North Carolina Newspapers

Number Thirteen
Charlotte, North Carolina, Saturday, March 22, 1941
Volume No. XXII
Local Professor Hinted as Probable Trustee of Tuskegee
Dr. Heninburg May Be
Candidate In New Wgee
DURHAM — Dr. Alphonite
Heoingbiuig, 'wbo gradafcted fiH>m
Titf&egee Inrtltate a» vuledititar-
ian in 1920, «nd who. eBoie to
North Carolioa in 1937 a» A»-
eiitant to the President of the
North CajraUna CoUeg«, is h&inf
prominently mentioned for this
position. The New England Trir
Stftt« Alumni As«oeiation, com-
priftiii|^ gtmdaaim in New Totr^
VJiiw J»ratey ADd |PeniM^lv*ait
' cnm in ■enaomny K
ih«ir cAn^d&tC'. Otiier elUlNl
iDdividuals throoghout the coun
try have added > ^eir endortliB-
m«nt. 1 ,
H«ningburg worked at Tuske-
ge« twelve yeans a« A«aid«nie
Director and later as Peraonel
Direetor. He ds one of the f«w
Negroes in th« country to have
earned! the de^a^ of doctor of
philosophy in eoliai^ admimvtta'
tioh. It i» primaryly becouse of his
'close aeqaaintauce with alfain at
the IiAtitute as well a» his train
ing in collie, adminiistration
th«t his supporter are ui^nig
hiif unanimoae seleetion^as the
fiWt repreaentative on the boan}
to be eketed by the graduates
Oi%at enthu^^iann htas been
dwrfoped among Tiiek^ee gradl-
uait^ throughout the country
orer th© forthcoming electioti of
an alumnus to the of
Trustee «f the inetltutiori. . ..
!Dtein|g the pnust year, thje
ehaitman of the Board requested
the General Alumni Asaociation
‘ - ■ -
Probable Candidate/
New Orleans
Teachers Act To
Equalize Salaries
Dr. A. Heninburir« Assistpni
|o the Presiftent At NC.
who is Iwihiir prominently men
tioned as a ptobable 'candidate
for ..tho Bo]ar4 of Trustees at
to dominate a graiduate for ele^v"
tioh to the poard. Tbe dectidn
wiU ta^ plaee at Tuak^ee In-
«titUte on April 4, during the
annulal meeting of the General
Alumni Asvociatioa. .Willis Peek
of Anderson Soutb Carolina. i»
President of the general bedy,
and Alrin J. Neely of Tu«skegee
is Executive Secretary.
NYU Suspends Group That Protested
Against ^hooFs Refusal To Let
Negro Athletes Play In Wsshington
NEW YORK — Seven stud
e«t» of New Toark University
wfene sospended last Thjit«diay
by Dean ChaiTleHi HeConn f»
oiroutating * petition psrot^ating'
the failure of ‘ the Uiuvtemjity to
send George BagfaijBn Negit>
cocaptain of , the • .traok teKn to
a tnck meet held Monday March
10 under the 8pon»at*hip of
Cfctholic Univewftty in Waging
ton. ’ The students are not to be
permitted to re eavter ibe ooUegie
this smeeiterf it was
yesterday by the faiOfk^ eo®u
mittee oa disipliBe in «. 'vote 66
to 6. The atadefris, in ]uv>te«ting
to the ttnvynsnsity aadd that the
action %ainst Hi^ane pure
ly P»e result qt rsioial diiefimina
titim. - . r
m.Mii |>H I| II I——^
Wroup of teaehora here "who are
i^eAUy interested in equalizing
tixe fil^ries paid to Negro and
white teachers, are jwepared to
initiate a test dase in the oourts.
With thia' idea m mind, th»
loeal group iorited 'H»ungood
Marshall, apeoial oonuuel &>r the
National As«o«ltion for the Adn
vaacement of Cok>rei' P6^le in
New York, to ©onf«r withi 4hesn
ovsar the week e&4 ilp 16,
aM advise ok ' |ii(ttl‘:)2roee^re
obtain, theif d4»jecliTei- ,#»
aetioh cf
the-NAjybP Sn " Maryland and
Viri^iltl, «nd- the l^al which hias
started. already in the. State ot
yiorida. They l^r in mind, also
the fijust that '’the legislaitufe of
South, CafOllna has agreed to
coniuder the equalisation of te&di,
em’ and thet the iegiela
ture of Alabama recently passed
a bill equaizing mininmin saler-
ie® in the St«te. iVom this time
forwaardj both Negro and white
tea6hei« will start at the stame
minimums- in Alabama.
The NeiW Orlsane tea®hen» al»o
hiave 0tU^^ th^ recent decisSon
of the Loiiisville, Ky, echool
board *0’ equalise salaries in
that city. '
Mr. MaraWall advised with the
gHoup. Leg«l action by the
NAAQP und^ hifll guidauiee will
be filed if found neceesnry.
Senator McNary
Joins Sponsors
Of S. R. 75.
NTEW YORK — Senator Chat^
les L. McN«z7 has volunteeaned
to join in ^pooboiing Senate Re^
BolutitHi 75, whidi proposes a
Senate in§v«stiga>tioi)L of the diah
crimination against Negroes in
the army forced and in employ
ment in indoBitarial plants filling
nietional defence ocwtraieta.
Senator McNaiy wired the
NAACP Matidi 8 saying:
“I widi to associate
with Saoata Be8^«lion 76
and ihall CBMrt «my
abla effort its aulr coor-
. lleiiator ISKaxy ’« offer mm
seut immediMely lo Senator W.
Warrin Barbour, who introduced
tbe reaoiution. Oth«>r ^Mnebss
are Senators Bob^ F. Wagner,
New Yorkj Prentiss M. BroWn,
Michigan; amd Arthur Ca^ppei^,
Kajneias. 1
Senate Action Sought
On Defense Jim Crow By
National Organizations
Hie uuivepraity officials denied
that there had been aay diis
crimination, daying that Elnul
von Blling, ooa«h. of the teain
simply did not aelect Hagans to
nm in th* twio taile relay.
Among/ tSt© aiudents ausqjended
Ai^Ie Stout, colored, who is
pretident of tbe Student Coun
cil fw. Siquality. . A request by
Btud.ent0 to cireulate the pe*i
tion Ibad been refused and the^
were auspended by faiktre *fa
labii^ bgr thja roling.
An enthuiriMtie man is on«
who dSfCovers wlurt;
ot^c paii^le have known a long*
Mitchdl Afpe^ Jim
Crow Case Before
Supreme Court
Oon^ee^nmn Arthmr Mitchell of
Illinois ai^Ktared before the Und!-
ted States Swprem© court Thters
dlay to preset hia bMifs and
aigiuoenia in. the celebrated case
growing out of hia ^jeeftioa from
a Pullman oar wihile travelling
in th^ Soutih in 1937.
I\be teai ca«e wm institulted
to determine wbelthier rtailroadli
nntsrt: giv® Negroes traveling from
one staite to another . acoomodar
itioos equal to thoee givMi. white
Mitdiell aaelectte^ in his
bri^ cponected with tlw*
menMa oliuiA ‘'fiunple juat|ee in'tiha
interprefcation and apj[4teatioa of
the constitution id»^d require
eqoalHy in Uitenrtote tnmiifxffta-
of »U AmaHean eitizena
ieMe or colon
His p«nti(at ynm giv9n suppofi
wpreMed vicfw that
(Cbntintted on page three)
MISS JE^IE W. LOGAN, Case Worker of Northampton
Cfe’uVty Welfare Departm^rtt, jackson, N. C., and daaffhter off
Mr, and Mrs. Georg’e W. liogan of this city. Miss liOgan has
recentily 'been chjosen by Mrs. W. T. Host, Commissioner of
the State Board of Charities and Public Welfare and W. R.
Jbhnson, Consultant and Field Agent on Neirro Work, to re
ceive an achievement membfersbip award in the American Pul>
lie Welfare Association for efficient performance in connection
vrith her work of less thari tyro years service in the field of So
cial Work. (Pouchee Press’Service).
On October 1, 1940 THE JOHN
AVERY BOYS CLUB opened it*
doors at 418 Pettigrew Street in
the Old Wonderland Theaitre
Building to the N^ro boys of
Dniiham and Duiiham . County,
age 6 to 18, both incl.usive.
The purpowes and iims of the
Club to pronaote . the physixal,
mental and moral well being of
these boys by providing ttueh
mea^s of ^education^ recreation
and guidance fa in the jttdgiucmt
oi the sponsoM of’ the Sub mky
seem most likely to achieve the
desired ,en^;- to .provide mean^
by which th® «lub can get as many
boys as possible for clean, whole"
some i^oy; to teach them thp
thfili ■ of doing ■ something^ con-
struetiva-and to offer them *n
example of upright living thru
sympathfetic and ^ experience^
leadership. f. -ii
Following a careful study of
the financial needs of the Club
to petfonn the tMkal outlineid'
Jri the above Stated purpose# and
aims, nn annual operting budg^
of $2,500.00 haia been approved
by the sponsors 'and at the re*
g|ilar meetii^ of the directors
h^ on March -8, 1941, it was
t^eed* tihat a finanoial campa^
be 'conducted during the period
of March 17 to Ajml 17, 1941 to
secure . ca«h' contributions and
ple^els total at leatM; $2600.00 to
obver the openiting expenses of
the Club for the ensuing yean
A group 75 persons hav® volun
{■Continued on page three)
Father Sues To Get
Bus For School
Children In Virginia
W YORK — On 'Rjeadsy,
Maiwh 11^ in the U. S. Distrw^
Court for the £ast«m. District
of Viii^ndia, (Richmond)• a case]
was filed for a declaratory jui%
ment and a mandatory injunct*
tion to compel the Bohool toard
of QreensviUe county to furnish
bus transportation to Negro
sehool children.
TMs case marks the opening
in the campaign to secn^
equal bus traoeportation for Ne^
gro students in the South an
NAAOP annoiiniceaneDt declares.
It will serve as a test ease in the
sahie maomeir as the earlier
teachers’ ^ary oases. The cam
paign to. equalize ett^eational op^
portunities will be continued
until Negroes are fumi^ed the
exact same type of education as
other America!®.
Ollie Miay Branch, the Negro
school child, sues through
her father as next friend, Tbe^
defeudanlB are the scho^ board
of - GreeS^ville County, Va., and
H. L. Webb, superintendent of
Greensvile county. The theory of
the case is the same as the thcocf
of the teaichexs ^laary cases,
which is that the local school
boa3Pd, throogh eostom nsid usage
is depriving Nef^roes of tbe equal
proteotion df tbe knm guaianteeld
them by tike U. S. Constitution.
The o«faq^in| all^s ^ that
Ollie May BKanch is a stud^
and that her fatifer is a icsidrail
ai^ taxpayer living in Orei^Mi-
viUe amaty. It alleges thi^ tiie
(Continued on page thrm)
EDMUND H. BURKE, beloved
secretary of 'Twikegw Institute,
who died Friday morning, the
result of a .stroke suffered tiie
night before. Mi; Burke was «
fine for?e for good m lK»th the
official and life at Tuske-
U. S. Chamber Of
Commerce Ui^ed To
Enounce Jim Crow
WASHINGTON, — Now that
th^ Lend Imsc bill has been
passed, a«tioq is being sought
locking to the paMUge of S«*te
Resolation 73, wbieh provide
for an infeHAigatkiB of diaetiniin'
atkm gainst N^roes in the
-vbi4e wtifl«al del^ense prugram.
The fizal Atep is to baw tbe
reaolntioi apjwwwl % the Sen-'
i^e eoMBQittee «d Education and
Labor, before whieh it now
j#eal|, TV «haiiwap «# thii is
El%rt fboaaiS ‘ bf
If the reaolotion in approved
by the eo(nmittee> it mast then
be approved by the Senate, and
the in\^ti^tion procped^
(me important «ietail is approval
by the Audit and Control tom-
mittee so that the necesisary
fund.s can bp provided-
Preaenre for passa^ of the
. recolution ia growing in all mm-
! tiooa of the- country as the shame
fnl picture of the discrimination
i^ine^ the Negro' ia beiuT reh
New factories are aprinjring
np with lily white employraeiKt
noljcies; billiMis of dollars ia ad
ditional contracts h*v> been
awarded and marrine maeMaists;
machinists, tool -.-^fllakers, lathe
operators, die makers, and torf
NEW YORK — The United
States Chamber of Commerce,
located in Waahington- has been
uiged “at the earliest practical-
able date to go offi^ally and un
equivocally 00 record against all
discrimination in ^^jment on
aocount of race, creed or color"
by Walter White, secretary of
the NAACP.
Mr. White made the reqoeat
in a letter to P. Stuart Fitzpa-
(Continued on page three)
This annooneement of a «tMr-
tage of wor^is ties in with San
ate Beeolatioa 75, whi^ prbpaats
to invest^ate th« discrimination
against Segtoem in the armed
fonea and in industrial i^aats
hKddiD(g deJ^»iBe contracts. flka
entire airplana industry is sakl
to he praetieally lily wfaita.
Many other indost.ries wotkiog
on defense contracts baw ntwih
ed to employ Negroes evB ^haa
tlKey are qoalifled to k>
Elderly Woman Forced To Stand
WUte Moi Can SitDown In Bns
NEW YORK — Tbat. a white
driver on tfca Wi^hiigton to
Poct^knouth, Va. mn eompelle*^
her to leav« her seat to permit
two wiiite men to sit down w^tle
she stood was aobBtanaally
tte eomida^. ffled this -vadk.
wi^ tbe Qgeyhoond Boa eompany
Miu Fay fitter, an Mesfy
Woman t^ eitgr**
Around ithe aidtte jFabrUazV
nxbrdtng to ^tkr kA
Waabmgton tor • vint vitik i
kAifves in Poi—iDalii. Just ooi-
side Wash%;teD, flbe ctexfea.
bw to(4c, oa two wl^ male fmit
ig«m At 4he 4am^
fer wm mmtping of
dble aeata ia tlla nar
bos. AH atiber aeato
Obswriiig Aj»
aBegea, bm dim
iier tar^ fir^ np bar
Ae lit

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