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    Morgan Drop s Ho ward 49^ 34
A&T Affpies Upset Trojans 37-34
Eagles Hold Aggies To 5 Field Goals
Eagles Hold Aggies Armstrong To Soon Morgan Noses Out GPkN UP I HOSE 'GOLDEN GATES
To Five Reid GoaJsLead Own Band Tuskegee 63 - 61
PALTIMORE, Md. — Trailing
six points with only gewn minutes
BY A. M. BIVB&A, Jr. Under Joe Glaser
• * • ( •
DURHAM — Averaging more IfEW YORK (TYP) — Henry to play, the clever passing Morgan
than 80 points * gam» agiinrt Armstrong, that,gam« little war- State College Bear# put on a.sen-
oonference fees in the la&t three rioj the prize ring (paat t"-nse) national rally in the closing »tag-
start«, the horth Carolina College ,^il[ actually lead his own or- es of the game to conquer a eoifr-
Eaglee defeated the A and T chestra. It was revealed by his ageous and spirited Tuskegee In-
College quintet 38-22 Saturday brother Harry Armstrong, who bo stitute five, 6!r to fll, here
ni^t before 1,700 fans. j ,abaly lead Hank to three intereectional battle at the
Rendered helpless before a world'* titles, at the Hotel There- Albert
barrage of perfect shots, the over thia we^^t^at Armstrong, who night.
touted visitors trailed the entire recently loat to Fritzie Zivic in a] A field goal by John StatWi,
gam« and never once even threat
ned the substantial lead of the
second unsuccessful but thrilling subjititutije forward, in the last
try ta regain his lost laurels, would 15 seconds of play was the de
soon appear in the role of a band cisive blow that sent^ a capacity
leader at a near futue date under [crowd iffto an enthusiastic up-
Ennis, displaying the quality of, , , , j'
offensive and defensive floor workl^® management and direction f roaf.
for which he gained the 1940 ,*^0®
Coach Johnny McLendon andj Consolidated,
award, initiated one scoring thrust '
.tt.r another. Captwa iHflmptfln DcfeatS
The Alabamans, making their
first ^pearance in Baltimore,
took the lead midway in the (je-
cond half after trailing most of
ihe way and being on the short
end of a 31 to 29 score at half-
time. Early in the seiond half the
score was tied. Tuak/fegee soon ran
Morgan State Drops State - Morgan Tilt
Howard U, 49 - 34 Set For Feb. I(Hh.
BAI.TIMORE, lid. — The Mor-j ^ WILLIAM 311013
gan State College basketball cag- PETERSBl'RO, \ a. Coaeh
ers won their first home CIAA Morgan Stata
eonfeem^ game here Friday right Bears are booked for a
when they out scored Coach Burr'.s Virgmi* State
Howard University Biaons. *19 to » Monday night, Febru-
34 at the New Albert Auditorium. ^
Leading by a seoreof 21 to 19^® meeting of the
at mid way point by virtue of rivalu this season.
Madison Garrison's four field . brought
goals, Moi^an was poshed hard ^ Petersburg it »aa to
because Flip Jackon trailed ^ Donting’ Tfc*ma#e«
Garrison with thrae shots from n»achm» wa.
the floor for the visitor* in the anything that Tro-
initial half scoring. ,Captain Lionel ->“*
^Gihson, veteran high acoring for-
•ward, was aent to the sidelines that was during the last
during the first few minutes of football season, and this » the
play due to an ankle injury and baaketball season—a sport that the
The Aggies seemecf under con
fident and erratic as the Eagles
crowded them closely in all offen-
Btaged a comeback in the Slate-1
6mxtl) ,faice after being laid up iCa |Xn|||
with a Bte season jajury. Using a 10L» 1 dUl vU LU
self styled hocua pocus pass hej
connects with cat quick speed. 1 HAMPTON Institute, Va. - . . t* *
Individual honors for the en- Shoeing a complete reversal of up a lead of 6 point*. It was at
counter went to Colbert, Eagle'a *1^® Hampton Pirates de- thia point that Captain Lion 1
All CIAA center, who’ rang up 17 the Saint Paul Tigers 55 to (Dn«ce) Gibson, Mat Gamwn,
44 on the Hampton court, Satur-|Plaul Hutchinson, and Gibby
day, February 1. Givena teamed uP to again tie the
Pacod by “Tiny" Thotnpaon, count. In the midst of this rally
veteran forward, who scored 26 and after Tuskegee had "uada
sive’manouvrrerThe guesU failed ^he Pirates took the lead another goal, Gibby Givens, whose
to pierce the »ir tight defense of opening whistle and offensive thrust aided the Bears
the giants except for five field relinquished it throughout no little, waa called out Via the
goals, the totals number register- contest. four foul route. But Johnny Stat
ed for the entire game. I *he final miuutes of the game «n, his substitute, came in and
Lefty Ev’ans, veteran Aggie Tigers put on a rally that sank the winning field goal in
center, accounted fdr 10 of his brought them within eight pointa the last few second of play,
team’s 22 points and made a of the Pirates. This spurt did j
valant attempt to stabilise hi« l*st, however, and the Pirate* Bewrs’ Savwith Straight Win
I foiled furthar ahead. At thej This victory waa MMgan’s
Coach Johnny McLoiidon and Hampton led 24 to 14 cour*^ eeventh straight win without a
his feathered flock are unbeaten wnsational. Standouto single setback, and the second
by oonferenoe foes^ for Hampton were “Tiny>' -Th.n,™ .
their glory jaunt
aDC WillVB VuV VI mudivS 9 lvrdIlU9% EtBftlilOn^ MnUBv* IB WWBIlIuKlilnl) 99 I . ^ ' ,, « t
l)rj^ wmM/ on the Colnmbia network in “Back Where 1 Come From," a program of folk sonasL Showi,forward, replaced him and Gibby t“* same finease that they do
Ih* OoldoB Gate Qurtet, one of AmerlM’s foremost haimony teams, io Waahlngtoa, D. C., U heari|J®^’^ (Gibby) Givens, star fro^
(If " ‘ ‘ ^ i .... T
. . 0I|1.
\l9erie«ns,’’ the song thal earned n«tlo«al rMagnition when suag by Paul Robeson.' At right Is Bari Ivee.' '“1 j tk«
ha fo(k-s/ng«r knwn as the “Wayfarlii' 8tran«er.» The Qaartet la left to right: Clyde Riddick, atcoo^ ® .7, c«ds for
with thiim hfre to rounc 2ar| ftobinaon-deft), sisging nw«tor-of-«eremonies, who oomposed
allad foi did all right for the Bears’foot
A. & T. Aggies-
Upset Favored
Lunceford Among
And 90 it ^ems aa how
jans are all warmed up
five field goals and one foul toss *°d waiting until Monday night
to tie with his ^f^ijni^ mate, ^>e'ause the Petersburg lade do
Madison Garrison,, k>i% range their ABC’s on the hard-
Ther eiran nami>ron were xmj Thomp triumph in two days, having de-
with a 32-29 C««)tain, Julos Jackson, and feated Howard Univeraity on
wifr over Shaw UnijffirBity aad
defeated a hapless Hampton
quint 69-40 to dedicate their new
gym. Taking the road, the Eagles
tamed the St. Paul Tigers 58-33
and staged a scoring extrava-
genza Howard University when
they defeated the Bisons 74-49.
In a fever raiser the gianta nosed
John “Ao6 Phillips.
Fri4ay »igbt.
v«rsity 51-25. Ennis and iDowning '
held Smith’a big guna, Oliver and Oibaon Lead Soorers
Watson to 1 and 0 point* respec-1 Duece Gibson, Bears co-eaptain,
tively. Releasing all his aggreeive waa high point mail. The v«twan
er Rnd breath, taking sh 'sharp shooter sank eight field
ing and ball handling, Ennis and goals and tossed four markers
his team ligates played Smith to a from the foul line for ijwenty
28-9 iatermisaion soore. Nine pointa. Hia teammate, Giv«na, was
out South Carolina College of substitutes wore uaed in the last second with sixteen and W. 3mith
Orangeburg 44-46 and ii the same stance and theao first termers and Hornaburger for the visitore
week embarrassed the Golden allowed no let up in the furious followed with fourteen *nd thir-
Bulls of Johnson C. Smith Uni- assault on the Bulla teen points respectively.
The Leaders In Two „»?«v j ,® j- "
n% • 0km M rk i Tk ti On Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry,
Trojans, 37 - 34 Orchestra Polls
NEW YORK —.These are “in struments, anything of value.
the groove" days for maestro D17TIADI1?
PETERSBURG, V a. — In a Jimmy Lunceford. Radio editor*
!game that lacked the thrill that voting in the nationwide Poll ¥ /\ 4 \T nA
might be expected from the two conducted’ by Motion Picture LH
teams, the favored Trojans f Daily recently declared the y-opu- *
Virginia State College were upset lar sepia band one of the five top
by Roland Bernard’s A&T »wing bands in the country, and
Aggies here on January 27th on now comes word from the Glend-
the Trojan’s hoinecourt, 37-34. »le, Cal. Star that readers of that
The breaks went against th« newspaper have voted Jimmie’s
Trojans when Percy Smith, ve- band among the three top.bands
iteran forward and crack floor- of the ye»r.
general, sprained his right apkle^ -—. . — —«—
and h^d to leave the game before Children of ScrMII Sf«rs
the first half was over. ' ^ u
DMpile . 16 su wore «t the In Hqppy Homes
half, the State quint had led in TTQLLYWOOD has gone
the opening minutes of the game jJX home-town. And in a big
by a« much as air points at one way, too. Go to a Hollywood din
time. Throughout the second half ner party with a group of fabulous
the see sawed back and forth un- movie stats as guests, and what
til the Aggies took the lead at will they talk about ? Technicolor ?
32-32 with about four rainutes Disney’s Hemineway’s
shooting ace, with rieven tallies.
Cain Top* Scorers
William Sugar Cain, B«irs’ cen
ter topped all scorers ^th 13
Moose Fletcher, former'^
"Charlotte’s Oldest and Larfest”
^^^uaBxxttma.a*wE.HO« b«»s
woods de:jipite a recent liekis^ at
the hands of BoUie Bernard’a
Harry Jefferson, the Trojan
coach, has been shifting his com-
Armstrong star and promising bination until he feels he haai
Howard’s forward, nosed out j*ist about bit the jackpot. 'The
Garrison and Givens for runner-. floor work and passing of tho
up honOTs with twelve tallies. j Virginia State Combine which
In the preliminary game Mor- ■ futures Hurst and veteran PereJT
gan Junior Varsity nosed out the Smith is like the smoothness of
I Howard Junior Varsity, 31 to 29. blaeket velvet when it’s cbcking.
[ Bob Reds Duncan wa« iigh. seor- j Bears on the other hand
jer, gernoring five field goals and ®o set up for any team. They
three charity ^ots for thirtaen have been touted as having «
points, while histeammate, Webs- passing attack that is better than
Fantasia ? Hemingway’s
left in the game. The Trojan were “No!” Mary Hammar,
never able to over come the lead tj,e readers of the Februcrj-
as the game ended 37-34,
A&T (37)
Higgins, f — — 0
Evans, J, f 2
Oooden, f — ul
, Patterson, f —• — 1
I Evan'S, L, c 6
CJollins, g i— 4
Pa^tereon, g 3
Gaskin, g
Manton Moroland w^ihtt tb^ Donnis O'Koofc and-l4^ol«n^Vlnion.would pay lost afttntion l« .«acK
othor m{9rij«^'-fl^i^|t)fnu in this icon* from Ripubiie’i “iowory toy," which foaturot O'Ktofo.
— 0
17 3 37
Powell, f — —
Smith, f —
Weeks, f
Brown, c
Taylor, c —
Hurst, g — — — 0
Weaver, g ’0
Williams, g, • 0
— ^ 0
Good Housekeeping MagaBinc. The
con^’ersation she reports, is much
mora apt to run to kindergartens,
grade schools, infant tantrums and
" j.'hlldren’s toys. For the glamorous
® I movie stars, children are tV ? topic
5 of the moment, and'they min-ht wpI!
2 be, for they are a fine healthy lot
2'of youngsters, all baautifully
brought up.
- j Miss Hamman recounts that Mar-
Igaret Sullivan, at the slightest eu'.{-
0|(reBtion, will fetch pictures of her
0 two children from her hr.;idbac. a^: i
then babble happily about her domes
tic dynaity. Five-year-old Fr^i
Aataire, Jr. doesn’t dar.ce, but i'»>
loves music. “Ha likes the highbrow
stuff best,’* his father says, "a., i
that’s definitely too tany for i le.’'
Edward G. Robinson has an ado-
Ing child in his son Manny, ju t
sight years old. Manny udoves I s
father. It’s a plain case of hero wi.r
for he iii
nWcction a;i l
14 6
Of These devoted Ilollywoo!! fan i’
Ofaro the rule, not the exjoption
cording to Miss Hamman. ' r.
of Hollywood filinlan J and ymi
34 iliscover ond poor little nc,;:
hild or a spoiled, ill h i' !
^USTA till ACT
ter Letwis, trailed with t®n.
Oil >|||*»I
i> S i: ic I I I ^
TO Itli:' .xtil M I J>
ilTnion’a—that one man's opinion,
[however. Morgan’s upaet in
I Hiilly recently over Manny
RiveroLincoln Lions bld^ well
■ that the bojrs from the Baltimore
backwoods are no hicks. Thus it
seems that the Trojan-Bear tilt
. in Petersborg ^ould provide the
sport wags witfi the real thing.
I Probable line up for the Bears
will be Garrison and Giveng at
the forward spots, Cain holding
down th» center post, and Hutch-
^inson and Gittens doing th®
guard cliores. Unless somebody
I breaks aleg o*- something, Coaeji
Jefferson will probably start
George Weeks and Pery ^mith at
forward, Jessie Brown at center
I and Willie Hurst and Bob Weaver
Ignace Jan Paderewski, Polisk
patriot and the world’s greatest
pianist, enrolled as a member ot
Bundles for Britain racaatly. Tbe
Polish patriot presented hla check ^
for $50 to Bundles for Britain and guard positions
gave as bis slogan “Help Great
Britain save the world!” A Bun
dles for Britain emblem was given
the noted pianist at hia Kew York
I * • •
! Boss: “I see. Do you think
jyou can do the work?'*
Applicant: “I thought you
wanted • foreman!"
NY PERSON in North
Carolina interested in
how to prevent, discover,
or cure tubereuloiis may
write the Extension Depart
ment of the North ^ro-
Ijna Sanatorium, Sanator
ium, N. C., and receive the
“Fiprin’ Sam”.
Numbo Pete Says
Add 315 923 731
551 467 m 142
Subtract 234 777 711
and Divide Result 472
Plus 472 and SM what
For the Forthcoming Date of the
Long-Talked of Play • • •
Given in the
Watch For The Date In TIm
J : _

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