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nioNEi N-riai *r J*mi
elaw laatcr «t the Poat Ofie* at Durham, N.
Br Dwa Ooiddli B. Btoc«ck
f:,.. "7f coMis the spring freshet
I Calvin s Digest I ^
Br U Bavkiftitl Wliitsif
uidar tk« Act of March Srd, 1879.
Sin»CRlPTION RATESi $1.00—Y»*r, $1.85—^ Month*,
The Platform of .
Equal salaries for Netrro Itaachers.
Nerra p«lioeaMii.
Ncffra juiyawfi.
Eqaal ^acatiimal opportunities.
Hirlwr wac«s for domestic servants.
Pull partidpatian «f Nefroes in all branches of the
Natimai defense.
Aboli; aent of the double-standard wa^e scale
Great participation of Negroes in political affairs.
Better iMnainc for Negroes.'
Nesro reprea»tation in citjr. county, state aad na>
tiaaal fovemments.
Great Family—A Great Son
The rapid rise of Richard J. Reynolds, Jr.
to a
leadership in the democratic party certainly meets thje wholcf * . ,, . . »
hearted approval of all •thinkinir North Carolinians of both
zaces. It now appears that Mr. Reynolds is not “ ?, ® jHoaeet#-
only held in high esteem by the citizens of his own state Theoretically, submers’ed group#
uid leaders in the democratic party, but by President Frank- should ali^ tihemselves
Kn D. Roosevelt as well, who from all reports is seriously radical' groups; and the Negroes,
considering: hppoiatinfi the esteemed Nortel Caxodiilian to a post therefore, sbould b« aligned with
p£ duty that will have much to do wftK clifflRllS'^t^e cifurse of communiate, th©
America thibugii the^e turbulent seas of hiwyldonal relation* the present crops of "^oupai.’'
ship. But ooinmon aense, dictates that
The rise of Mr. Reynolds within the ranks of the party for the Negroes to east aMde ali
now in power comes as no surprise to nativi^ NortK Carolinians disscretiom an sUmhly adhei^ to
who are well acquainted with the liberal policies and fair deal- oommunisBn which has nothing for
ifigtt of the great Reynolds family in Winston £(alem, where jijgjeif jn thig cwmta^*, and ^o
more than 15,000 people of both races are happily and (gain- «^pletely with eajpialiam
Here -*
aowm oooiB boob
DURIKO • period whsn in*
eoiii« «od opiwrtuaitf ^or
avw«(|« Nfpo aetor. mfOiUfiM*
and paHSemer Keached atl*
time km, ith«r« mw ocjfanlsqd^
— 'in Harlem the Y Or«flosnda
That man is endowed with five « serttraa group of stay put naiQ|i
seOM* i« one of the fundamental eiaaai; «etoi«, ' p>roduoem autlwtlif
axioms of physiology. Oar moat and playwrigMs, whoae praaii*
elementary education eraibodie# cat obgeetiv* ja the reeatabliih^
tbia elino^ self evident truth, i^ent of the Negro mualioian to
PenripteiH attempts hav« been his t*iglil^ place,
made to establi^ a sixth sennc Th^ battle cry is ** Bring ha«k
but to date no eonvincing head- K«gro muaicl'’ their akiganr “We
w«y baa been made and wa are originatel” Qbmmon aMfertng
left with five special senwa !,«(• inapired sineare oooperw
through witieh come all our know tioa.
ledge. 8on% have ;(wllad them the It was during the glamorous
windows of the aoul; for through heydays of easy of eSay moDe7
them (Kmxea th« light that men in th« entertainment world that
live by. Jewirfi managers of Negro tal-
This writer is beinning to ent began to fatten the Ooorn
wonder if there is not a “seventh (the thoiughtlefla, uoorganised*
aense*’ and if thar# ie. it must be ependtllrift oolored taleoft) whiell
commoosense. Some yean ago I a later dlay would lay GeldsR
lectured before a laifje audience Ejggs at the box offiee and triple
from the anomalous subject, ‘The thg profits of white money
Renaissance of Common Sense’' thfowifig hundreds of oolorei
and the more I reflect on my musiciana and perfMners out of
audacity the more I am convinced work.
that I must have been inapiredl trosble* Tell me if hei lovet nte
In a world ahot through with a geti|| rid of hert
hundred theories about every^ WHITE OOBVEB TALENT
thing; with learoing exuding ^Jl began with the whilee
doubts and uncertainties of div- oomering *11 of thf
ers description; with'^aeademi- ^egro talent in sigbfc. Sio^
oians bewildered in a labyrinth ijipj SuUavan, for i»-
of cOTrtP^ictiona and with re woqld be a^ced to si|D a
«earch oftimes making confusion oontmet a4 soon as they msde Si
more oonfonnded, it soenwi about antatsur ahoir. If
time for common sense to get a ^ eiogwr never got anywhai^
rehearing. ^^^sa foifol^n but the nnonen^
she snapped into the spotiigbt
with a jniey omitraet aomearh^
Mr. Smart Ofay would ecoefve
from the abadows present h^
first contract and take over,
nommon singer a pittance aqd
pockeil*^ the bulk of the profitfc
Xhia is the kind of sharp pi4 la
tics which has impnoverished
with uinjority of our moat promin
ent and “socceHaful" talent
the theatre.
My raae haa mada improvements
Since the time it baa been free.
There were many tasks to do
In it» new land of liberty^
The free black man bad fsW
friends, '
His burdens were heavy to earry
He could not than, a« sOTuetimes
Live an^ make • decent salax!f«
Jjfy raoe deserves credit, for
It haa climbed the Isdder fast.
]W« hav« teachers, oh po numer-
Dootora, scientist grouped' in a
Lawyers skilled, laborers tried,
Have done dieir part of work.
If only the Negro could be
In this life, he would never
_a_ '
My race has faced injustice.
Has been tried for crimes of ‘‘
It "had to bear them humbly,
Therefore, abuae it* name^
'Tis true our skin may be black,
But our souls are sincere.
We do our part for advancement
Without a murmur, though some
times a tear.
« • o •
M 0 T H E &
One of the unfortunate happen
imsis in the world of todayj is the
side tracking common sense for
^ “pet theories” There could be
, no greater blessing than the re
place 01 fV,. -Ij.
if: a bian dip
By Dr. Oharlaa Btabila
Geoi^a Interracial Conference
Cominittee Holds , Interesting Annual
with the unions in ay place,
rittiag the Negro for Defense Purther facts wjlre presented
Wwrk, One Majiy Important j g Blayton, president of
Topics Discua*ed
Dadioated to mother—
Wm. Lot^ Horton
• • * *
If ever I had a friend.
One who knows my sorrows,
One on whom I can depend,
It surely is my mother.
the Wash.
It is alao a
a capaicity laudience present and
Dr. R. Ih Ruaeell of Griffin. Ga» NeHan Jackson, Instructor in
presiding. > Department of Community Or*
Of the children she cherisehs so.
It’s mother's care that protects
Negro Chamber of Commerce o*
If a man die shall h« Uve Atlanta, whoSe report wa» one'
^ Name baada h»ve agaijif No beoauW he shall ■ ^ HABBIS outstanding at the It s a mother who never tires of
lii^srrldicarT^*^®™* • never die: There’s'aomethini in * J, —The
a smi«t«r brand of gangsteruvi nia» that Uvea fojrev^. A3?LANTA, Qa. ( > Bufus E. Clement, preeid- When everything goes wrong.
which bag rediueed some nrasiciin
annual conference of the Oeor^ university, gave She ffliares yonr sun and rain,
to economie afaverr. You are the aame man the* Interracial Committee, holding jnfonmation conceminfe bom
Some day «he whole bottom twenty yeai« ago. but one of the, most mteresting meet ^aje by Negroes . _o
rotten mess will come oot of y»“ professional training in
«>veral times during thrt penod l^t Friday in the Exhibition ^^^j^^^jties of the It’s mother’s love that hides aU
—^your brain is rebuilt twice Room -of Atlanta University with i fanlita
- , . . „ * - . fact that eolmred eoeh vear. —ooutn.
folly employed in tha Reynolds Tobacco ftctories. Here no werything is the nnwie writer* do neajrW all of
■trikes or near-strikes are ever h^rd Of. Hero peace and har- ^ atnpidit-r. «ie arranging for the popular Memory rtanained
"°*Re*l^M^ntow^i8 the best dLcripti^n applicable to this I'heoreticaUy, a man Aould die JSe SLTSiu The aubject ^ “Vocational ^izatioru AtUnta School of the grasps of the World’s
«act army of employees and well they migiit be for the Rey- for hia righte, but eohunon, sen-e ^ ^ door,
nrtds company has a splendid way of compensating those wlio 4k.i. * sluould «n- ^ , talent to gain popnlanty) Nothing ia ever destroyed- lates |p National Defense was teresting report of the work
Ubor under its banners. ^ atnateev of survival f“a . **" Coa* bums, but the ashes and didcussed by J. R. Womack, conference, held recently at
•moke and gases precisely aqual assistant state supervisor of In- Tuskegee institute. ^ jt >s| mother who" comes in and
original bulk — they have dustrial Education of Atlanta. He
simi^y taken on another form. explained the type of defense
Arming from the indesitructi- worit Negro adults were being
bitity of matter, you believe trained for in Georgia and also
that memory and heart treasure said that training i« being Negro
and soul ci^ure perish f
When a trae hsa borne leaves
and &uit. ita work is done. Buit
not even the wisee|t man who
ever liv«d 1104 finished his work
braeda accidents, ^»th «*me — he w a ■
Safety Wviaion J»»*t begfawdng to undarsband. ..
Can this be all of life for himf
Bttfenae before wiadom dictated the inclusion of preparedness in just thk thing for .50 yeatH and in the groundf Dose this seem
public health as «i in^rtant corolla^ of the production of themselves unable to do sol North Carolina last year ^ harmony with Gbd’s method,
flrtna and militaiy training. And it is indeed commendable Booker T. Warfiington did not According to the diWsion's everything ebe brings
tliat. while material j^p fonntadn of popular a^- jcecords, approximately 70 per from ghwy to glory f
appro- giain,, Jq jjj^ indi»trial education jent of all drivers involved in
pl»y a strategy of survival (“a
Throufirh the yMrs the R. J, Re;^oIds Tobacco Company has edaoated Negroes’*) in order _
tmilt up a reputation for fair dealing, honesty and integrity, thbt he may live for his right*.
Tlus idea has extended so as to include even the humblest em- It is true that sotaebody must die
ployee. It is a system that guarantees its workers security by for r^ts*; it is alao true that
|pt>vidinir again^ their Illness, their old age and their leisure eomebody moRt live for them,
tone. This is known as the Reynolds' touch»the company's Science may prescribe hefat for
own wa^ of doing things. the body by electrical appliances
In oonsideratk>n of the magnificent contribution this illus- common sen*© alone can teU
tnoos family hAs made to the development of American indus- jg, enough,
try we think the democratic party and the president of the Unit*
ed States can find no better hands into which they ean place a News accounts have it that a
jcreat responsibility tJian that of Richard J. Reynolds, Jr. certain learned man of the race
has advised tha;t the Negroes
Katicmal Negro Health Week Observance "forret Booker t. wiashington’a
teachings.” In reply to this we
America had not progressed far in its plans for National might say, Negroes have tried to
“Familiarity l^eeids
Contempt” For
Danger, Cause Of
70% Of Accidedts
the Hifirhway
pennted out this week in releas*
itiff figures dealinif with| the,
residence of drivers and pedes- f* ^ moth^
es, in all the principal cities of
Georgia, except Augusta-
When asked why there was no
such program in Augusta, he ex
plained that labor unions in this
city objected and that his divisi®n
was instructed • by authorities
in Washington, not oonflialt
The nicest sort of thing*,
Turkey producers intend to prais^every effort made
hatch and buy about three per- enoourges me. my friend,
cent fewer poults this year than . g
last, accordii\jg to February 1
reports to the U. S. Ajfricultur- Today ia mother’s biirthday,
al Marketing Service from key i»m giving some word* of mine,
farmers. So that she may smell her flow-
ers here,~
Add similes: “He was as ^s-^hile on earth she atill abide*.
itive as a judge trying his first
}n> and the cherished institutions of the nation. _ „ _
attention is being directed to the mobilization of the hu- I^aus^'u''dW 'iiot
Wtm rewurces upon which the nation must depend for essen- ^
^ more Jeam^ men, he was denoun
' The National Neffro Health Week program, founded by the , j , i. ^
« Booker T. W«Wl.»ton, hw been devot«l for more than . “J. , f
■ sr of ^ century to the fulfillment of hU prophecy that the ®* . * nation turned to
cov Mid would assimilate the ways of the American life WaBhiiPgton s te^mgs and fmd
li^ o rcominff the handicaps of poverty and illness, pro^ thereim the basis of one of the
a vir i iwee and develop a idholesome citizenship. ’“oslt pretentious vocational pro-
yeei's Bhaitli Week objective. “Personal Hygiene and gnams mankind has known. Theo
■»o+oi J • 4.U i i J. Many of man’* faeultiee are
fatal accidents in the state last ... * o : .
year lived within 25 miles of ’“wWod tool« in a cW
the place where the accidents ^examiwed’ unnamed - waitmg
occurred. And 98 per cent of ® fu^gre world.
331 ^estri^s WIW in t^e kayw that perfeetion
state year wre kUled with- ^e teali«d in the present
^ - th«~ “««t be some
ramiliarity breeds contempt . *.1. •
for hi ghway and traffic hi- ^ ~ immortality
Aid PiapnadfMts.
consonance with the national riats and scholars have sounded
ards. and thia eont^smpt, in
turn, breeds accidents, co®*
which will permit to > see
fulfillment of our dreams.
of.totM’Vr^Wwdaeaa fbr the total defense of America the common sense plans of Wash mented Ronald H^u^'dir^tor would be
^ tte p—pte. Personal hygiene is the obligation of the ing(o» and have time and) *gei» of the tiiffhway Safety Division. i»co™plete witbout thflflie whJo
to 10$ awUMe health information for attainment mii^construed his basic teachings "When a person tr^veU upon struggled to biitng’ men nearer
•» W» eou>«toent and daily habits but evidences are multiplying certain roada day after dfy, to parfoetion in the prpsenit
irorldf ’
►tttrai enaowaneni ana aaiiy naoiw jjut evidences are multiplying certain roada
^ cpallenire of a complex andhaz- ebout lo witness the ye%j: in and year out, he beglBs
to mm tte know^ge and twhnic «*wh reni^i^nce of the ideals of Wat|» to fed timt he is famUilir
«f juieiiUmt or sudden illness from disabil-
isty npnlt from d^ay or improper ad-
In' sflte of moiay pet theoriie.
«very fo^ of tho«e Topifh and
lilil pitiMdffftc.
thgfp Health W®«k has a traditional period biMofjr' do«« mrt record a natio#
ibe week which indudea Febru- or »ce that began at the toj».
j«t This jmr ^e waek ui ^^rious stages of hfe-
, tlw Natiooia Co«umt(0e ridviaes
r- .ere.;;:
activities to all •“*“* “ rooted in a very hasti^
tW Imd no lessening of Thb is tm* of all grtmt
t aa an aid to sani- people*. Maiyjal labor whettier
irab^tte of renova* or factcry ‘is batically
ij||g M aii iicetltffe the same. When Waefajnffton
Wf ** *>Tin«r to get hi* peo^ to see
it> « w hedth the virtue* in the aecomplish'*
«b4 Mitttrioua Otiliiatien, meat of the manual artsW he was
pride of M^faborhood, to have ^em begin at the
r’w The cute little coefl ia tke
he tends to b^me poii^^pta> girf who put the "leg" in col-
of the sharp curi^, narjjBw fetfa.
“dges, inters^iens ot|{br
n4 individuals
: flMunuiiiKk
Oil those roads. He If you are
doesn't think it necsMsi^ to be you will alwmya
rooted in Piveful on roads ha klUm so re^y to take.
The ivell,.8o hje permit! hil oaution Vr~—
This republic will be uttefly
Ivhen a driver raa«lMS th»t lost tti^en ita aalrfttion dep«idi
point, an unexpected nituatiop upon one nMn.
—•the unfamiliar hazsr^ on the
amiliat roaAi-j#||l iMihost in* Ii|^l|igeace dob not al
fmyiably result w #n •ocident." Meenwany •' the iigiyn
BMTVrdlesf of how familiiir »ome |»eople acqmre. n
you are w^tli «lty f-ofd," the ,
safety director cpnclud^. “you Gducation ^b^ets responsiMli*’
can not travel upon'^it' in safety ty. the more . one knows, tbe
unless you are always prepared more one's-taik‘in life should
m-- ■
ba«ooi wber^ begin they wi|6i for th^
me HAlARbS^
lOO yiARS A60, Losses
AvenAeep 63i pkh
0/00 muneo— rcoM
TmmexMB less
tim 3*
THfy UUP FM U.9. DSmtfE^
— B MAJon A/iKMtrr
coMmme$ mne iHCMMeo
•nnm 'Mnxiyutm
4WIMY 90 0 nUCtMTm
CM4M. I« ItgSUUtiD By
Ntmy 74^
CP syoNConMoaafUiMOAp
For the first time, Brazil last
year bought more goods from
the United States than ahe sold
to her northern neighbor, it has
been revealed by the Brazilian
lifiinister of Finance.
During 1940 cattle and sheep
showed substantial increases,
hogs a rather sharp decrease,
and both horses and mules small
decreases, reports the U. S. De-
partmentof Agriculture.
The rural - farm population
shiowed a decline in 21 states
during tha past decide, the
rate running from one-t»nth of
1 percent iji South Carojiha to
21.1 percent in South Dakota.
Italian farmers have been giv
en notice they must wage war
on lady-bugs, these insects now
causing grave damage in the
fruit groves of that country.
Based on ginners reports, it
iis aatiautad that the lltO Polk
County cotton crop yielded ap-
|roxlmately 2,000,QtO pouBidb,
says J. A. Wilson, farm i^ient
of the N. C. Btate CcAlege
tension Service.
A civilized individual has tol
erance for all people but he se
lects his fiilends.

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