OONCaUTITLAnOIil RELIABLE SALES STORE, Inc. 112 North BIMit Street IHamoiid** WatchM* itmttrf Clothfnf, Bfosical I)utriim«i|t0« LMiher 0«Mb Th» Reliable Pawn Shop Money Loaned On 'AnythhijBr Of Value Pbon^ 492 Salisbury, N. G. : BELK HARRY CO. " SALISBURY’S * • 4 ■* C - LARGEST & . BEST PEPARTMENT STORE SiS^. . . . , . .11’)^ i'*. V ...I • ji .» nlJ aiiij o,w' ' • irta jaof'iifl'' ■ ■ t, % THE SALISBURY COTTON MILLS Salisbur7« North Carolina' C0MPLIMENT8 ’ —of— WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home • Owiied By W. H. ChambecS Weetem Flyer Bicycles Sporting Goode Trnetone Radios • Daria Tii«| Automobile Accessories and Parts Telephone 1855 : 123 E. Innes St« Salisbury, North Carolina CONGRATULATIONS . J LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE ' On -Your-62nd Anniversary J(» -Aa- Asset To Our Gommunlty SALISBURY HARDWARE-& FURNITURE COMPAQ ‘hardware For Everywher«^ . above ]^ptQ is a- Hwitheye viev of the Livinjrstone College eampm. many'beavftifa!'buildings and beautiful Arubbeiy go to make-up school grounds that,are a*f$r cry from what was found w hen the college was started by J. C/Price ' *^>10 1879. ' ; EDUCATION improves tiie Mental Standards Of Life S» .^.1$LECTR1C!TY has played an imi^rtant part-in e physical development of our community ... From one ‘ builder to anoth er ... we congratulate LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE * V DUO POWER COMPANY Wen Worth U Dr. Milbank: ^Has your son'* education been of any value?” Patient: "Oh yes. it cured his mother ofb ragging about him.' The Troth Mr. Smith; “Your wife used to be so nerrous, now she doVk n't seem tot show a sign of What did ou do for her?'*^ Mr. Brown: “That was eas|r, he asked me about it, iinl 1 suggested that he tell her^hat her nervousness was a sigB 9^ advancing age." “Doctor, my husband i» troubled with a buzzing noise in his ears." “Better have him go tot the seashore for a month.*’ “But he can’t get away.” “Then you go.” The ability to speak several languages is an asset, but to be able to keep your month in one language is prioeiess. C#tchw Mn. Bmwn tooli: her he|l|w4 ^ a maniMPgpIn Vfth pinf gows worn extiMii»* |y pretty model attiNicnd litir •tt#ntk>n. That would , loek nice at otir rty next Saturday,” she si^i4t opiing her husbsnd -would buy it for ber. “Yes,” agreed Mr. Brown. “Why not invite her?” ho Witli AJl Sincerity Teacher: “Now, Totat^, sup pose a min gfive you 9100 to ke^ for hSm. and .then die4 what WBuid^y0u do? Woald you pray for‘him?” ' , BEST WISHES ta . LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE On Your 62nd. AnniveriiMT Dress and Work Clothes For Both Old apd Young Men«»* Lttieftt Styles and iUl Sha^ Arriving Dmily ^ Riri( afld Wdton MEN’S CLOTHING Main Street FRIGIDAIRE Made Only by General Motors B. C- LYERLY % MaH^g Washer and Furniture i HARDIMAN & SON Salisbury, North Carolina GABLE*S READY-TO-WEAR Salisbury, North Carolina Anderson, S. C. AJbenarie, N. ^tesville, N. t. Kinnapolis, N C. AbbeviUe, S. C. ReidsviUe, N. C. LAurens, S. C. R^k Hill, S. C. Newberry, S. C. Ware Shoab, S. C. Greenwood, S. 0. GABLE'S / Where You Always Get The Best Main Street CSONGRATULATIONS RAMSEY REALTY and INSURANCE CO. RENTS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 203 N. MAIN ST. PHONE 1968 Salisbury, North Carolina Ton Ahr$r$ H^re Our. BEST WISHES ... PILOT INSURANCE AND RBAWY COMPANY Brt»bUalied 1901 by E. B. HARBIBON. President BML BUI TE - INSURANCE ING and LOAN THE HOME BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION Salisbury, North Carolina MAYNARD MUSK CO. One of the eldest Music Companies of the South.•• 108 West.. • Densis St. Salisbury, North Carolina OUR BEST WISHES FOR * . . LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE SALISBURY MORRIS PLAN BANK 120 W. Innes Street ^ “THE FRIENDLY BANK’' Small Loans P«M Oa S^mTO BUILD BUILDTOSAVE OTIZENS BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION W. H. Hobson, Secretary ■ Treasurer ,j 104 N. Main St ■■■■■, ^ I I .11 — BEST WISHES for Many More Happy Years! SOUTH MAIN MOTCm CXX Sizes and Eights Sales#* Oldsmobile - Service 904 S. Main Phone 1174 Salisbury, North Carolina KETNER’S Salisbury’s Liirgisl pM 9sH MarlMia IIS East IsuMs Stipl OONGSATUltmilV LIVINGSTONE OQIAlto

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