North Carolina Newspapers

Number Twelve
DURHAM, N. a, MARCH 15, 1941
Volume No. XXII
Broughton Makes
Brilliant Address
At Founders Meet
OREENSORO, — Governor
James M. Brioughton, delivering
the prinpal address at conrlading
C€Tem>nief of the 50th anniver^
B&ry celebration of A and T
college ‘toJd an audience of more
than 1,300 la&t Sunday that ‘'A
and T eoU^je has grown into a
great educational institution over
a 50 year period, but its greatest
sifTnifioance * lies in the qnality
o^ itei work during the ohallepg-
mg years which lie ahead.” .
*. goFeroor «alle^ the
f«w‘ ye«ir« ’**the m(»t oh«ll«i»in|f
met by *ny (g®n«rati«n’'' and i
Added that the deetiny of Ainer-{
i«a wiH depend in large maasurei
on *tbe wort: |Uk1 , influence of
iBstitutioOiSi like the teral college
in turning out men capable of
are. to come.
meeting exacting demaudef whioh
His Excellency arrived late
due to unavoidable! citcumetatio
es. He was introduced by Dr. M.
C. S. Noble, for 33 ye»» diairman
of the college trustee board who
atjid ef him, “He is an “A”
governor and a capable leader."
An academic procession mad©
up .on . griests, ^culty, alumni
aiid students preceded the ser
vice. The proc^sinal group num
beJlng nearly 1,000 assembled on
the front lawn Sf the campus
and maxehed via an indirect
route to Harrison auditi>tium
where the service was held'.
Recently Ensrafifed
’21 Fayetteville
Teacher’s College
Alumni Reui^n
The membei^ lof the clasa of '21,
Fayetteville Sti^te T*achers Col
lege meet at the school Sat-
urdayr March 15, H a. »i. to
formuJate plans for the 20th re
unions of
of the ck« are iw^gently re
quested to be' present.
Texas Judge Orders
Hearing In Primary
Cases: Sets Precedent
DALLAS, Tex. — The firsrt ticipating
sk.rmish in the legal bottle again
in elections in, Texai*.
Greensboro Leaders!
Pay Tribute To Dr.|
Charlotte H, Brown
GREENSBORO, (Special) —
Many of the leading NegrCv»g re
presening educational church and
civic life in Greensboro j>aid {
The fundamental theory upo« tribute to the work of Doctor ^
1 *^b r» Democratic White Primary which this attack is being made Charlotte Hawkina Br^n, this|
■* '* Ol*® ® jjj Texas waa won here March ig that the primaxy is an integrjl^ week at a fellowship dinner for
5 when Judge Thomas| Kelinerly part of the electiw ma^ehinery promotion of the Sedalia
. , ,of the United States District of the State, that the law govern HOOO concert drive which will
Dr. J, W. Seabrook, President 0-urt for the Soathern Kstrict ing primary ’ electiong in Texas culminate Monday, Apnl JSth^
mehibers of tlie faculty, and the of Texas «et April 14 for ft hear ig in nioslt respects identical with when as a part of the fortieth ^
general Alumni 'Association aid ing on the merit* of the ease of that governing general elections, .anniversary of Dr Brown’s ser.
cooperating, with the. cte-ss talHasgett v. Werner, et aj. ^and that the^ individual defen-[vices to thia community three
Makfe the remnon the i»oi* snaeessl .. . ? danits were appointed pursuant outstanding artists, former stu-
ful ever held at tikef 'school.':. . to statutory authority with paw- dents of Sedalia, will appear at,
Atexatider ' Bwnes, Washington "f ^ ^ duties and to perform *he A and T College auditorium.
aan, is pr«iident of ^ ^ ^ ♦«««, practically identical functions to Brice, compared by out
vie c1m% Mrs. Mod^lJft.Patti^- .. ., ^ thoee prescribed by statute for '‘andinjg musi« eritics in New
liort '^Lftito, Supervi»b#,'' Adult i ^ ffc Vi ^ general elections- lYork as a second Marion An-
Iderson, with Jonathan Brice, her
Per AaeociAtifln for The aetion w^ brought by accomp«»ist will be the B|tar ar
lvftncem*nt of Col(jred gidney Bwgett, a
—' — hw TliimmOil ■'Mar»lla]l>
213 E.. Obaitrua
^ucation, tlatbArei
tina' DiatrioK'Vi
son* desirinfi- may address by Thurgoqd U»rM
^ ?^f’'*peeial coan»el froni ti» New
Stre^t,-^ ?aleigh. regard thia as. an
THOMAS, whose parents, Rev.
and Mrs- C. J. Thomas tof Wins
ton Salemj N. Ci» .have just an
nounced her engagement to th*,tijg
Impressive Lenten
Services At Matiiers
resj4w»t ot tst.
Houston, who alleges in hi« ccml will mn^-
jdaint that he was denied the ^^e little girl ‘‘Baby Brice”
to vote in the primary in who year, ago delighted them
Juiyi 1940. The case is being with her songs in the Sedalia
carried forward by the Singers' group.
Judge Kenn^ly 3cnied J*e‘de branches of the NAAOP and by I
fend'ant|s motion to strike e®r-‘|;}jp national office in New York'
taSn*- poriSilsnB of the ^njpl^iirfi j The entire South ig watching
important'gtep' in the long iight Hght
against disfranchi^ment.
Rev', A. Leon Bailey of Chicago.
Mi/^ Thotuas is a membdr of
the faculty at Talladega O^llege
both her parents being graduates
of the same institution. The
wedding is to take place some
time during the summer, the
sate to be announced tater.
We see where a moving pic
ture company has paid $283,000
for the film riffhts of a play.
Roosevelt Gives Nod
To Negro Press Week
Observaace Mar.1S-22
ATLANTA, Ga. — Stating that
“The opportunity for constme
tivfe seance open to oun Negro
press is immeasurable," the
Pr^ident of the United States
a^ain place his approval on the
annual National Negro News
paper Week obftervance. Preside
ent Rcosevelt ’a message wag re-
ceivfed here by officials of Nejgro
Pres^s Week aa plane were being
completed for the third annual
obsiervance of tfhe Week and the
celebration of the One Hundred
and Fourteenth Anniveraary of
the American N«gro Press, both
to be hdd duHng the week of
March 16 to 22.
“I hope that the forthcoming
obfeiervanoe, ” continued the
President “will arouse in all who
labor in thi# important field of
journalism a fuller and deeper
appreciation of the work which
they can do and a firm deter-
r mination to do it.' ’
“I trust, too that the celebra
tion »f the One Hundred and
TVjuflrtieenth Anniversary of ifche
fir»t American Negro newspaper
will inspire all who partici
pate with renewed sense of th»
responsibility which is 4heira ast
interpreters of the part which
Negroes ar© to play in ooir Amer'-
can life.”
According to information tq-
leased by officials of the Week,
the “Wings Over Jorda:n” pro*-
gram for Sunday, March 16 is to
be', devoted to the observance of
th^ One Hundred and Pourteeil|-i
th Anniversary and Founders’
Day for the American Negro
Press. Mosg Hyles Kendrix,
youthful director wf the Week,
is) t( be the principal speaker
for the broadcast. Dr. Glenn T.
Siettle, President and Narrator 6^
“Wings Over Jordan” is to make
some very impprtant ciontributioii
to the program. Incidently,
first American Negro neTVsipaper
appeared on March 16, 1827,
^ . . . -T- -- ,V ,■ - VJfile^by ,IJae|grtt and his ]^AACP Texas case in the hope that
Ci^DgNir‘S.\C. — A 9P*cW|at!^ also “ denied it will decide the white primary
oonimuni^n; aervice was held at,motion; ti> dmiis;^ the compl^nt. throughout Dixie. If the case goes
*'•- banning pf Ls^it last week|The' court “ijniled, “defendant’ the United States supreme
The New feature will be the
artistic dancing of Elizabeth
iRay, “L Arigentiaa” ..of the Ne-
for rtud,ent^’ «l>d faculty memr .mpt^n t> d^^iss brings forward court and is won, white primarj Dr. Brown
hers of .Mather' Academy;
who distinguished herself
the Radcliffe College Danc-
expressed hergelf
ers in Boston last
Rev. J:. R. ‘Howard, of Sumter,
S. C. wflis in'charge of the ser
vice. • ■ .
The Questiions qf law which should be igg jn the South will be wiped out pleased with the respon."^.
eviience, not bn hundredal of thouaaod of* Over 300 tickets were subscribed
jNegnoeg will be able to vdte in fo^ and Dr Jones bTotlght ^eat
State and local eleotaons. applause when he announced that
Bennett College was giving the
d^eid^, on the
the. pleadings*"
Ib. all previous white primary
- - ■ jcasies the lowej- courfe have dis-l The NAACP has carried up appreciation'
pj««dings t^o previous ea^ on voting t^. Xt^aW iLtitute had meant
celebrated - thetr 20th AumyeirB!-j and no eyideno© could be put .n the highost court find won both, , if thi« section.
ary least' Steiday at their home The^ NAAOP expecta on April one in 1927 and one in 1932. The ® ^ ^
14 to put in' evidence to suppwirt third, which was mot handled by
the claim t^t Neig^oes We barr- the association, but by private' Large buying is planned to
ed unoone(titut'ionally from par Texas citizens, was lost. build stocks, aid Latin Ameri-
on E. Tth ‘street. Rev. Wiiston is
pastor of Little Rock church at
7th and Myerg streets.
Mrs. Mildred Marion Hill, whose book of
poetry, “A Traipsin' Heart ’ is scheduled
for publication the earlier part of April.
Mrs. Hill is a teacher in the Whitted Elemen-
tary School.
Local Teacher’s Poems
Due For Publicatioa
Wendell Mialliet and Company, Christjmas, friendships and car«
Publishers of Nesw York, have esses, ‘ with whose beauty and
announced the forthcoming satisfaction I was always loath
publication of a Patron’s Edi- to part.
tion, autographed and limited The author, in view of her
to 800 copies of ’ “A Traipsin' forthcoming publication, has al-
Heart". A first collection of ready been scheduled to appe»r
poems, by Mrs. Mildred Martin in recitals at Winston - Salem
Hill, local teacher. Teachers' College, Shaw Univw^
I ^ ■ „ J- sity and in New York City; May
The author was ^rn in Madi- before the Shaw Univcrsitjr
son, N. C the youni^ club; May 8. at an Author^#
daughter m family of nine, bhe £>inner.
was reared in Winston-Salem,
Members of the National Negro Publishers Association pictured at recent n\eet in
Chicago. The group includes the faces of the outstanding editors and publishers of the
National N^gro Press Association. .
and in the effort to obtain an
education for a successful life,
worked at varied occupations to
complete her schooling. After
finishing high scho6l with high
est honors, Mrs. Hill studied at
Winston-Salem Teachers Col
lege, Shaw and Howard Univer
j ‘The Manuscript", the author
says, “is part of a collection of
poems about things that have
made a lasting impression on
me during the last eight years.
It gets its name “Traipsin*”
from an old grandmother, who Martin Hill is a fonaer
used to refer to “my going of Winaton-Sid^n^ (ue, i
ground after dark as traipsin’. ” is a member of tlw Negro
Confessing that the poems Evwt this probably is ns^‘
I probably had their beginnings mot important point. Tli^ .
during early childhood or infan- cipal matter of note isilMil.
cy, the auther asserts: “As lonir di^ Martin Hill is
as I can recall, there have been tined to beeeoM one of
delightful experiences, sunsets, eat poett tlk* co1or«df
.dawns, sickling dew. snoflM - Nox^ G^ro^ma haa
' covered hills, beautiful lights (Contiaaed tn
Following Is a quotaJfion
from the Winston - Satea
Journal and Sentinel regard
ing Mrs. Hills forthcominif
“Mildre’d Martin Hill is au
thor of an autographed tirnilwil
edition book of poems entitiMdk
“A Traipsin' Heart," to be pejtoii
lished on April 15 by
Malliet and Company, .
Now the interest!:^
of this announc^nent is
nierely the fact that |GMi^

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