Virginia State Holds N, C. Eagles 37-32 ★ SPORTING WORLD Race Team To RepresentChL TROTTERS, RENS ENTER PRO CAGE TOURNEY FLASH! Xavier University Gold Rush Take Undefeated Record Of 27 Games To Annual SIAC Basketball Tournament jwiien the Orleanian had a conee- jcutive win etreak of forty five rtTiT T-i * TLTQ T m '2811108. Last year Xavier dropped NEW 0BW5ANS, La. — T w o f, ■' . „ ., • 1 1 three eameg out of twenty live, more one sided vxctone«^More- house College of Atlanta towed' tournament undefeated, the 40-9 on Monday night, and ^ eon Collie’s , Vaunted Eagles ^ ^ , A , T\ Six .-^niors compVete their c*r- night both games played ,basketeers on the Gold niversifcy Gynmasium gave the Xavi^ Umve^rsity OoM Rush of Louiflxana an undefeated record of twenty seven consecutive victor- aes. The Xanentes ^ill pl^ choice during his fi^st «id their second y«ar, is the greatest ball- th«T^k«gee Gymn^mmj^^^^j^^^ carry Xavier’s in the annual South^^ Inter-colJrs; Luciu. ^llegiate Athletic Corferen^ -Luacious" Thomas who caine basketball tournament. F«brua^ 27, 28 and Ma*x=h 1 m an effort to win the tournament title a 2^i^ted Negro Pres« guard in title which the Xavi«rite6 have ,3 -Chuck” Summer held twice m the pa«t thr^ who came from Summer High —champions m 38 and 39. The Gold Rush has already won the viaitation championehip of OVER 3,000 FANS SEE CAGE SPECTAaE Negroes Sweep Chicago Golden Gloves Tourney School of Cairo, 111., who has 1^^ play of the cage teami has been ^ „ V'., i ‘ ^ ‘i , equal to his performaheeg on the for *«, .J» t«t«, by «r-,^ „.r„d «, itte of their undefeated record- * , * j The Xaviertes,clawed the Na-,e^>^ position on th^ line, at end, tional Basketbali' cfown in ’1939 tackle, guard and at center where A Celebrity Of The Live Stock World Comes To Durham, Tuesday, March 4th RICMOND, Va. — In the xny- CHICAGO — Foy the first time thical “Battle of Richmond” here in the 14 year history of the an- last Friday night. Coach Henfy nual ©vent, Chicago is being re- Hucles’ fighting Virginia Union presented by a team of Negro panthers s\>amped the mighty fighters in the Golden Gloves Va. State Trojans, 72-35, on the Tournament of Champion^ in pro- stage of the Mosque Theater be- gress at the Ohica^ stadium fore over 3,000 fans to hang up Monday, Tuesday and Wednes- their Id conference win of the day of this week, season. These e^ht colored boys, best In the prelianinairy contest, the of a field of 350 from *11 parta Trojans JayVees eked a ^-28 of Chicago woo the right to re- win from the Union JayVees. present this «ity Wednesday nite During the halftime period, the in the local finals They are now huge ^udienoe sang the “Alma comiPetiiig against white and oolo Mater songs of JPnion and State, red champitHis from other cities. Opening lip a whirlwind passing Winneirs of the finals on March attack designed to smothered the 7 will compete later on against Va. State zone defense, HUG’S cljjampions in the New York Gold- BOYS took the lead early in the en Gloves tournament. The gama Bob Daughtry dropped in * Chicago Tribune is sponsor of field goal from center court to this annual amateur boxing meet, begin the scoring, Glover shot a The Chicago city champions are short one to make it 4. Powell and Harold Dadet flyweight} Ray Brown scored to even the coun!t Brown, bantamweight, Williatn and State took th© lead, 5-4, when Jeceraon, a ^therweight. Boh- Powdl made good a foul attempt. «rt Earl, lightweight} Robert The Troans^ sole advantage Satterfield, welterweight, Roose- the game was sho«1; lived as Mel velt Thomaa, middleweight, Hez- Glover broke through the center zie Williams* light heavy and of the zoije defense and hung op Clayton W(^lds, heavyweight, a lay up shot, making the total, j Dade, Brown an# Williams were 6-5.^ city ch-ampiond last year. Dade, The dead eyed Panthers pulled Brown and Jefferson represent away, dropping mid court goals the Catholic Youth organization when easier shots were unavail- and the remaining five are from able. Eagle eyed Bob Daughtry, t threatening 4lW^^. Frosh Garnett Blair, and crack Captain Mel Glover led the Pan- Again the PatnhefTs opened up the scor ing full force aJid the contested Trotters, Rens Again Enter Pro Cage Tourney CmOAGO, — The Harlem Globe Trotters, 1940 tampions, and the New York Rens, winners in 1939, have entered the world’s professional basketball tourna ment to be held here at the In ternational amphitheater March 16-19 under sponsorship of the Chicago Herald American. » The two famous quintets will «ompete with 14 white teams, •elected from all oarts of the na tion, for the world title. The Bens this year will have a slightly different lineup from that which in 1940 lost by one point to the Trotters, current champions. Tar- zan Cooper is not with them but Wilmeth Sidat-Single who last year competed with a white teann from New York state, and A1 Johnson are members of the squad. The Trotters have been strengthened by the addition of Hilliary Brown at a g^ard spot. In both 1939 and 1940, t h e games between the Rens and the Trotten* were high spots of the tournament prior to the finals. The Bens were victors by a two point margin in 1939* Although the white teams are te strongest in the nation, it is al ready c»ceded that if the cham pionship changes, the winner will have to defeat the Bens or the Trotteis Or both. i Owens May Seek Reinstatement As Amateur COLUMBUS, O., — Pointing to quick action in reinstating Hank Luisetti, former Stanford basket- ball star, Jesse Owens indicateI last week he may ask reinstate- fflGHLY TOUTED MORGAN FTVE BLITZED BY HIGH FLYING EAGLES In a fast game in which the high-flying imnt H6 .n umateur Md m«ke Eagles led throughout, the Mighty Morgan a ('omehack this spring as a mtni- •iii _ i -««■ t ber of Ohio State’s track team. Bcars werc vanquished by Coach McLen- und^^XItr*--rrTl^S ?n^ don’s Eagles Wednesday night by a score of work at that in-1 stitution. Winner of four medals in the 1936 Olympics at Berlin, Owens f Tned professional soon after ward. Under normal conditions he would have to wait seven years for reinstatenient, but the star athlete believes the AAU may be inclined to waive the rules was done in Listtei’s ease. The ^‘world’s fastest human” was the storm center of a bitter post-Olympic AAU contriversy before he turned pro. He was sus- 'j'l tended for alleged failure to go ' through with a committment to; make a European tour with &ome American teammates. l/ his contemplated plea is turfled down, Owens still plans to seek peraiissiin to appear in exhibition at Ohio State's out door meet this spring. He wants to extend his broad Jump mark to at least 27 feet and would like to lower the world’s quarter mile record from 46.4 seconds. 53 to 36. |P|T VVIUU po YOU MO GOOD UK!L-€S5 VOU US^ OUR WANT ADS ARE SMALL but they get NOTICED §H044Ad ther score parads in the inaugaA-el developed into a rout. I period I — ^ I While "V^a. State 's star Percy So intense was the Union scor- evenings, ing, even with reserve material, Mitchell Powell, Sopho. that the country’s famous HUC’S forward^o harness the State BOYS M 34-14 at the half. i ^ offensive. Short and. Va. State found themselves at the beginning of the second half jg ^ and their scoring machine rolled ^ defense. Big WUlSe up to the sore end of a n e a r- Huret, guard, turned in a fine performance for a team that was no match for the ClAAa champs Bruins, Brewers For D.C. Title he won all-American ’39 and ’40. honors in Regal TheatrE A celebrity of the livestock the pointy sought out by Judges world comes to Durham at 2 p. in picking a winner, m.. Tuesday March 4 when Sargo | SARGO is traveling ih style in 1940 Interni^tional Grand Cham>- his own private truck, accompan- pion Steer i^ .to be exhibited at ied by a crew of three who cater ALEXANDEE TIBE division, to his whims ^ay and nig^t. To Iain and Greysoh Street. This keepi him as nearly as possible in hewly crowned king o^ beef ani- the condition and conformation jnals will make a special stop here which won him Ihtemational on his natiohwide tour visiting honors, his diet is controlled to 4-H Club members, Future Farm- the ounce and his exercise, which mers of America, agricultural coiusists mostly of road work, is colleges and fanners interested^laid out as carefully as "cr a in live stock, under the sponsor--champion boxer. In this way the ship of the FIRBSTONE FARM rigors of hundreds of showings SSERVICE BUREAU. and the variation^ in drinking The tour is made for the bene-1 water are effectively counteracted, fit of the hundreds of thousands] SARGO':g feeder and handler who were unable to attend the|in the International show ring International Live Stock Exposi- was 18-year.old Evelyn Asay, a tion^n Chicago, and the speeial college freshman of 5^ Carroll, showing here i» planned to have 111. Taking care of ®ABGO was the greatest educational value her 4-H Club proect/for the sum possible. An interesting talk on mer, and she ^ow£ him to sev- the developmient of Grand Champ eral minor chamimships before ionship form in beef cattle will she took him to Ohq^ago and 'en- will be given by Frank C. Forbe(s,^ tered him in class after class. He who i« a veteran cattle Judge, feated over a thousand other breeder and feeder. Me will also steers, miby of which had been discusg profitable methods of pampered, fed and shown by ve- Ijeef production and will describe terans. l Sunday - Monday, March 2nd • 3rd Gary Cooper in “REAL GLORY” Also - “ALIAS the DEACON” and Serial Tuesday - Wednesday, March 4-5th “KIT CARSON” Serial and Comedy 5c and 10c Bargfain Day THURSDAY Two Featiifes find Short Chas. Starrett in “STAMPEDE” and Frankie Darro in “Tough Kids” He now weighs 178 pounds com pared with the 163 un 1936. He m rv rt n\* 1 wants to melt otf 10 ]K>unds be- pifly W QJ* 11^10 fore entering competition. He . . J * * |hopes to receive his degree in -rrr 1 • , ' August. Outsidc school hours , WAMNGTON - Waj*.ngto» joJ It, t,«t of big time „rts. ball' here Wednesday night when the Washington Bruins, colored _ _ pro ehamps met the Washington St/ltP Brewers, American League repre- sentatives, and in a hot game, played under ammteur rules, the Brewers wallopPed the Bruins by a 44-36 score. This is the first games to be played to determine PETERSBURG, V». - Playing whether the white team is best of!,.., . a tight man to man deiense, an the colored team. i. ® ... o* f n improved V irginia state College An overflow crowd wag turned C. away from Turner's arena when Nagies, giants of the‘ CIAA hard- the game was played, and ag the 37.3. ^^„^e here Mon- arena is said to seat some 3,000 prsons, some idea of the^pular blemished their perfect record of ity of the sport especially as defeates in conference competi- played by the Bruins is indicated, Starring for the Bruins were tt- v i, • m % _ i VI -D High scoring honors in the Tarzan Cooper, erstwhile Ren , *. j 1 v _ o u II 1 — hard fought court duel were snar rtar, 8mpy C«™pb.ll, lummMy ^ ^ Trojans Hold N. C. »' • of Eagles to 37 - 32 m dAt.prminA, SARGO from Virginia Union, and R^ds Bri»o., looJ product 4o stawed fPnal Emh, lanky captain and ’ forward oi the £agle )iun with at Viiginur State both in basket ball hobh in basketball and in football. city. ten points each. “Legs” Downing, sensational shot towering six ft. J-* o iL eleven inches tall, was held bv Sam Lacy, sports editor of thei^, . “ . • , ^ , _a Brown to a mere two points gain ed on free throws. Downing, pre sent holder of the CIAA individd this caUber for'®^ with 34 points, in the capital \ that hig famous over head shot Afro American, is manager of the Bruins and has done a very ther a team of the first season for which he is noted, failed to the Savoy Athletic club. Thig isjtalley during the entire game, the ^ir^ time that the fiavoy A. C, an all-eolored club, has won tite team trophy and dominated the local contests. Until now the team trophy has gone to the CYO composed of both white and colored Catholics. Colored fighters dominated the city tournament so completely that in la«t Wednesday night's Aoals there were only two white ^ youths among the 16 comi>eting 'S FUNNY ^How Folks Store Stuff la An Attic When They CanCashh) _ With A WANT AD INTERNATIOMAl GRAND HANPION STEER ★ 1940 INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK' EXPOSITION SARGO WILL BE IN DURHAM, N. C 2 P. M. Tuesday, Mar. 4th • The Firestone Farm Service Bureau with the Chamj^ioa Farmers’ of America Associadoo coopetating will hrin^ to commaat^ the recently crowned king of all 1940 champioo steers. Farmers, cattle breeders, 4-H Club members. Future Farmers and Baby Bc«C Clubs will have the opportunity of seeing what an Imeraational Grand Champion steer looks like and leam from the cattle expert important breeding points and methods of feeding that proauce :>rofitable beef animals. Everyone is invited. ‘showing WIiL BE AT | Alexander Tire Division Corner Main & Gregfson Sts. YOU ARE INVIT||» I SARGO IS BEING SHOWN TO Tvk AMERICA THROUGH THE COU^ FIRESTONE FARM SERVIC CHAMPION FAR.MEKS 0-' AMES-.'

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