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    “Let Britain Give
Safepards for
World Peace—”
out for Britain with all wp have.
We ehall be »li out for our
8rlvi*v. wp shall hp po'.ng all
out for all the rest of all the
Americas. We ^^hall be Ktartincr
the Croa t ion, after all these .' ear*
of a truly invulnerable American
•A rONCRETFj understandin^f
■with Britain on post-war policieti
and on methods for implementing
f)ermanent workl safety ig urged
as a condition for all out aid to
Britain in the leading article of
February issue of the READER’S
DIGEST, appearing today.
Written bv William Hard, vete-
eran political and economVo com
mentator, the article pleads for
the United States to go on “from
helping Britain feebly to helping
Britain effectively” after forcing
a binding understanding concern
ing the arrangement Britain is o
mane after victory.
The U. S., gays Mr. Hard, "lies
almost in the middle betwppn the
■world’s two historic vitally
breathing Inngs. It lies between |^ilaon, w hite, who had served
the unquenchable passions of internal revenue
western Europe and the reawaken ^3 years be fore beconung an
ing activities and ambitions of flependent tftx counsellor,
eastern Asia*
We are admirably situated to
be the prey of a European L^ade
Ed Jones, Policy
King, Sentenced To
Serve 28 Months In
rHK’AOO, (Associated Negro
Press) — Edward P. Jones, re
puted boss of the South Side
policy racket, was sentenced
Thursday by Federal Judge Philip
L. Sullivan to serve 28 months in
the f)enitentiary for income tax
vasion. He took the rap for his
two brothers , ‘afld Thomas R.
served in
bureau for
L . —, . —... ■ ________________
Birmingham Radio Station Gives Time
To Negroes: Baptis t Ministers 0. K.
Gilson were
broithers and
\yhen sentence was imposed,
an A^atic blade of T world Sullivan granted Ed Jones
ftcissors. ‘J.n these
circumstances, a stay of execution to March
Itff allow him to
North Carolina Commission On Inter-
Racial Cooperation Will Hold Its 22nd.
State - Wide Annual inference Feb. 20
SteiB Taken To
Eliminate Accidents
From Sports Events
RALEIGH — Noting an in-
Baptist Ministers conference which
meets each Tuesday at Sixteenth
Baptist church adopted a resolu
tion of commendation to be sent
to the Birmingham News Age
Herald and Station WSON, for
opportunity to present by Editor
Robert Durr, the “Negro in the
News” over air daily. The minis
ters stressed the fact that as re
presentatives of the Negro people.
RALEIGH, N. C. (Special to the
OaroJina Commission on Interra
cial Cooperation will hold its 22nd
8tate Wide Annual Conference in
Raleigh on February 20. The
morning and afternoon sessions
will be held in the Religious idu-
cation Building of Edenton Street
Methodist Church. The evening creas« in accidents in North Caro-
Isession will be in the City Audi-;lina involving high school boys
itorium. land girls en route to ba.Hketball
Blain Featnree of Procram Iffames, Ronald Hocutf, director »»f
Morning Session (Edenton St.[the Highway Safety Div|si.,n, p-
Methodist Church) beginning P««ied this week t? Parpnts. and
10:30. [Y'hocrt\ authorities to take steps to
1. “The need of a home for de- accident* of thia tyi>e.
linquent Negro girls” will be dis-| “I* « alarming to note,” he
_ , , . , , . ° cussed by Dr John S. Bra!way of,»*>d, four young people in
embers and .ntarested (Duke University and Pre«id«nt^of state *have been killed and up-
the State Conference of Social
|Work. Supplementing this discuss
ion will be Mrs. W. T. Bost,
of photographs
as the conferenc# resolutions were
Mr. Durr says he accepted«the'
wards of a dozen other injured j
while going to or from ba.?ketball j
garnet in out state in the pa:^t six
job because he thought Director of State Department of ^wo other youths
were killed and several injured j
while en route to high s hool'
football games. This slaughter of
our young people must be halted.”
Accidents of this kind are large-
Upper left h«nd comerr insert
. , . ~ . . they appreciate the clean news
We ought ifot to bfe asking our-j“" *'*®^ *”ja8out Negroes given in such a
Selvea *imply: “What can we doi®”®’”' high class way over the air to the
to help Britaint" We ought to| The multimiHion dollar policy listeners composed of
be asking ourselves also—and income, the government pointed
primarily: ‘What can Britain do out, comes from the penniee,^ Birmingham News photo- ing are officers ^ .-an ne.i, r..
to help usf’ As soon as we pose nidtels and dim« that South Si - apher was on hand at the Tues^lthe Baptist Minivers conference. ,He^r^DirTrtol ""of thTvir^in a'seeing tiat
the problem in that way, we can er* bet in the “num^bers racket.- ^ ^TrT
begin to act with some realistic | The Jones boys get /5 per cent of
conv&ion sense—perhaps even with everything that is bet.
dants that “under no cireums- a number of policy writers
serve to educate the pobhc at t ^
1 u i XI- i. VT Public Welfare; Mrs. J. Henrv
large about the best Negro aet»- ...
^ 11 ® * ;Highsmith and Mrs. Phyllis Stan-
ties which are never fully present-' .,%irrr n n • a ^ . -r
J . ^ ^ J cil 0’Kelly, Superintendent In-
ed in the daily newspapers and , i • \ o V i tt- . .
, I. 1 1 J ■ dustrial School «t Peaks, Virginia,
because it has been revealed in ai « a • f A
_ I ,• i i I An institution for the train-
survey that more P^le listen to feeble-minded Negro said, to overcrowd
to radm than read all white and discnseed by Wm. youthful exuberance
Negro newspapers. Johnson, Director of the Negro impetuousness, distraction of
children” will be discussed by drrverB
sive speed.
“Coaches and school principals'
can help reduce such accidents by'
cars taking players to
State Hospitals, Richmond. |games are not overcrowded, by
andi 3. “The Little County School”; i®eeing that the cars are driven by
shows Robert Durr, editor of the r. Johnson, Director of the
Weekly Review newscaster. Stand Negro Division of the State Wei
and members of Department and Dr. H. C.
attention, and exces-
CoUege ot Bishcfie of the Ceatral
Jurisdiction of the MettuxUst Church.
Left to right: Bishop Alexander P.
Siaw, Baltimore Area, Baltimore,
Md., and Bishop Robert £. Jones,
Columbus Area, Columbus, (»ila
Inaert: Bishop Lorenxo H. King, the
Atlantic Coast Area. Atlanta. Georcia.
before letting them have the
family caj!, for the purpose of tak
ing a lo8i«l of players or spectators^
to a basketball game aiway from;
homo. ’ ’ I
“Certainly, if parents s n d
school authorities will take these |
steps, the chances df such accid-|
entfl occurring should be greatly j
reduced. ”
A cbeck for 117.62 was sent t*
Bundles for Britain by stadents at
Boone Trail High School, of M»-
mers. N'. C. The money was eoa-
tributed by the itndenU. most «(
them farm children.
Census Bureau shows
rural growths near par.
a little audacity.” I John M.
After sugge ting major •oifl-|kett, assistant
monitments Britain should pro-1 told the court that
mise toward post war world (tax liaibilities has Seen settled for|
safety, Mr. Hard urges, “liet us $481,710 in a civil suit. Kiely told i
Kiely and Paul Plun-would the getting of the cash runners,'«nd finally, in 1929 The elimination of 1, 2 and 3 (reasonaible youths, and by caiv
district attorneys, ^*'** Jones sent- became the owner of
the brothers’ guilty in the wheel.
^criminal case. j To show how profitable
Kiely narrated in detail how, racket is, the government
fclBd Britain to it; and let the court, however, _,that he the Jotbs brothers,
us throw off the" wraps and go all had re^atedly I'dvlsed the defen- Mississippi minister, ran
son of a closed that the brothers spent,
his own teacher schools (1800 of them in
North Carolina) by Dr. N. C.
Newbpld, Siipt. Clyde Erwin and
4. Adequaite vocational education
a $15, from 1931 through 1938, $2,721,911North Carolina schools (speak-
Service . .
You will find our SERVICE complete to the smallest
detail. Our years of experience enable us to anticipate
your need and therefore serve you better.
‘^Thoufhtful Attention To Even The Smallest DetaiF
401 Pine Street
24 Hour Service
Phone J.2971
stake up to $1,600,000 in 10 years, showed an income of only $1,358,
' He said Ed is 43 years old, a while their income tax returns
graduate of Howard university, 'showed an income of only $1,358,
married and the father of four|270. The difference, minus cash on
children. He lived in Mississippi hand Jan. 1, 1939, was what they
until coming to CWcngo. From .were charged with '^ailing t‘) de-
1918 to 1922 he operated a small iclare ag income: $1,307,519.
taxi business in Evanston, assist-1 HIZIII
ed by his brothers and brothers
and his mother, Mrs. Harriet
Jones. From 1922 to 1936 he work
ed as club car steward on the
20th Century Limited, and in
1927 he entered the lottery racket.
He first became a policy writer,
or number salesman; then he
operated a policy station, bossing
Few of us realize that during the year 1939, NINE-
THREE THOUSAND people met death from accidents
in America ... one person every five and one-half min
utes, eleveii persons every hour, two hundred and six
ty each day, eighteen hundred each week.
Sixty-two per cent of all fatal accidents fall under
two headings . . . motor vehicles 34% and falls 28%.
With the holiday season approaching, travel will be
in full swing. A^at would be the picture in your home
should you be one of the victims?
Insurance will not bring back a loved one, but
there is satiifaction in the thought that the future of
those left behind is financially secure. Can you afford
to gamble with a need so vital?
★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★
Charlotte Office
A. £. Spears
' Manager
Durham Office
W. L. Cook
WINTER skin is a plaguf
which few women cscijMJ.
Your ankles are chapped: yuur
legs are rou^ and flaky; your adyjHollywood will speak on
feels itchy-ary all over. You; ~
is not unusual, and u trace.V i in
.part to onr rigorous climate anu in
part to our addiction to overl: ued
rooms and onr devotion to the batlu
tub. '
What to do? Rut^ Murrin, Direo*
ers to Tue announced).
Afternoon Session (Edenton
MethodLst Church) 2 o’clock.
1. “The intergration of N’egro
es and white non Union workers
in the industrial and national de
fense construction program.” This
topic will be discussed by those
well informed and competent.
2. Mr. Paul Green of the Uni
versity of North Carolina and
i.asa Dramatization of Native Son.”
3. “Housing" and other pertin
ent items -will be discussed in
brief written reports from the
six Regional Conferences held
October in Elizabeth City, Rocky
Mount, Lumberton, High Point,
tioning the drivers against speed
ing and carelessness” the safety
director stated.
“Parents can be helpful 'n this
connection by having aerious talks
with their sons and daughters
tor of Good Housekeeping's ber.uty gt^tesville and Asheville. Persons
clinic has the answer in the FcbrU'
ary Issue of the magiuiine. Try ft
toothing protective body rub —• on^
that smooths and softens,, drie*
quickly, leaves no greasy film. There
are new body lotions especially' to*
the purpose; bat before you invest
in one, try your old reliable hand
lotion. Apply it after^your bath.
In extreme cases, the Journal a
the American Medical AssociatioD
recommends that you use soap only
on face and hand*, feet and body
folds, and make your bath with
gtarch, bran or oatmeal. To avoid
clogging drains, oatmeal should be
tied in a gauxe bag and boiled a tew
minutes. Then both bag and the
water in which it was boiled are
added to the water in the tub. Water
should be tepid, not hot.
The starch bath is simpler, since
it is necessary merely to stir the
starch in the water. It makes a d»>
ItffbtfuL alks-/««]Utar Jbatb.
Stepmother's Attitude
^ Should Be Friendly
Every year thousands of wo*
men take up the task of rais
ing other women’s children. The
job of being a foster mother is not
an easy one, but the attendant prob
lems are not impossible to solve.
Especially difficult, says Gretta
Palmer in the February Good E::::o-
jceeping Magazine, is the role of
ptepmother-through-divorce. Since,
in this case, the child has two
mothers, the situation may prove
dioroQghly bewildering to him. Pur
ser complications may occur if any
liscord arises between the two
households in which he has a part^
For the sake of the child, any differ*
ences must be straightened out from
the start.
A stepmother. Miss Palmer ad-
dses, must not demand a child’s af
fection. Her attitude should be that
bf a wise, friendly grownup. The
real mother should have first claim
in all decisions; the stepmother
thould defer to her Judgment. Bat
r there is a problem with which she
feels better able to cope, she shoold
flrst ask the husband to obtain the
nother's^permission to handle it. If
tepmothera study their Jobs, they
n make a glowing ^uccMs out
turaa a£ the naat.^.
to make these reports will be
announced later.^
, 4. A recommendation for char
tering and incorporating the Com
mission by act of the Legislature
will be submitted by Hon. Gurney
P. Hood, chairman of the com
mittee. Senator Gordon Gray who
is ehairman of the Winston Salem
committee has agreed to introduce
the Bill if the Coramiasion acts
favorably upon the recommenda
tion. ! 'I
Evening Program City Audi-
beirinning 7rl5.
It is hoped that this program
can be broadcast.
1. Music will be furnished by
the Negro college choirs of the
state which is the initial program
of music dedicated annually to
I the Governor of North Carolina.
This will be a permanent feature
of all future State Conferences
all of which are to be held in
Raleigh. Others parts of the state
will be covered by Regioanl Con
ferences and local meetings.
2. A symposium of five or ten
minute addresses on: “We Ameri
cans.” ’!
« a) Ra>bbi Fred J. Rippins f
Greensboro will speak for the
b) Dean Alphanso Elder, North
Carolina College, Negroes.
c) A Foreigner one of the group
South American Students nowj
in residence at the University
of North Carolina will speak
on “South America’s interest
in hemispheric solidarity.”
d) A message from Ambassador
Josephus Daniels to be read
will emphasize Mexico’s in
terest in the “Good Neighbor
Policy ’ ’
3. Address by Hon. James A.
Broughton, Governor of North
Governor Broughton is the 6th
Governor of North Carolina o
■erve a* Honorary Chainnan of
.the Commission on Interracial
Cooperation in in North Carolina.
4. Dr. Odum has a^eed to
bring a delegation of foreign stu-
stndents for this program.
Pet Dairy
Is Pure Milk
Concrete sidewalks or fiagston«
paths can be laid directly on the
earth granting natural drainage fa
cilities and soil sufficiently loose tc
assure moisture filtration.
When adequate drainage is laclc-
Ing, the installation of a well-packed
base of at least six inches of gravel
or cinders is essential to prevent the
collection of water from undermin
ing the concrete
Whatever the path width or flag
stone design, two by fours laid so as
the top edges mark the walk surface
make convenient side and section
forms. Lay sidewalks in about live
foot sections with narrow vacanciejt
to allow for expansion. The irregular
designs commonly emphasized in con
crete flagstone construction ade
quately compensate for any move
Pour the concrete in alternatins
sections, and when hardened, remove
the cross boards before filling re
maining areas.
Level off each section before dry
ing with a bol^rd pressed hard agains'.
the side forms to remove surplus
Soacr«t«. —
Each block is best tooled or spotted
slightly to prevent slipping on the
Btherwise smooth surface.
Q.—Suggest a method for paintin?
canvas covered pipes Is a spetia)
primer necessary? What paint do yoi
A.—No special paint or methoa oi
application is required tor decorat
ing canvas surfaces Merely apply
three coats of good quality flat paint,
the like of which is specified for wall
board and plaster
For complete assurance as lo iht
liuality of the ingredients and coii'-*
^uent durability, it is advisabk u.
mix the priming coat or. the oh
from 3 parts (by volume) of p istp
white lead. 4 parts lead mixing or
lead reducing oil Follow wi'.h two
topcoats of equal parts of the ‘vr-
ingredients tinted ss rtp'ired v th
paste colors-in-oil
Yott must iureok the seal
^ OH, GflACE, SOME 0?=-
let!s go snoppi^jat
you AT
Vouft AP
SrtE O
... to open our
protected bottle
The Tamper - Proof Hood
Keeps It Pure During Defiyery
We have spared no expense to equip our
dairy with the latest and most scientif
ic facilities for the preservation of milk
purity. As an additional link in the
sanitary service chain, which we pro
vide, we now cap each bottle with a
sterilized SEAL RIGHT HOOD.
Our bottles are automatically hooded after
they are capped by special machines. This
cover-all hood is entirely tamper - proof. Its
seal cannot be, broken without detection. It
brings to you, not only milk that is pure, but
a bottle whose top has never been exposed.
If you use our milk, there is no need to
wash off the bottle top before pouringr,
for it comes to you sterile-clean, com
pletely protected by a sanitary hood.
Guard the health of your family by
using only protected milk!
“A Pantry Profit In Every
Deeper Cream — It
James Street « Ftume L-98S

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