North Carolina Newspapers

Number Ten
Durham, North Carolina Saturday, March 1, 1941
"□Volume No. XXII •
Portrait Is Barred From Art Gallery
Spaulding Award To Be Made Anmgally
Contest For
Spaulding ’41
Award Open
Educators Renew Plea
For Salary Increase
Perry Jackson May
Try For Judgeship
— Berry B. Jaok
BQn, widely kno«^ assistant Police
the he*"e «nd ^Republican
ASKS $25,000
COLUMBIA, S. C. — Members
of the Palmettp State Teacherm’
A88oeiation> appearing last B’O^Ur-
day before ai Joint meetin|r of the
Senate finance and House w&ys
and means committee, renewed
their request for a salary increase
for colored teachers.
-The increase, sought for the Washington, Feb.27.-(ANP)
. next two year period, would bring * —Determined to protect if pcks-
the salaries of colored teachers up ^ vacancy gjjjjg ^.jjg interests of Negroes in
to parity with white teaehers, of ^‘o ^v^lop m national defense program,
similar status. This would con- be“ch. Mr Jack- ^ Barbour, of
form with a recent decision of the urging kim to New' Jefsey intnoduced a reso-
U. 8. Supreme , court which h^id V> prese^ lution in ths senate on Wed-
that state could not set up a Be- a > huge petition signed nesday asking a special com-
perate salary baais for wMte and I ^ "I! ‘ t *
NeaWiiiMphew r# ', oi $26,.m. to iiiyesttgate
Fav8^« motion of ftll N^|ro
^ tSe-0hi9 leg^ore, n#Siw^«iti*en8 ift »!1 industrial *hd
Founder’s Day At Livingstone College Observed Feb. 18th
require the State to boost theil*
salaries. *
Estimate basM on figures from
the department of education show
ed that the state government
would h*vb to add about $1,000
000 to the $2,000,000 it now con
tributes to Negro teachers’ aalaT-
ies, and school districts would
have to add to their present an
nual appropriation of about $200,
000 an amount close to $1,200,
Allowing for the diflferenee in
the leng^ of their teaching terms
the Present statewide Negro
teacher average for 6,600 em
ployed would be raised f^om $380
a year to $780 a year. . The ftate
would bear $170 of the $400 in
crease, and the school districts
would be required to increase
their contribution by $230 for
each Negro teacher.
The length of school terms is
left to the discretion of district
trustees^ but the state pays on
salaries of both whites and Ne
groes up to eight months. At
Here are gome Sf the General leading from left to right front Q. Shaw, E. L. M*dison, W.
ffleers, sftd seven of the Bisbope row: P Gordon, W, J. Trent, Maithewa, J. W. Martin> I*
DURHAM — The Spaulding ed Chamber of Commerce.
I Trophy award was given for the; There were 14 stories of
(first tin»e at the annual eonven- nes» men presented for ^onsidera
tion of the National Negro Busi- tion, ^1 of which were excellent
nes.s league in Detroit, in August and any Mie of the easet« wa.s wox-
1940, on the 40th anniveraery of thy of some sort of an award, but
the founding of the league by only one could be selected. All of
Booker T. Washington. the stories were pla«ei in the
It was at Boston Commons, hands of the coihmifrtee of Judges’,
during the Revolutionary war, which includes Harry H. Pace, of
Crispus Attucks shed the first Chicago. Eimer A-' Carter of \ew
tblood in protest agsUu>^ the un- City, andLMorle Trorpe of
W.^st system of tAxfctibn witkoot Wa^iagtoo. An*r hi*'in(f eare-
W repre»entaiion. Qd ttiia bSam Boe- ftilly read *U of the stories, tbe^
gal action by eolor«d teachers to , i w T ' Y w
rwiTiV tiio t *1. „1 Council, a graduate, of W^it«rn In cooperation ^th Sen. Wag-
Reeerve La;w school and active on ner of New York, Sen. Arthur
civic and', qhurch aflteirs, Mr. Capper of Kansas and Sen.
Jackson is one of the, njo»t' pop'u- Prentiss M. Brown, of Alichi-
lar men in Cleveland legal cir- «an, the resolution, known as
Livingrstone Prexy
Senate Resolution 75, reads asj
j “Resolved, that a special com-
jmittee of eight senators, to be
appointed by the president of
the senate, is authorized and j
directed to make a full and'
complete investigation into the ^
participation of Negro citizens
Warm Springs and
Tuskegee Use Negro
Therapy Equipment
Now D. C. Whites
Ban Pictures Of
Marian Anderson
training. The committee shall
report to the senate, as soon
as practicable, the results of
its study and investigation, to
gether with its recommenda
tions for legislation or other
governmental action designed
to integrate Negro citizens into
the national defense program
without discrimination as to
race or color.
Pres- W J Trent under Purpose of this res-
Pres. W.^ J. irent, under ^he committee, or any
whose excellent administration J. „ ’ ,
present, white schools run 175 Livingstone (College has made ^ ^ • rl hnM
days a year and Negro schools 1 rapid strides within recent to hold
in all industrial _ and other ^ ^
phases of the national defense » „ , *
program, including all educa- ^
tional courses and apprentice P^nt manufactuni^ concerns
schools rapid
I years.
Resident Of
Durham Passes
such hearings, to sit and act
at such times and places during
the sessions, recesses, and ad
journed periods of the 77th con
gress, to utilize such voluntary
and uncompensated services,
and to employ such experts and
clerical, stenographic and other
assistans, as it may deem nec
essary. The committee may
utilize the services, informa-
DURHAM — Mrs. Millie Mark pastor of the church offered to tion, facilities and personnel of
ham, aged citizen of Durham died donate a tract of land for a buUd the various departments and
at her home, St. Jos«ph Street ing if the memibership would agencies of the government,
after an illnes^ of several weeks, cut logs for it. The proposition “The committee, or any duly
Mrs. Markham was the widow of wag accepted and it was not long authorized subcommittee thftre-
the late Rev. Edian Markham, before the inembership had a log °f»_ shall have the power to ac-
founder and organizer of Saint church in which to worship. QViire by subpeona or otherwise
Joseph AME church. The building was also ust-d •'^om attendance of such witness-
Mrs. Markham was born in time to time for school purposes. the production of such
Rich Square, North Carolina a- Mrs. Markham loved the miss- ^oks, papers and documents,
about 1875, where ^e lived until ionary work of her church and to administer such oaths,
she was married after which continued in it up to the time ,pf
she camie to Durham to live, and her death.
and to
make such expenditures as it
to work with her husband, who Funeral services-for the ^ecea
at the time was preachmg under sed were held at St. Joseph AME educational^aterial. ^data
a brush arbor to a small flock of church Sunday afternoon ihk testimony taken at such
worshipers. Mrs. Markham im- mediately following the morning hearings shall not be in Oxcess
mediately fell in line with the worship. Rev. J. A. Valentine, Qf 25 cents per 100 words,
work of her husband and was un- pastor of the church - officiated. | “The expenses of the commit-
usually active in the missionary ' Surviving- Mr«; Matkhaiii are ^ee, which shall not exceed
work of the church. two children, Mrr. Maggie 'Mark $25,000, shall be paid from the
After preaching under the ham of Durham and Benamin contingent fund of the senate lamps carbon are lamps, water- was quoted as
briMih arbor for a short time the Markham of Boston, Mass. upon vouchers approved 'by the cooled lamps, hospital and ♦MCA portrait was
^Hio were preswt at the Livin*-W. Wallace,^ W, -W. Ky\e^ P. A. Wallace, ipid C. 0. ton Cqwj*®o», k«rgt« tbroi^ tb« menta
stoM FiH^pder's .Day oele)g^^on Slade; Second row: Bishops B. Alleyne. ^as t^os uj, s««nethinf> broMgkt fortli sowoiUMlBHf th«
—' else a century later was botm and bBsioeaa history, development, and
that was the National Negro Biisi pTogrcM a« carried on by Mi;,
ness league, which was to fur- Edward he shooi4 receive the
ther assure and eneout«gt>^he aw«rd*^ 1^9.
fuller representation of Negroes ^ This award will be aiven e.‘»eh
in bu-’in^ss and . sound ecMiomic and every year,” said Oeo»S«
life of America. The idea of Cox, chairman of the comasiftee
formiing this oiganizatiop cam« in charge of the nouunaii(ni^
from the fertile brain of BoAer “and I herewith invite the inter-
T- Washington—« man who lived est of every aeiliated unit of tie
far in advance of his day and National Negro Bui$iness league
time. The league, then and now, to nominate a person or Persons
has for its purpose encouraging 19 their respective commuuitie*
among Negroes aa eeonomio life an{ to present to Ui^ a ato>7 of
which will be sound and whole- the achievements of such individu
some, dynamic and progressive, als on the followii^ basis:
and capable of helping our people j 1 The past aeeomplit^hments in’
C- C Spaulding, in offering the business, •
Spaulding trophy, is doing allt 2. The present general trend of
within his power to give support,the business being T>perated, and
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., — Asjto the vision of Booker T. Waah-| 3 Uniqueness and originaHtT
a feature of Lincoln Universityjington. He wants to lend his en- evidenced in the hist(.>ry of the
|75th anniversary celebration, ajcouragement to the individual individtMl's succest in business.
Information that S'houlil be
This award last submitted in material for pre-
and April, stress the year was given to W. J. Edwards sentation of these nominees
annivesary theme “The of Oklahoma City, based upon a should also include the date of
CHICAGO, — Paul E. Robin
son, manufacturer of physical
who' operates one of the most m-
witbin the race, with his pl^t
loeat>ed in Chicago, annuonced
this week that he has furn
ish therapy equipment to both
the Warm Springs, Ga., infantile
paralysis unit and the new hospi
tal of the same tyPe located at
Tuskegee institute.
■WASHINGTON — Determined
that not even a picture of Marion
Anderson shall be shown in a
white spot/ in this city, officials
of the Corcoran Art gallery have
ruled out an oil painting of the
famous colored diva, declaring
that it is not good art—and that
their act is not one of racial pre-
Lectures Mark
Lincohi University’s
75th Anniversary
'C. Powell Minnigerode,'director I'anniversary ceieoraiion, at , . , .
of the art gallery, refused to per- series of interesting lectures, held b«3mess o*”- ^ple through-,
mit the iw'intiiig of Miss Ander-'at intervals through February, [out the nation.
s{>eakinR with by Paul Meltsner, internation March
of the increas-lally known artist, to be shown in school’s ,, r • ■ ♦
ing recognition which hospitals|the gallery’^ biennial exhibition Negro in a Changing Order. Lin s o .
and physicians civm#!. fn ti^oito be. held March.
Mr. Johnson,
pardonable pride
are giving to the 1^0 be..|held \
apparatus which he makes com- Meltsiier declared that the barred
painting, “rich in color” had been
exhibited in New York, where
it was acclaimed by critics.
Mr. Minnigerode on the ether
which has since been re- orgianization of
pletely, said he was especially
gratified at the support which
came from j>eople within his own
group. He sells to many white
organizations as well but as he.^^^^^ is “l^rfectly
exhibited Photmtatic copies of“bsurd and utterly ridiculous’
checks for $1,550 from Tuskegee; Jo" ^r. Meltsner to chaise the
$1,5.50 from Dr. B. O. Moore who Corcoran Art gallery with “being
operates a hospital at Hopkins- Prejudice
^ the [Rapier, social science analyst, U.
amount from the Lomsia^ Indus. Department of Agriculture and
cludinl bt'cause of race prejudice, professor of political cience Uni-
^|Art is a question of good painting^''®rsity bf Chicago,
not the subject,” he said.
Minnigerode explained that the Livingstone Gets
portrait of Miss Anderson by
Meltsner had been examined by
the busin«M.
coin U. was founded ih 1866. j printed in the newspapers and and the progress which has been
“The College and Negro Labor,which was commented upon made during the year 1940.
Problems will be discussed on [“Through the Editor’s Specs” by All nominations must be in the
Feb. 28, by Dr. Abram TTarys, Editor Merle Tbrope of The Na- hands ot the chairman qf the
professor of economics, Howard tion’s Busiiness, the national or- committee, George W. Cox, Box
University. K®*! and mouthpiece of the Unit- 201, Durham. N. C-. by June I.
Others speakers, scheduled for
later forums, include: Dr. Malcolm
S. McLean president, Hampton
institute Doctor C.. C. Spaulding,
president North Carolina Mutual
“A portrait of a Negro minis-1 Life Insurance Company, Arthur
said, “Negro hospitals and in
surance companies are converting
the nickls’ dimes and quarters re'
oeived from their Negro jwlicy-
holders into modern equipment
costing from $1,000 to $3,000,
Crusaders Celebrate
2nd Anniversary
CHARLOTTE — In a fitting ris, eloquented that “We ai« los-
program climaxing a year of out ing today the stMdyin^ infls«i««
standing achie%'vments, the Cm- of the home in our social world;
sader, local anti-crime organiza- consequently qur whole body of
$24)0009 Founders* celebrated their second An- social oi^nizationi, the chureh,
- . rp, . • , ■ Guy Pene DuBois and Russell, SAMSBURY, (Special) — On Sunday at Grace school, etc., are losin«r groood,
ac urer. a is a in prac New York and by Frank- the 18th of February the Bishops, AME Zion church. The speaker of and the ability to infloence the
lin C, Watkins, of Philadelphia, General Officers, ministers and the oceasion C. M. Farris, on© lives of our jonth; vhoee plastie
all nationally known artists and laymen of the AME Zion Church [q£ eity^ outstanding bittiness niiadg are beiofp irarped by the
critics, and found it did not gatherede at Livingstone College a^close friend of the
purcfhased from a Negro manu-'
tical racial economics, for every
madhine purchased adds to the
employment of Negroes.”
Mr. Johnson, who has been en-
to celebrate . Founder’s Day by
tion the speaker landed th« «ork
congregation became anxious for^, Interment wa« at the Old City chairman of the committee."
a church building whereupon the\Cemetery. ' I (Continued on page six)
and found
come up to our standard. . * ,
gaged in production, of his Hnej “We have exhibited Negro sub- bringing to the college $34,000 to ^»*«®r3 president, Bdxtor H. C. the.Oaaadew
for a score of years, makes shock jects on many occasions, and if help complete the Price Memorial Houston. The timely addreea call- himself. ^ % eitiaeu of Cliariotte,
proof x-ray, short wave diathermyiMr. Meltzner’s portrait of Miss Building, anA to meet certain ed specific attention to tii* large to do within Ids pwnr, in
electronsurgical, galvanic current, j Anderson had been considered up oTher obligations standing agsun- amounT of Juvenile delinquiney maktfl|f t|f"prOg*eia e#eoMH*Hy
sinusoidal current, artifical fever to standard, we would have been st the institution. There was rampant in Charlotte aad eited a« bettal^pMKt^ a. ODhaoi
and colonis therapy eqiupment happ>’ to exhibit it,” Mr. Minni- much rejoicing when the reports eontributing eaOie« onr'iHpiparent spe»>4fll«i Itlrfwie pnipiHi
and also manufacturers mercprv gerode continued. from the different Episcopal areas n^ligenee in provi^iijf tb« ri|^ ^ McCrMir, D>“.
quartz lamps; luminious infra red, Told that Mr. Meltsner was were made, as there is a bit of esvironment «te for onr nadcr- Trcma'jip^t SfaMlQ% |Mil*
saying tha; the friendly rivali^’ among the lead- privHefcd yoath. Uaiay pereoaal dee*
the best thing Ive er^ in this effot every year. Three «cperiMcc^ aiad obaerratioaa m WM
and physical therapy ever done,” Minnigerode said, “I of the Bishopg could not be pre- th# deep well, ffeo« viuer Mi va4ir tka
'em very sorry. jsent but sent in their reports. |eoDekMoiu dnva. Hr.

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