed the
Frankfurter until his counsel
could file a motion for a review riqhARD WRIGHT, 32, author Ithe olHxwition. forces with a bar-
of the case by the United States famous best seller, ‘‘Native ragt* of motions far ease.
.Supreme court. After the clerk Sojj'f who has been awarded the{ To beffin the fife works, the
of the Rupreure court had advised 1940 Spingam Medal Award by^report of the Advisory com., ap-
JAtty. Qeneal Thomas S. Lawson National As.sociation for the pointed at the Jan. 15 sesn^oo, to
jof the stay Gov. Prank M- Dixon ^.dvancement of Colored People--study the question was read by
^reprieved L. C. Bell, convicted —Photo by Emesi Brooks. [City Manager Armstmnf, ctuiir-
wfth Vernon for slaying—a- fiUing . - |^nan. Somowbata* to—
station attendant in a holdup. 4 1 ai fl> j**tual situation, the report sng-
Earlier the Alabama supreme fj0|Q|*0Q N|irS6S remedy for
court had sustained a lower) ¥ fT I uthe local crime sitnation the ek»-
creased more than $50,000 over the time pay off every deiPoeitor on court’s action in denying V'er-jVA|^A In f[ V Arf||V questionable Caf-
» V til U • ru es and Beer parlor?*, and the ena«t
ment of an ordinance for the
non’s plea for a writ of habeas
DURHAM — According to the amount shown in last year’s re- demand if necessary,
report of President C. C. Spauld- port. I One item in president Spauld- corpus. The plea contended Ver- _ _ /*xtdx , j ^ •
of the Mechanics and Farmers I Mr. Spaulding stated in his re- ing’s report that pf unusual non had been denied his constitu- WASmNGTON, D. C., (ANP) confiscation of pistols and Iraive#.
Bank made at the annual meeting port that the Mechanics and interest stated, that during the tiotial rights because Ne^oes ^limaxing their long fight tor j Opening the hi^arins, Maror
of stockholders held recently, the [Farmers Bank is thoroughly sol- year 19b0 the bank made Joans were “int«ntionally and systeraa- induction into the nursing service |Iteu|flas asserted that a>t th» pr^
deposits of the bank have in-lvent and liquid, and could at any'i Please tirrn to page Six tically barred” from juries., the U. S. Army Medical Corps,jvious meeting, the data pre^ted
menabers of the National Associa-lby the delegation was msnmMMit
tion of Colored Graduate Nurses |to warrant any a^tion on th* is-
engage in any honest endeavor.
to bring their medical staffs to
Thev will not be disturbed, but to f“H/trength. It also is anticipated
, -ii „ that a number of Negro Medical
the contrary will be oriven all ~. , n u I
_ '.vi - ~ i It officers and nurses will be au-
Po»«i‘ble encouras’ement.' . , „ . *
thorized soon for assignment to
other regiments and station hos
pitals where there are Negro
uviium ifiiii
sa«, and that in all due respect to
the delegation, there existed in hi*
mind a qnestion as to whether the
Please turn to page Six
Question May
Appear As bsne h
Man Walks FMt
Mlfoc Ta If ill PiVqI large general Army hos-
ITlilvu 1U IVIU y ul pitals, it is not planned to use
Negro profe.ssionaJs, although Ne-
WILSON, — Herbert Bynum, gro patients will be accommodated
27 venr old Shanp.«hurer resident without discrimination, receiving
walked eight miles Tuesday night the same treatment and facilities
to kill a man after a quarrel as other patients.
Aver Bynum's wife, then walked As Negro officers are called The annual drive for Livingstone College is now in full swing, and according to Presideni W. J. Trent it is hoped
fonr miles to give himself up to from the Medical Reserve, ftddi- that the campaign will not pnly net enough funds for the maintenance of the .school during the next fiscal year, but
police. tional Reserve appointments will!enough tp complete the boys' dormitory, pictured above, which is much needed to take care of the,increase in enroH-
He walked four miles for a Please turn to page Six ment that has been realized this year. 1
have been informed by the
American Red Cross that the
Army ig going to use Negro nur
ses, it was learned here this
It was stated that the names of
117 eligible, registered nurses
have been sent to Army officials
b'" the American Red Cross,:
which is the authorized agency j ^ ^
through which nurses are |
for «the Army and Navy branches j lilCvUUH
the War Department. * —' '
Of the 117 elisrU>les, it was said | NEW YORK, Special to tk*
that -^8 would be Selected for CAROLINA TIMES ) — Plan*
the Fourth and Fifth Corps ha%-e been eoafl^seted for the intro
Areas. The Fourth Area is in the duetion in Congress aext week ef
, South, while the Kfth comprises • resolntioa ealiing for an inveati.
i Kentucky, Ind^na, Ohio and West gation of the treftiaent of the Ne-
iVii^inia. ia the ratie national itiiftmte
In just what capacities the program ukebdiiig the Anijt
nurses would be used, or thejNavy, Air and Miurise Corp% wiA
nature of their assignments, wasipartteular emphMia oat jo^ in
not immediately known, but with drfena* indastry^ the Kaatliail
jthe induction into Federal service- Aa«oeia4io» for tlw
of various State National Guard of Cbiore4 iniinMMMi
regiments, as well *8 the Draft {day.
selectees, it was thooght the n«r-' Walter White*
sea would be integrated, into tha taij of aMMMtiMf
medical personnel station^ at thejaMMtiMS^ ia Wa^M|
various Army trainiiig aaape. | Pleaae tan to

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