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Niimber Nine
Durham, North Carolina Saturday, February 22nd., 1941
"□Volume No. XXII
, ■ ■' - ^ ' ' ' ' ' ■ ■’ ! ' " -I ■.1 i.i —I , i — ; —— — - ■
Goldsboro Negro Getg $14,000 For Malicious Prosecution
SoDth Carolina
rKi:s:juiy ifolds Five
HOUSTON, T«. Acting ,nn-
der the new federal rale» of civil
procedure, Judge T
of tihe United States Dktrict court *, «
her® has set February p4, a^ tii«j w|||fp Ma|I If]
d*te for boWinjr a pPeUmin®ary| ■“*
•onJf«reau!e in |«H«fes(aai|>g flAal-tt A| KlnrrrA
court *e«(» •Wriwrt
white 'fpS^ElPOWK S. C. (AKP)
fougtit by llie N^ional. . Amoc{s-;^AWi^ aaftael^ M
tion for Adva^emMit of Colo- by liie loea) eorooeir, oc
red People. ' I dered fife,- wilitft Fonths li«ld £or
nuL XT A A SO.T. ' » , 1C ' death of Bruce Tis^e who
SAAXT ■ .. ^«ry U, ^ ^
filed « case here on beh*lf o* ... , . ,
Sidney Hasgett,’ aNt^g^ Votea’ whoi ’ ** ^ ’
'»ns denied tiie righV to vote in I The jury held th4t «the five mm
the tlember&tic primarF lact ye«r, aire ''all resfponsible for tiie deaitih
The association teeiM $l5,000 of Tisdiale «md ar* to' held fea^
dam«ges on the ground the higher eouitv'’ TheT- are being h«M
15th {unendtAent to the Comtitu- by Sheriff H .B. BrQoiioo.
tjoo Jwa been violated.
Manskail, special HAACP ooun^
ig elected to come heore in time
Afloofding to tesUiBony«fc the
i^queat^ Tiadale and* his friend,
/.««« Gkunble were ipvolved- in a
1he opening of the aasre. Otker ^ ^
NAACP kwyei^ working, in the^*
^.«e include: W, X Dorh«m, .of ^ Andiw* Saturday lught
^hermaa Te^aa;. WitUam HaMi«,
(leon A-Esoisoitt.»Jaineb Nabrit,
arid'Rohert Ming, Jr. all ^nvmb^
of aaDociation’« natiooal leg^
cofljniitte©. *• - - —-.i,- •
First Lady
Wffl-Testify At
Senate Hearing
Group at National Capital Lincoln Pay Dinner
Bishops Council Approves
Plan Of National Body;
Calls for United Front
QkmBle teaiified th^ he and
th« ^ai^- mao worked , at. aa Atid-'
rfwa iunoher mill, and iheQr
wei^ hii^, white men who jdad
lh« aa^ie. kind of. work ii'er* dj».
chaa^ged. ' , -v
. C. T. BArfinMiu, njill foreman,
t^tiiKetd that Cries, one of
^ve mm now being hold, wag die
dharged three weeks ago ft«m th«
mill and thait when cade bae^ for
his envokpe he wanted to knoiw
“why the oouldn’t work k DI A TKIC
and 'the 'aiggerB’ could. V/HAa L^/alillJ
the 1,000 persons who attended the Lincolti Pay Dinner at the Mayflower Hotel
In Wii^in^toir, D. C., addressed hy Thomas E. Dewey, New York District Attorney', were
(left to r||^) Robinsoii Mcllvaine^ assistant to Jc«eph W. Martin, Chairman of the ^
^^uUi»n^ C^tmmittee; Dr. John E. Franels, prominent Washington dentist;
rwry W. Howard, Eepublioan NiilioiMd Committeeman for Mississippi; Franklin Walt-
mim, Director of Flibliclty,.Republican National (Committee; Dr. Emmett J. Scott,
dwiStfltiMit on Negro Alttdra to Chairman Martin; Jadge James A. C(^b» former
^V’ashUi^, D. Ch ManicipiU Court |udg% - f
Petition To Gain
, Negro Auditorinm
]^=Jpored By Council
NEW YORK — Mm I^nklin
D. Roosevelt, Philip Murray, preei
dent of the Congrem of Induatrial
OrganizatiooB,. A., Philip ^andoU
ph, president of the
of Sleeping Car Portere, and ljf»-
ter Qiraagenr, «i»*8tant ejwcutivel ———
Bearet&ry of the oatic»tfil Urban | CHABlAyiTE. (Special to
League wiU be among the pronSin TIME^)f—Memh«B of the Colored
Forty ftve Negro chapdaine will be
) needed in the army when the full
Wength of our fighting force* are
*placed afaield, sait Col. Wiliiam
B. Arnold, chief of ihaptfiine in an
exclusive interview with the Aa-
fiociated Negro Preaa
the moming.
Man Admits Guilt
In Attack Case
NEW YORK — Arraigned be
fore Judge Johnson in the Nassau
iCountp Court at Mineola. Long
Island, ThwBday, Pebrua^ 13,
John Taaffe, a ^ year old white
electricin pleaded guilty to
Mrs. Ruth Davis
Passes at Goldsbsro
North Daro^ni^
0btm Award
k)LDSB0|i0 — A $u,w^
Judgment was ikwaid«d Jesse W.
Jackson against his landlord, Will |
Parks, for' allegefll^ twice wroi^
Pnlly placing him iH tiie State
Ho^ital for the Color^ Insane,
and for prosecuting him for lar-
V without probable eause. Jack
son sued for $50,000.
The Juj-y which awarfed the
judgment againist Parka delibera
ted f3T two hours after bearing
the case for an entire week. The
plaintiff presented numerous wi^
nesses who testified that Jackson
appeared nventiUIy normal hrfore,
during, and after hra stay in the
hospital. 'The defendsnt offered
bops’ founcil of the African Me
thodist Episcopal Char*h meetixif;
a^ *^ of fli^op B. D-
Ore*B% N#* kleJUi^at the o®-
lelotim ot a hi^iwte tkrea 4^ ^
1 conference ia Naw %^eaa9 in-
W' ^ doi«ed ttiMwimoariy a«4
the pgoilfti— oi tbe Natieaal
Negro CoBoail ealiing. for a
^united fratt of l^M)OviWO lifr-
groe* back ot the Cnon«a’a
000 .lobby, the first to he tstaUldi
»ed in Washington to protect *04
ladvanee the welfare of eolatt^.
atizens in every ^4^^tioa of
eobnty through a nation wiia^
ca^Sr.paign." >
“Me most demand justice from
Congfe^;s and the federal govero-
ment,*’ said Bishop Beverdy C.
Ransom. Wilberforee, Ohio. “Ne^
fi. ■' ‘ ‘Sl^WA^t, ' Wistantigro people evwywhere shonM fmt
- . _ , . „ jBBTot«r7-treMfrec ,4 W,MutWi^nP to
wdtneases who teatifi^ that Jack Loia AseWialiaAi ^arp of the billions of doilais f«r
son spoke of heari^ Tmceil, 1h«t
he could turn the Uttle Bi1r«r into
blood, that he peanutft he claimed
he eould sell for $50 a-pie^e, and
that he offered hi|^ ioba ii| « gtads*te
to officials of the sta4« hoe^tal.|gveni4j,3^
DURHAM — Mrs. Ruth Davis
wife of Lorenza Davis and as
sistant secretary of the Mutual
Building and Loan Asaociation
died at Qoldsboro Monday after
- ^ ^ . an illnehs that extended over a
cha^e of statutory rape
cond degree assault againw a 12 ^ .
year old Negro girl, who named ^rs. Dav» was a native of 4 - « ,
Thursday him aa the father of her unborn and had lived i» Dur- Adv^ement of Co^ P^le
hiJd. 1 “ P several years | was ^nounced here today by Wal-
* lehe has been in the employmwit ^ ter White, executive secretary of
Taaffe. who h&s been ia.-thelof the Mutual Building and Loan 1 the oi^aniiation.
county jail einee February 7» was Association. About five years she) ^ —
i^o was.’ Baajlws of the I '^ieh we. are betag. taxed fa the
piuiiiam rfiapiter ^ oi tSi^e dn|ega name of Nation*! Defense.^'
every Nagra
meeting tJS» mc^h. Mf. SteWart America most send •
of Atknta Um-
of •BaeiBCBS
Ella Baker Named
Field Worker For
iliw eoin to the Nattiooal Raee
Defend Fund, Citizens and Sonth-
■'rn Bank a^ Trust CwHJaiiy,
■ il9th and South Streetei, Philaddi-
Youth ru&s B4 inilas in 1S?4 phia, Pena. Major R. R. WnghI
boors to prO¥B a gen«ral wreii*. ,tion of the National Negro Coub.
leil’s ten pcwt program to bt seal
foitish press and iweaented by a
Ranking aa first lieutenants,!
ent witneaeea to teetify at a preii Votew Allitooe, headed by R. H.'with p*^ j*te at f2,000 per year'
minay Senate h^ng to investirjMoreland ewtiwhile political lead f^r the dumtion of the emer-!indicted by the couny graod Jury was elevated to the position of T\ p D/v^r Kfa«m
gate diseriminiation against Ne-ier of the FirSt Ward, aj^ea/Ped genoy, these poeitionB offer an ex-the day before his airaigninent.'assistant secretary which poai- L^* V» DOj iiulIM
groes in National Defense, the before the City CSouncil at its Feb cellent importunity for th« right He will be sentenced on Febiniaiy tion she held up to tiie time of m \\j x lli * A
National Association for the Ad-lruary 12 s^oc to p«eent a i»ti kind of man, Col. Arnold said. j25. The child, wiboee parents* Mr. her death. | I 0 W GSt lUlQl
I _» j ti 1- attacking a rider authorizing! Qn^ innovations inatitut'and Mm M. Hunt, live in Ri^yn,j . _ i. u
a vote on the • advisability of an'^ ^jig a^y ^ chaplain New York, was represented by I Fu“«ral services will be heldi „
aiuditorium and gymnasium for ^id a chai^l for every 2,000 men Mies Florence Lucas, legal eoun»el ** Thon^ stre^l ia ^ • - . . .
the colored pot>u{ace to the pcH^ lor r*^e»»t. In one of the huge for the Nassau County hi«neh of am anjraiwty wte»« Ml^ ©avia WM
posed bcmd issued of $l»000^000tamjy oootonments, ^ere are 65 the National Association f^ Intemarat
chapel»~where aboost every reli-lAdvncement of Colorad Peo*»l« ©smeteify
vanoement of Colored PeojHe AHr
nounced today. *
The hearting, according to the
NAACP is wuhedulel to take {dace
in Waflhington, D. C. juHt prior'
. •
Kbax HwM fkte of
fleet to Amorira [ctKnmittee to Preeidmt Rooeevrifc
NEW YORK - The appoint-! ^ ^
mentofMiss Elia J. Baker, ofIWweat ltepttHU^ J«ader»
New York as * field worker of decide to "watch" W»«fae. -(Continaed 00 page sax)-
the National Aseociation for thej ^ •
Gen. Davis Arrives
At Fort Riley To
Begin Active Duty
,rO&T BHiVT, JUi., A]IP>--'far!Mr atudmk* of W'dbtirfam
t—elmr aai lha
to the int^nction of'^areeiolSiw new city a^itorium in thejchapel^where ahnost every r«li-|Adrac«pBnt
'"^n seirticai. The ooutwUy m gious 4eaomin*ti(>a in tihe^ army * Action in tlie case waa started by
in the-Senate calling for an W^edenta, failed
veetigation of discrimination a- . f
—i XT • *1.^ agam to take action on the re-
gainst the Ne^ in the govenu ^ petitio(n««i hold
nrent’» nationardefense program. I •- •
Introduotion of the resolution ^
by »ev.
will be at Beediwood honor studeot aad eadet -captain | iMce^ Thuniiaff Feb. 13, at 2 at one tine a
on 'Fayettevill^ Roajd. Dunbaj* Hiigh school last yeaXjp^ ^ take eonunand of the Mgadier gwnral "•%
and now a freshman ai the Univer ft,„rth ea«iL% eaiae'»at of the ROTO aait.
f .H H, ’ nothtai mor. tlji .Si'* to wM.[
«tth.taa«*, ing than the ci«M„ who doe. Ki^ -j_*|
can find spiritual conifort.* jthe NA.^P, aocordii^ to David
Seliection of the chaplains will Adwns, preisdent
neoaB«rily be based upon the ap-|and Benj«nin Lowery, vice preed- his bit of community work. --w*
^icant’s phyeical fitnejis to "stay dent, when the child’s parents without pay or the expectation »^w» ♦» T>r Mrs
wkh the troops and to actually learned from their physieian on of reward, and then begins to* P*r«n >
serve the men under wartime January 27 that the child was pire- Sirge others to do likewise.
which is being sponsored
er$l Knators, has been held Qp
becauiae of' the illncnis of Senator H. Q. Walker of Waribii^[toin,
RoHert Wagner, of New Yoa*, who N. C. is now contmcting a broiler 1 When the infoi«»tion first seep
with Senator Wawen Barbour, plan which will acccnnodate 40,000 ed out th'rough letters to various heen an innaate of the Nasmu _
New Jei«ey. is takii^ the lead^ in ohi^ens, re(ports W. G. An4rews, institutions concerning the avail- Conuty Sanitorium. She was re-' Income of individuals in 1940
orgaioizing the plans for puthing assistant fam agent of Beaufort bility of well trained men to filj leased to her parents laat Decem- totaled $74,300,000,000,
the r^lutkm. County. I —(Continued on page six)— ' Pieeee tui« to page Six
Army plans to inintre buying
Since Marich 1938, the child had according to market conditions.
John R. Francis, reoeired a t^e-
gi^m nolifjq^ them of the ap-
by Bsp. Afthvr W.
Mitchell of Illinois.
Francis is mw of the few erfor-
ed Waehingtoimns pvm SA op-
Joneslportunity to tajce ^ ^xamnatioM
for West P(wf.
Tbe bfigadkr ^tismnX recetred eaTilril% v«pK| dkaslb itC
an 11 sahite ttpon arriTttL InsM
(The Pnmdsnt, g|ip * - > . -
Geo. and Mm Oftvis #tei
nesday Kansas C^jr
goesAs of Mr. and ■ C. A.
FnmkMn. Ia St teais 1N(A^r|
aighfi^ they w*i% KM joMla'et Hc-l
M Mrs. '
he^B, 4t0 Thffisss" ■
' • ■ ■ ■ ' ' ■ ■; ■ i ■ ' 1 i-

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