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9th «tmt. 4 t*blM of bridgt war*
«njo7ed darlitf th«
irhieh MeMi* Jamat T*ylor, end
John LtIm wars «ward«d pritm.
Mi«g Virgfini* GnlHok wm boat
e»8 to mMnbprs of the 9 o'eloek
bridge club JViduy aTening at her
jhonie on Luther street
I was enjoyed from 9 until 11
*”] Mesdames Prances Hurton and
City Lod^, 1 of Robert* Lyles won prices
By Mn. Basaia Hardy
Talavh«i^ 3l2e
•tanin/'^’SiAii Ovch Meal For a Busy Day
1 T*vl«». end 9 •
ly K«tli«rlM Wrttr
DirHttr, Gtm! Htmnkmphg tMttm
Hera’t « hMftI yt>n aan prapara ia tlM mertthig, atara in f«w rafrif-
Q ., araur, and pop into tba oven wtian yon ratan hana tata-h> tha aitarnoon
nriage g buajr day’s thopplnir or a r.T.A. laaatfnf. Tonr family will find
it dalicioiM. What's mors, it is wail l^noad to aappljr ootritiOMl
Jaaote Badio
^Eaat lint
|oeatS«Q to fiuTBMst park m tba
ToA Road.
pastel woo)ena are lorellr for
thoaa who lika color.
The Qneen
the IBPOE was tha h»t last hostess serred a aalad «oui«e
Thursday avening at a buffet sup-
ar at ita new home on South Mpj^^prs of the Colored Cham-
Caldwell St. to member* and prM Cornmeree met Wednesday
*' ’■ the
Proceeding uie their reular 1 o’clock luncheon
of cererooneis, College Union on Beattie«
introduee^ tM feature of
peetiTe members,
supper, mastar
Eugen« Potts,
Grand Exalted Ruler, w. r. ni^ptin^;' wa* the report of
RoWnsOn, who made a feiw brief g ^ Committee
remark*. The speaker of the M- Executivas
«a»ion was Rev. H. E. Wilson, who
pointed to the rapid progrese made ,ommodfttions for the Colored
by the Elks within recent years in pg^pj^ >.fp^ Bus terminal.
Education, Health and religion. Memiber* present were: Mefidames
After the addreiw, remarks wet-e Blakney, B. Hardy, Dr.
made by Df. E. E. Blackman, after jj MeCrorey, Dr. Pyle, Dean
which a delightful repast of ,j, g j^jcKinney, Assistant Dean
potato salad, baked Vimirna Ham. g jj Messera Uon
and hot coffee was served. 100 Le^ Jackson, I. M. Mar
Cola Slaw
DiftHt tt
S«*4 HeoMkttflng
ChiUai Fte*i»>ia Jal*a
^^^Beallopina af Taat
Baked Carrots ar Sqaash
Bakad Apf laa with llalsiML
Oven Maal Dirsctiwia: Placa SaaHopiaa of Taal
and Bakad Carrota or S^ttaah an qppar rack of oven.
Plaee aMles on lowar rack. Baka in a atoderata oT*n
af 850* F. IVfc hn., raonMwint *PP^ i» 1 !»'•
Pad«rew«)d thank* tb*
State* for aid to Polish eaiM*.
Mwran Dm ImUtDtMpvr«*W lMM«rtBc tmt tptmm.
Scallopine of Veal
JH lbs. boned (houldtr of vmI
H c. floor
t lap. nh '
H Up. vmar ,
t. minctd onioa
% t. eaiMMd wbel* «r illead fnah
1 So. I Mn
»tMi, (tralMd, «r
1% «. «aiin*4 tooMto )nlM
1 t9. tnnalsU* ntar
gueetfl were present.
Mrs. H. L. McCrorery is ont a-
gain after being confined to her
hoine for a few days-
Davis, W. M. Malone,
D. Douglas, and Mr.
Turn Your Back Upon Dinner!
V^S, litarally,yoa can turn your
^ back upon dinner and walk out!
providing, of oourte, that yoa laava
an oven meal behud you—not on*
where you idust put somathiag in
or ta^4 •omaihinK out of tha Oran
ararjr llttia while, but ona of tha
•Uck-as-a-whlatla arrangamanta
whera all tha food goes in at ona
Moe and 1* raady to t>* takan out
What makaa all of this possibla?
*'s the timer-controlled oven of a
otodem electric range—one which
*'ou can safely trust to cook your
-eal even when you are miles
•way. So reliable and so wall*
egulated is the heat control, that
'bsolutely no watching is required,
the heat In tBale ovesi is motst
#nd even, and no one tpot IsiVICter
^lixn any oth^>v tfh*‘^iko&atfC lime
control, set before you go, starts
and stops the current at any time
,'ou may desire, and at the tem
perature you require.
Here’s a menu for a dinner that
will be ready to take out of the
ovan and serve the minute you turn
the key in the lock. All the items
are to bake at 350 degrees for Just
1 %, hours.
Ham Sllca with Paprika Onions
Stuffed Green Peppers
Prune Nut Bread
Cranbqrrled Pears
Ham SIlea With Paprika Onlona
(Serraa •)
1 slfoa ham (oantar rat, 1-incb
thlA) 1 ^
t madlma-«]sad onioa*
U teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon paprika
X tabiaairaons brown angar '
3 tablespoons butter ^
oup canned consomma
Place ham in graasad baking
dish. Remora skins from onlutt*
and cut two gashes In tha rom
ends. Sprinkle lightly with salt as*
generously with paprika. Put i
teaspoon of butter and 1 teaspoo>i
of brown sugar on top of each
onion. Arrange tham In dish around
ham slice. Pour consonune ove>
^OM to a depth of H inoh. Bak»
covered, with tha aleatHc therm*
ftttt set at SCO dagreas, for IMi
Cranberrled Paar*
(Berras •)
6 large winter pears
1 cup cranberries
oups brown sugar
cup water
Pare and quarter pears. Arranga
In baking dish. Pick over and wash
cranberries. Cover pears with cran
berries and sprinkle with browu
sugar. Add water. Cover aftd bak*
in a moderate oren with the ele>-
trie thermostat sat at 350 degree*
for lU hours.
tin, Nrd
Dr. F.
Miw Charlotte Hunter was a
Menjhrirs of the 'Idle Rich Club visitor in .thp city Friday at her
fentertainpd at an' eUborate dance hoine on Baldwin Avenue. Mis®,
la^t Thursday evening at the City Hunter left early Saturday mom-
krmory. Dancing was enjoyed ing to rpsume her duties at Lir-
fr(to 10 til 2 o’clock. Jimmie Gunn in?stone College. . |
ind his,.Dixie Sereriader4 furnish- Mi8.t Fannie Pflrtee returned to
•d-mwiic for the affair. The dub the city last Sunday after visit-
looked a#ell i» tbeir inf a sick friend in Danville,
liglit blue late apd shiffon evening Virginia.
dresses with shoulder boqueta of . Misg Marie Nixon spent Friday w . ,
red roeftbitds. TTie pe'Psonnel of in Union, South Carolina visiting Core apples, pare ^ down fr
the club' are, Mesdames Pearl Misses C. Covington and Rogers,
Shannon, president, Ruth Tillman former graduates of Good Samari-
alffl, rice presidnet, E. B. Brown, tan hospital. j *
B. A. Alim, treM«r.r B.r. lo Mr. and M«. T. B. »ft,r b,.^ «
L. J, lIw.joi:D tTM- of e. 9lh Slreet S.ttird.r 0»»1 S.mmtan for
«nrer. 500 |«eBW wew BrMent. morninff at Good Sajnaritan ^ ®
Membew of the Pi^ Wiek Hospital, a girl.
Bridge club met Pri/lav evening
Cut veal into pieces as tor stew. Roil tightly In (low aombined with
% tsp. of the salt and % tsp. of the pepper. 8aut6 the minced onion in
aalad oil in a skillet until tender. Remove onion; place in » 2-qt. casse-
*o’e. Sauti veal in remaining oil until golden bfown; turn into casserole.
Add mushrooms, tomatoes, su^ar, and remaining salt and pepper. Cover,
and Iwke in modetate oren of MO* F. hrs., or until tender. Serve
^ith H c. rice, which has been cooked tender in boiling salted water. This
tt'cipe serves 5 generously.
* Baked Carrota or Sqqa^
Place fi c. jnlietined, piu'eu carrots in a covarad IH'flt. casHfroJe with
1 c. hot water, 1 tbsp. salad oil, apd \ tsp. salt. Cover, and bake in mod
erate oven of 850* F. 1'/^ hrt. Serves 6.
If baked squash is preferred, cut 8 lbs. HaMiard squash Into pieces;
remove seeds. Pnrlnkle with % tsp. salt and 2 tbsp. salad oil; bake in
co.^icd casserole, as abor*
Balced Ajiple* Rahln*
followed grreetings extended by
Ifisa Onqtje on behalf of tba AJo-
ainae Association. |
Tta Fonodar*’ ’Day address,
d*lira*«d by Dr. William Lla^d
Imea of the Saint James Presby
terian Church, New YoA City,
wa* hailed a* a profonnd, inspir-
iof an4 ebMlaOfninf aesaaga. Tha
subject of tha address waa
"Education of the Whole Per-
soaahty’' in which tb* speaker
set forth the whole progreas of
m*akind in his aaeent from tha
bmto level to the dignity of tha
hitean spirit, and the tailk f
edpeation in clearing the vast
Irasks through a moral wilder-
•*8. “actual' .fOTtrty," h*
stated,, leaves the individW far
more improverisbed than dir*
w|nt. ” He asserted further thai
Banber-Seotia Collie for Women
Row maddra Gfcek
like tke ctlafcritwi
ritn of tkeir aMint
know nehlier fear
wiiea in lattk. A
cle by a ceWkrstei
er in the F^braary tk4 Imm 9l
the big magazine distriboMI
wttk the
S l«r(«. fttm >pplM
H e- plu* ZH tbsp. nsat
% e. hot
% «. rabiM
tn stem. Place fn P '^t., round
c. sugar and water B min. fill each apple with raldln* and 'i i
. Pour syrup over apples. Cdver; bake in modarat* aven of 35(>'
or until tender. 9erv*s S. »
Mrs. Artelia Jenkins Cafdwell
Mrs. Haliie MajHberry of Don- of West Hill Street is reported
itlT Charles'Brawiaffon* of Easi glass street returned to her tome ill at her home.
Attend* 75th ‘Annual rrogrni
"If Not Satisfied...Don’t TeU
Others...Tdl Us”
118 S. Mangum St Prop. BGrfl. Bayswood
in -—
(Formerly with the Lafayette Player*)
And A Selected Supporting Cast
North Carolina College,
Durham, N. C.
FRIDAY, FEB. 21st;, 8:00 P. M.
Gteneral A4mis*ion 40c Raeenred 55c
Produced By Special Amngemrat With
Dr. Wm. Uoyd Imes
Principal Speaker
CONCORD, N. C. (Special to
tha CAB0I4KA TIME6-^Baf%«r-
Scotia Colt^a celebrated her
seventy fourth birthday la*t week
and reinfltituted annual Found
ers’ Day observance. A record
audience witnessed the exercises.
The pfogfAfn was marked by the
historical import of the occasion,
aad thus did the eollegpe add
anothsr chapter to ifcs interesting
histofy. President Cozart gave a
brief historical sketch whicli
traced the development of 4hp in-
stitution from the administratiop
of its founder Dr. Borland in
18®7 through the present re
organization set-up. This sketcA
%IH. II % VT
^ oil l a.i lit r All
.%] lli rf ill
Bilked F#pper Pot Mold
-o Micately spicy
hmcheon party dish
Dorothy Oraig
GRANNIH oBca r*«arkad. “To
cather fame aa a cook, serve
aishes that are just a wee bit an-
asnal', eaoufh to arouse interest,
trat not se unusual folks are sos*
Vfeious of them.”
I think if Grannie had orer met
py Baked Peppsr Po^ Mold she
would harr* promptly added It to
her “w*e bit nnusuals”. It Is of a
light sponcy texture with an un-
tX9«eted delicate sficiness of flavor.
For Complete
Dairy Service
Telephone L-955
Or Contact The DariiaBi
Dairy Salesman Who De
livers In Your NeifUbor'
durham dairy
"Quality Yoa Can Taste”
Recently appointed Health Co-
Ofdiaator with the K. €. State
Board of Health, who Ba* rtade
much proves* in her work. 'tW*
is a ftsaparatively new servie* ot
the «tate which seeks to enlist
the aid of all poasible in a per
manent jffo^ram of better health.
Misa Doaglass is well prs|>ar*d
for the work, having' been triun«d
at Howard, University aad the
ITaiversity of Mielligaa. Ske i* a
former teacher at Fayetteri&e
State Teachers College. Korth
Carolina is the only state in the
union having a department. Miss
Douglass is the daughter of Ihr.
and Mr*. R L. Dotiglaas of Cltar*
lott*. . ( -1, iH
^ood yesterday and stuid* lod*^
as a citadel of freedom *eid a
fortress of the soul.
V. r nr r i,s-
The loriMM iMMrty l»r>oe wot
Gedefrey MoMrfadwlne Cowpiry
of prMwrvftig wWewi's Mrtwral fMoefy, cmnI ti
*• ramlli «f Mi rwaith ovcdaU* lb Ik*
^ 'of^studente, teach-
etSiVfrionds anl^e!ial gaeets
ot'i;^oln University; gathered
^ on its'campus Sunday,'Jann-
iVgry 12, when ceremoniee com-
mefmgrating the 75thif antiiver-
s^ry school wero|held.
Speakers^ on * the afternoon
^ of
sity and Governor Lloyd C.
Stark of Mistouri, Top panel
show* J. Erneet Wilkins pro-
mia«it Chieago attorney and
one of Linooln's moet distm-
guished former students, in
the role of tosatmaster afc the
Founders’ Day'Dinner, which
was‘h&ld'in'.the evening in the
loM'f 'Op tlie
rl^t: ?8 Dr. DuBois In^seat
to the, left ^ is L|oyd Kii^f,
State 8uperi»teadent of Pi
lie Sehoold. . fiottoti . pan^
shows jjrovemo'r Starlr^6ur-
th ffopa the left), and'DlMtor
_ Smiggs and Dr. DilBbia who
are leading the processioa..
Esoc^lng T^;em .)r^ membe^
1 like ta auk* it in a rag mold
and pll* th* centai* high . fretb
green bmsselS sprouts and snr*
round It #ith buttered whol*
cooked carrots. It'S one of tl’S
dishes I stte to serve as tbo
hot dish at laaeheons, althoiKt'i it
makes an appetising Sanday s ip
par dlsb, too.
t ***9
I c«n cotidannd pepper pot sov.p
I cup mtJfc .
t tables>oen pinilcato, diet*
t f!up« bre»d. «ttl)«*
J3ea( Ih* *igs Sltghtly and to
them add the condensed pepper v ^
•oup. THtn>a4d the milk, '
ptmlento, and bread cobea 
from bread at least one di
PiuT mu*iire Into a P‘ '
m >!d jabirui 7 lit ’i . ;
rtud !♦) }'iiTi» for 15 :i
ib a n)M»tale (hvii
Jf-44 or nntU ftrri;
m • n^: pia^t^r o> c*t v> •
»h-) C*TJl»I #f!> *
i> .tiered ..•a'ro’!«  ■
A‘td O'i-’
fui c»*n!ri *■
- _
Webster defines “Indlrldnality*’
as that qaSUty which distinguishes
one persotf from another. If yoa
were to stand on a comer before a
theatre or a church, and watch the
great numbers of people coming ont,'
yon wonld be amazed at the dis>
similarity of faces—so very many
faces and yet all dUferent, one from
th* other. It is ‘‘individuality**
wbich make* yon '‘you’* and laa
Sometime it hrips actively to
contrtbate to that qualit/ which
lajs that you are ttorothy and BCary
a Mary, by a little *Ktarlor embel.>
iiahm*tit tfa saa it bei^ dooa
*v*ry day—aad it ia ao *UQ»ly ao-.
MmpUshM that I wonder we dldn^
think of it t>efor*
Vor Instance, take a group of high
school girtt. Probably they are all
dreesed in sweateqi and i&irt*—
some wear blonses Instead of aweat-
«r*. BoweTet, all In all, th«a
seems to be quite a uniformity aboat
them. :itot, beyond dress, that
siaiillarlty ceases. How? fo(
yonrself and youll soon detMtnlna
*a* of the chief reasooa ^
I thla|t It It** la their hiAr furit
!(»*. Ofie may be a long bob—om
a very short. Bome girt* aff^
carts; otheM like t^lr Mir stralgK
aad severe.
If yoQ eojoy hariag ribbowi *i
year toi^taot, tie tbem * *
le*tty--they will be a
eaanal-lookiaf. If baag*
ter^ead attfaet att*iti«a t» your
mmat mumrn, it iMp m&m mk
eb*erver to lorety eya*. then I ^
w*ar bang*.
^ R«*d
iiead la what la^tmw* ti^lelg^
.-■34 '.fV*..,
adds distinction to daastc
HoweTer, beware of th!a ty|4 *C
hairdress If joar face is roOO.^
Carlir bunched looady nrpiaiif |ba
face lend softness to it, aid
prettiness that isn't eftea *MBm
by any other mean*.
If year neck 1* long; bry
your balb’ in a long bob, i
mass of carl* hangtnjy loii.
like the way this hilrdnias
tend*a9 to ahorten a* liaayi
throat. On the other Ihu
neckline ia short, piling,
oa top year head wtU attL.
tall*r and taka away trM 1
oeck, dOBisy look.
fcpefiment with
and yoall aooa And „
make* yoa fyoarasU:’'
To naka ySar batr .
Might Of yoariifft *i«t
your associate*, b*
hair iji kef>t tibeao.
natarri bwt» wiH
brnsVag. If yoa art.
ia Its dppaaraac*
to ba tamlag eoa
*0 thafclt

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